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Title: Sharing a Blond

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 2 of 2

Characters: Naruto, OC, Tobirama, Hashirama

Word Count: 3,052

Warnings: incest, anal sex, blow jobs, spitroasting, dirty talk

AN: So, part 2. The annoying thing that it was. Enjoy.




Smirking as his set ended, Naruto just shook his head at the two who wasn’t apparently paying attention to him by then, both too busy trying to touch each other’s tonsils with their tongues to do so. Leaving the set up there for the moment, he silently left the room, needing a shower before he left. He would get the rest of his payment for his dancing the next day but he to had to find a partner after that set.


He had, as he had promised, bodily teased both them, but still had ended up teasing himself with the feeling of the hard bodies under his own. The fact that both men had had raging erections that had teasingly brushed against his own by that time, he had a feeling that he was going to be looking for a partner who was more than average sized.


Sighing and stepping into the bedroom, he stripped out of his clothes and wrinkled his nose at the sweat on them and his body. He dropped them into a laundry bag and grabbed his shower things and the clothes that he had come in.


Stepping into the bathroom, he closed the door after him and used the matches that sat on the counter next to the door to light the lantern that hung from a ceiling hook. He had to smile that while the house had many creature comforts, like indoor plumbing, there was still things like a small metal fireplace that sat in one corner, waiting to be lit, and lanterns to give light to the rooms.


Taking a moment to get a small fire started in the fireplace, he stood up and slowly stretch his body as he waited for the room to warm up. Turning to the shower, it didn’t take him very long to figure it out and let it run to heat up as he reached up to pull his hair free of the bun that held most of it out of the way beyond a few teasing strands. He ran a hand through his ass length hair before he pulled out his bathing supplies, setting them into the shower on a shelf. Stepping in, he closed the shower door and sighed a she stepped under the shower spray.


He groaned as he relaxed under the spray, taking his time in being able to shower, not really expecting the two out in the living room to leave any time soon, and not really wanting to go back to the wagon just to take a basin bath.


Once he was clean and relaxed, Naruto turned the water off and wrung out his hair, pushing the shower door open. Tilting his head, he smiled at not hearing anything coming from the bedroom. Finding a clean towel, he wrapped his hair up before using the matching body towel to dry off. With that done, he pulled on his pants and decided that he would wait to put on his shirt until after he had dried his hair some more and was packed.


Pulling the towel off his hair, he brushed the locks out once before he doused the lantern and banked the fire to die naturally so that it could fall into the catch grate under the main part. Running his fingers through his hair with a bit of warm chakra, he pulled the door open and stepped out of the bathroom before he came to a standstill. His eyes widened as he stared at the two men who were smirking and laying on the bed.


“Would you look at that, he knows chakra,” Hashirama drawled from where he had perched himself on Tobirama’s lap, his eyes following a water droplet that was trailing its way down Naruto’s neck.


Naruto blushed very slightly as his hair fell down his front and over half of his face.


Tobirama smirked and squeezed his brother’s hips with a chuckle. “He is a Uzumaki. I am sure that every one of them is trained well in using their chakra. Or at least controlling it,” he said, eyeing the way the pants hung low on their blond guest.


“I...uh...wasn’t really expecting you to move into the room so soon,” Naruto squeaked, starting to gather his hair up and out of his way. Hashirama hummed as he rocked his hips over his lovers. The blond noticed that both of the men were down to their pants and even those were already opened, showing their boxer-briefs. “I’ll just, uh, grab my stuff and head out then. Get the money tomorrow.”


“And what would you say if we said that we wish for you to join with us?” Hashirama asked as he slid off of the other man, walking over to the once more stock still Naruto, tipping his head back and smirking down at him. “Tobirama told me about your rules when it comes to sleeping with your clients. And we do truly wish to have you join us, but only if you want to.”


Naruto felt Kurama brush up against his mind, encouraging him to enjoy what the two men had to offer. They both knew that soon Madara would start down a dark, horrible path of insanity and that they would need to stay for that. But he had thought that he would request to be the liaison between the slowly building Uzushio and Konoha, not expecting to be invited to their bed for a night.


He knew that they had seen the application to become the liaison between them, Tobirama having sent a note along with the request that he had gotten it. And that he was most likely going to become the liaison, working with Mito mostly. But still, to be offered the night with them was a surprise.


“We won’t force you to stay with us, Naruto-san,” Tobirama said, smiling as Hashirama moved to stand behind Naruto, draping himself over the younger man. “Hashi here will pout granted, but we will not force you.”


The words brought a blush to Naruto’s cheek, the color darkening when Hashirama hummed and nuzzled against his bared neck, pulling his long hair out of his way with one hand. “He smells like the woods,” the brunet purred, looking up at his brother with a leer, “With just the slightest hint of honeysuckle.”


Naruto groaned. “Damn it, Mirko, stop sneaking that shit into my body wash,” he muttered. He bit at his bottom lip as the other man pressed firmly against his back, his obvious hardness rubbing against his back, just over his ass. He bit at his bottom lip, his eyes fluttering shut as Tobirama smirked, Hashirama groaning softly, hands twitching against Naruto’s shoulder. “I...yeah, I would love to stay tonight and play,” he finally said, feeling Hashirama smirk against his neck.


Turning Naruto to face him, Hashirama dipped his head down and brushed his lips against the soft pinkness of Naruto’s before he deepened the kiss, tongue sliding into the sweetness within. Humming, he pulled Naruto as close as he could, one arm wrapping around his waist, the other burying itself into long, thick blond hair. Naruto melted into the kiss, letting the lust of heat rush through him.


Tobirama groaned softly as he watched the two kiss, red eyes narrowed as he shifted on the bed. “Well now, that is a pretty, pretty sight,” he purred.


Hashirama hummed as he slowly pulled away from the kiss, running his finger over the kiss swollen lips, smirking softly. “Now, how are we to do this?” he asked before he groaned as plush lips parted and a pink tongue came out to lap at his finger. “Never mind, I think I have a good idea of what to do.”


“Oh? And what are we going to do?” Naruto asked, breath puffing out over the finger as he nipped at the pad of it.


Hashirama groaned and reached down to haul Naruto up into his arms with a leer, surprised at the heft of the small male in his arms. Naruto squeaked and wrapped himself around the other man, huffing as he was carried over to the bed. Tobirama watched them with darkening eyes, reaching out and moving Naruto’s hair out of the way as he laid down.


“I’m thinking that we should put you between us. Just not sure how,” Hashirama hummed, coming to kneel between long legs and smirking down at him. Naruto hummed and reached out, tugging slightly on his pants with a look.


“You two should probably choose on how to best stick me between you guys,” Naruto hummed, getting the pants down slightly as Tobirama slipped off of the bed and worked to get his own clothes off. “Because I really am hoping to find out just what is beneath your clothes.”


Hashirama smirked down at him, his eyes flicking to his brother and his eyes running over the strong body of the man before he turned his eyes back to the blond under them. Naruto was smirking, his eyes half lidded and cheeks flushed red. Reaching out, he once more ran a thumb over full lips with a thoughtful sound. “Tobirama, do you want to take him or do you want to feel his mouth?” he asked. Naruto’s eyes flared with heat as he sucked on the man’s thumb.


Red eyes turned to the sweet mouth that was working hard on driving Hashirama insane, Tobirama groaned when he spotted a pink tongue come out to play along his brother’s palm. “I think I would like his mouth if you don’t mind,” he breathed, moving to pull Hashirama’s thumb from Naruto’s mouth. “But first, you’ve been allowed to kiss him. I want a taste.”


Naruto moaned as the silver haired man leant over him to seal their mouths together, sliding his tongue past his lips, tasting and teasing. Groaning, he shifted and reached up to bury his fingers into soft hair, pulling him closer. Hashirama pulled away to remove his own clothes, watching as the two men kissed on the bed.


Once he had stripped out of his clothes, Hashirama reached out and grasped Naruto’s pants, pulling them down and off of long legs, freeing his hard length to the air. Humming in delight, he pulled the pants off with the help of Naruto pulling his legs out of them, dropping them to the floor with his clothes.


“Well damn, all of this beautiful skin is just waiting to be teased,” Hashirama groaned, stroking over the long legs that were obviously as strong as the rest of Naruto’s body. “Fuck,” he grunted, sliding onto the bed again.


Tobirama chuckled and slid off of the bed to finish removing his own clothes as Hashirama and Naruto started to once more kiss. Kneeling on the bed, he pushed and pulled the two so that they were laying on their sides, pressed together, before sliding up behind Naruto. He nibbled at the markless neck as his hands joined his brother’s in exploring the young man that they had firmly between them. Naruto sighed and moaned into the kisses, returning the caresses as much as he could being distracted by the two men.


Naruto ignored the sound of a bottle being opened but groaned as slick fingers slid over the ring of muscle between the cheeks of his ass, pushing back into them with a whine. Tobirama chuckled against one shoulder blade, his cock teasingly rubbing against the back of one thigh as he teased the hole carefully. Hashirama smirked and reached around Naruto to grasp his ass, pulling the cheeks apart so that his brother had better access.


“Tobirama is quite skilled with his fingers, Naruto-kun. Let him show you just how much he is,” the brunette purred, nipping at friction swollen lips with a smirk.


Naruto moaned lightly as a finger slipped into him, Tobirama hissing at just how tight he found him to be, nipping at his back with an anticipation filled grin. “He is so tight,” he groaned, loving the way the blond rolled his hips back into his finger eagerly. “He’s gonna strangle your cock.” He shivered in lust as Naruto whined as he worked a second finger into the tightness.


Hashirama chuckled lowly before he grunted and buried a hand into soft hair as Naruto sucked on his collarbone. “He’s gonna end up killing us both from sex,” he got out, the sound strangled as the lush mouth slid down and attached itself to his nipple, teething nibbling at it.


“Not my intention,” Naruto breathed out, looking up into brown eyes as he rocked back into the fingers that were teasing his hole open, carefully working him open. “I really do like you two alive,” he gasped, eyes closing as his hand reached down to curl around the hard length rubbing against him, stroking it. “More.”


Tobirama chuckled and twisted his fingers, adding a third as Naruto cried out, eyes flying open as he jerked under the assault to his sweet spot. “Damn,” he chuckled, pressing another kiss to Naruto’s back before he slid up to look over Naruto’s shoulder, drawing his brother into a kiss. “We should move soon,” he said when they pulled apart.


Hashirama hummed and rocked into the hand around him, his eyes dark with need. “We should,” he said, shivering slightly. Pulling away from Naruto, getting a pout from him, Tobirama shifted so that he was lounging against the headboard. Hashirama helped Naruto shift so that he was leaning over the lounging brother’s hips.


Tobirama grunted as he watched dark blue eyes flick up to him and a pink tongue play over the tip of his prick, teasing him into moaning. Hashirama made a note to try the other’s mouth later if they could. For the moment though, his eyes trailed down to the twitching hole that was shiny slick with lube, spreading Naruto’s ass a bit more and making dick twitch.


Groaning, he found the bottle of lube that his brother had left on the bed and poured some of it onto his hand, slicking his cock before pushing his wet fingers into the stretched hole. He tested Naruto’s readiness, pulling them free, pleased with his readiness, sliding behind his new lover and watching avidly as Naruto finally took Tobirama’s prick into his mouth, sliding down over him.


Shuddering harshly, Tobirama slid his fingers through soft hair and guided him into an easy up and down motion, loving the way Naruto’s tongue moved over him. Licking his lips, he groaned, eyes trailing to where Hashirama was pressing the tip of his cock against Naruto’s hole and pushing forward. All three moaned as Naruto was filled slowly, blue eyes falling shut as he shivered and nearly went limp with the burn of the entry, pleasure spreading from there.


Pausing once he had bottomed out, balls pressed against Naruto’s ass, Hashirama groaned, biting at his bottom lip and watching as their blond partner started to tease Tobirama once more. Slowly pulling back, he started up a slow rhythm, the three working to find the proper movements, falling into the rhythm easily and speeding up as they gained confidence in it.


Naruto rocked back and forth between the two men. Rocking forward, he took Tobirama’s cock into his mouth before he pulled back as he rocked back into Hashirama’s cock. The slick sounds of their joining filled the air, his cheeks flushed as he basked in pleasure, losing himself. He moaned loudly Hashirama reached down to stroke his own hard length in time with his rocking.


He mewled and shuddered as he spilled over the moving hand on him as he sucked hard on the cock in his mouth.


Tobirama made a surprised sound as Naruto’s teeth very slightly scraped over his cock, and shuddered, watching as Naruto swallowed his cum, gripping onto the bedding under him. He stared, wide eyed and surprised since not many wanted to swallow, even lost in pleasure. Hashirama hissed and slammed home once more that had gone from strangling to a velvet vice as Naruto came, slicking Naruto’s hole with his cum.


“Damn,” Tobirama groaned as he slid down, still twitching in the aftershocks of his climax, reaching out blindly to drag Naruto up to lay next to him. Hashirama hissed as he slipped free with a slick ‘pop’ and falling to sit on his ass. Naruto moaned and slid to lay against Tobirama.


“I tell ya, gonna kills us with sex,” Hashirama groaned, his head tipping back as he floated on the cloud of bliss that he was on. Naruto giggled, sounding as if he was drunk with his bliss, shifting slightly. “And we need to take showers.”


“Not yet. I want a chance at his ass,” Tobirama whined, looking down and catching sight of Naruto blushing and hiding his face into his chest. “He can still blush so cutely even after being spitroasted by us,” he huffed, head dropping back again. “You’re right. He’s gonna kill us with sex.”


Naruto just groaned as Hashirama chuckled and stood to deal with the fireplace, intent on at least a washcloth to clean up with. He did, after all, want to feel Naruto’s mouth and it was only polite to clean up before that happened.


Naruto huffed and smiled, sending a mental ‘thank you’ to whoever it had been that had decided to make it so that the jutsu’s that had hit would send him there. He had a feeling that he had found something special with the two men that he had just had sex with.


Shifting, he looked down at the cock that was starting to twitch and get hard again, making him blink and look up at Tobirama with wide eyes.


Opening his mouth, Tobirama shook his head with a smirk. “No, no chakra. Just pure stamina and a love of sex. There’s a reason why Mito doesn’t mind sharing me though it shocked her enough to show her Uzumaki blood in the most interesting of ways,” he said. Naruto whimpered in delight.


He was very glad that he had come to the past, to a new time line not his own and that he had met the men. He had found his heart apparently.


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