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Title: Sharing Hearts

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 6

Characters: Minato, Kakashi

Word Count: 1,387

AN: Just wanted to warn you that I'm at my sister's place until the 5th (Today being the 3ed). So you're gonna get some posts from me while I'm here.

Anyway's here's today's chapter of Sharing Hearts. Next chapter we have a threesome. :D


Tapping his finger on his desk in an absent minded rhythm, Minato smirked to himself and shifted on his seat. He was still feeling the effects of having been with Naruto and not having anything to do for a good week. He was feeling pretty good all things considered since he had been interrupted only once during that week by his son's friends who wanted to make sure that he was still alive.

Seeing as how they had been busy during that time, Naruto's poor friends had ended up walking away full on blushing from the scene. Naruto had jokingly said that it wasn't often you saw an Hyuga turn such a bright red and Minato had to agree seeing as he was friends with the Twin Heads.

Shaking his head with a smile, his hair flipping around his face, he chuckled softly and smiled as a knock came from his door, prompting him to sit up from where he had been slumped in his seat. “Come in,” he called, unsurprised to see Kakashi walk in, slouched and reading his rather famous Ichi Ichi. “You're late,” he drawled as Kakashi slid the door shut with a smile under his mask.

“I had a black cat to deal with. Then your son decided that smirking at me while teasing me about something would be a fun past time,” Kakashi chuckled, shaking his head with amusement clear in his voice. “I tried to figure it out, but he wouldn't talk.”

“Let me guess, he conned you into taking him out to lunch?” Minato asked, highly amused by his son's antics.

“Dango actually. He apparently wanted to pick Anko-san's brain about something but he didn't want to be alone with her,” Kakashi drawled, holding up a bag with the scent of well cooked food wafting from it. “I bought lunch for you.”

“Thanks,” Minato said, taking the bag once it was within reach, opening it with a smile on his lips, finding not only dango but also ramen and a few other bits and pieces. “Left overs mostly?” he asked, pulling out a thing of rice that was mixed up with some thinly slice beef and a few different vegetables. “I know Naruto's work.”

“Yeah, but not all of it. The ramen and dango are fresh,” Kakashi promised, dropping down into a chair as Minato stood from his desk and walked around it with food in hand. Finding the chopsticks, the blond sat down and dug in with a hum of pleasure. “So why did you call me in? Last I heard you were holed up in your home with Naruto, resting after the council fucked around with you again.” He paused as he tucked his book away finally. “Or rather tried to fuck around with you again.”

“They tried so very hard,” Minato chuckled as he ate, shaking his head. “But it didn't work and they're learning why you don't mess with the Hokage when it comes to the village and my family,” he drawled, eating a bite of the dango with a smile.

“So, what made you ask me come around here?” Kakashi asked, tilting his head with a curious look that translated pretty well though his mask. Minato hummed and smiled, well used to his lover's looks and reading them through the mask even when they were alone.

“I was curious about what you thought about...sharing. I'm wanting something a bit more permanent but neither of us will be able to keep up with each other without a good third partner,” Minato stated bluntly, Kakashi blinking at him with some surprise. “You know that I'm right,” he said, waving his chopsticks at his partner with a smirk on his lips.

“Yeah, you're right,” Kakashi sighed, shaking his head with a smile. “But why now?” he asked, tilting his head to the side as he stared at his once teacher and now lover. “Why do you want to have a more permanent relationship after all of these years?” he asked.

“Because I'm not that young any more and I've found a third who can balance the both of us while still keeping up with us,” Minato said, eating a bite of the mixed rice dish with a smirk. “I wasn't just holed up hanging out with my son this week. I was with our new third for part of that time to,” he continued. “Testing him out so to speak. Let me tell ya, I felt it afterward.” He smirked. “It was almost like when we get together and have nothing else to do outside of fuck, eat, and sleep amongst other things that don't include work.”

Kakashi blushed lightly and shrugged as he rested his chin on one hand. “You usually limp by the end of it and I'm usually crawling out of your bedroom by then. Was he crawling by then?” he asked, trying to ignore the heat in his cheeks.

Minato smirked. “We both were. He has stamina to match us when we're fully rested,” he chuckled. “We ate enough food during our time that Naruto complained about there never being anything and since he was pretty much holed up in his room or the study doing things, he ordered food to have it delivered to the house,” he drawled, shaking his head with a smile as he continued to eat with a huff of amusement. “He ordered a lot of things that are easy to make since neither myself nor our, hopefully, future partner could really walk or wanted to stand for very long.”

“Yeah, sounds like this person can actually keep up with us if he's making you crawl out of the bedroom,” Kakashi hummed, resting his chin on his hand.

Minato sighed and poked at the ramen with a slight smile. “I swear that his mouth could raise the dead,” he admitted, getting a curious look from the other man, making him smirk. “I can attest that he can make even the more rung out twitch to even half hardness,” he promised. “He knows how to use that mouth of his. And you'll to get to feel it. Not today. Today I have to finish signing off on a few things, like another week off for a few people, including you.”

Getting a smile from Minato, Kakashi hummed and watched as his lover stood up and moved to the desk, grabbing an envelope. Taking it when he was handed it, he opened it and blinked at finding a ticket to a highly protected and very private hot spring with a note that stated that he had a week off starting the following Monday. The ticket was for later that day.

“So I take it that I'll meet this mystery man then?” Kakashi asked as he tucked the ticket and note that stated where he was to be that day.

“Yep,” Minato chuckled, watching his lover leave with a wave of his hand, chuckling happily and knowing that Kakshi was going to have fun when it came time for them to get together. He would probably have a slight freak out with just who it was that Minato had chosen, but that was to be expected. Kakashi had freaked out after the first time they had slept together. To sleep with both teacher and student who were also father and son would send anyone into a tizzy for a while.

Naruto and Minato would just have to sooth him down into a proper frame of mind to actually think about it, which would take a lot of sex.

Pausing in thought, Minato reached out and adjusted the week off for the three of them to be three weeks for Naruto and Kakashi and a week and a half for himself with emergency call in, using their vacation time to cover it. Luckily for him, he could have most of his paperwork sent to his house and have it picked up later that same day so he wouldn't get to horribly behind on it.

It would never do for that to happen after all. Even with lovers like Kakashi and Naruto distracting him in all sorts of pleasant ways. He chuckled to himself and started to plan for the following week.

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