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Title: Sharing a Blond

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 1 of 2

Characters: Naruto, OC, Tobirama, Hashirama

Word Count: 2,132

Warnings: Hints of incest, future incest, exotic dancing

AN: This took...way to long to write, okay? Way to long. Seriously. Or at least chapter 2 took way to long. Mind you, part 2 is over 3 thousand words of smut.


That and the need to write smut kind of died on me suddenly. But I have it done! Now I'm going to finish off a few other mini stories that seriously need to be finished. Why? Because they're sitting in my Google Doc file that holds them and is just annoying the hell out of me for not having it done.


That and they're taking up room. I have many stories to write yet after all. I'm hoping to finish off a Shikamaru/Itachi/Naruto fic here soon. Fun times.


By the way, if you can take 10 seconds to head over to my now fandom only LiveJournal (link in my bio or you can ask), you will be able to see what I am doing. I also have a tumblr. Do not be ashamed to ask where I am on there.






It was amazing what a jutsu gone wrong, a lot of power, and some time could do to a person. It had started with Naruto going head to head with Madara, chakra being tossed around like it was confetti, before ending with the blond landing on his back in the middle of nowhere in woods that were vaguely recognizable.


Naruto had groaned and hauled himself up, searching for the chakra signatures of his friends, but had found not a single one. What he had found was Madara’s, several dozen Uchihas and Hyuugas that hadn’t been alive for a long time, and the first two Hokage’s alive and well. He had fallen to his ass once more in surprise before whimpering in surprised fear, finding that he had landed in the past.


Or at least that’s what Kurama told him before going to sleep for a time while they both settled into their new timeline. There was no going back. There was no place to go back to at the least.


So he had sealed everything that he had been wearing, put on something distinctly more of a civilian bend and hunted down Konohagakure. And discovered that it was barely being set up, which meant that the First Hokage and his brother was still alive. And Madara wasn’t an insane bastard.


Naruto had smirked and left, joining a caravan that was a mix of dancers, sellers, and diplomats from Uzushiogakure, a brand new village that was looking to create solid alliances. He had played off that he didn’t know where he came from, that he just remembered that his name was Uzumaki Naruto, and that he had woken up in the woods one day.


They hadn’t asked questions, and had instead put him to work. A year and a half later, and he was an exotic dancer for the caravan as they once more headed to Konohana. He had learned a lot traveling around, learned things that the Academy had no longer taught by the time he had started classes. He had discovered his own strength, settling into his own body which made him a very sensual dancer, much to his friend’s amusement.


Perched on top of the cart that held the stuff that he and his fellow dancers used, Naruto smiled softly and gazed out over the buildings that had sprung up in the last year. “They certainly grew,” he drawled as his redheaded ‘cousin’ snorted next to him.


“Of course they have, Naruto. Same as a lot of the new villages have,” Mirko drawled as he sat back on his hands. “Good money to be made though. You have a few dozen one on one sessions don’t ya?” he asked.


Naruto hummed and nodded, tucking an escaped lock of hair back into the bun on the back of his head. Another thing that he had done was grow out his hair, the long locks looking a lot like his mother’s outside of coloring. “Yeah. Even a set with their Hokage, surprisingly. His brother asked for it since apparently he hasn’t gotten happy since he got pushed into the marriage with Mito-san.”


“He’s lucky that she’s so willing to let him have his lover’s as long as she can have her own,” Mirko drawled.


“Yeah, but he hasn’t had one since they got together to get a kid,” Naruto hummed as they came up to the gate. Once they had been cleared and told where to set up their stalls and tents, Naruto slid off of the top and told their head that he was going to hunt down some fabric and makeup to replace the stuff that was dying or dead. With a wave over his shoulder, he headed towards the market place.


He smiled as he bought the fabric he would use to make a new shirt and pants set, before moving to hunt down the makeup. He found himself feeling settled as he bought the makeup and leaving the marketplace, catching sight of the First Hokage and his brother walking through, both men looking rather delectable. “Well, at least it’ll be fun,” he drawled to himself as he headed back to the camping site that they were staying at.


Arriving, he smiled at his fellow travelers, including a few of the Uzushio nin that had taken to traveling with them whenever they could do so. They were teaching him a few new techniques after discovering that he supposedly had muscle memory of being a nin. It worked for him and kept him safe as he learned sealing and how to best manipulate the wind and water that ran through him. Just as it had run through his parent’s blood before they had lost their lives.


Shaking off those memories, Naruto found the cart that he shared with Mirko and bounded up into it silently, finding him already organizing their bedding and clothes. “Are you going to dance at some of the clubs?” he asked as his fellow dancer smoothed out the furs of their beddings.


“Yep. I hear there’s a good contest going for those who want to enter. So I’ll at least be working for a night. I’ll go around after I lose a round and see if anyone is open for dancers to,” Mirko drawled as he flopped down onto his furs. “Even for a young village, Leaves is bound to have nin’s who need a little happy time. And I’m happy to provide them that,” he purred.


Naruto snorted and sat down on his own bedding. “Just make them buy the room if you feel the urge to fuck them,” he teased, tossing a bundle of cloth at his friend. “There. Happy birthday, you prick.”


With a squeal of delight, Mirko unfolded the cloth and started to babble about what he was going to do with it while Naruto made noises occasionally. As his friend talked, Naruto washed his face and body using the basin that was built into their cart, which was built like a small home on wheels. Once clean and the water drained into a catching bucket, he dressed in a pair of long pants that hugged his curves and a loose shirt over a tighter shirt. He would change into his outfit for the dance once he got to the house.


He had become quite wanted for one on one dancings and did so as long as he had the room and privacy. His customers knew that he would fuck them...if he wanted to. Not because he was being paid to. Because he wanted to fuck a person. It was kind of nice being able to choose a lover just because he had an itch to scratch instead of having to do it because of a mission.


Smiling softly to himself, he packed up his makeup and clothes into a bag before slipping on his shoes. “I’m off to tease a Hokage for the night,” he drawled, leaving the cart before bounding out of the camp, using his skills to get him to the house where Tobirama was standing outside of the gate. “I hope I’m not late,” he greeted, hitching his bag up on his shoulder.


Red eyes gazed at him before the other shook his head. “No, you’re not. I’m surprised that you have such abilities actually. I was not told that you had training.”


“I actually have no idea,” Naruto said, shrugging as Tobirama turned and lead the way through the gate that lead to their house. “No real memories beyond waking up in a forest in the middle of nowhere,” he explained.


Tobirama smirked and tilted his head to the side, gray hair shifting with the movement as he hitched up the fur edging of his coat up. “Come on. Hashirama doesn’t know that I’m doing this with Mito-chan’s full permission. I was told that you don’t sleep with your customers, and when you do it’s because you wish to and not to do with money,” he said, Naruto nodding his head. “All I’m asking is for you to...tease his libido into being again. After that I’ll take care of it.”


Naruto stopped and blinked at the man who turned and stared at him with amused eyes. Opening his mouth, he pointed at Tobirama, trying to get words past his lips before swallowing heavily. “Well, you learn things all the time,” he finally squeaked, getting a rich chuckle from the man.


“Indeed. Please, follow me,” Tobirama chuckled and continued to walk, leading the still dazed and surprised Naruto into the house. They took off their shoes before the gray haired man lead him to the living room.


Taking in the rather sparse furnishings, Naruto smiled at the fact that there was indeed the pole that had been asked to be set up, the scroll it had been sent in tucked away into the corner. A large couch like bed took up some of the room in front of a rather large window that had several seals scattered around the edge of it.


“Will this do?” he asked.


Naruto walked further into the room, pushing against the pole and making sure that it had been anchored correctly, nodding his head. “This will do just fine. It’ll give me plenty of room to work.” Putting his bag down, he squatted down and dug around in his bag, hunting for his music player and small speakers. Pulling them out, he had it all set up before standing with a smirk. “And where can I change and shower?” he asked.


“You can do that in our room. The guest rooms are currently in the process of being shifted around and Mito has taken over the guest house for herself,” Tobirama said, leading to way to the back of the house. In the bedroom stood a rather large bed and connected to it was a bathroom. “Go ahead and change, get ready for this. Hashirama will be back in about ten minutes and I’ll get him set up.”


“Look for me when I’m ready. Want to start the music before I walk in. It’s already set up on the right song,” Naruto promised, the man nodding his head and smirking. Watching Tobirama leave the room, he let out a slow breath and reigned in his libido. Now that he had time to get used to the thought of the two brothers fucking like bunnies, he was finding it rather hot. And wondering if they would be interested in a third partner for a night.


Shaking his head free of the thoughts, Naruto smirked and pulled out his clothes for the fun, stripping out of what he had worn to travel to it. Putting those clothes to the side, he pulled on the gauzy shirt that fell down to around his knees, hinting at his form and teasing with skin before pulling on a pair of pants that were skin tight. Bits of the actual pants were missing, showing hits of tanned skin in a teasing manner while he left his feet bare.


He was good at what he did and he didn’t need to show that much skin while he did his job.


Tilting his head to the side, Naruto smirked at the sounds of the two brother’s talking in the hallway of the house. “Tobi, I don’t know why you’re doing this to me,” came Hashirama’s voice, making him snicker quietly as he started to put on the smoky eyeshadow that he prefered for his jobs.


Tobirama sighed before smirking at his brother and shoving him down onto the couch. “Will you just trust me? I miss you and this will be good for the both of us. I’ve heard good things about this dancer,” he drawled, moving to the little music player. Getting it on, he waited until he saw long tanned fingers curl around the door frame before starting it.


The music was something seductive and easy, filling the air as Tobirama took his seat, Hashirama huffing in annoyance for all of ten seconds before the lean male sautered into the room, shirt fluttering. The brunette swallowed heavily as he stared at the beautiful male before him as he moved to the music, calling up thoughts of long nights of bliss and sensuous bodies moving together.

Swallowing again as the male wrapped his hands around the pole and took a slow swing that showed incredible control, Hashirama slumped into the seat and watched, captivated. Next to him, Tobirama patted himself on the back for a job well done, intent on watching Naruto move and tease, knowing that they would at least once feel the other’s body move over their own as he danced.


He was suddenly looking forward to their night.


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