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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: Cute Kitten

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 2

Characters: Shikamaru/Naruto

Word Count: 2,572

Warnings: Sex

AN: And part 2 has been written. Enjoy you guys!


Looking away from the closet that he had just hung his sweater into, Naruto blinked several times before sighing and running hand through his hair, scowling at the eared headband that came off of his head. “Damn things,” he growled, tossing them onto the dresser as he headed to answer the door. He doubted that it was Sakura seeing as when he had left she had been about ready to climb Lee like he was a tree, but couldn't quite figure out who it was. Opening the door, he blinked several times at the fact that Shikamaru was standing there, smirking down at him, hands tucked into his pockets and looking bored with it all. “What are you doing here?”

“Just wanted to see you,” Shikamaru drawled, stepping into the apartment when Naruto stepped back, blue eyes watching him with a curious look in them. “I also wanted to keep doing what I had been doing earlier. I could have shot Sakura.”

“What?” Naruto squeaked as his friend lazily pulled off his shoes and took the door from his limp grip, closing and locking it.

“I said, I wanted to continue what I was doing earlier,” Shikamaru purred, walking up to Naruto even as the younger male stumbled back into the wall with wide eyes.

“What?” Naruto squeaked, getting a rich chuckle from the older male. He stared with wide eyes as Shikamaru cupped his cheeks with calloused fingers, stroking over his cheeks with a smile.

“They're softer then the rest of your skin,” Shikamaru hummed, pressing their foreheads together as Naruto relaxed in his grip, hands coming up to curl in the other man's shirt.

“What? My whiskers?” he asked, Shikamaru nodding and smiling, rubbing at his cheeks some more with his thumbs. Naruto hummed and pressed into the touch, amazed that the man who had caught his attention so long ago was actually paying attention to him, wanted to do something with him in such a way. “Why now?” he asked.

“Because I was never quite sure if you were interested in me, Naruto. In some ways, you are really good at hiding who attracts you and who you want,” Shikamaru chuckled, brushing their lips together, getting a soft sigh of pleasure as he slowly deepened the kiss. Naruto melted into his body, arms coming up to wrap around his neck and pull him close, rubbing their bodies together in a delightful way.

Shikamaru groaned as he pressed Naruto up against the wall, reaching down with his hands and grasping the back of Naruto's legs, pulling him up until he wrapped his legs around his waist, drawing him between those long legs. Naruto moaned as their groins rubbed together, one hand reaching up to tug the ponytail free, tossing the hair tie to the floor as Shikamaru used his clever hands to loosen weapon pouches that they carried hidden on them. Once he had them loose, he pulled them free but kept them in hand as he pulled away, using his strength to carry Naruto into his bedroom, kicking the door closed behind them.

Naruto pulled away from the kiss with a gasp, surprised that Shikamaru was finding it so very easy to haul him around like a sack of rice even as the shadow user tossed the weapon pouches down onto the floor near the bed. Raising an eyebrow, still daze and not clearly thinking from the kiss, Naruto sucked on the thumb that rubbed against his bottom lip, feeling his partners prick twitch in interest.

“Just in case some idiot takes it into their mind to break in,” Shikamaru rasped as he pressed Naruto against the wall once more, uncaring that the bed was just there for the moment. He wanted to keep Naruto pinned and at his mercy for the moment, and his blond didn't look like he was going to complain any time soon. In fact, he looked rather content to just suck on his thumb, his dark blue eyes promising so much more in the long run.

Shivering in anticipation, Shikamaru pulled his thumb free and tasted the other's mouth once more, Naruto moaning and falling into the kiss once more. The shadow wielder used his body to keep Naruto right where he wanted and worked to get his clothes, tossing the shirt and pants to the side, hands grasping and stroking bare skin as he found it. Once he had Naruto without a stitch of clothing, he finally broke the kiss with a purr of delight.

The blond had a dusting of red on his cheeks, his lips were friction swollen from the kiss, deepening to a deep red, and he was hard, prick twitching between them with each brush of cloth against it. “Shika,” Naruto breathed, clinging tightly to the other man even as he put him down on his feet.

“Stay put, blondie. I have plans for you,” Shikamaru purred, stealing a quick kiss before pulling away from the other's tempting body and walking to the dresser. He pulled off his own clothes before he stood before the dresser and opened one drawer, digging around in for the bottle of lube that he knew was there, finding it along with a box that he knew held several toys.

Deciding that he would dig around in that at a later time, he grabbed the bottle and walked back over to his soon to be lover, finding Naruto watching, still dazed, but stroking his own length slowly with one hand. Humming softly, Shikamaru twirled one finger around in the air as he said, “Turn around and lean against the wall for me,” he purred, smirking softly.

He watched as Naruto did so, flushing as he spread his legs to find a better balance as Shikamaru pressed up against his back, dropping the bottle to the floor. He pressed a kiss to one shoulder, the other breathing out as he smiled, his hands stroking over Naruto's sides, teasing the nipples that he found every so often. He drew out soft sounds of pleasure, mostly from along his ribs instead of the other's nipples so he focused on finding those good spots as his lips moved lower, nibbling along the other's shoulder blades and back. He left the occasional mark on the tanned back, purring in delight at the way Naruto responded, the younger males hands clenched against the wall as he panted and moaned.

Coming to his knees, he grasped lean hips, making Naruto look down at him with wide eyes as he smirked and spread the ass before him, exposing the tight ring of muscles that he knew would be pounding into. “Have you had someone rim you?” he purred, Naruto humming softly.

“Once or twice,” Naruto got out after catching his breath. “But it wasn't something to talk about,” he admitted, blinking when Shikamaru smirked.

“They didn't know what they were doing I bet. I do,” Shikamaru drawled, smirking as he pressed a kiss to Naruto's tail bone, eyes watching as blue was hidden by fluttering lids and his partner rested his forehead against the wall. He knew about what Naruto had and hadn't experienced in his life time, having found out from, surprisingly enough, Hinata, who had come to be a good friend to the blond nin.

She had either given Naruto advise or gone out and traded stories of their times with lovers before Hinata had landed with Kiba. She had then turned around and teased Shikamaru with the stories, so he knew. And he knew just how bad some of Naruto's lovers had been, making him want to tease the other into a plaint puddle of goo for him.

Nosing downwards, he purred and lapped at the ring of muscles, keeping a strong grip on Naruto's hips when the man gasped and tensed at the first touch. Smirking, Shikamaru did it again, shifting just enough so that he could nip at skin before soothing it with a lick, he worked Naruto's hole over, feeling the muscles relax under his attention.

Naruto whined and pressed back in the touch, shivering as Shikamaru chuckled softly before pressing his tongue past the muscles. Hips bucking, the blond made a soft sound of surprise at how good it felt to feel the pressing, stroking muscle within him. He clawed at the wall as he was slowly teased by the other male, the tongue sliding in and out, working to go as deep as it could with each lick inwards and driving him insane with need and lust.

“Shika,” Naruto whined, eyes squeezed tightly shut, the sound of a popping top finding his hearing as Shikamaru continued to tease him open with his tongue.

“Naruto,” Shikamaru purred, leaving the hole that he had worked open, bottle in dry hand and slick hand coming to tease at the relaxed muscles, just brushing the tips of his fingers over them. “You make such perfect sounds,” he hummed as he slid one finger into his partner's body, drawing out a slow moan from between pink lips. “Doesn't hurt?” he asked.

Naruto shook his head and pressed back into the finger, whining at the feeling of the calloused finger rubbed against the muscles of his entrance. Taking a slow breath, he whined as a second finger worked it's way easily into him, Shikamaru pressed against his side and laying kisses over his shoulders and neck, keeping him calm. “More,” he groaned.

Shikamaru smiled against Naruto's shoulder and spread the two fingers, making sure that he took his sweet time. He didn't know how big his lover's previous partners had been but he was a little bigger then average in length, but not so bad in width. Still, superior healing or not, he was not going to hurt Naruto just by sliding deep into him, so he took his time.

With fingers sliding in and out, he brushed his lips over Naruto's ear, getting a soft sound of need as the blond slumped against the wall. Shikamaru looked at the sweet face next to his before smirking and brushing his lips against the curve of the ear again, and got the same sound but louder. With that in mind, he chuckled and nibbled at it, Naruto's hips jerking back into his fingers and squeezed around them.

Teasing the ear before him, Shikamaru kept his lover busy while he worked his fingers in and out of the twitching body, getting lovely, loud noises from the other man. He worked a third finger in easily and stretched them open, needing to take his lover but still not wanting to hurt him, making sure that the muscles around his fingers were well and truly relaxed. Pulling away from the ear, leaving Naruto panting and gasping, he poured more lube onto his fingers and worked the lube into his partner, wanting to make sure that he was ready for more.

Pressing a kiss to Naruto's shoulder, Shikamaru turned Naruto around and lowered his body slightly so that he could pick up the other male, one of the long legs tossed over one arm, the other coming to wrap around his waist as blue eyes widened and stared at him in lust. Reaching down with a bit of shifting and flexibility, he coated his cock in the left over lube on his hand before pressing against the stretched entrance.

“Ready for more?” he asked, Naruto nodding quickly and wrapping his arms around Shikamaru's shoulders, finding himself memorized by the play of muscle under his hands. Shikamaru smirked once more, eyes so dark they were black with his lust, and pressed forward, releasing his prick once he could and using that hand to push Naruto downwards, making both of them moan.

Closing his eyes and shuddering at the tightness around him, he had to take a slow breath at the cry of his name when Naruto shuddered around him. He shifted and got another cry, this one higher in pitch and so needy that he figured he had found his partner's sweetspot without meaning to. Chuckling darkly, Shikamaru shifted them slightly and started to move with short thrusts, bouncing Naruto slightly on his length.

The two moved together, as much as Naruto could move in the position, working to get to the high that they both could taste yet, Shikamaru growling softly into the soft neck before him, biting at Naruto's skin occasionally to pull up a dark mark. Naruto was holding on to his body, filled in a way that he had never experienced before and on the razors edge of a climax that he knew would send him out of his mind for a short time.

It was when Shikamaru bit hard at where neck met shoulder that Naruto found that push to fall over and slick their stomachs as he shuddered and tightened around the still driving prick. Snarling, feeling Naruto shudder and hearing him mewl during his climax, Shikamaru shuddered and slammed upwards, one hand holding tightly to a lean hip, the other pressed against the wall. He found his own climax, tensing and groaning around the bite in his mouth, adding his own come to their mess. Letting go of the skin in his mouth, he sighed and winced at the fact that he could taste just a bit of blood in his mouth even as he slid down to his knees, taking his lover with him.

Putting down the leg that he had been holding, Shikamaru stroked his hands over Naruto's sides and thighs, feeling him shiver in the aftermath. Pulling away, he looked at his lover and smiled at the flushed and dazed look. “Are you okay?” he husked softly, getting a nod as Naruto slowly came down from the high.

“Yeah,” Naruto husked, licking his lips and wincing at how sour his throat was. Shikamaru smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his lips before pulling away, slipping his now limp prick out of the his lover. The shadow user stood up, scooping Naruto into his arms and walking him to the bed, laying him down on it despite the blonds protests.

“You don't want to walk, my blond kitty,” Shikamaru teased, getting a pout at the new nickname. “Let me get you something easy to eat and drink before I pull a bath so we can soak our fun off so we can walk tomorrow.”

“Do you think your parents would like to come to the Christmas day with Iruka and Kakashi?” Naruto asked after his lover had gotten the promised food and drink, Shikamaru picking up the bottle of lube.

“I don't see why not. Though I'll have ta warn you, mom will squeal about having another child to spoil rotten so you might end up with enough presents to drown you in,” Shikamaru teased, watching Naruto blush and shift on the bed.

The next morning, Shikamaru's prediction turned out true when she did buy enough presents to drown Naruto in. Of course, said presents were a new house for the couple complete with everything that they would need, making the blond sputter and protest until she cooed and cuddled him, welcoming him to the Nara family and telling him that it was fine to have three last names.

As long as the very last one was Nara.


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