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WARNING: This chapters contains explicit sexual content between father and son. It is entirely CONSENSUAL between two CONSENTING adults. 

Title: Sharing Hearts

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 2

Characters: Naruto, Minato

Word Count: 4,903

AN: Okay, so this went REALLY fucking long. I' not joking you guys. Just way, way long. *facepalm* When I was writing it was the never ending chapter. *headdesk* Great Gods. *sighs* Still, I hope you all enjoy this and tell me what you think of it.

Ah, before I forget this is for the ever lovely WikidSinn! She's a lovely pervert who handed me a pairing and went “here, have at it”. And we have this...


Humming to himself as he packed away the last of his kunai into his pack, Naruto stood up from his low sitting bed and moved to place the pack onto the long table that held the rest of his things daily items. Scrolls, kunai packs with shuriken stars, his work vest, wires of different thickness and length, and several short swords laid across it surface while under the main part were large drawers that held extras that he had just refilled. When he had first bought it, without the drawers, his father had taken one look at it before hiring a carpenter to make sure it would be useful.

Naruto had damn near kissed the man when he had seen the finished the product, but held back.


Finished with the upkeep of his tools and weapons, the young blond headed into the bathroom, taking a hot shower as he listened to his father arrive home and move around in his room. Once he had washed his body head to toe, Naruto stepped out of the shower, dried off as much as he could with the small towel that was left and making a note to do more laundry later on, and slid into a soft, pale blue robe. Once he was somewhat dressed, he stepped out of the bathroom and paused, staring at his father who was staring at him, having been coming down the hallway, dressed in nothing but a pair of low hanging drawstring pants and a shirt that wasn’t buttoned.

Blushing lightly, Naruto smiled bright at the older man and shifted on his feet. “Hey, wasn’t expecting you to come out of your room for a while longer,” he said in greeting, Minato tilting his head and smirking slightly.

“I wanted some tea,” Minato replied, shaking his head in some amusement as he tried to remind himself that he couldn’t jump his son. No matter how much smooth skin was exposed to his sight, dark blue eyes running over what the robe wasn’t covered. The robe split down the front, exposing a smooth chest without any noticeable scars on it, the bottom half of it slitting once more and exposing long, leanly muscled legs.

He mentally bashed his head against a wall to remind himself that he wasn’t allowed to pin Naruto to a wall, hitch his legs up and screw him senseless.

“Oh, I see,” Naruto said, clearing his throat as he tried hard to keep his own eyes from wandering, shifting his feet so that he was standing on one, the other stuck out a bit before him. “How was work?” he asked, licking his lips as his cheeks turned a dark pink color, catching sight of a scar that curved over one of Minato’s hips.

Minato nodded his head and said, “Good, good.” Tearing his eyes away from the long legs, he cleared his throat. “I’ll just go make my tea. Order something tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Naruto replied, walking into his room and closing the door behind him. Walking to his bed, he flopped face first into it and groaned softly, reminding himself that while incest wasn’t really all that bad considering their lives, his father was the Hokage and had to be a good little boy. Most of the time.

Minato let loose a very low groan before heading down the stairs to make his tea, finding his mind settling as he walked through the motions of making tea for two. Once he had the cups in hand, he walked back upstairs and knocked on Naruto’s door before opening it up. “Naruto, I have a...” he started, the words dying on his lips as he watched the robe slip off of Naruto’s body, making his eyes widen as his son squeaked and tried to cover himself.

Somewhere deep there was an audible crack as his willpower and patience died a little.

“Dad! I wasn’t expecting you to be coming back upstairs so quickly,” Naruto gasped, trying to bend over and grab his robe without exposing to much of his body. The sight of Naruto bending over, showing just how long his body really was in the most delightful of ways, killed the last of Minato’s willpower and patience.

Clearing his throat, Minato put the cups in his hands onto the desk next to him, being careful of the weaponry sitting along it. “Naruto,” he drawled, Naruto going still, knowing that tone of voice. He often heard it when his father and Kakashi hadn’t quite made it to Minato’s room whenever they were on again and fucking.

It sent shivers of delight dancing up and down his spine as he bit at his bottom lip.

“Yeah?” he asked, pleased that his voice hadn’t quivered. Rolling his shoulders, he looked over to his father and his bright blue eyes widened as he caught sight of dark blue eyes that stared at him with obvious desire. Naruto watched as those blue eyes went even darker, turning almost black with their darkness, feeling lust trip down his back and curl in his loins.

Licking his lips, he whimpered as Minato stalked towards him, scrambling a bit before falling onto his bed with a bounce. “Dad?” he breathed, Minato coming to stand before him, leaning in enough so that all he could do was stare at the other man.

“Naruto, I have tried to stop myself, tried to keep away, but fuck if you don’t somehow unknowingly test my patience every damn day,” he growled, hand carding through soft hair that was brighter than his own. “It’s just so fucking hard to deny myself the chance to touch you, to feel your skin under my hands, to hear your sounds of pleasure.” He hummed lowly, the sound rich with his need. “You really do need to learn how to place silencing wards up when you’re in the middle of foreplay.”

Naruto's eyes widened as he swallowed heavily, shifting in his seat as he flushed heavily. “Sorry,” he squeaked, Minato chuckling darkly as he placed one hand on a bent knee, the younger male still trying to hide his dick that was trying to show its interest in what was going on.

“Don't be. Let me tell you, it was quite enjoyable to hear you when you're being pleasured by someone. But it made it very hard for me not to come in, toss your partner out the window, and show you how it feels to be with someone who knows what the fuck they're doing,” Minato rumbled, tugging on the soft strands in his grip. Naruto gasped before moaning, low and pretty, the sound rolling as he twitched ever so slightly and his body started to relax.

Noticing this, the elder blond hummed thoughtfully and pressed Naruto back onto the bed, tugging the soft hair once more. The breathy moan that escaped the teen below him sent heat straight through his body, drawing a groan of need from Minato even as he shifted so that their bodies were closer. Humming in pleasure as the younger male moaned and arched up into his own body, he released the strands in his hand and slid it down over the back of Naruto’s neck.

Lowering his head, he smirked softly and brushed his lips over a whiskered cheek, loving the way the skin flushed oh so nicely for him under his touches. “You’re so welcoming, Naruto. Have you thought of being like this? Of being pressed down into your bed under me, about to be taken by someone who knows how to drag out as much as pleasure as possible?” he purred, lips sliding downwards to breath the words into one ear.

“Dad,” Naruto whined, shivering and trying to press the full length of their bodies together. He could feel the fabric of Minato’s clothes brush over his own bared body, teasing him just as much as the words that were spoken into his ears were.

Minato chuckled as he slid a hand down over Naruto’s ribs, just teasing him with soft touches, watching how Naruto reacted to them. Watching as the younger male sighed in pleasure and pressed up, he smirked and placed a knee on the bed, moving one of Naruto’s legs so that it was just sitting over his thigh. “So much to do to you, so little time. I suppose it’s a good thing that we really don’t have to go anywhere any time soon,” he purred.

Naruto hummed in anticipation, pressing up into the hand that settled onto his hip and stroked the curve there with a thumb. “Why now?” he breathed, shivering when the hand slid down over the leg that was propped up on a thigh, teasing along the outside.

“Why now? Because I’m tired of trying to stop myself from indulging in what is blatantly offered to me,” Minato stated, leaning down to press Naruto fully into the bed, knees settling between his legs as he pushed him very gently further onto the bed. “Because I dream of pinning you to a wall, hefting you up onto a counter and taking you until all you can do is cling to me and wail for more.”

Moaning as he brought his own hands up, Naruto buried long fingers into the gravity defying hair of the other man, tugging him down into a need filled kiss, sucking on the tongue that slipped into his mouth. Minato groaned into it and played his tongue over the one that teased him, laying fully over his soon to be lover’s body, feeling just how hard the younger male was. Pulling away from the drugging kiss as long fingered hands tugged at his still open top, he sat up on his knees once more and pushed it off to fall to the floor, pants noticeably tented by his own arousal.

Naruto hummed and ran his eyes over the body of his lover, taking in all the dips and curves that was presented to him as Minato stayed in position, loving the way already dark blue eyes turned borderline black. Moving around so that he sit up, legs moving into a more comfortable position, the younger male reached up to slid his hands down from under Minato’s chin to over his neck and shoulders, just feeling muscle jump and twitch under his gentle touches, getting a groan from the older male. “Naruto,” was breathed as lust darkened eyes became half lidded, watching the exploring hands.

Naruto just smiled and shifted so that he could perch on his knees, keeping them spread enough to sit on either side of Minato’s legs, pressing a kiss to where Minato’s collarbone dipped. “I have a feeling that if I don’t get in my exploring in now, I won’t be getting it in at all,” he said, words a soft breath against soft skin. Minato merely chuckled and stroked his fingers through the soft hair on the back of Naruto’s head, not moving to stop him.

If he wanted to explore and learn what turned him on, then who was he to stop him?

Naruto smirked and pulled away, continuing with his explorations, moving from the broad shoulders down over his pecs, tweaking a nipple with long fingers. Humming in pleasure, at the sound that it got him, he did it again before leaving it to dance his fingers over Minato’s ribs, finding every spot that got even a slight wiggle from his lover. He teased the spots that got sounds, making him think that it wasn’t that easy to bring any kind of sound out of his lover, and pushing him to do just that.

He wanted Minato’s words, his growls and moans, everything that he could get from the older man. Smirking up at him as his knees slid further apart so that he could sit and be face to face with Minato’s stomach, he purred and lowered his eyes to the very evident hardness that was pressing against the sweatpants that he had decided to wear. Tugging on the knot that was holding them up, he got it loose finally and pushed them down over lean hips, Minato’s hardness bouncing a little as he was freed.

“Damn,” Naruto breathed, blinking at the length before him. He knew there was a difference in size between a fully grown male and the teenage partners that had been indulging with since he had learned what to do with another dick, but he hadn’t expected nearly two inches of length and at least half an inch of thickness of a difference.

Minato chuckled softly and stroked his length with a shrug. “Like I said, I’ll show you what it’s like to be with a lover who knows what they’re doing,” he purred, Naruto’s eyes flicking up to him as he continued to push the pants down until they hit his knees. Rising off of the bed and letting them fall to the floor, he stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. Naruto scooted forward and once more slid his hands over toned thighs, this time going from the knees up to where hip and groin met together, feeling muscles jump under his touch.

Smirking at the way Minato seemed to stop himself from pouncing and pushing back onto the bed, Naruto moved his hands closer into the prick that he wanted to feel. How he did feel it didn't really matter, but he wanted to see if everything about being with a man was different. Especially being with this particular man. Flicking his eyes up to the other male, seeing that he was watching with half lidded eyes, his lips quirked upwards as one hand curled around the base of the length, thumb just brushing over the underside.

Minato moaned softly, and thrust slightly into the hold, Naruto once more gazing at his erection as the long fingered hand slid up very slowly, just a light brush. Watching as the younger male shifted and used his other hand to dig around under the mattress before pulling out a small thing of lubricant, he chuckled softly, bringing darkened eyes up to him once more. “Why am I not surprised that you hid one there?” he asked as Naruto flipped the top, letting go of his length.

“Because I have just as many quirks as any shinobi does, but my quirks tend to be around where I hide my shit?” Naruto asked in return, voice rough with need as he slicked his fingers and once more grasped the prick before him. “Especially when it's an edible slick that doesn't make me gag.” With that said, he lent forward and licked at the tip, purring in delight at the taste that was much like the scent that surrounded Minato.

Clean. Tingling over his taste buds. Sharp and with an underlying taste of what Naruto could only guess was the taint of his father's abilities.

Licking his lips, tongue ring glinting in the light, he smirked and opened his mouth, sucking on just the tip as his tongue played, eyes closed so he could enjoy the feeling of having the other in his mouth. Sliding down slightly before pulling back, Naruto took his time in taking more and more of the other, tongue pressing and stroking. Minato was panting quietly, one hand coming to rest on blond hair as he watched, enjoying the way his partner was actually into what he was doing.

It wasn't often, outside of Kakashi, that he found a lover who enjoyed being on the receiving end of oral sex but also liked returning the favor. And it seemed as if Naruto was really loving what he was doing as he moved up and down over his erection, tongue seeking out all the spots that brought a sound out of him and mouth tightening around him as he pulled back. He varied his tactics, occasionally teasing his tongue over the slit of Minato's dick or using just a teasing of teeth, making sure that they didn't actually slide over sensitive skin.

And that bloody tongue ring that had driven him up a wall before was proving as distracting as he thought it would be.

As he used what he had learned over the years since he had become sexually active, Naruto mused idly that he was doing something right as he listened to Minato moan and felt him rock his hips. Flicking his eyes upwards, the younger of the two smirked to himself and sucked hard as he pulled off of his treat, watching as his father's eyes opened once more, having slid shut sometime during his fun, and stared at him. He simply licked his lips and used his slick hand to move over the hardness, thumb teasing over the underside of his tip.

“I don't know what your recovery time is, but I would like to get fucked if it takes you a while,” Naruto rasped, Minato smirking down at him, one hand coming to tug on soft hair.

“Oh, I shall fuck you until you're screaming for more and once you've had a bit of time to relax, do it all over again,” Minato growled, leaning down and sealing their lips together, not minding that he could taste himself on full and flushed lips. “I shall have you limping, even with your healing abilities, by the time that I am done with you.”

The promise sent shivers running up and down Naruto's spine as he moaned lowly, eyes half lidded in anticipation. Shifting so that he was perched on his knees instead of sitting on his bed, he wrapped his arms around Minato's neck and pulled him close, smiling slightly. “I don't doubt you a bit. So, tell me, how's your stamina?” he purred, eyes dancing with curiosity and need.

Minato smirked. “Where do you think you got it? There is a reason that when Kushina was alive, she allowed me my male partners,” he chuckled, watching Naruto's eyes widen in anticipation even as he was pushed back onto the bed once more, hands dancing over his skin.

“I think I’m going to like this,” Naruto breathed as he arched up into the hands that played over his body. Minato chuckled and lowered his head, teasing one nipple with light brushes of his lips, feeling it perk under the attention. Nipping lightly, he hummed at the soft sound of pleasure that he got from the other male, sucking on it to see what other sounds he could get from his partner.

Looking up for a moment, Minato couldn’t help but feel smug proudness at the slowly blissed out look that was spreading over Naruto’s face. Shoving his own lust down enough so that he could focus just on Naruto, he shivered hard in need even as he pulled off of that nipple and teased it’s counterpart into hardness. Licking his lips when he was done with that, he slid lower, pressing kisses to tanned skin and muscles that jumped under his touch.

He noted the way Naruto moaned softly when he passed over his left side, over a spot that he knew was sensitive after a particularly nasty wound, and the way he shivered when he passed over the sucked in belly. It was arousing and delightful, making him moan as he slid his tongue just over the skin above the indent of a belly button, tasting the unique flavor of the younger male. He chuckled softly and shifted towards the lean hips, tongue teasing down between thigh and groin.

Naruto was moaning quietly, biting his at his bottom lip before shuddering and melting under the teasing touches. “You’re horrible,” he breathed out, body shifting even as Minato chuckled softly against the curve one hip. He was now figuring out why Kakashi always looked so out of it, so well sexed, by the time he staggered out of Minato’s bedroom each time they came together.

Kneeling on his knees, Minato smirked and cocked an eyebrow as he grabbed the bottle of lube that laid forgotten near them. “Oh? Am I? Considering I’m holding back my need to fuck you into a blubbering mess by my fingernails, I think I’m doing pretty good in blissing you out,” he purred, stroking dry fingers over Naruto’s length, feeling it twitch under his teasing touch.

“Horrible,” Naruto whined, pressing his hips up into the touch, wanting more. He shivered when cool slickness was poured over his prick, the flow of lube moving so that it dripped down lower, Minato’s fingers helping to spread it down to where he wanted and over his fingers.

“Not so horrible since I’m now going to stretch you open so I can slide into you and fuck you in a puddle of goo,” Minato purred, eyes staring down at his partner as the younger male whined and writhed as his fingers teased over the furled muscle that he wanted nothing more than to be in. Just rubbing the tips of his fingers over the muscle, he smirked as it relaxed under his strokes, Naruto sighing quietly and twitching his hips in time with the movements.

Smirking, Minato poured more of the lube over his fingers, adding to the slickness already there, before pressing a finger into the relaxed muscles. He hissed at just how tightly they squeezed his finger before relaxing, twitching around the digit as Naruto shifted under him, eyes narrowed and gazing at him in lust. The larger male chuckled and pulled his finger out slowly, testing to make sure that his fingers were slick enough to bring as much pleasure as possible.

He had seen Naruto wince a time or two, and knew it wasn’t just his partners size, but also too little lubrication when they were a little bigger than his normal partners.

“So impatient for more,” he chuckled when Naruto whined for more, hips pressing up into the movement of his finger as he pressed it forward once more. Naruto just glared at him and squeezed as he started to rock the finger in and out. He smirked as he continued to get the muscles to relax for more, wanting to be in his younger partner, feeling that warmth squeeze him tight. “You really need to learn how to just relax and enjoy,” he purred, eyes dancing with promise as he worked a second finger into the muscles.

Naruto groaned lowly at the slight sting that accompanied the second finger and twitched under the slow stretch as they spread open. “Damnit, more,” he gasped out, nudging at Minato’s hip with his calf, shuddering heavily as the fingers in him purposefully stroked hard as they slid in and out a couple of times.

“Patience is a virtue,” Minato growled, watching Naruto shudder hard in response even as his fingers spread open, feeling the muscles around them give under the gentle pressure. Humming in approval, he slid a third finger inwards, checking the amount of lubrication in the bottle with a quick look and pouring more over his fingers as he pulled them out. Satisfied with how much slick there was, he went back to teasing his lover and making sure that he was stretched enough for what was to come. “Don’t worry, Naruto, I’ll be giving you just what you want,” he promised.

Naruto moaned and twitched under Minato’s attentions, eyes rolling back as he breathed out, surprised by the way the fingers worked their way inwards so easily, opening him up and setting his very nerve endings on fire. With all of his other lovers, he was the one who usually stretched himself, or was stretching his partners when he felt like fucking someone. So to have someone do it for him wasn’t so much new but more of a novel feeling, Minato knowing just how to stroke and touch him to make him want more.

Groaning, he nudged at Minato’s side once more and shuddered hard as the three fingers spread wide, a fourth finding it’s way in alongside the other three. “Fuck! Will you just fuck me already?” Naruto gasped out, body arching at the burn that was quickly overtaken as Minato leant over him and nipped at his nipple in a teasing move.

“Oh, I’ll do so much more than just fuck you,” Minato purred, voice laced with promise as he used the extra slick on his hands to coat himself, sure that his partner was ready for more. He was stretched and slicked and needy. In his book, he was ready for his cock and the look he was getting told him that if he didn’t fuck him now, there would be hell to pay.

Shifting so that he was close to the other male, prick pressed up against the twitching ring of muscles that he would be sliding into, Minato used his hands to slide over strong legs and draping them over his arms. Pressing forward, he hissed as the tip of his cock slid past the ring of muscles, feeling them twitch around it as he paused. Minato purred and placed one foot against his shoulder as he pushed Naruto’s other leg up and to the side, allowing more room for him to work.

“Ready?” he asked, smirking as Naruto curled his hands in the fabric of his sheets over his head, watching him with wide eyes. As the slimmer blond took a breath to answer, he pushed forward, sliding completely into Naruto, loving the way he arched with a yelp, holding onto him tightly as he twisted before coming to rest once more. “You okay there?” he asked, voice tight as he was squeezed by muscles that seemed to twitch with each subtle shift of Naruto’s body.

Naruto panted and breathed, nodding his head as his body was stretched in a known well way but still never in a way that he had felt before. He was full and open around the hard length that wasn’t moving, Minato waiting for him to get past that first burst of burning pleasure. Going limp as he came down from the sudden high of being filled so suddenly, he moaned breathily as his eyes fluttered shut, hands relaxing their death grip on the fabric.

“There you go,” Minato purred as he stroked his one free hand down Naruto’s thigh as he shifted his other hand to clasp the other male’s hip and tilt them up. “You good?” he asked, Naruto humming in bliss and nodding his head. “You’re gonna feel better real soon,” he promised.

Pulling out of the body that squeezed in denial, trying to get him back in that much faster, Minato groaned and shifted in place before rocking forward, feeling the muscles relax and accept him easily. Doing the same move a few more times just to make sure, listening to Naruto whine and whimper for more, Minato started to pick up his pace.

Thrusting into the willing body, he changed his angle until he could stroke over the bud of nerves that drew the most delightful sound so far in their encounter. The sound was drenched in pleasured bliss as Naruto’s back arched and his body tightened, one leg twitched in Minato’s grip as the other jerked, his toes curling. “Ah, and there it is. I always wondered how you would sound when I hit that spot just right,” Minato panted, continuing to move, angled just right even as he planted one hand down next to Naruto’s head, leaning over him. “Such pretty sounds you make but that...that I think just made me want to keep fucking you well and truly until all you can do is whimper, needing to come.”

Naruto whined and arched into the slightly bigger body, the angle adding depth to each thrust into him, sparks flying through his body. He was lost to his pleasure, unable to form enough coherent thought to beg for more, harder, faster, deeper, but it was if Minato could read his very mind, his pace picking up. Reaching up as his sounds got progressively louder, he grabbed at Minato’s arms, nails digging into the skin as he shuddered and twitched, his climax tightening and readying itself to snap.

Seeing Naruto’s skin flush and his muscles tense, Minato reached between them, using all of his willpower and training to curl his hand around the bouncing cock and stroke in time with his thrusting. Naruto’s mouth opened in a silent scream that came out in a rush of air as his body bowed, cum splattering across his stomach and the stroking hand. Minato growled loudly as his cock was squeezed and stroked just right to drag him over that edge with his lover, hips pressing tight against the ass that he was still in.

Shuddering hard as they came down, Minato opened his eyes and smiled smugly at the blissed out look on Naruto’s face, the body under him completely limp if not still twitching with the aftershocks of pleasure. Huffing in some amusement, he pulled free of the twitching hole and flopped down next to Naruto, promising himself to worry about what he had just done.

Later. When he didn’t have a warm, nearly purring Naruto pressing up against his side and teasing his libido.

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