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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: The Artist and the Businessman

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Kankuro/Naruto

Chapter: 5

Word count: 1,882

AN: Almost didn't post this today. Come next week I will hopefully be AT home which will be so very nice. Yes. So for now, enjoy this.


Waking a few hours later to the scent of fresh coffee and the soft sounds of cooking coming from the kitchen, Kankuro woke up and breathed in the lingering scent of sex, lust, and oddly enough, ink. Sitting up on his elbows, brown eyes looked down at the other side of the bed as he swept a hand over it. There was still some warmth to be found there, telling him that it hadn’t been very long since Naruto had gotten up.

Tossing the blankets aside, he smirked at the love bits and claw marks that he could see with a sense of smugness. After a short nap, they had gone at it again, Naruto showing a more aggressive side. They had cracked the wall behind the headboard, and probably cracked the frame of the bed to.

Shaking his head, he pulled on his night pants and padded into the kitchen where he found Naruto in his shirt from the day before, sleeves rolled up and flipping an omelet with what looked to be bell peppers, Colby jack cheese and chives onto a plate, bacon sitting on a rack in a cake pan. Two cups sat on a tray, along with a coffee carafe and a sugar dish, waiting for the food.

“I didn’t think you would be up yet,” Naruto greeted, looking over his shoulder as he placed the bacon onto the plates. “Grab the toast while you’re standing there?” he asked.

Kankuro chuckled and nodded, grabbing the toast when it popped up. “Smells delicious,” he drawled as he spread the sweet butter that he found waiting onto the light brown toast.

“Thank you. My mom made sure that I could take care of myself in all aspects of my life. She picked it up when she got sick, mostly saving every bit of money we could and starting to make contacts with people for my business,” Naruto admitted as he placed the plates onto the tray. “It’s a warm afternoon, so I figured we could eat on my bedroom balcony.”

“Sounds perfect to me,” Kankuro replied, placing the toast on the places as he eyed the long legs. He idly noticed, feeling the smugness rise up again, that there were fresh bruises on the back of Naruto’s lower thighs.

He could remember quite vividly driving his cock into the lean body as Naruto demanded he give him more, his thighs held up and bruising. Kankuro’s cock twitched in interest at that particular memory. Naruto gave him another amused look as he picked up the tray.

“Come on, breakfast time. And I figured you didn’t have any classes today, so I turned your phone down,” he admitted.

Kankuro followed after, watching the pert ass swing. “Why?” The question was asked with nothing more than curiosity, knowing how annoying his phone could be.

Naruto blushed. “It woke me up and then went off again and again and again for the next two minutes as I tried to go back to sleep.” He shrugged. “So I got up, turned it down after checking out who kept calling. Since I wasn’t going back to bed, I took a hot shower, took an aspirin and made breakfast.”

“Sorry about making you need aspirin,” Kankuro rumbled as Naruto pulled open the curtains to the bay windows, balancing his tray easily.

“I’m not,” Naruto purred as Kankuro opened the doors to the balcony and let them out onto it.

“Well that’s good then.” Sitting in a padded chair, he watched as Naruto served up their breakfast. “Who called by the way?” he asked, taking the plate, cup of coffee and silverware offered him.

“Your phone show double H’s with GF,” Naruto replied as he took his own seat. Kankuro tilted his head and smirked at the sight of another set of bruises higher up on the long thighs.

“Hinata then. I’ll call her later, see what she wanted,” he drawled before digging into his breakfast. “How are the bruises?” Kankuro asked as he worked on eating a perfectly crispy piece of bacon.

“Fine. I have a thing for the rougher side of sex and ending up bruised and sore,” Naruto responded, eyes going glassy. “My first lover rarely did that, only a few times, but he tended to go for the softer sex. Soft is all well and good, but I like a bit of variety in my sex life.”

“I’m with ya,” Kankuro replied, eyes half lidded as he watched Naruto shake off the fuzz around his mind and got back to eating. They fell into a comfortable silence as they ate, his mind turning to his own sex life that he had enjoyed with Hinata. Now that he was looking back, he could see that their sex life had become rather boring just because they rarely went out of the foreplay-oral sex-foreplay-sex mix. And nothing would have gotten Hinata to suck on him without a condom between his dick and her mouth.

But the night before, the sex had been explosive, leaving him relaxed for the first time in a long time. And while in the shower before round two had commenced, Naruto had gotten down on his knees and sucked his cock down. The mewl of pleasure when he had come, Naruto swallowing happily, had sent heat shooting back to his length. They had landed back in bed with Naruto riding him before landing on his back as Knakuro had taken control once more.

“Deep thoughts or smutty thoughts?” Naruto suddenly asked as Kankuro sat back, holding his cup of coffee in hand.

“A mix of both.” He raised his cup with a smirk. “Mostly about the night before.” Kankuro chuckled at the blush that spread over Naruto’s cheeks.

“Such a pervert,” the younger male huffed before shoving a bite of toast into his mouth. After he swallowed, he asked “How’s the food?”

“Wonderful. A lot better than what me or my brother could make,” Kankuro admitted as he went back to what was left of his food.

“Who’s your brother?” came the curiosity filled question.


“Aw, man,” Naruto whined, shaking his head as he dropped his silverware down onto his empty plate.

“What?” Kankuro queried as he looked up from his own plate, shoving the last bite of omelet into his mouth.

“I know him. He hangs out with Sasuke Uchiha and Neji Hyuuga. All three of them have tried very hard to make my life a living hell since I came back from dealing with my mother’s estate,” Naruto admitted after gazing at the older man for a long moment.

“I’ve heard about you before, but I never could get what happened between you three out of him,” Kankuro replied. Naruto blushed and played with a bit of his hair.

“Our fights, if we’re not pulled apart, tend to get physically violent, especially since I don’t let people just beat on me,” he said.

Kankuro chuckled. “That’s good. Gaara deserves to have his ass handed to him whenever possible. It keeps him sharp,” he said, winking at the man.

“At least you’re not too pissed off about it. I’ve met Uchiha’s older brother, Itachi. Apparently he did not like the fact that I gave his precious baby brother a black eye,” Naruto admitted sheepishly. Kankuro blinked several times before bursting into laughter as Naruto smiled and shook his head.

Once his laughter had died down, Kankuro took a long sip of his coffee and stared at Naruto as the younger male grabbed their plates and placed them onto the tray. “Would you be into dating me?” he asked finally. Naruto blinked several times as he froze at the question.

“Well, that is…” Naruto stuttered as a flush spread over his cheeks. “Yeah, sure,” he finally squeaked, Kankuro smirking at him in pleasure.

“Wonderful. You free tomorrow night?” he asked, Naruto smiling shyly and nodding. “How about tomorrow about 4 I pick you up and we do the whole diner and a movie thing? I know we’re doing this a bit backwards, but I can tell ya, I have never used someone as a rebound and I’m not about to start now. My relationship with Hinata was dead long before broke up last night.”

“I figured that from what I have heard about you around the campus,” Naruto assured the other man. Leaning forward, he brushed his lips against the others before pulling back with a smile. “Though I do have to say I do have homework that must be done and if you stay here for much longer I’m liable to pounce on you.”

“To true. That’s my thought at least,” Kankuro chuckled as he slipped a hand up Naruto’s thigh, getting a sweet laugh from his new boyfriend.

“Behave now and get dressed. If you do, I’ll send you off with a happy memory,” Naruto promised as he carried the tray out of the bedroom, hips swinging.

Kankuro watched with a half smirk, half leer on his face as he planned on what he would do their next night together.

Chuckling to himself, he shook his head and stood to get dressed. Packing his clothes from the day before, minus his shirt seeing as Naruto was still wearing it, he pulled on his new pants and shirt that he had packed for what would have been his day with Hinata. Once his charger had been packed away to, he grabbed the rest of his stuff from the living room as Naruto put something or another into a large paper bag.

“What’s that?” Kankuro asked as he walked up behind his brand new lover and laid a kiss onto the tanned neck.

“Enchiladas, lasagna and cheese stuffed hamburgers that you’ll need to actually cook tonight. I figured I could get rid of some leftovers and actually feed you at the same time,” Naruto admitted.

Chuckling once more, Kankuro stole one last kiss, ending up pressing Naruto against the counter, before leaving as he listened to the multitude of messages from Hinata as he drove home. When he finally walked into the house, smug smile firmly planted on his lips, Gaara, Neji and Sasuke all looked up at him.

“Get lucky with Hinata?” Gaara asked with a semi-curious expression on his face. Neji pulled a face at that question.

“No. We broke up due to her inability to be mature about her future, her lack of ability to realize that the real world sucks and it requires her to work to keep making all of that lovely money,” Kankuro drawled as he moved to the kitchen to put up most of the food and to cook the hamburgers. “Met someone though at the bar and got laid in ways that I forgot even existed.”

“How was she?” Sasuke asked, cocking an eyebrow as he rested an arm on the back of the couch, staring at Kankuro over his shoulder.

“He,” Kankuro drawled, stressing the word, “is a little ball of spitfire. Scratched up my back to hell.”

The three friends exchanged surprised looks before smirking at the older man.


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