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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.


Title: An Assassins Engima

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Pein/Naruto

Club Swap: Forgotten Love

For: Daydreamer

She wanted: An assassin sees his target, but killing him is the last thing on his mind. (It kinda went sideways…)

Part: 2

Word count: 2,050

AN: And this one is a bit on the fast side. Sorry but I just wanted to get a few things done.


Review: DoeEyedSamurai: I have continued this story! Actually, this one is four parts and ends in smut. Part four shall be posted on October 31, 2012. A nice Halloween treat for my fans. ;)




Striding into the tattoo and piercing saloon, Pein let the door close behind him with a jingle of bells. He walked up to the counter and rested his elbows on the counter as he waited for Naruto to look up from counting his drawer down.


“Give me a moment and I’ll be right with you,” Naruto said distractedly, eyebrows furrowed as he placed several large bills into a blue bank bag. Pein watched as the younger male dropped the bag into a safe slot before sticking the drawer back into its place and turned to him. “Hi, I’m Naruto. What are you here for?” he asked, voice husky and so lovely.


Pein smiled in return and said “I have an appointment with Shino for a nipple piercing.” Naruto blinked as he stared at the various piercings on the man’s face, feeling a bit of shock as lust spread through him.


“Name?” Naruto asked, turning a very light pink at the way his voice cracked very lightly.


“Pein,” he responded, watching as Naruto looked over the appointment book. Getting a smile, he continued to watch as his target picked up a phone and announced his presence to Shino who was in the back.


“Can do,” Naruto said into the phone before putting the phone down in the cradle. “He wants you to choose your ring while he sets things up in the back,” he told Pein as he turned to him with a bright smile. He walked over to a small display case and watched as the older man strolled after him, looking over the offerings.


“Can I see that tray there?” Pein asked as he pointed to one that had several simple bars. Naruto reached in, Pein catching sight of a bright orange ball caught between Narutos teeth, making one pierced eyebrow cock upwards.


“Shino is really convincing about some things,” Naruto promptly explained, having caught Pein’s look. “He got me to pierce my tongue and give it a try for a week. Six months later and I have spoiled myself with four different bars,” he continued, placing the tray down on top of the display case.


“It looks good,” Pein chuckled, the richness of his tone sending shivers tripping up and down Naruto’s back. Oddly colored eyes scanned over the bars offered to him, his eyes turning to a dark orange one. “This one and the matching ring if possible,” he said, pointing to the dark orange, nearly burnt orange, ring that matched the bar.


Naruto smiled and plucked the bar from the tray before putting it away and grabbing the ring. “Do you want me to put it in a box?” he asked, holding them up.


“I’ll use the bar to pierce. If you can place the ring into a box, that would be perfect,” Pein said as a tall male with sunglasses and thick hair came out from the back.


“Pein? I’m Shino,” the man greeted, shaking Pein’s hand before looking to Naruto, the sunshine colored male packing up the ring into a small box, the bar sitting on an indented pillow. “Naruto, I’ll take him on back now. It should cost more then something like 35 to do it. Add a bottle of piercing cleaner would you?”


“Not a problem, Shino,” Naruto replied, smiling at him before turning it to Pein. “Have fun with the piercing there.”


“Always,” Pein purred, finding himself not wanting to leave Narutos company just yet. As he took off his shirt in the back room, Shino eyeing the belly button bar the color of blood and one matching bar that went through one nipple, Pein thought about why he was so reluctant to leave Narutos presence.


True he had sat at one of the tables he had waited, but he had only interacted with him enough to get a bead on how Naruto acted.


Those two times, he had gotten lucky and taken a one night stand to a long standing penthouse suit and released quite a bit of energy.


Sitting back in the chair, Pein watched with thoughtful eyes as Shino disinfected his nipple and prepared his piercing gear. His mind continued to work over just why he was so damn interested in Naruto, what drew him to the brightly colored man.


Looking down as Shino set about shoving the needle through his nipple, the sharp pain dulling quickly to a throb, he smiled warily as he finally admitted that it was the tainted innocence of Naruto that really drew him in and kept him so interested.


Once his nipple had been cleaned, the bar set and his instructions for keeping it cleaned as it healed been given, Pein decided he wanted to get close to Naruto before he decided on how he was going to get rid of him.  


If he did go through the killing of him after all.


Pulling his shirt on, he nodded to Shino, shoved a ten dollar bill into the tip jar and left the back room, finding Naruto with a small bag with the saloons logo on the front of it.


“All done?” Naruto asked with a bright smile as he turned to Pien. Holding it up, he shook the bag. “The ring is in the box and a small bottle of cleaner is with it. Along with the 35 to pierce, it’s gonna come out to an even 100 total.”


“So expensive,” Pein chuckled as he pulled out his wallet and pretended to think about which card to use. “I was wondering, Naruto, about something…”


“Yeah?” Naruto asked as Pein handed over a credit card. The pierced man leant against the counter as Naruto put the order into the computer.


“If you would be interested in going out with me one night?” he asked with a slight smile on his lips.


“What?” Naruto squeaked, looking up from the card terminal, blue eyes wide in surprise. Pein’s smile just grew as he pulled out a business card.


“You don’t have to answer right now,” he said, flipping the card over and wrote out a phone number. “This is my personal number. When you have an answer, give me a call or a text and we’ll get together,” he said as he slid the card over with a promising look. Finishing with the purchase, Naruto traded one card for another, and watched as Pein took his bag and left, his eyes running down to the ass that was lovingly cupped by tight jeans.


Later that night, sprawled out on his bed and stroking his cock leisurely, Peins phone went off. Picking it up, he was soon making a date with Naruto, still stroking his now leaking prick, allowing himself to climax as soon as he hung up.


Two days after that and he was pulling up to the apartment and parking at a meter. Dropping a quarter into the meter, he walked into the vestibule and rang Narutos buzzer, being buzzed in quickly.


Taking the stairs two at a time, he came to stand before Naruto’s door, knocking on it with a solid fist. Shoving his hands into his slacks pockets, he made sure that his clothes hadn’t wrinkled on him. He had gone with a dark, burnt orange shirt that surprisingly looked good on him and changed his piercings to a simple gray set. The color nearly matched the color of his eyes.


“Hey, you’re just a bit early,” Naruto chirped as he opened the door. His hair had been tamed to curl very slightly around his face. He was clad in a pair of jean slacks, black, and a mint green shirt that was still un-tucked. “Come on in.”


“Thank you,” Pein said as he stepped in. Looking around, he smiled at the lived in feeling of the apartment as Naruto closed the door. “Forgive me, I wasn’t sure if I could find the apartment so I left early to pick you up.”


“No GPS?” Naruto asked, a mischievous smile spreading over his lips. Pein snorted quietly.


“It’s on the fritz. My mechanic has me coming in to fix the wires that are causing it,” Pein chuckled with a smile as Naruto padded down the hall.


“Give me a moment to finish getting ready,” he called over his shoulder. As Pein watched the lean body disappear into the bedroom, he mused that he was going to enjoy every moment of being with Naruto.


Once Naruto had come back out of his bedroom, shirt tucked in and shoes on, they left the apartment, Pein driving them to a small hole in the wall restaurant that he loved. It was small, private and kept their repeat client lists secret from anyone trying to pry.


“Wow,” Naruto breathed, taking in the cozy décor. There were sconces on the wall that had been made to look like flickering candles while simple ceiling lamps gently lit up the tables. There was a mix of booths, and chairs and table sets. The lay out was done for max privacy but still using every inch of space possible.


Pein and Naruto were lead to a corner booth; Pein letting his date slid in first and taking his own seat as they were handed menus. As they ordered rinks and worked their way through appetizers and dinner, their conversation flowed easily, allowing Pein to come to a decision.


Setting his empty dish aside, he laced his fingers together and set his arms on the table as Naruto delighted in his wine, having finished his plate of salmon. “Naruto, I think we need to talk about something,” he said, blue eyes blinking at him before becoming wary.


“About what?” Naruto asked, checking for the exits and noting which ones were easily accessible for him.


“For starters, your ex-lover, Neji Hyuuga, and second, my connection to him. All I ask is that you let me explain first before you leave. If you do, I’ll pay for your cab home if that’s what you wish,” Pein promised. Naruto sat back and nibbled on his bottom lip in thought before nodding.


“Fine, talk.”


“You’re a lot like your father when he’s focused,” Pein said, amazed. “Right, your ex-lover and my connection to him. I’m sure you know of the assassin named Leader, what with your father’s connections and the such.”


“Yeah. I remember hearing about him when I was 16 and crushing on him,” Naruto admitted. Pein cocked an eyebrow at that, and let a self satisfied smirk spread over his lips. Naruto blinked before something suddenly clicked in his mind, making his jaw drop open. “You’re him?” he squeaked.


“Yeah, I am. And Neji Hyuuga hired me to kill you because you dared to dump him,” Pein said, voice serious. “During the last two weeks watching you, I’ve come to not want to fulfill that contract and I won’t. Preferably I would enjoy dating you, maybe leave behind the assassin business and focus on my legal one, expand it.”


“So…Neji wanted me dead, huh?” Naruto asked, mind whirling and thinking about what he had been told. “Did he tell you that I knew what I was getting into with him when I started to date him?” Pein nodded, getting a snort. “He lied from day one, treating me like a possession instead of a human being. I got tired of that and left fast.”


“I see,” Pein said, eyes darkening in anger. When he took a job, he wanted the truth of why he was killing the person. “It’s a good thing I decided to talk with you instead of just taking you out,” he chuckled, Naruto smiling in pleasure at the sound.


“Yeah, it is,” Naruto said, brushing a bit of his hair back. “How about you pay the check and take me home huh? I can make dessert and coffee, and we can talk more about this. Maybe we can work this out.”


“Check please!”


As 3 am rolled around, not only had they had Danishes and coffee for dessert, but they had worked out the truth between them and Pein had found out why Neji had been so bitter with Naruto leaving him.


Pein smirked into blond hair as Naruto dozed, planning on how he was going to tell Neji to fuck off and have the message stick for good.

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