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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: An Assassins Enigma

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Pein/Naruto

Club Swap: Forgotten Love

For: Daydreamer

She wanted: An assassin sees his target, but killing him is the last thing on his mind. (It kinda went sideways…)

Part: 4

Word count: 1,976

AN: Last part! Reviews are loved remember this!




“Only when it’s wielded by you,” Naruto purred, pulling Pein into a breath stealing kiss, his hands sliding over wide, strong shoulders and down to pull at the mans tie. “Now, are we going to fuck on your desk so you have happy, fond memories of it?” he asked.


Pein smirked as he stood up, Naruto yelping as he wrapped his legs and arms around his waist, and set his lover down onto the desk before him. “Let me see. I think I’ll start unwrapping my present here,” he chuckled, holding up one tennis shoe covered foot and pulling the shoelace bow free. Tugging off the shoe, he tossed it to the side, Naruto leaning back on his hands as he watched with a smile on his lips.


The other shoe was treated to the same tug and toss by Pein before the man slid his hands up the lean sides of his lover, pushing the shirt up that Naruto was wearing up and off. It was quickly tossed back, landing on Narutos shoes. Pein ran grey eyes over the body that he had explored many times before, still amazed and aroused by the sight of lean muscles and the black lines that made up the intricate tattoo that sat around Narutos belly button and some on his lower chest, and hips.


Licking his lips, Pein drew his fingers over the tattoo, still loving the fact that his lover’s skin was marked in such a way, a new tattoo already forming in his mind.


“You want to mark me up even more don’t you?” Naruto teased, already knowing the answer to that.


“Of course I do,” Pein chuckled as one hand slid over his lower back, teasing the skin there. “Wanna give you a bitch stamp,” he admitted, Naruto eyeing him before smirking.


“A bitch stamp huh? With your name or with your label?” he asked, fingers working on undoing each button of Peins shirt, pulling it out when he ran out of easily accessible buttons.


“With a design that we create,” Pein replied, shrugging off his shirt, his lover tossing it to the pile that was slowly building up.


Naruto hummed and was quick to undo his belt buckle. “I think I like the thought of having our hair colors twisting together and your pet rat amongst the ribbons of color.” Pein smirked and lowered his hands, cupping a firm ass as the younger male opened his pant buttons and zipper.


“I could like that,” he said, hissing as cool hands slipped in and curled around his prick. “Okay, enough talking, more fucking now,” Pein growled, kissing Naruto with an intensity that made him moan and melt, holding tight to bared shoulders.


Pein worked Narutos pants open and down, tossing them off before his fingers slid over soft skin, teasing well known spots with nails and work roughened tips before he pulled his hands away. The whine of protest he got made him smirk as he broke the kiss to, working to shove his pants down and kicking them off along with his shoes and socks.


“Don’t worry, I have plans for you,” he promised, nipping at the full bottom lip. Naruto smirked and leant back on his hands once more, his legs spreading into a more comfortable position. Pein drew his eyes over the slim body, taking in the way Naruto moved with an easy grace and the way his cock curved just ever so slightly.


Pein stepped back between the strong thighs, one hand trailing up Narutos thigh to play with the hard length and the thatch of blond hair that surrounded the cock. He knew that his lover kept it neatly trimmed and shortened because of his pants that he wore to work, but it looked and felt good.


As he had told Naruto when he had been asked.


Opening the catch all drawer next to them, he dug around in it and found the bottle of lube that he had dropped into it that morning, sticking it next to them within easy reach. Once that was done, Pein laid Naruto back and let his hands wander as he nibbled and sucked his way down the long neck and sweet skin before him. He shivered as long fingered hands worked over his body in return, finding spots that sent heat curling through his body.


The sounds of pleasure that escaped them added something more to what they were doing, adding depth and feeling as Pein found a nipple and teased it. Naruto moaned as he arched upwards into the mouth, hand cupping the back of his head as he watched with darkening blue eyes that were half lidded.


Pein gazed up at him with a smug look on his face, hands coaxing his thighs open and back to allow him access to the backside he was planning on burying himself in very soon. His hands cupped and stroked the firm gloves, fingers dipping into the crack and teasing over the ring of muscles, finding it twitching under his touch. His mouth slipped lower, laying open mouthed kisses on the trembling belly as Naruto moaned and twitched upwards to greet it.


“Pein,” Naruto groaned, letting his head fall back onto the desk with a thump as his companion mouthed at the tip of his length. “Fuck…yes…”


“You want me to suck on you?” he asked, chuckling lowly as he nibbled on the curve of one hip.


Naruto moaned. “Yes. Suck on me,” he groaned, shuddering softly at the thought of it. Pein had a tongue piercing that did wonderful things to his dick when the man went down on him.


Smirking, the pierced male lowered his head, taking Naruto into his mouth and taking in the sweetly masculine taste that was purely him. His tongue lathed and worked over the hard flesh. He ran the ball of his tongue ring over the veins and over the slit as he pulled up before he curled the slick muscle around the throbbing flesh as he went down.


Naruto had his hands buried in his hair, holding him close as his hips twitched upwards into the wet heat. “Pein… Yes!” he cried, shuddering hard under the ministrations of his lover. His body was hot, flushing with pleasure as Pein showed just why he was considered a top lover, someone worth coming back again and again.


Pulling off, Pein licked his lips and moved up to lay over Naruto once more, their lengths rubbing together as they kissed slowly, deeply. “Want more?” he purred, fingers sliding between Narutos legs once more, hunting for the little ring that he knew was hidden there, tugging on the hidden treasure that he found.


Naruto bowed upwards and keened as the sensitive ring was played with, sending hot flashes of lust and need through him.


“Fuck me, would you?” he growled, eyes flashing. Pein smirked at having pushed his lover into a zone of pure lust, fingers dipping down lower to tease the entrance.


“I will, I will. So pushy,” Pein chuckled, Naruto glaring at him as he panted. He moved the hand that had been teasing the ring and grabbed the bottle and uncapped it, slicking his fingers with the wet lube. Once that was done, he reached back down again and slipped two fingers into the tightness, letting them rest as he waited for Naruto to unclench.


“Shit,” Naruto hissed at the burn of the entry, body jerking slightly. “You’d think…after all our times together that I’d be used to that…” he panted out in surprise, eyes closed as he felt the burn dissipate.


“Yes, but I like you as tight as you are,” Pein chuckled as he pulled the fingers out before pushing them back in, taking care to spread them and open Naruto with slow movements. He didn’t want to damage his fox, even at their roughest.


“You would,” Naruto panted, twitching under the fingers and moaning softly as they firmly teased his sweet spot, making pleasure shoot through him once more.


“Indeed I would,” was the purred reply, eyes looking up as he worked on distracting Naruto from the fact that they had a watcher. Smirking, he lowered his head and worked on creating a hickey, his gray eyes locked with widened lavender eyes. “So do you to.”


“Pein,” Naruto whimpered as a third finger slid in with a bit of a teasing stroke. Pein worked on opening the slim body for his fingers, sliding them in and out, scissoring them open, the entire time smirking at Neji. He could only guess that the man had come back to rip into him, possibly complain about the fact that he had wasted so much money on a job that wasn’t going to happen.


“That’s it, baby, say my name,” Pein chuckled as he pulled his fingers out. Standing straight, he turned his eyes back to Naruto as he pulled the long legs up to rest over his shoulders, hand holding himself steady and pressing against the stretched opening. Waiting until Naruto opened dazed eyes, he smiled softly, brushing a bit of blond hair back before pressing inwards.


Narutos back arched upwards as a soft sighing gasp escaped him, feeling stretched and full as the cock slipped into his body. Laying flat on his back again, thighs twitching, he locked eyes with Pein as the man started to thrust in and out of him slowly, building up a pace and rhythm that they both loved.


Neji watched with a dark look, eyes narrowing as Pein took his ex-lover with solid thrusts into his body. Naruto was making sounds that he had never heard coming from him before, hips twitching upwards to meet the thrusts into his body, cock leaking heavily against his stomach.


Pein moved one hand and curled it around Narutos length, stroking in time with his hard thrusts into the sweet body under him. The scream of raw pleasure and the bowing back sent heat through him, triggering his climax as Naruto came all over his stomach, jerking and twitching with the pulses.


“Pein, yes!” Naruto mewled out as he felt the warmth of his lovers cum in him, making him twitch as they fell limp onto the desk. Pein allowed Narutos legs to fall around his hips, feeling the muscles twitch against his side, the younger male mewling lowly as aftershocks rolled through his body.


“The fuck…” Nejis voice cut through the fog surrounding Narutos mind, prompting him to open his eyes as he arched his head back to gaze at the man with dazed lavender eyes.


“Neji, what a surprise,” he hummed sweetly, not even caring that he was dirty, that he had just had sex on top of Pein’s desk and that Neji was his ex lover who had just watched him do so. “I didn’t know you were a voyeur,” he chuckled.


“I don’t think he is, my sweet lover,” Pein chuckled as he stood once more and pulled out with a wet pop. “He just stalked in here, probably intending to do something like tell me I should honor the contract.”


“To kill me? After we told him what would happen?” Naruto mused, smirking up at him with a raised eyebrow. He sat up slowly, wincing at the slight tug and burn of his body and the come that was leaking out of him, creating a sticky mess. “He does have a death wish, doesn’t he?”


“Indeed he does,” Pein chuckled as he walked naked to his personal bathroom, uncaring as Neji once more snarled and stalked off, ranting that he would be back soon. Shaking his head, Pein helped Naruto clean up, the two of them leaving the office for a nice dinner out, knowing that, for the moment, things were going to be peaceful.


At least for the moment.

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