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BY : fareys_delight
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: The Artist and the Business Man

Fandom: Naruto

Part: 9

Pairing: Kankuro/Naruto

Word count: 1,700

AN: Spaced on posting this.


Staring at the man who had dared to just walk into his apartment, Naruto fiddled with his coffee maker as Minato watched him with blue eyes colored softer than his own. His supposed biological father looked a lot like him, all tan and blond and blue, but his eyes were narrower and his coloring all over softer with age. He was also much bigger than he was, more of a football player’s build than Naruto’s own slimmer swimmer’s build.

“You look a lot like your mother,” Minato finally said, breaking the silence around them. Naruto turned to look down at the coffee pot as it started to perk.

“So I’ve been told by others,” he replied, pulling down two mugs and finding where his lover had put the sugar that morning. “Damn, he is cute when half awake,” Naruto quietly chuckled to himself as he found it in the bread box. Kankuro wasn’t always a morning person, so he had gotten used to finding his coffee and sugar in odd places.

“Who is cute?” Minato asked, eyebrow raising upwards. Naruto didn’t answer right away as he poured the coffee, and gathered the cups and sugar before walking over to the other man. Minato picked up a spoon that he had been handed and took his cup with a nod.

“My boyfriend. I don’t know why in the hell I’m telling you but I am,” Naruto said, sitting down and sweetening his coffee with some of the sugar. “After all you never once showed any type of interest in me, not once. For that matter, you let your trophy bitch send a letter that told my mother to not look for any help from you when she got sick,” he continued. He hadn’t said the words with any real emotion and he felt nothing as he watched Minato flinch.

“I hadn’t know that she had sent the letter until I had called your mother to find out why she had applied for extended sick leave,” Minato admitted, back stiffening at the dark look.

“And yet, you did nothing to help her out during the entire time she was in treatment,” Naruto stated. “While she was sick, I took over our finances and all the wonderful little things, like shopping. Not once did I see any deposits into her account that wasn’t supposed to go in or anything that was to go out. Oh yes, Minato, you did nothing and I well know it,” he chuckled darkly. Minato cleared his throat as he shifted in his place.

“Naruto, you must understand that I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, even more so now than back then,” Minato said as he lent forward, placing his elbows onto his knees and locking eyes with his biological child. “My wife had me by the balls, threatening to tell every single detail of my affair with Kushina and I could not let that happen.”

“So you kept your mouth shut and played a good little boy as my mother stressed and worried about me working on top of school. Not to mention the worry about how we could afford some of her treatments that weren’t covered by the insurance company,” Naruto said before snorting. “Do you know why I never filed for back child support from you? Or why mom never once tried?”

“I have no idea why,” Minato said, trying to keep his anger under control. He could understand why Naruto was so pissed off, but it was still hard not to just snarl at the young man.

“She never did it because she cared for you all the way up to the day that she died and I never did it because that would mean having to drag you to court, more blood tests, lawyers and a slew of other things. Really, it wasn’t worth my financial time,” Naruto told him as he sat back and crossed his legs.

“I see,” Minato said, taking a sip of his coffee, the two staring at each as Naruto tried hard not to let loose with all of the words that had built up with the words that had come from Minato or his wife. They both barely heard the door open and close before Kankuro walked into the living room, coming to a stop just inside of the main doorway.

“I didn’t know that you had companion, otherwise I would have ordered lunch to go to my house,” Kankuro said, placing his briefcase down to the side as his lover turned his head up to him.

Naruto smiled sweetly at him. “No, no worries, Kankuro. He just popped up for a surprise visit,” he said, reaching out to tug his lover over and down into a slow kiss. “What did you order?” he asked when the kiss broke.

“Pizza, just before I left the office for lunch,” was the reply as Kankuro eyed Minato with some distaste.

“Sounds like a perfect idea. That means that it should be here soon then,” Naurto chuckled, drawing black eyes back to him as he got a soft smile from the bigger man.

“Yep, in about five minutes or so,” Kankuro said, smiling down at Naruto as he ran his hands through silky hair in a loving move. “Are you gonna introduce me properly to your surprise guest?” he asked.

“I’m sure that you know him already, but, Kankuro, meet Mayor Minato Namikaze. Mayor Namikaze, my lover, Kankuro no Sabuko, one of the three Sabuko siblings,” Naruto said, making the introductions. Minato opened his mouth just before the doorbell rang, interrupting whatever he was going to say. “Pizza is here.”

“Here, I ordered, I pay this time,” Kankuro said, pulling out two 20’s and handing them over before adding a five to it. “Tip to,” he chuckled.

“Kankuro, I can pay this time. It is my turn,” Naruto protested before he was pulled into a deep kiss by Kankuro, leaving him breathless and smiling at his lover.

“My order, my pay,” Kankuro stated before shoving an amused looking Naruto towards the door. Looking to Minato, he frowned at the blank look on the man’s face. “If you’re thinking for even a moment that he’s a gold digging whore than you should get rid of that thought and very fast. He knows about my self imposed budget but he does not know how much I actually make a week.”

“Why doesn’t he know?” Minato asked, listening to Naruto talk to the delivery person.

“He doesn’t want to know. I know just how much he can make for a commission and how much he makes at the bar along with average tips,” Kankuro said. “I know his weekly budget and I know that a good chunk of his commissions and tips go to savings of various types and his art. In fact, I introduced him to a better supplier so he can buy more for less.”

“So you both know each other’s budget,” Minato drawled, Kankuro watching him with dark, steady eyes. “And you’ve been dating for how long?”

“Just over a month actually,” Kankuro said as the door closing reached their ears. “He told me that if we ever moved in together and wanted to get married, he would show me all of his bank statements. I told him that I would do the same with my own when the time came.”

“Talkin’ bank statements there?” Naruto asked as he came in with two large boxes of pizza and a very large box of breadsticks.

“I was just talking about what we know about our finances and how things are between us,” Kankuro said, watching his lover walk to his small dining room with a smile playing over his lips.

“So I take it that you have assured the dear Mayor that his bastard child is neither a gold digger nor a black widow right?” Naruto teased as he came back out without the pizza boxes.

“Pretty much,” Kankuro said, the two lovers looking a visibly tense Minato.

“Please do not use that term around me,” Minato gritted out, blue eyes flaring. Naruto just smiled a cold smile at the man. Kankuro discreetly adjusted himself, loving the way his lover looked right at that moment.

“What? Don’t use the term black widow?” Naruto cooed, his voice cold but still light. Minato just stared at him with a blank face. “No, that’s more a term that your dear wife would use, wouldn’t it be? How digger?” He tapped a finger on his bottom lip, eyes thoughtful as one hand perched on his hips. “No, that’s not quite right either. Oh! I know! Bastard child is it.”

The flinch that Minato gave was enough for Naruto to once more smile coldly. Kankuro missed the look completely, finding himself much to busy planning just what he was going to do after he got off of work. Or at his office if he could convince Naruto to come to said office.

“Naruto...” Minato gritted out, Naruto holding out a hand to stop him from talking.

“Stop. Just stop. I have every right to use that term in regards to myself. That’s because I am one. You slept with my mother, carried on an affair for quite some time and then dropped her like a hot potato the moment she told you that she was pregnant. You were married and I was proof of your infidelity. So you, Minato,” Naruto purred, “have no right to tell me not to use a term around. On that note, please leave. You’re annoying the fuck out of me.”

Minato stood up with a snarl and stormed out, slamming the door behind him. Naruto sighed and slumped against the couch, smiling as Kankuro moved around to stand between his legs, arms wrapping around his waist as he own came up to wrap around his neck.

“Feel better?” Kankuro asked against his forehead. Naruto nodded a tiny bit, humming in contentment.

“Yeah, it felt really good to confront him.” With a low chuckle, he pulled back enough to stare up at Kankuro with loving eyes. “Let’s eat through.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.”


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