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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: Surprising Finds

Fandom: Bleach

Chapter: 1

Pairing: Minato/Fugaku/Naruto

Word Count: 1,486

AN: Let me flat out say this first: THERE IS INCEST. NO, IT IS NOT FATHER/SON INCEST, BUT RATHER BROTHER/BROTHER INCEST. That said, Minato and Naruto are siblings, brothers. I wanted this to be done a certain way and that was the only way I could get it to work for me.

So no complaining, I did warn you about this interesting little factoid.

For now, enjoy, review and the such.


Fugaku grunted as he and Minato dropped their mattress down onto the box spring and frame, wiping at his brow before looking to his lover. Narrow blue eyes gazed back at him as a smug look settled on his strong face. “Why isn’t your brother helping us move this shit again?” Fugaku grunted, raising an eyebrow.

“Because he’s at work today once he gets out of his classes,” Minato replied, running a hand through soft blond hair. Black eyes darted up to the long fingers as Fugaku flashed back to what those fingers had done to him the night before.

“Tell me again why he is living here? I thought that your parents were renting this place out to a family,” he said, draging his mind back away from the thoughts that he had found himself falling into.

“They were, but on Naruto’s eighteenth, the renters moved to a bigger place and Naruto moved in with a couple of his friends. They just moved out though because they got into the community college across town and needed a new place closer to it,” Minato said, shaking his head as he headed down the stairs and out the front door to their car, Fugaku following him. “It was good timing for us though, don’t you think?”

Fugaku snorted and smirked at his lover. “Oh yeah. We’re gonna have to deal with your dear pudgy boy of a brother,” he snorted, grabbing a box marked ‘clothes’ and a full duffle bag while Minato grabbed a couple of the smaller, heavier boxes. “Have you seen him at all lately?” he asked as he blew a black lock of hair out of his eyes.

“Surprisingly enough, I haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving and even then he barely talked with me much less stayed in the same room as me,” Minato admitted. “Since I missed Christmas to meet your parents as your official boyfriend…”

“So you haven’t seen him for nearly eight months?” Fugaku asked, a bark of laughter escaping him as he shook his head.

“Nope. I keep meaning to go see him, but things keep getting in the way,” Minato drawled, blue eyes sparkling as they dropped the boxes down. “Like the need to screw you or be screwed by you and work. I think that’s everything though.”

Fugaku nodded his head before he smirked heavily at his lover. “Aww, do you have an addiction to being fucked by me?” he teased as they looked around their room.

“And fucking you,” Minato stated, grabbing the Uchiha’s ass before heading down to the car once more. Grabbing the last box that they had missed, he locked the car up, and heading back into the house, locking the front door behind him, walking up to the stairs to their room. “Okay, now we have everything.” Fugaku hummed as he continued to hang things up.

“Put it down and help me with this shit please,” he stated, looking over his shoulder to the other, dark eyes sparkling as Minato groaned.

“The unfortunate badness of moving is the packing and unpacking,” he grunted. Fugaku snickered and continued to unpack the clothes. Minato started on the box of books and putting them onto the shelves that had been left for them.

“So tell me, was your brother still over weight at Thanksgiving? You never did tell me,” Fugaku finally asked, moving onto the next box of clothes.

“From what I saw, he was,” Minato drawled with a shrug. “He wore baggy clothes but his cheeks were still puffy, so I’m assuming so. If it wasn’t rather pathetic, it would have been funny,” he continued, shaking his head with a frown. “He kinda stopped talking to me all together because I nagged a bit too much about his weight after I had a bit too much to drink.”

“Oh so smart,” Fugaku snorted, hanging his lover’s suit up into the closet.

Minato mused on his younger sibling as he continued to unpack the books and put them away on the shelves. Naruto was just under five years younger than him and looked a lot like him, though his hair was a richer blond and his eyes were more of a dark sky blue compared to Minato’s own cornflower color. Naruto’s skin on top of that was a light tanned color compared to his own pale tan, which was a softer contrast.

What really put the two brother’s apart was that Naruto had scars on his cheeks from an attack from when he had been painfully young. That and Naruto had been overweight by at least ten pounds, making him seem quiet pudgy for how short he was. It had gotten him teased for a good chunk of his life.

“Has Itachi or Sasuke talked about him lately?” Minato asked suddenly as he unpacked their desktop.

Fugaku snorted at the mention of his younger siblings. “They know something or another about him, that much I know. But they are keeping quiet about whatever they do know. Itachi kept smirking at me the last time that I saw him, something about a threesome with Sasuke,” he drawled.

“Am I fucked up to find that thought really hot? In any combination really, it’s hot,” Minato said after a moment of staring at the screen.

“No. Itachi and Sasuke are delightfully beautiful together,” Fugaku chuckled, leering down at the other man as he put the computer together. “I have slept with Itachi and he’s good in bed, amazingly so.”

“I wouldn’t doubt that fact. Your family is incest filled but it’s still nice,” Minato drawled finishing with the computer and sitting on their bed, Fugaku breaking  down the boxes and setting them aside. “But they do know something about Naruto and they’re not telling huh?” he asked, getting them back on track.

“Yep,” Fugaku sat down next to his lover and sat back on his hands, legs stretched out before him. “It was a complete tease and I wanted to do nothing more than throttle the smug bastards.”

“I thought your parents were married when those two were born,” Minato teased, laughing when he was smacked by a pillow. “As it is, you always want to throttle them over something, so it’s not that much of a surprise.”

Fugaku snorted and bounced up and off of the bed, ruffling his black hair, the short locks falling back into place once more. “Come on. We need to see what we need to buy food wise. Your brother was nice enough to put our food away for us after all when we dropped it off earlier.”

“We still didn’t see him though,” Minato whined as he reluctantly followed after his lover.

“It sounds as if you’re really curious about what this mystery about Naruto is,” Fugaku snorted, giving the other another amused look. “Come on, I’m sure that we’ll find out all our answers tomorrow when we see him. Did you tell me that he’s off of work and school tomorrow?”

 Minato nodded his head and pointed to a black fridge that sat next to a chrome one. “Black one is ours, chrome is Naruto’s,” he said before pointing to a set of cabinets that sat over a counter and under-counter cabinets. “Top cabinets are ours while the bottom ones are Naruto’s. He did ask that we keep open bags of food and the such kept in sealed containers to keep rodents out.”

“What? Is there a big bug problem?” Fugaku asked as he opened up the cabinets, making notes of what they needed mentally. Minato handed him a pad of paper and a pen with a smirk.

“No, not really. Mice though are another matter,” he said, hauling himself up onto the counter. As Fugaku continued to go through the cabinets and refrigerator, the two lovers’ continued to banter back and forth. They left the house soon after, turned in their apartment keys, shopped for a few fresh groceries and picked up some lunch from a Subway before heading home.

Later that night, Minato woke up to the sound of the back door opening and closing along with soft laughter coming from who he could only guess was his brother and from another guy. “The fuck?” he muttered, eyebrows furrowed.

“Shh, be quiet. My brother and Fugaku moved in this afternoon.” Minato blinked at the words as the sound of the basement door opening followed. “Come on, move it,” Naruto chuckled. “You promised me some fun.”

The rest of the words were cut off as the basement door once more closed. “Man, my baby brother is getting laid. Not a thought that I wanted.”

“Go to sleep. Freak out about that fact later,” Fugaku muttered from his side of the bed. Minato moaned and buried himself under his blankets, trying to forget what he had heard and making a note to keep their bedroom door shut from then on.


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