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Title: What We Want

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 1 out of 3

Characters: Itachi, Kakashi, future Itachi/Kakashi/Sasuke

Word Count:

Warnings: talks of future incest

For: WikidSinn

AN: I am exhausted and was thinking about just posting this tomorrow but decided to do it tonight.


1: Yes, this is Kakashi/Itachi/Sasuke. So brother incest. There is your warning.


    But for now, enjoy.




    “He’s a lot like you, you know.” Itachi rolled his eyes and looked to his lover, one black brow raising. “He’s pretty, which is kind of ridiculous. Your father was as far from androgynous as a cat is from a dog. So where you two got it from, I don’t know,” Kakashi drawled, smirking at his lover.


    Itachi just grunted at him and went back to watching his brother as the younger Uchiha sparred against Naruto, who had taken to taunting his friend. They had been working on Sasuke’s anger problems and so far it seemed as if all of their work was paying off. The Uchiha wasn’t getting pissed and Naruto knew quite well how to get under his skin, to get him bad. “He’s getting a lot better at controlling himself.”


    “I think that he’s wanting his big brother’s approval,” Kakashi sang. He slid out of the way of the open handed smack that was absently aimed at his head. “So, tell me, what’s on your mind?” he asked.


    Itachi just smiled, secrets lurking behind it, and shrugged. His silver haired lover settled in to wait him out, watching as the two boys came to a draw before they started to work on cooling down via slow katas. Itachi’s mind wandered towards a few of the fantasies that had kept him warm while Kakashi had been out on his last mission. Most of them had been about his jounin lover, but a memorable few had included his baby brother in some interesting positions.


    Most of them had the younger of them demanding him to be fucked harder and faster.


    But a select few that had really warmed him up had included both Kakashi and Sasuke. Playing. Fucking. Just being together and relaxed in all ways, content with their lives. His afterglow tended to be the longest after such indulgences.


    He tried not to think about them to often.


    “Sasuke’s grown up quite a bit. And without Fugaku and mother around to smother his natural talent with their need to compare him to me…” he trailed off. Kakashi hummed and nodded, thinking about how his lover’s parents had been taken in, charged with treason. It had been an ugly affair, but in the end, all of those who had been a part of the traitorous plan to overthrow the Hokage had been ferreted out. Those who had been found guilty had been either executed or imprisoned to be used as breeders to grow the Uchiha clan again.


    Itachi had taken over as head of the clan as soon as he had turned seventeen, barely six months after everything had happened. He was now twenty-four, and had a steady lover in Kakashi. They had plans for a surrogate of his choosing, most likely a far cousin, to carry his first child in two years. Their clan was flourishing. Sasuke had his own plans on having kids in a few years himself, but like most shinobi, had had seed frozen just in case he passed without an heir to his name.


    And Itachi wanted his young brother. Badly.


    “It sounds as if what had happened was a good thing for the both of you in the long run,” Kakashi drawled. He shifted on his branch and glanced down at the two males who had flopped onto the ground.


    “It has turned to out to be so. Remember how he had hid himself away on the estate for a month after it had happened? He was doing a lot of thinking. Had Naruto come over and talked with him a lot. Trained on his own until he collapsed,” Itachi hummed. “But in the end he came out of it with a clear mind and a will to find his own path then the one that our parents had set out before him. The two of them being found out when they had been was a blessing in disguise. Especially since after they had been taken in, Danzo came to see me.”


    “You never did tell me what it was that he wanted with you and our dear, little Sasuke,” Kakashi drawled. He was really unhappy with the fact that Danzo, the slimy bastard, had dared to come nearly his lover and the still young Sasuke, even before he and Itachi had gotten together. They all agreed that the man needed to be put down, but Tsunade had told them flat out to wait until they had enough evidence to put the guy to death legally.


    They didn’t really want any backlash after all, and dealing with the council was something that had to happen carefully.


    He knew that they were close to it, but hopefully nothing would go ass up for them before that time.


    “At first, he wanted to train us personally. He talked about how the Uchiha’s were all powerful with our Sharingan eyes and all that good shit,” Itachi grunted, shaking his head. “And I have been around you and Asuma way to much.” Kakashi laughed lowly as they watched Naruto pull out a scroll, unsealing their current research materials, the boys bending over the books and scrolls. “Later on, he started talking about how Sasuke and I are the most powerful of all of the Uchihas. And that all the other Uchihas were going to go against the Hokage and the council, sparking a civil war within our village. I think he was trying to get me to do something about it for him. He kept telling me that no matter what I did for them, I would have the Hokage’s backing.”


    “The idiot really didn’t think that you would got to the Hokage and talk with him, did he?” Kakashi drawled. Itachi shook his head with a smirk. “Fool. What are we going to do about Sasuke though? I can see something going on in your brain that makes you want to fuck more often after we watch him. It’s like porn for you or something.”


    “Why do you think that it is my brother?” Itachi asked as he stood on his branch, an eyebrow twitching as he stood on his branch.


    “Because you tend to stare at him like he’s a five course meal of all of your favorite dishes when you don’t think others aren’t looking?” Kakashi asked. He came to stand on his own branch and watched Itachi blushed very slightly before he started to head towards the main house using the trees. His lover followed after him.


    Walking into the kitchen, ignoring his lover, Itachi pulled out the pitcher of water and poured some for the two of them, sighing softly. “I can’t actually help it. He has gotten older, and looks very good. Sleeker, smoother. He moves like a warrior and you know very well how much I like that. He kind of reminds me of you when he’s sparring. The way he moves and reacts, mostly, but he’s still himself.” He handed over the glass with a frown. “I don’t know what to do though.”


    “Well, would you feel better about yourself if I said that I rather like the way he looks myself?” Kakashi hummed. He pulled his mask down to sip at his water and watched Itachi. His lover turned his head to gaze at him with a curious look on his usually blank face. “I do. He’s good looking and I know for a fact that he’s not a virgin any more. I kind of walked in on him once with Shino while they were fucking around. No, they’re not together in a relationship,” he said, soothing the sudden flare of anger that roared up in black eyes. “They’re just friends who get together after a bad mission. They trust each other for such a way. The same way that Naruto has a few people that he can go to for the same reason.”


    “I suppose that I can live with that,” Itachi grunted. He shrugged one shoulder as he frowned to himself. “So what exactly do we want from him? I don’t think that we want to start something that will just end up in pain for all three of us,” he said.


    Kakashi sipped at his own water as he thought, thinking about what he wanted from their pretty little Uchiha. He wouldn’t say no to another lover that they trusted in their lives. He loved his sweet little one, and always would love him. But there was something that was still missing for them and they both knew it. It was likely that the missing bit was Sasuke.


    Or so he was hoping at the moment.


    “I want to see where this will take us. You know me, I can’t promise shit to anyone when it comes to certain things. But I think that’ll be good for all of us in the long run.”


    “Alright. Let’s see where this takes us,” Itachi said, putting down his cup on the counter before he walked over to steal a quick kiss. He pulled away and started to pull out things to make dinner. Kakashi just chuckled and pulled his mask up as he watched his lover move around as he cooked, feeling good about the start of what was to come.


    Hopefully things would go smoothly.

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