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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: The Artist and the Business Man

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Kankuro/Naruto

Part: 12

Word count: 2,564

AN: Last chapter. And smut! Enjoy. :D


Laughing as he was carried into their bedroom, Naruto kicked his legs playfully as Kankuro slapped at his ass with a smirk. “Down, big boy. Don’t you go smacking my ass,” he laughed as the door was closed behind them in their room.

And indeed it was all their room.

Naruto had closed up his apartment with his godmother’s blessing and moved into Kankuro’s house within a week after classes had finished for the semester. Everything had been set up, business licenses had been shifted over to the house and even Gaara had taken over as Naruto’s book keeper for his thesis project for their last year. Kankuro was perfectly happy to have his lover with him, amazed at how good it felt to have him with him. The man tended to come home early, but was still called away suddenly, leaving Naruto alone to take advantage of the time to work on his commissions.

“But I like smackin’ your ass,” Kankuro chuckled, tossing the younger man onto the bed. Naruto laughed as he bounced a few times, limbs spread out as he smiled up at the other man.

“Well, you like doing something to my ass,” Naurto chuckled, eyes dark as he smirked and sat up to rest on his hands.

Kankuro nodded his head with a smirk on his lips. “That to. So what should I be doing to you tonight? I have a good idea, but it’s a place that we haven’t gone to before,” he mused, dark eyes trailing over his boyfriend’s body as he ruffled his brown hair.

“Oh?” Naruto asked. He blinked when Kankuro made sure that their phones were off and the door was locked, leaving them in complete privacy.

“Yeah,” Kankuro said, pulling over a chest that Naruto had been curious about but had never looked in it before. The larger man sat down and gazed at his lover with a serious expression on his face. “You know when I was still in high school, before I met Hinata that I had one real relationship but I never really went over what happened between me and him right?”

“If I remember right, you learned what you liked and what you don’t like,” Naruto hummed, gazing at the other man with a soft expression.

“Yeah. I found that I really like tying my lover’s down, covering their eyes and taking my sweet time in teasing them,” Kankuro replied as he watched Naruto carefully for his response.

The other blinked in surprise a few times before he flushed and played with his fingers. “Did you read my fantasy journal?”

“Maybe. It was open and I happened to read it as I moved to close the file,” Kankuro admitted with a smug smile on his lips. “I knew that this is a big trust issue thing but I am hoping that you trust me enough to do this.”

“Well,” Naruto drawled, “pull out your tools of sexual torture and show me a whole new world. We have much to celebrate after all.”

Kankuro chuckled and pulled Naruto into a slow kiss, the two just tasting for the moment, hands tugging on clothing, removing it so hands could touch and stroke over skin that they exposed. He pulled away from the kiss finally as he pulled off the jeans his mate was wearing, letting them drop to the floor. His own clothes were scattered about on the floor, Naruto kneeling on the bed and legs spread.

Pulling away from his lover, Kankuro winked and moved to pull out a chest full of toys. Finding the ones that he wanted, he hooked up the ropes to the headboard, threading them through the specially placed holes. Laying Naruto down onto the bed, he stroked up long arms and attached the lined cuffs to slim wrists, feeling his blood heat at the soft peach against tanned erotic.

Once they were fully attached, Naruto found that they were long enough to move him into other positions comfortably but still short enough to restrict his movements. Kankuro smiled down at him before reaching out to grab a blindfold, wrapping it around Naruto’s eyes.

“You okay with this?” Kankuro asked, straddling the blond man’s hips and stroking over his ribs. Naruto nodded his head as he relaxed under the gentle touches, trusting the older man to know what he was doing. “Now, this can get intense. I want you to say orange or stop if it gets too much. Orange will be for if you need to stop to catch your breath, stop will stop everything and I will not continue until I’m sure that you wish for more. Got it?” he asked.

Naruto swallowed heavily before nodding his head once more. “Yeah, I understand,” he said. With his sight covered, he could see why it could be intense, his body already away of every movement that Kankuro did.

Kankuro smiled and leant down, once more kissing his lover before pulling back and getting a whine from Naruto. He chuckled and stroked one whiskered cheek as he moved so that he was kneeling between long legs. He ran his eyes down over his lover, taking in the bound hands and the relaxed arms and covered eyes, full lips swollen from all of their kissing. He continued down to the neck and chest, both begging to be marked, and finally taking in the cock that was hard and resting on a toned stomach.

“Gorgeous,” Kankuro rumbled, watching Naruto’s skin prickle. “So very gorgeous.” Reaching down into the chest, he dug out the bottle of lube and a few more items, laying them onto the bed within reaching distance but still far enough away that they wouldn’t be knocked off of the bed. He plucked up a long strip of cloth, both ends cut into strips and the middle folded around a bit of weaved strings.

Folding it in half, he twisted the extra bit of the woven strings around the two ends and tied it. Naruto was shifting under him, listening to the sound of the fabric brush together and waiting in anticipation. Kankuro chuckled, the sound sending liquid heat through Naruto’s body, and brushed the piece of fabric over the middle of his chest. Naruto’s breath hitched and his arms jerked in their bindings, tugging at the ropes as Kankuro continued to tease the fabric over his chest and stomach.

He found himself anticipating the next barely there brushes of the cloth, his skin flushing and Kankuro adding in his fingertips, the calluses a contrast to the softness of the fabric.

“Are you doing fine?” Kankuro asked as he once more slid the fabric over his mate’s hard cock, just teasing the head and underside of it. Naruto mewled and whined as he writhed, trying to decide if he wanted more of the teasing or less of it. Kankuro stopped with his movements, letting Naruto find himself once more, leaving him panting and twitching under him.

“Are you doing fine?” Kankuro asked as he once more slid the fabric over his mate’s hard cock, just teasing the head and underside of it. Naruto mewled and whined as he writhed, trying to decide if he wanted more of the teasing or less of it.

Kankuro stopped with his movements, letting Naruto find himself once more, leaving him panting and twitching under him. “Yeah, I’m good.” His answer was slurred with pleasure, making him smirk smugly.

“Good. I don’t want you lost to your pleasure too soon,” he purred. Naruto’s eyes widened behind the blindfold at the promise in his lover’s voice, making him bite his bottom lip. Kankuro hummed and used a thumb to gently pull it free of his teeth. “That’s my job to nibble on that lip.”

“Oh?” Naruto asked breathlessly. “Only on my lip? Nowhere else?” he asked.

“I have plans on where to nibble, just wait for it,” Kankuro chuckled, nipping at one ear and getting a shiver from the other. Smirking again, he plucked up the body oil and shook it up before releasing one wrist. Pouring a bit of the long fingered hand he started to massage the hand and arm, making the muscles limp and relaxed as he drew out mewls and moans.

Once one arm was done, he recuffed it and worked on the other arm, before working on Naruto’s chest, paying attention to the well known spots and hunting for new ones. He worked his way down over slim hips and long legs before turning the now limp and whimpering Naruto over onto his stomach. He stared at the top of the strong shoulders and worked his way to the perky ass.

“Now, what should I do to this ass?” Kankuro asked, feeling his cock weep at the thought of being buried in tight heat again. Naruto just keened and pressed up into the squeezing hands. “I know what I want to do,” he chuckled. Picking up the lube this time, he slicked his fingers and pressed one into the amazingly tight heat that seemed to swallow her fingers. The muscles relaxed around the finger as slim hips pressed back into it, a moan escaping from Naruto.

A second and third finger slipped into the relaxing muscles, spreading them just enough that he wouldn’t hurt the sprawled out man. Pulling his fingers free of the grasping body, he chuckled as Naruto drew his knees up to rest on them, ass up in the air as he whined. Placing one hand on the swell of one cheek, he grabbed a slim toy that was about two of his fingers wide and made sure that it was properly slicked.

“Take a deep breath and stay relaxed,” Kankuro breathed into Naruto’s ear before going back to kneeling behind him. He took the toy and very gently pushed it inwards, listening to Naruto gasp and moan as he shuddered under him. “Not too bad?” he asked lowly as he held the toy still.

“Yeah,” Naruto said, hands stretched above his head, said head resting on a pillow. Kankuro rumbled as he enjoyed the sight of the black blindfold against lovely tanned skin and soft blond hair. As he drew the toy out, pink lips forming around a keen, he leant forward and lapped at some of the salty-sweet sweat that coated his mate’s body.

“You’re doing so perfectly,” Kankuro moaned, working the toy in and out slowly, reaching down to press a spot under the flared head of his cock. He sighed as his own need came down to a more manageable level . Naruto panted and moaned, rocking back into the toy as it teased the nub of nerves within his body.

“Kankuro, please,” he moaned, nearly begging for more. Kankuro smirked against his lower back as he gently pulled out the toy and set it aside. he would clean it later.

“Alright, I’ll give you more,” Kankuro said, voice rich as he picked up another toy, this one slightly bigger than the last one. Naruto sucked in a sharp breath at the burn of the entry but relaxed as Kankuro reached under him and stroked his erection. They had played with toys before, both of them to add more to their sex life but with Naruto it always took him a moment to relax and get used to some of the more unwieldy ones. He rocked his hips back once his body had relaxed around the toy, mewling as Kankuro pulled it out before sliding it back in.

Sliding the toy in and out, loving how the sweet ring of muscles opened and relaxed around it, Kankuro pressed kisses against the soft skin of his lover and basked in the sounds that escaped from him. He was soon removing the second toy and replacing it with one that was slightly smaller than his own length, drawing a hiss from Naruto. He ran his fee hand up and down his back to sooth the younger man.

“Doin’ so damn good, baby, almost ready for me,” he purred as he let the toy rest inside of his lover. He smirked once more as he picked up a peacock feather, the dark chuckle that came from him making Naruto wonder just what his mate was about to do to him.

He jerked, his head thrown back as his mouth fell open, when Kankuro used two fingers to press the toy into his sweet spot just as the feather teased over the skin between his entrance and balls. He felt on the edge of his climax with the very different sensations that rocked through his body and fuzzily worried that he was going to cum before feeling his lover in him again. Naruto groaned as the feather left the bit of skin, leaving it tingling as the toy was slowly pulled out of his body, leaving him feeling empty.

His lover shifted on the bed, the sound of a click the only sound outside of his harsh panting. “Kankuro,” he sighed, blinking his eyes as the blindfold was removed, finding that the only light was a gently flickering candle. “When?” he asked, his cock throbbing with his heartbeat as he listened to Kankuro slick himself.

“You were out of it for a moment,” Kankuro grunted, pressing the tip of his cock to Naruto’s stretched entrance. “If you don’t mind, baby, I need in you now,” He growled. His lover shoved back so that the head of his cock popped in, making him growl once more and push into the other man’s willing body, pulling moans from both of them. “Fuck. You’re always so damn tight around me.”

“Move damn it,” Naruto grunted, pressing back as he wrapped his hands around the ropes. Kankuro moaned and pulled him back against his chest, thrusting upwards into his lover.

They fell into an easy, sometimes desperate, pace. Kankuro used one hand to help his mate move with him as his other stroked over the length that leaked heavily. Naruto’s eyes were squeezed shut, his hands tightening around the ropes as he gasped with each thrust up into him. They both found themselves on the edge of their climaxes, rushing to it and falling over the edge with screams of their pleasure.

Their bodies shuddered, Naruto whimpering from the force of his climax as they fell forward, limp and sated. Kankuro stayed buried in his lover but propped up on his arms as he mouthed at an expanse of sweat covered skin. He finally roused himself and pulled out of his lover, getting a sound of discomfort.

“Sorry. How are you feeling?” he asked, voice rough but filled with smug satisfaction.

“Need water,” Naruto husked. Kankuro hummed and reached up to unhook the cups, and rub at his arms and shoulders before he got out of the bed. With shaky legs, he walked into the bathroom and got some water, thanking whoever had blessed him with a smart lover that had suggested he get a water filter for the bathroom sink.

Walking back to the room, he found Naruto slumped against the headboard and helped him drain the water. After that, Kankuro ran a bath and they were able to relax in it with content smiles.

“Thank you for trusting me so much,” Kankuro hummed, feeling Naruto shift against him and smile against his chest.

“Always, Kankuro, always.”



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