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Title: Santa Baby

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Kankuro/Naruto

Word count: 4,055

For: Christmas!

Warnings: Filthy, filthy sex

AN: And after 3 days and 9 pages, I have written much smexy smut for Christmas. I might write up a follow up for later because there are things I would like to go over. Or a couple of follows up. *makes notes of those*

Yeah, there is no MIGHT. I have a follow up already plotted out. *blushes* That'll be waiting for a while though since I have other things I need to finish first.

I just hope that you enjoy this lovely piece of smut and take a moment to review for my Christmas gift. It's always nice.

One way or the other, Enjoy!


“I hate you all.” Looking up, the Sand siblings felt their eyebrows raise at the sight of Naruto in the elf costume that had been created for one of their kunoichi who had been called out. Seeing as Naruto was about the same build, he had been asked by Gaara to play the elf next to Kankuro’s Santa Clause for the orphans of Suna.

It was a mix of white, red and green all over. It was much like a burlesque elf costume with a corset that had red ‘fur’ on top and bottom of it. The ribbons that ‘laced’ up the front were also red with the under part of it a shiny green color that the bunched-in-front skirt shared. Candy cane stripes wrapped around his sides before a grayish green fabric covered his back. Red and white striped stockings with little bows at the top and candy cane decorations covered his legs as he tapped the sparkling green platform heels on the ground.

Kankuro whistled and leered while Temari smirked, Gaara blinking at his friend as his lover snickered softly, adjusting his own elf hat.

“Say one word, Kiba, and Gaara will have to find another dick to play with,” Naruto hissed as he put his own hat on. He had somehow tamed his hair to lay flat around his head for the night, which was good since it was more of a hair pin instead of an actual hat. “I will gut  the first person who say’s a damn thing.”

“Don’t worry, Naruto, ya look good,” Kankuro said, shaking his head as he adjusted the santa hat that he was wearing. “Sorry about this but you were the only one built like Miril unfortunately. And we desperately needed another elf. As it is, Sakura would have never fit it. She’s bigger in the chest, surprisingly, and in her hips. And her thighs are thinner.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Naruto sighed, waving a hand with a groan. “Why couldn’t we find a pair of shorter shoes?” he asked. “I know that Tsunade has had us all learn how to walk in all sorts of things, but this is ridiculous for a Christmas costume,” he said. He tapped the heeled shoes with a scowl.

“We were told to create our own costumes. We could do it any way we wished to but it had to not scar the children. Miril is very sex oriented,” Gaara stated, as he adjusted his Kage hat, scowling unhappily at having to wear it. But it was expected.

Kankuro snickered as he smoothed down the red fabric of his outfit, having forgone the white fur that usually went with a Santa outfit. He was more Shinobi Santa then the fat jolly man that came from regions that very few ever went near from tales of those people’s stories. It was an interesting tradition that had gained hold when Gaara had barely been born, along with most of the decorations.

Amazing what trading with a village that was mostly insulated could do for a land.

“And the fact that Sakura is wearing a velveteen costume that is floor length?” Naruto asked as Sakura came out, already looking hot and miserable.

“Krana has a habit of not being warm enough unless it’s really hot,” Kankuro explained, smirking. “So she tends to wear layers and stay warm during winter here.”

“This sucks,” Sakura snarled, eyeing Naruto before snorting. “And you look like a whore.”

Naruto sneered at her, still pissed off by her attitude that she had adopted when she had caught him fucking his partner against his kitchen counter one evening. “At least I’m hot looking. Unlike you, where you’re just hot,” he snorted, smoothing down his skirt. He still didn’t know why she was so pissy about him liking guys. He did like women, but he was just as picky about them as he was about the guys he took him. It wasn’t like he had really been a virgin after he had discovered hormones.

Jiraiya had seen to that with his ways. The pervert.

“Can we just get this done with? I still have to finish making the dinner for the party,” Temari growled as she stalked out in her own elf costume. Naruto just stared at it before snorting.

“Dye a battle dress green and added some red ribbons there?” he asked, dodging the kunai thrown at his head with apparently ease. Despite the five inch platform heels on his feet. Kankuro whistled in appreciation and picked up the bag of scrolls that held presents for the kids.

“Alright, let’s head out. They’re all waiting at the greeting hall,” Kankuro drawled, talking about the huge building that most diplomatic meetings happened when it had more than two villages. Nodding, the group headed to the hall and wowed the kids with presents, mostly clothes, books, and toys that would last in the heat. A few of the kids who had graduated from the academy were given keys to their own apartments in the nin housing project that had just gone up. Those who had just started were given starter sets of everything they needed, courtesy of Knoohagakure, the Rookie Nine and Team Gai.

After the presents had been handed out, the group headed back to the siblings home, more than ready to just relax and enjoy themselves for the day. Once there, Naruto collapsed onto the couch and groaned as Kiba snorted and sat down next to him, smirking.

“I have to say that those lessons you got shoved into helped,” Kiba snickered, getting a moan. “I’m rather lucky that I didn’t have to take them.”

“Your eyes and markings are a bit too much of a pain to hide away, Kiba,” Naruto sighed. “All of us who can get away with alternating our looks with some prosthetics, makeup, and clothes all had to learn how to walk like a woman does. Just in case the mission is a bit too dangerous for even a fully training, highly capable kunoichi,” he sighed, remembering the lecture that they had gotten.

It had been implemented after one of their ANBU kunoichi had to quite literally slaughter her way out of a situation. They asked her what had gone wrong and she had told them that it was because she hadn’t been quite strong enough physically, with or without chakra, to move the man who she had been after. Kunoichi had been set to strength train while the men had started to train to cross dress.

So far, they had all found that it came in hand considering some of their missions that had been coming in.

“I hate heels though,” Naruto groaned as he rotated one foot in the air, missing the way that Kankuro seemed hypnotized by the easy movement. “I think I’m going to go upstairs and strip out of this thing.” With a sigh, the fox heaved himself up and headed for the stairs as someone found the stereo, starting up music that was a mix of piano and ehru.

Kankuro hummed softly as he caught sight of his brother sucking on a very long, very thick candy cane. The man had been working on it for the past hour, right after he had caught his older brother staring a bit to hard at Naruto’s green clad ass as he handed a toddler a teddy bear. “Why are you looking like that at me?” he asked, feeling rather unsettled by the dark glare that was being sent his way.

Pulling the candy cane from his mouth, Gaara played with the pointed tip and smirked. “If you hurt Naruto in any way or form, you will be painfully killed,” he stated before biting off the end of his candy cane. Those who had noticed the interactions had varying reactions, the men wincing as they crossed their legs, the women, mostly, smirking.

Sakura just snorted and stalked off to her room to strip out of the heavy velvet costume, cursing that it was the only one to fit her.

Nodding, Kankuro headed after Naruto, finding that he had been stopped for a few minutes by Temari, who had shoved a peppermint shake into his hands with a smirk. Naruto just huffed and headed up the stairs, sipping at the thick shake for some energy. Smirking, Kankuro followed after him far enough to not be caught by him, watching the pert ass twitch back and forth as he walked.

Sighing, Naruto stepped into his bedroom and ignored the door for the moment, planning on just washing in the bathroom, changing in there to. Drinking down a bit more of the shake, he put it down onto the dresser that he was using before he stretched his arms up with a low groan. “Gods, my feet are going to hate me,” he groaned, sitting on the bed and bringing up one foot to undo the buckle around his ankle. Putting the shoe down onto the ground, he sighed happily and did the same to the other shoe, wiggling his free toes.

He looked up when Kankuro slid through the opened door, closing it behind him and locking the door. “Hey there, Naruto,” the other man greeted, getting blinked at.

“What are you doing here?” Naruto asked, shifting on the bed. He was suddenly feeling very hot and it had nothing to do with the heat of the day outside of the room. The smirk that came from Kankuro told him exactly what he was there for, making him shift around on the bed. He had thought that the man was hot the few times that he had actually talked with him before the last couple of years, where they had actually worked together.

Now he was hot with a great mind, two things that often drew Naruto to his previous partners.

“Well, I’m thinking that since you were such a good sport in wearing the outfit you are wearing now that I would...thank you,” Kankuro drawled as he pulled off his hat and dropped it onto the table. A kunai slashed through the one use, candy cane dyed bandages around his wrists and legs before tossing them into the trash.

Naruto blinked. “Thank me? How?” he asked, squeaking loudly as he fell back against the bed when Kankuro used a little speed to stand before him with a leer. Blinking up at the amused man who hadn’t worn any of his usual makeup, he flushed brightly as a hand slid up one costumed thigh, the softness of his glove odd.

“Yes, thank you. I’ve actually wanted to do this for a while now, ever since I saw just how nicely you grew up. I wasn’t sure though if you would allow me to do anything though,” Kankuro hummed, before leering. “At least until the last time that we were in Knoohagakure and heard Sakura whine, loudly, about the fact that you were fucking guys.”

“At the time it was one guy. I don’t often do one night stands and she needs to stop just busting into my apartment,” Naruto huffed wiggling even more as the hand slid up further, nearer his hip.

“Yes, well, the fact that she complained told me that I would have a chance as long as you were single and open to what I’m offering,” Kankuro stated, leaning over and brushing their lips together. Naruto gasped in surprise as the older male smirked, stroking his cheek. “But you can say no to what I’m offering.”

“I don’t know what you’re offering though, so how can I say no or yes to it,” Naruto breathed against Kankuro’s lips, smirking himself.

“Well, I was thinking for now that I would fuck you in some way, kill off that dry spell that you were forced into by your missions,” Kankuro drawled, rolling his hips against Naruto’s.

Naruto hissed and shuddered, legs coming up around Kankuro’s waist in reaction, his hands coming up to dance over the his still covered back. “And later?” he breathed, tightening his legs around Kankuro’s waist.

“Later I’ll be movin’ in with ya when I come as a part of the inter-village trading,” Kankuro drawled, “and be able to really enjoy being with you.”

“With me huh?” Naruto asked, smirking and liking the sound of what Kankuro was asking him. “You’re not fucking me while I’m wearing this dress, I hope you know.”

“I heard nothing about the stockings though,” Kankuro drawled as he hauled Naruto up and into his arms, easily holding the other man with one arm. Reaching back, he found the hidden zipper and hook, undoing the hook before pulling the zipper down. “Got lube?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as he reluctantly allowed Naruto to stand on his own to pull the dress off.

“What do you think?” Naruto asked as he tugged the dress off and folding it, placing it on a bedside table, leaving him in the stockings and a pair of rather short boxer shorts that he had worn under the skirt.

“Those remind me more of Temari’s underwear. And no, I don’t purposefully look at her underwear. Sometimes we have to share the washer when water is short,” he drawled at the look from Naruto. “Leave the stockings on.”

“You’re a pervert,” Naruto huffed, blushing but doing so as he wiggled his way out of his boxershorts. “Lube,” he mused, digging around in his mussed bedding, finding the bottle he had tossed there that morning. “So, what exactly are you going to do to me?” he asked, wondering what Kankuro was planning as the man pulled off the black belt with gold buckle, dropping it to the floor.

Kankuro smirked and took the lube before using a bit of speed to turn Naruto around and bend him over the bed. “Just stay like that for me for a few minutes would ya?” he asked, smacking the ass before him.

Naruto glared over his shoulder before he promptly swallowed the flood of drool as Kankuro pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the floor with a smirk. “Well, damn,” he squeaked, taking in the broad chest and lean waist. His usual outfit lent to the thought that he was a bit pudgier than he actually was and it seemed he had forgotten that fact.

The man had his own scars, a drawback of being an active shinobi, but he was still good looking. Very much so. He shared a lot of looks with Gaara, but he was stronger, less androgynous like Gaara, but he figured that was because Kankuro had been born at a decent time instead of as a premature baby.

Either way, he made Naruto moan in anticipation of what the other was planning on doing as his pants dropped to the floor.

Kankuro smirked and shook the bottle, having kept it in hand the entire time before he flipped the top and squirted out a good amount onto his fingers. Warming the lube, he stroked over Naruto’s ass before finding the ring of muscles and playing with it, coaxing it to relax. Naruto sighed and let his head press into the touches, shuddering as a finger slipped into him.

Kankuro just smiled and leant down to press a kiss to the skin of Naruto’s back as his finger worked in and out slowly. He knew how long it had been since Naruto’s last lover, Kiba willing to tell him in return for taking over some of Gaara’s paperwork so that he could go out with his lover. So he was going to do what he had to to open his lover for his cock before he actually took Naruto.

But by the way the muscles were clinging to his finger, Naruto was going to be amazing tight and hot around his prick anyways and it made him moan in anticipation.

Naruto was sighing and mewling as he rolled his hips into the teasing finger, going still as a second finger slipped in along with the first two. His toes curled in his pleasure as Kankuro’s other large hand slid over his back in a caress as his fingers slowly worked the loosening muscles. He rocked back into the fingers as the burn of the stretch went away, smiling at the obvious care that the other man was taking with him.

Kankuro chuckled as Naruto melted under him and his body opened up around a third finger, wondering if he should work a fourth finger into the hole. Looking down at his own hard cock that pushed against his boxershorts, he decided that maybe it would be a good idea to do just that. Leaning over Naruto, he brushed his lips against the subtle point at the top of his head and smiled at the full body shudder.

“You’re doing so well, baby, so very well. Just stay relaxed for me and you’ll be soon stretched around my cock, being pleasured into insanity,” Kankuro hummed softly. He smiled at the other man under him moaned in pleasured bliss. “That’s it,” he said, pressing his lips against the other’s ear as his fingers spread out, getting a shudder of pleasure.

Moving away slightly so that he could watch Naruto’s face properly as his fingers worked to loosen the tight hole some more, Kankuro licked his lips and shivered. He had dreamed about this, dreamed often about fucking Naruto open after getting some sleep from a long night of sex, the other man slick with his seed and begging for more. And here he was, bent over and opening up so nicely around his fingers, their friends downstairs, celebrating Christmas before they got down to their treaty talks.

“Almost there, baby,” Kankuro grunted as he picked up the bottle from the bed and poured some more over the stretched entrance and his fingers. With fresh slick, he worked a fourth one in, dropping the bottle again and smoothing the dry hand up Naruto’s back. “Relax,” he coaxed when he felt Naruto tense slightly.

Naruto took a deep breath, letting it out, his body relaxing under the other’s administrations. He shuddered hard as the fingers in him twitched barely back and forth, coaxing his muscles and making slick sounds. Pressing back, he sighed as Kankuro pulled his fingers out before pushing them back in, taking his sweet time in coaxing the muscles to relax fully.

“That’s it. You’re good,” Kankuro groaned, feeling Naruto twitch and squeeze his fingers before he pulled them free fully, leaving his lover to whine. “Don’t worry. I’m gonna give you what you want,” he promised, using the lube on his hand and coated his cock with a groan. He calmed himself before he reached out and flipped Naruto over, pulling his legs around his waist before reaching down to hold the base of his cock.

He shifted slightly and pushed into the opened hole, loving the drawn out moan from his lover as he bottomed out, hissing. He was right, even with all of the stretching, he was so very tight and hot around his cock, making him rock hard forward once and getting a yelp. Bending down, Kankuro sealed their lips together, Naruto’s arms wrapping around his neck, before he pulled the other up and into his arms, still buried into his lover.

Walking over to the wall, Naruto clinging and moaning into the kiss, he pressed the lean body firmly against the wall before reaching down to hook one leg over his arm, doing the same with the other leg over his other arm. “Fuck,” he hissed, Naruto sliding down further so that he was bent in half and still connected.

Naruto whined as his body shuddered, the angle and depth something that he wasn’t used to. He knew he was heavy, despite his lean form, and his lovers had never really wanted to do more than pick him up and toss him up onto the bed. But to be pinned to the wall, a large cock filling him, stretching him wide, was scattering any thoughts that he had, his hips twitching.

He finally got a groan out and enough thoughts to demand Kankuro to move, getting a leer before his lover did just that. With every thrust up into his willing body, he bounced slightly in the larger male’s grip. Naruto couldn’t describe it as anything but the puppet user fucking up into his body, sending bolts of pleasure spreading through him.

“Fuck, more,” Naruto whined, shuddering as Kankuro continued to fuck him into the wall, starting to move harder. Hard enough to bruise by the feel of it and he loved it. Keening, he reached down as his lover started to nibble at his neck, curling his hand around his own cock, stroking in time with the hard thrusts into his body. He shuddered at the growl from Kankuro as the man shifted slightly and moved even harder.

Kankuro shuddered as he pulled back, feeling Naruto tighten around him as he started to spill over his hand, blue eyes wide and glazed as a friction swollen mouth fell open, a silent scream escaping his lover. Getting a few more of his own thrusts up into the twitching body, he groaned and followed after, spilling into the twitching hole.

Sliding down to the floor, he groaned as Naruto went limp in his hold. Chuckling softly, he brushed his fingers over one whiskered cheek before letting the legs down to rest on either side of his hips. He gently pulled out with a hiss, Naruto moaning in displeasure as the come in him leaked out of him, making Kankuro smirk at the sight.

“Now that is a lovely sight that I hope to see more often,” he hummed, Naruto groaned and shifting.

“Not any more today,” Naruto groaned as he finally came back to himself. “The bastard fox decided that since you’re my mate, he’s not going to get rid of the soreness,” he huffed, shifting in Kankuro’s lap, allowing him to pull him into his lap as the other crossed his legs.

“Mate?” Kankuro asked as he used the access to Naruto’s back to massage the lower area.

Naruto hummed. “I always used condoms with my other lovers. I always thought that the feeling of come in my ass or leaving come in someone’s ass was just too...squeamish. At least until we started and it felt okay to do that,” Naruto admitted.

Kankuro smirked and reached lower, rubbing his fingers over the wet hole, feeling and watching Naruto squirm. “So no one has gotten to feel your sweet ass wrapped around their cock without a condom on? No one has gotten to mark you like this?” he asked, getting a shake of a blond hair.

“No. And no one else will. I hope you know that if I can’t keep you for good in Knoohagakure that I’ll be coming here,” he warned. Kankuro smirked and chuckled softly, kissing him slowly before pulling away. “Now, I need some pain killers, a shower and some clothes.”

“I can do all three,” Kankuro said, standing up with Naruto in his arms, getting a squeak. “You’re light compared to my puppets,” he teased, getting a dry look from his mate. “Come on. Shower and pain killers then we’ll dress and go on downstairs to dinner. If we miss it, Temari will gut me.”

“She would,” Naruto teased, allowing Kankuro to take care of him. As soon as they had showered and dressed, the blond taking some painkillers, they headed down the stairs, just in time to join the dinner. Through it all, Kiba was kicked into being quiet by Naruto, who had stolen one of Kankuro’s shirts for the time being, and Gaara was smirking.

Sakura glared, Tsunade leered, Temari chuckled, Shikamaru rolled his eyes, and Jiraiya furiously wrote in his little notebook as Kakashi watched with a wide eye as he snuck bites of food. All through, Naruto smiled at his mate and Kankuro just radiated smugness as he worked out the transfer to Knoohagakure as a permanent liaison for Suna.


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