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Title: The Artist and the Business man

Fandom: Naruto

Part: 7

Pairing: Kankuro/Naruto

Word Count:

An: Ahh…almost forgot about this chapter. *blushes* *chuckles* So enjoy you guys. Really. :D


Sitting on the couch, head tipped back and an arm thrown over his eyes, Gaara swirled the cup of spiced rum that he had around, the ice clinking against the side of the glass. It took Kankuro and Naruto about 10 minutes to come out of his bathroom, the younger male blushing lightly as he pulled the shirt collar of Kankuro’s shirt up his shoulder.

“So…this is the spitfire that you got lucky with the night you broke up with Hinata?” Gaara asked, voice cracking as he remembered how good looking Naruto had been with pleasure written over his face and body. It had really opened his eyes to just how good looking his fellow student was under his usually baggy clothes.

“You really called me a spitfire?” Naruto asked as he headed into the kitchen. Gaara noted that he moved like he had been there before and was welcomed often.

“Yeah, I did. You had just fucked me out of the start of a hard depression, fed me and we had agreed to start a new relationship,” Kankuro called out. “Grab me a water would you?”

“I am,” Naruto called back. Gaara lifted his head and stared at Kankuro with amazed green eyes.

“How often has he been here?” he asked, voice going a few octaves higher.

“As often as we can get together, Gaara,” Kankuro replied, leering at Naruto as he came back in, eyeing the long, bare legs. “Any time I know you’re going to be staying out late or not coming home over night mostly.”

“Which is, quite surprisingly, often,” Naruto said, handing over Kankuro’s water and taking a seat next to him. He had another bottle of water and a box of ranch flavored cracker things, which he then popped open and pulled one out.

“So that’s why you have those boxes,” Gaara grunted. Naruto flushed as he swallowed his bite.

“Kankuro here found out about my serious enjoyment of certain crackers, so he surprised me with them one day,” Naruto said, giving Kankuro a caring look. Gaara drained his glass before eyeing the box.

“You wanna share?” he asked. Naruto lent forward in his seat and offered the box to him. Reaching in, the youngest sibling pulled out a few and they sat back in their seats again.

“Fuck, man,” Gaara groaned, shaking his head. “Why aren’t you freaking out or trying to kick my ass?”

“Gaara, I never really hated you, ever,” Naruto told him, pointing a cracker at him. “I hated the fact that you three became asses when I came back from my time with my grandparents. I was gone for a scant year to close my mother’s estate and when I come back you start sneering at me.”

“Damn it,” Gaara groaned, rubbing at his face. “I had wondered why you had told us it was family shit. I thought that your mom had died way before that. On top of that…well there was this whole scandal where some guy was claiming to be Mayor Minato's love child, trying to  ruin him or get money from him. I suppose that we all jumped to the conclusion that it was you, or at least Uchiha’s parents did anyways.”

“Nope. I was selling the house, closing various accounts and paying off bills as I finished my junior year at home under Tsunade’s careful eye. That guy was proven to be a fraud and ended up with a massive fine and three years in jail,” Naruto snorted, Kankuro just sat back and watched them interact with careful eyes, ready to jump in at any time. “So why didn’t you guys just ask me what was going on?”

“Because we’re a bunch of idiots mostly, but also pressure from above. Sasuke’s father and Neji’s uncle were pressing them to disassociate from you and with me if I continued to hang out with you,” Gaara admitted. Standing up, he walked over to the usually locked liquor cabinet and pulled out a can of coke, pouring it into a larger cup before adding a splash of rum.

“So in order to do what…?” Naruto asked, watching the red head flop back down onto the couch.

“In order to keep my future contacts for when I take my place fully, I did a seriously fucked up move and ditched you,” Gaara grunted.

“You did a stupid thing there, Gaara,” Kankuro drawled as he pulled his lover into his lap, Naruto eating another one of his crackers.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know,” Gaara sighed. “So the last two years has been a serious fuck up.”

Yep,” Naruto chirped, smirking at the other man. “As it is, I am Minato’s love child, but I don’t’ want anything to do with him. The ass told my mom not to try to get anything from him when she had gotten sick. I could care less about him. I have a bit left over from my mother’s estate as it is and I make some good cash off of my art and part time job.”

“You said your godmother was Tsunade, right?” Kankuro asked, Naruto nodding.

“Yep, she is. She knew both my mother and Minato, and agreed to being my godmother when my mom asked.” Popping another cracker into his mouth, he shrugged. “She really doesn’t help me beyond renting me my apartment for a pretty good price,” he said around his cracker.

“Huh,” Gaara grunted before shaking his head with a smirk dancing on his lips. “I’m going to have Sasuke come pick my ass up for the night so I can stay away from you two sex bunnies.”

“Sex bunny? When have I ever been a furry creature like a rabbit?” Naruto asked, wrinkling his nose as Kankuro chuckled.

“I don’t think I have ta tell ya to keep this quiet right?” Kankuro asked his brother. Gaara snorted as he pulled out his cell to text Sasuke.

“I really don’t need to be called a gold digger,” Naruto muttered, Kankuro hugging him close.

“Don’t worry, Naruto, I have no desire to tell them that my brother is fucking you. If anything, I would want them to be as traumatized as I am,” Gaara grunted as he sent off his text.

“Gee, thanks,” Naruto growled, pouting as he used his lover as a pillow to rest on. Kankuro just smiled indulgently, more than happy to allow it to happen, helping to hide his rapidly rising problem.

“When will he be here?” he asked when Gaara’s phone went off.

“In about ten minutes. Enough time for me to pack a fresh bag,” was the reply as he stood up. Gaara walked out of the living room and headed for his bedroom. Packing everything that he would need, he grabbed his school bag to and walked out to the living room once more. He came to a stop at finding Naruto straddling Kankuro’s lap, the two engaged in a slow, deep kiss. “If you can pry apart for ten seconds, I can tell you goodbye.”

Naruto puled away and turned to Gaara with a sheepish smile. “Sorry about that.”

“Not a problem. Sasuke and Neji should be here soon to pick me up,” Gaara said as he slung his duffle bag over one shoulder.

“Why is Neji coming?” Kankuro asked as he stared at his brother in some curiosity.

“He’s hiding from Hinata. She’s taken to coming around and bugging him every chance she can about talking to you since he and I are friends,” Gaara replied. “She thinks that it should give him some pull with you or something.”

“I really do need to talk with her,” Kankuro said, shaking his head before leering and suddenly flopping Naruto back onto the couch, getting a squeal that covered the sound of the front door opening. Neji and Sasuke found Kankuro leaning over a laughing, half dressed Naruto, a large hand sliding up his toned thigh.

“Well, now they know,” Gaara snorted. Naruto arched his head back to blink at the three that stood there, uncaring that his legs were hitched around the smirking Kankuro’s waist.

“I thought that you were going to meet them outside, Gaara,” he finally said.

“I was. Listen, Naruto, I’m gonna tell them what you told me, yeah?” Gaara asked, Naruto blinking a few more times.

“Yeah, sure,” Naruto replied, squeaking loudly when Kankuro’s hand slipped down to grope his ass. “Go for it,” he continued with a laugh as he started to wiggle under his lover, his own hands tugging at the man’s shirt. “Just get lost.”

“Alright, we’re out of here,” Gaara said, quickly shoving Neji and Sasuke out of the house, green eyes avoiding looking at them. “I saw them fuckin’ once, I really don’t want to see it again.”

“You walked in on them?” Neji asked as the door closed behind them and they walked to Sasuke’s car.

“Yeah. Apparently they’ve been fuckin’ and datin’ ever since he and Hinata broke up,” Gaara said, opening the back door and tossing his stuff into the back.

“What is he?” A gold digger on top of a fucking bastard child?” Neji growled. Before he could stalk up to the house, Gaara grabbed his arm and shoved him into the car.

“No, he’s not a damn gold digger. Let me tell you what he told me,” Gaara said as he slid into the car with Sasuke.


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