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Title: Sharing Hearts

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 3

Characters: Hizashi, Minato

Word Count: 4,903

AN: So this is a day late and I am sorry about that. Between trying to figure out an alternate site to photobucket for extra's on Y!Gallery (thank you, lyiiint), the book fair that I've been helping out at, and a sudden attack of allergies, I was VERY busy yesterday. And for the past week.

So I am sorry that I didn't post yesterday but Monday is the last day of the fair (hurrah!) and then I got back to my normal posting schedule. :D


The next morning found Naruto looking rather wore out and Minato smirking as he made a simple, light breakfast while the younger blond sipped at some tea to wake up. He had limped down the stairs, much to his father's amusement, just as he had been promised.

Once he had breakfast done, he put it down, checked the time, and wrapped his food up into a tortilla before heading out with a wave to his child, having a somewhat early morning. Naruto just grunted at him as he left, nearly falling asleep in his tea cup, making Minato chuckle softly as he left the grounds of their home, heading for the office.

After dealing with the council and getting their shit straightened out, Minato found himself in his office, sipping tea and mind actually having time to think about what had happened the night before. He sighed and thumped his head against the back of his chair with a groan of disbelief. “I can believe I did that,” he sighed, slumping down in his chair and suddenly wishing he could have something stronger then what he had in his hand.

Sipping at his drink, Minato sighed and looked down into his cup, swirling around the tea, watching the ripples appear. As they started to calm down once more, he rubbed at his face and wondered just how high he had been the night before. He couldn't remember taking anything but between dealing with the council the day before and Kakashi, he couldn't be quite sure that he hadn't. But to have seen all that skin in such a way that hadn't happened since Naruto had been but a child? It had tested his patience.

He sighed when a knock came from the door, prompting him to turn from his tea. “Come on in,” he called out, looking at his appointment book and being reminded that he had a meeting with one Hiashi Hyuga, making him sigh softly. “Please, sit, Hiashi-kun. What can I do for you?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at the other as he sat down in one of his chairs, looking tired.

“When will Neji and his teammates be back?” he asked with a groan, rubbing at his face. “Hizashi is driving me into insanity,” he grunted.

Minato sat back and hummed softly, reminded that the man before him, despite having been married at one time, was in an incestuous relationship of his own with his own brother and nephew. It wasn't anything that was new when it came to the clans but again, it was rare for it to happen. “He'll be back either late tonight or sometime in the afternoon tomorrow,” he promised, smiling at his friend as he groaned. “Is he being a worried father or worried lover?” he asked to ask teasingly, Hiashi glaring at him.

“Both,” Hiashi finally sighed, shaking his head with a rueful smile. “I have never been able to hide anything from you have I?” he asked, Minato shaking his head with a smile.

“Nope,” Minato snickered softly, shrugging with a knowing look. “How hard is it having two lovers who are also family?” he asked, Hiashi gazing at him with a surprised look, the years of friendship between them allowing the normally cold man to drop his mask.

“What?” he asked, Minato narrowing his eyes in response. “I really just heard you ask that? What's is with the sudden interest?” he asked.

“Just some shit that's gone down and now that needs to be thought about,” Minato said slowly, draining his tea cup. “You want tea for this? Cause I could really use a friend who won't go around blabbering about this shit.”

“Please, for the tea. And you should know that I do not, as you so eloquently put it, blabber about things,” Hisashi sniffed, rolling his eyes with an annoyed sound. Minato snickered and stood up, moving to his small tea stand, heating the water and pulling out another tea cup and pot. Putting tea leaves into the tea catcher on top, he waited for the water to finish heating before pouring it over the tea leaves and placing the lid on top of the tea pot.

Picking up the cup and tea pot, he walked over to the couch and two chairs, handing Hiashi the cup in his hand before grabbing his own cup and sitting down, putting cup and tea pot down onto a small table. Hiashi just gave him a look. “So, tell me, how is it dealing with having two lovers. And not just two lovers, but two lovers who are family,” he said finally.

Hiashi sighed, and sat back, nodding his head when Minato offered him some tea. “Well, I'm sure that you know that Hizashi and I were together off and on through the years, before our wives and after we lost them. We became even closer when Hinata was almost lost to us, even though you were able to stop the Cloud nin from taking her. And when Neji became old enough and decided he knew what he wanted after he had been with Naruto, well, it just filled in a part in our hearts. We know that one day he will marry or find someone younger but we are taking it one day at a time,” he said. “As for the people around us? We tend to ignore them. We are not harming anyone and he came to us.”

“So he did,” Minato hummed, staring at his tea cup as he poured some for himself. The two sat in silence, Hiashi staring at his friend before he sat up with a cocked eyebrow.

“Tell me, Minato, why is it that you asking me about my relationship with my two lovers?” Hiashi asked softly, placing his cup down and leaning towards him. “Talk to me. I hope that even though we are older and have responsibilities that require us to be apart that we are still friends,” he said, Minato smiling softly before groaning and draining his cup.

“Yeah, well, let me just say that everything that has been going on with my attraction to Naruto has just kind of blown up,” Minato groaned, shaking his head with a rueful smile.

Hiashi sat up with a surprised look on his face before he snorted in laughter. “You slept with Naruto?” he hissed, Minato nodding his head and rubbing at his face as his friend took on a thoughtful expression. “I would sleep with him. If not for my brother and nephew, yeah, I would have really slept with him. He's a beautiful male and very strong all things considered,” Hiashi hummed, Minato staring at him with some surprise. “Is this why you're brooding about?” he asked.

Minato nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, well it wasn't like it was planned. I just happened to walk in on him when he dropped his robe to give him some tea and seeing all that bloody skin and just how good looking he is now?” He groaned and rubbed at his face. “Fuck if it wasn't what made my patience snap.”

“How long did you two go?” Hiashi asked, sounding rather eager to know much to Minato's misery.

“I don't care what people say, you are a fucking pervert,” Minato huffed, shaking his head. “And most of the night. We got maybe four hours of sleep,” he said after getting a dry look from Hiashi. “He was limping when I left.”

“Look, Minato, my friend, no matter what is said and expected of you, you need to find some happiness in your life. We all know that you won't marry another woman, no matter how much the idiots try to push you to remarry for political reasons, but we also know that you need lovers that will be able to keep up with you,” Hiashi sighed, draining his tea with a hum. “And Kakashi-san and Naruto-kun both are able to keep up with you, and your stamina,” he continued, standing up from the chair. “Do something for me.”

“And what is that?” Minato hummed, looking at his smirking friend as the other smoothed a bit of dark hair back.

“Talk with Naruto-kun, then drag Kakashi-san to the hot springs for a double team. I don't think he would complain very much about having two hot blonds making his sex life so much fun,” Hiashi drawled, enjoying the way Minato seemed to turn as red as his wife had once upon a time.

“Oh fuck off,” Minato groaned, burying his face into his hands, ignoring the soft snickering from his friend as the Hyuga clan head left the office, heading home to share the gossip with his own lover. “I'm screwed. So...screwed. So very screwed.”

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