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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: An Assassins Enigma

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Pein/Naruto

Club Swap: Forgotten Love

For: Daydreamer

She wanted: An assassin sees his target, but killing him is the last thing on his mind. (It kinda went sideways…)

Part: 1

Word count: 1,683

AN: I have a few points I want to cover: First of all, I hope that I did good by Days story here. Sweety, I really do hope you love this story. :) It was fun to write. The prompt gave me such an awesome idea but I can’t do it justice unless I write a full length story.


Which brings me to point two: I will be writing a full length story for this pairing and the thought behind it. Which will take me time, and a lot of it. *sighs* Wish me luck when I start doing it.


Third point: There are 4 parts to this story. It grew on me…literally. I shall be posting those parts here in the next couple of days.


Fourth point: I really do hope you like it, Day. Seriously. :)




Pouring a splash of rum into a glass and adding some cola to the alcohol, he turned his assessing gaze to his newest client; oddly colored eyes watched him as he stared out of the bay window. Neji Hyuuga swirled a tumbler of whiskey around as his companion finally closed the drink cabinet after giving his own drink a quick stir with a glass rod.


“So, Hyuuga, why are you coming to me instead of one of your men?” Pein asked as he sat in one of the chairs scattered around Nejis office.


“The one that I want taken out knows who my people are. Unfortunately,” Neji stated as he turned from the window.


Pale lavender eyes gazed at the assassin as he mused about the man before him. When he had heard of Pein, which had been about the same time that he had taken over his father’s territory from his uncle, Neji had been interested in getting the man on his payroll. But the red headed man had politely declined, saying he preferred working for himself and being able to live his double life in peace.


No one knew that his name was Pein: They only knew him as Leader, and he liked it that way.


“So who is it?” Pein asked as he sipped his drink, the back of one lip piercing hitting the edge of the glass. Neji eyed just how many small, silver balls studded the man’s face, more earrings in his ears and probably more piercing’s hidden under the man’s clothing.


He handed over a manila envelope instead of answering the question. Pein opened it, his eyebrows shooting upwards in surprise at pulling out a picture of a pretty, young male. With what looked to be whiskers on his cheeks, blond hair and blue eyes, he admitted that he knew the guy and was surprised.


“Your boyfriend?” he asked, unable to quite keep the surprise free from his voice.


“Ex actually. He left me due to the fact that I am in such a life,” Neji snarled as Pein continued to go through the envelope, finding information. “His father runs the Northern border, has a treaty with us and the Uchihas for that matter, so he knew what he was getting into when he started to date me. Then he turns around and leaves me six months afterwards, saying he will not put his own life into danger just because I have to pick a fight with Sasuke Uchiha.”


“I see,” Pein drawled as he went through the information. “You’ll have to pay 25 thousand dollars to my account that I’ll give to you. That’s just for me to stalk and watch my target. Once he’s dead, you’ll need to transfer another 40 thousand to my account. Disposal of the body will cost you another 10,” he finally stated, putting the information back into the manila envelope. “Should I not kill him, I will keep that 25 thousand but you do not have to pay another dime.”


Standing up, he plucked a pen from the desk and wrote the bank information down.


“And you start when?” Neji asked as Pein dropped the pen down onto the desk.


“I’ll start when you pay me. Don’t worry, I’ll know when you do,” was the reply. With the information tucked away, Pein left with a smirk, leaving Neji to do what he would.


Two hours later as he stepped out of the shower, dripping with water, his phone went off. He smirked at the notice that three deposits had been made, two of the amount of 9,999 and one of 5,002 dollars.


He was quick to move the cash to a more secure account and checked the clock. It was nearly 8, a perfect time for him to change his peircing’s to a matte black set, get dressed and go to the bar that Naruto worked at.


Doing just that, he was out the door just after 9, finding a parking spot and parking near the club. Once he was inside, he spotted Naruto weave through the club goers with ease, a tray filled with drinks balanced on one hand.


He was beautiful for a male, his blond hair shifting in shades and reflecting the colored lights. Blue eyes sparkled with his enjoyment as he served drinks, the occasional finger food dish and interacted with the people he was serving. He wasn’t the tallest male, topping out at 5 foot 11, four inches shy of Pein’s own 6 foot 3, but it fit his lean body.


To Pein’s well trained eyes, his target was built to fight, to protect himself and others as needed. The one part that really drew Pein’s eyes to Naruto was the pert ass that moved way too enticingly for his tastes.


“No wonder Hyuuga is so pissed at Naruto leaving him. I would be to if I had a taste of that ass,” Pein snorted, waving for the bartender. “Grey Goose martini, please, no olive,” he requested.


Once it had been placed before him, he picked it up and continued to watch as Naruto walked back and forth between the customers and the bar, ferrying drinks and empty dishes back and forth. As he watched through the night, occasionally moving to the bathroom and around the large room that was the club, making sure to eat something to keep from getting too buzzed, Pein learned what he could about the young man.


When the bar closed, he moved his car to a more private spot, keeping in the dark as he opened his window and lit a cigarette. He had to wait nearly an hour before he saw Naruto leave the bar with another waiter who had upside down triangles on his cheek. They split up after a few minutes of talking, the guy sliding into a bug that had seen better days, and driving away.


Naruto on the other hand started down the street, Pein finding himself sitting there for another 10 minutes to see just where the younger man was heading off to. He was surprised when Naruto crossed the street and disappeared into an apartment building. Waiting long enough for him to leave at least the main lobby, Pein turned on his car and drove forward, finding the buildings number and making a note on it before getting out of his car.


Stepping into the vestibule, he found Narutos buzzer, which told him the apartment number. “So you went from a penthouse in the most fashionable district to this place. I wonder why, my little enigma,” he mused as he left the vestibule, getting into his car and driving away, his mind whirling.


From the information that had been provided by Hyuuga, Naruto’s father was Minato, who controlled a part of the city. The man was watchful over his people, not allowing drugs to be sold in his part of town and prostitutes were allowed to work in certain places that were made for their protection.


The streets under Minato’s control were a lot safer then most.


But even though Naruto was his child, he wasn’t Minato’s heir for the simple fact that Naruto didn’t want to be. No…it wasn’t that, he just didn’t want to put any lover and children he may end up with in the future going through what he had.


Parking his car, Pein frowned heavily as he stared at the parking garage wall and let his mind turn over the information. Even as he got out of his car and headed towards his condo, he contemplated just why Naruto was living in such a building, the building itself making him wonder just why it had been chosen.


As he closed the door behind him, Pein tossed the keys into a bowl on his table and strode over to his computer desk. Sitting down, he opened his laptop and was soon gazing at the website that talked about Narutos building, blinking in surprise at what he found.


He was quickly tiring of being surprised.


As he read, he found out that there was some solid security outside of the vestibule, mostly cameras that covered every inch of the lobby and the hallways. Each apartment had a security system that was reset the day a new tenant moved out or when one had been kicked out, and the first floor was devoted to several small businesses, including two lawyers and a therapist. It was a minute away from one of the police departments on top of that.


“Smart little enigma, very smart indeed,” Pein chuckled as he sat back, idly wandering around the site before stumbling across the layouts and apartment numbers. “Jack pot,” he cooed, finding pictures of what looked to be Naruto’s apartment.


He found the rent was rather reasonable for the one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. There was a semi-large kitchen with a good sized dining room and living room, all of it well laid out. And from what he could tell from the pictures, painted a very light cream color instead of a stark white. The furniture that was available with the apartment was simple and went well with each other, the bedroom with the large bed dominating the space taking most of his attention.


“Damn, I have gone much to long without any sex,” he groaned as he shut the window down before his mind started to provide images of his target in the big bed, preferably naked.


Finding that it was close to 4:30, he stood and padded down around his condo, setting the alarm and locking things up. A quick shower to wash off the club off and he slipped into bed.


He finally decided to just stalk after Naruto, leaving the running of his legal business to Konan once more, knowing she would contact him if she needed him.


He would need as much information as he could get on the young man that he had been contracted to take out so he could satisfy his curiosity. He always did enjoy a good mystery and Naruto was turning out to be a very interesting mystery. 

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