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Title: Surprising Finds

Fandom: Bleach

Chapter: 3

Pairing: Minato/Fugaku/Naruto

Word Count: 1,483

AN: Chapter 3. Half way through this story. T.T I kind of miss this story already.


“You’re thinking rather hard about something or another,” Fugaku said as he watched his lover flip through the channels before handing over his plate of pizza. Minato smirked and shrugged one shoulder as he tried to throw off his thoughts.

“Just a little,” Minato grunted as he took the plate. Once they had gotten home from shopping, Naruto had been called into work, leaving in a pair of pants and shirt that had teased at what was under them. After he had left, Minato had plopped down onto the couch and started to flip through the channels, his mind elsewhere even as Fugaku had put a pizza into the oven.

“Yeah, just a little,” Fugaku snorted, his lover playfully glaring at him. “Let me guess, you’re thinking long and hard about the semi androgynous male that calls you asshole and lives in the basement?” he asked, crossing his legs after he sat down, putting his own plate down to the side. “And don’t try to bullshit me.”

Minato groaned and rubbed at his eyes. “I wouldn’t be so screwed up if he wasn’t so damn pretty,” he whined, kicking his legs before shoving his piece of pizza into his mouth.

“Well, Sasuke and Itachi are with Kisame, so I don’t think that it’s the fact that it is your brother.” Fugaku bit into his own pizza and watched his lover groan around the bite in his mouth. “So what is it?”

“You’re right, it’s not the fact he’s my brother,” Minato grunted, rubbing at his face. “It’s the fact that I was a complete ass to him as we grew up,” he groaned, rubbing at his face again before eating another bite of pizza. “I was an asshole for so long and he didn’t have to agree to letting us live here just for that single fact.”

“Just because you were an ass doesn’t mean that he can’t forgive you for it,” Fugaku told him as Minato made a noise of agreement, going back to actually eating, only getting up to grab another slice of pizza and a couple cans of soda. “So what are you going to do now?”

Minato looked over at his lover over the edge of soda can and cocked an eyebrow at the other male. “I’m only going to try to make up for being such an ass.”

“You want to do more with him, so don’t try to deny it,” Fugaku said, waving his can at the blond man. “Again, what are you gonna do now?” he prodded.

Minato bit into his pizza and eyed up his lover, chewing as he tried to figure out just what to say. He groaned and dropped his pizza down onto the plate and the plate onto the table next to him. “I want to bend him over that dining room table and fuck him until he can’t remember his own name is what I would like to do. But I highly doubt that I would be very welcomed to do so,” he stated, glaring at his already half hard dick.

Fugaku smirked and put his slice of pizza onto the same plate as Minato’s before sliding into his lap, threading his fingers into soft blond hair. “You want to hear all those pretty little sounds he makes with those lovers of his? You want to see all of those lovely little expressions that he makes for those boy toys he brings home?” he purred, tugging hard on his mate’s hair with a growl, getting a low groan from the other man. “Oh, do you like that thought?”

“Very much so,” Minato groaned, putting his hands onto lean hips, squeezing them with a grunt.

Fugaku chuckled and slid off of his lover’s lap, drawing him up and out of the living room, the two exchanging kisses as they stumbled into their room and shed clothing as they moved. Pushing Minato onto the bed, he once more crawled into the other male’s lap and smirked as he took in the caramel skin that was flushed darker than before. “I can see you two together, all golden skin and lean muscle. It would be a gorgeous sight I would think,” he mused, tracing his finger down Minato’s chest as the other male’s hands came to rest on his hips once more.

“Gods, Fu, you’re killin’ me here,” Minato groaned, rocking his prick up against the smaller male’s ass.

Fugaku chuckled as he reached q out for the bottle of lube that they kept close at hand at all times. “Hardly. Though I have a feeling that if we’re able to get your brother inot our bed, he will,” he mused as he slicked his fingers.

Minato moaned at the thought of Naruto putting all of the energy they had seen since moving in into what they would do in bed. He had a feeling that his ass would end up raw and his dick would be chafed, even with Fugaku there to help him with his fellow blond. “Fu, man,” he groaned, blue eyes darkening even more as Fugaku sat up a bit more and reached behind him. He twisted his head, groaning as a long finger sank into the ring of muscles there.

“You always seem to enjoy watching me fuck myself open for you,” Fugaku panted, black eyes half lidded as he worked the finger in and out of himself before adding a second. Minato groaned in tandem with him, the leaner man rocking back into his fingers as a third was worked into the grasping entrance.

Minato leered as Fugaku pulled his fingers free from the muscles and moved to slick his length. “Of course I do. You’re always so fuckin’ prim and proper that when you’re fucking yourself open, it’s so much more filthy.”

Fugaku flushed and shifted so that he could sink down onto his lover’s hard length, hissing softly at the stretch. Minato’s hands clenched tightly onto lean hips and helped him slid down, grunting as he was swallowed by tight heat. Rolling his hips with a groan, Fugaku started to move, pulling up before sinking back down, making them both moan at the slick friction between them.

Minato finally moved one hand and curled it around Fugaku’s bobbing length, stroking in time with his thrusts upwards, twisting his hand at the tip and swiping over the slit. Fugaku’s head dropped back and he moaned his delight, shuddering as his climax coiled and tightened before it snapped. As he spilled over Minato’s hand and stomach, he ground his hips down, entrance tightening around the driving length in him. The blond yelped as he was squeezed tightly and came, eyes rolling back with his own pleasure.

The two lovers collapsed onto the bed, loving the connection that was between them and the afterglow of good sex, no matter how quick it had been. Fugaku was the first to actually get up, pulling off of Minato with a wrinkled nose and a slick pop. He padded to the bathroom and took a quick shower before letting Minato have it as he redressed. Once they both had cleaned up and dressed, the couple walked back down the stairs and put their now cold pizza back into the oven for a quick reheat.

While the pizza was heating up again, Fugaku turned to Minato and said, “Now we got that out of our systems, at least for now, I have to say that I wouldn’t be opposed to having Naruto as a third and equal partner in our relationship if he’s willing to it.”

Minato nodded his agreement, smiling at his lover, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I have a feeling that we’re going to have to really work at getting him to agree to a three way relationship between us. There is a lot of hurt and history between me and him along with everything else.”

“I do feel that we can make this work,” Fugaku replied, checking the pizza and pulling it out after finding it hot. He dished up their partially eaten slices along with two new ones and handed Minato his plate. “It’s just a matter of finding a balance and a lot of communication.”

“I love it when you talk like that,” Minato growled playfully as he took his plate with a smile. Fugaku just rolled his eyes and huffed quietly, giving the other man a dry look. “Okay, okay. Look, I’m very willing to try it if you are. We’ll start by going on runs with him and maybe hitting the gym when he goes. Sounds good to you?” he asked, tugging his lover close.”

“Perfect. I’ve been meaning to take up jogging again anyways,” Fugaku chuckled as he sat down in one of the living room chairs. The two fell into an easy silence with each other, enjoying their food and watching TV.


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