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Title: Sharing Hearts

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 1

Characters: Naruto, Minato

Word Count: 1,170

AN: So much to do, so little time to do it. Please note the warnings at the top, yes? I'm not going to listen to complaints please. *sighs*


The first time he had seen his son had been after the Kyuubi had been sealed into the small child, his wife beaming from her bed that had been surrounded by a jutsu warding seal. Naruto had been pouting, or so it had seemed to Minato, in his mother’s arms after a first filling meal, cheeks whiskered and baby blues bright and gorgeous.

He had fallen in love with their child even as she told him to find a lover for the next six months because he wasn’t touching her with a ten foot pole.

Over the next eight years, the families life had been good, filled with love and trust and an amazing amount of mischief. Then Kushina lost her life during a mission gone wrong, having gone back to save the child that had been snatched out of her arms. She had gotten back to report in but hadn’t lived much longer past that. But Minato and Naruto had picked up their lives, as all ninjas did when they lost someone, and continued on with life.

When Naruto had turned 12, he had graduated the academy and was placed in the same team as Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, which had driven him up a wall. Especially since Kakashi, Minato’s on again, off again, lover had been his teacher. When he had been 15, he had become a chunnin and started to work at the academy, making a good name for himself.

Minato kept doing his job as Hokage, occasionally going out on his own missions, but making sure that he looked like any other ANBU when he did so. And, as much as he hated the fact, from just around age 14 to just before Naruto turned 16, they rarely saw one another.

He heard the interesting bits of his son’s life, including the fact that he had had a couple of girlfriends but had apparently switched to guys. He had brushed it off for the moment seeing as most nins were rather open with their sexuality, and Kakashi was in the habit of jumping him whenever he felt he could get away with it. He had heard that Naruto had actually been with the heir to the Branch side of the Hyuuga family for his first time with another male. Seeing Neji stagger out of his son’s bedroom one day had proven those particular rumors true.

It was Naruto getting a tongue ring that had truly set Minato’s mind on a road that rarely was taken by anyone, not that it was a problem. There was known to be the occasional incestuous relationships in families ranging from purely civilian all the way up to the higher clans. Though for the higher clans, it was about keeping their families abilities pure and free of any kind of blood that would disable the ability.

But for a man who was well known and the Hokage, it hadn’t been seen except for a short time between the first two Hokages of their village.

It had started with Naruto coming home after a mission, tongue playing over his teeth as he pulled off his shoes in the front hallway. It was the muffled click of something on his teeth that had caught Minato’s attention, his dark blue eyes narrowing as his son went stiff at the look.

“Hey, dad,” Naruto squeaked, Minato cocking an eyebrow at him. “How are ya?” he asked.

“Good. your mouth,” the older blond drawled, the tone clearly demanding obedience from his child. Naruto had smiled sheepishly and tried to hide what was clearly a tongue ring from the other, squawking when Minato simple grabbed his jaw and used two fingers to pull out his tongue. Glittering there against the pink of his tongue was a brand new ball tipped tongue ring. “Naruto,” he growled, letting go of it as he tried to shove the very sudden, and very hot, thoughts of just how that tongue ring would feel.

“What? It’s not like you can say anything,” Naruto huffed, crossing his arms and looking to the side. “It’s healed and I have it. I’m not the only shinobi to have a tongue ring and I have a few dozen simple black ball rings that I’ll wear on missions, so no worries there,” he stated, Minato wiping his wet fingers on his pants before rubbing at the bridge of his nose with one finger.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Is this because I said no on that trip to Suna to visit Gaara?” he asked.

“No,” Naruto said, crossing his arms and turning his head away, pouting. Which meant that it had been about the denied visit to see his fellow vessel.

“Damn it. I need to get ready for work and I don’t know if I’m mad or not right now,” Minato moaned, rubbing at his face before turning around on the ball of his feet and heading upstairs. Naruto just pouted after him and headed up to his own room, closing the door behind him with a decisive snap of the latch.

After that, Naruto started to not really care if his father was in the house when he brought home sex partners, just making sure that he had his silencing jutsu’s up. But to Minato’s everlasting torture, his son seemed to forget to put the damn jutsu up whenever his partner got really excited and jumped him the moment they were in his room.

One such day had been while Minato had been home, off for once, and reading a book in his bedroom. One minute he had been happily reading about a new seal that was being tested by one of the few seal masters of the Fire Nation, and the next he was listening to a thunk against the wall of his son’s room.

“What the fuck are you doing?” came a hissed voice that was definitely not Naruto’s own voice. Straining his hearing, he heard the ruffling of clothing followed by a soft moan and a thunk of someones head hitting the wall. “Oh...oh fuck, yeah. Do that again,” came the voice once more, sounding decidedly more aroused than he had earlier.

Swallowing heavily, Minato put the article aside as he imagined what could be happening in the book, ruling out a hand job since Naruto tended to make his own noises when that happened. He had a feeling that his son was on his knees and was showing his talent with his tongue off to his fellow teen. Dressing quietly, he dived out of his open window and headed to Kakashi’s place when the sounds coming from Naruto’s room got decidedly loud.

Kakashi had ended up walking funny for a couple of days afterward, getting time off, but they both had enjoyed themselves.

It took another six months before his rapidly waning patience finally snapped and he fulfilled some of the fantasies that had been running around in his head for way too long.

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