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Title: Surprising Finds

Fandom: Bleach

Chapter: 5

Pairing: Minato/Fugaku/Naruto

Word Count: 1,482

AN: And we have fluff and a sleepy writer.


Three days had passed since Fugaku had kissed Naruto in his rather drunken state and the three males were once more hanging out, enjoying the end of their mid-terms. Naruto was slicing bell peppers while Fugaku was straining chicken broth from the chicken parts and fatty froth. Minato had been relegated to the dining room table with fresh sweet apples so he could cut, core and peel them for a pie for their dessert.

“So how did the bartending class go for you?” Minato asked as he quartered an apple, removing the core from each quarter before peeling them.

Naruto grunted in thought as he placed the sliced bell peppers into a stove top wok. “It went well enough I think. I’ll get the cards with the customer reviews next week but I’ll get my actual grades tomorrow I think,” he said as he moved on to cutting up some carrots into Julianne strips.

“Did the tasters look like they were enjoying the drink at least?” Fugaku asked in return. He placed the bowl of strained broth and the strainer full of chicken to the side before cleaning out the crock pot that he had used.

“Yeah, they seemed to look like they did,” Naruto said as he worked on the carrots. “Do you need some sliced carrots for the soup?” he asked, getting a nod.

“Yeah, about four of the mediums,” Fugaku replied, pointing to the ones that he wanted. “But it does sound as if you might end up with a good grade for this round of drinks. Are you going to start working on your finals set?” he asked.

Minato stood up and walked into the kitchen, stealing the partially cooked crust that sat on the counter with a smirk. “And what are you going to do with them this round?” he asked as he walked back to his seat at the dining room table and sat down with the crust.

Naruto watched as his older brother carefully laid out the already sliced applies into the crust. “Well, my semester assignment is organic tastes so probably fruit bases this time with an easily mixed in alcohol. We have to use wine for the holidays and keep the Christmas season in mind,” he continued. Dropping the cut carrots in with the red peppers, he started to slice the chosen carrots for Fugaku. “I think I’ll do a twist on mulled wine actually. Instead of the red grape wine, I’ll use something like that apple wine that you brought home, Minato.” He continued to slice the carrots, pushing the cut ones into the offered bowl.

“Celery to please,” Fugaku requested.

Minato looked up from the mixing of the cinnamon, corn starch and sugar dusting that he would be using on the apples. “I think that actually would be a good mix,” he drawled and moved to dust the first layer, laying another layer of apple after that.

“I thought so,” Naruto hummed as he dug around in the refrigerator and pulled out a couple of good sized stalks of celery. “So, tell me how your mid-terms went for you guys,” he prompted.

“I think most of my tests went well enough,” Minato admitted. “Pre-History, Art of the World and my math class was pretty easy but it was my English and business classes that required those ass long essay’s so I’m not quite sure on how that went,” he said, dusting the last layer of the apples with the last of the mix.

“You’ll being finding that out about the same time as I will right?” Naruto asked, getting a nod from the other male.

“Awesome. What about you, Fugaku?” he asked, sliding the chopped celery into the same bowl as the carrots and handing it over.

Fugaku scowled and rolled his shoulders, putting the vegetables into the crock pot before skimming the rest of the fat froth off of the top of the broth. “It went well enough. Since I’m in the same business and English classes as the idiot I’m dating, I have to wait to find out my grades to,” he finally said, running hot water over the chicken to get rid of the left over fat froth. “But the rest of my tests went well enough. All of that time studying helped in the long run,” he continued. He poured the broth in over the vegetables and set it to cook as Naruto worked on their lunch and Minato finished off the pie.

“At least the damn things are well and truly done for the moment,” Minato said, shrugging one shoulder. He stood up and moved around the other two males, sliding the pie into the hot oven. “Personally, I’m just glad that I take half of my classes online instead of going to the actual campus.”

“Yep,” Naruto mused as he stirred the vegetables around, cooking them with a careful eye. “Unfortunately for my classroom classes, they’ve been assigned online study for the next two weeks while they fight a supposed infestation of bedbugs.”

“Bedbugs? How the fuck did bedbugs find their way into the building?” Fugaku asked, eyebrows furrowing together once more as he covered the soup with a lid.

“One room. One single room had only two of the little buggers from one of the early morning classes yesterday,” Naruto stated. “I went to the building and was told to head to one of the conference rooms for my classes. So next week will be spent mostly here when I’m not working or working out,” he warned.

“Or raiding the library, or the farmer’s market, or teasing your friends into cursing your name,” Minato teased, dodging the clicking chopsticks that Naruto had decided to use instead of a wooden spoon. “Don’t attack me with your mutant chopsticks,” he huffed.

Naruto glared at him and clicked the giant cooking sticks together again. “They’re cooking chopsticks and work better than some of my wooden spoons when cooking something like the stir fry that I’m making for you,” he stated, Fugaku smiling and shaking his head at the two brothers.

He moved to sit down on a bar stool once more and smiled when his lover placed a cup of coffee down before him along with the cream and sugar. Fixing his coffee the way he liked it, Fugaku watched the two males as they continued to work on lunch together.

His thoughts turned to the day after he had kissed Naruto in his drunken stupor, remembering how he had admitted to it to his lover, expecting him to be angry. What he had gotten had been a pout from Minato about him not being there to see it happen. The following talk had ended up being deeper than the one that they had had about Naruto before. They had finally settled on actually asking Naruto to join as their third and to see where things went between the three of them.

They both knew that it would take time and work for their relationship to really work, but they were willing to work for it. Fugaku and Minato had worked hard on their own relationship so adding a third would end up stressing it but they felt that it would be worth it in the end.

“So, Naruto, how would you like to go out with me and Fu here to the new movie?” Minato asked, smiling at his brother as the younger male gave him a curious look.

“Why?” Naruto asked, placing the stir fry onto some rice with easy movements.

Fugaku chose that moment to explain why they were asking at that moment. “We want to date you,” he stated, blond brows shooting upwards into equally blond hair. “We both like you, love you in all actuality, and have for some time now. But we were like children pulling the pigtails of the girl we liked. We want the chance to show you that we are true in our regret of how we treated you and in our feelings for you,” he continued as he took the plat that was handed to him.

Minato and Naruto pulled themselves up onto the counter, facing each other and sitting with their legs crossed. Naruto made a considering noise and poked at his food, the other two starting to eat as he sat and thought about their offer.

After they had finished half of their plates, Naruto finally spoke, pointing his fork at them. “Alright, here’s how it will be going down. I’ll give you two a chance, but I have a few rules. One is that you’re not getting my ass until I’m ready to give it to you. Two, dates are mandatory along with time just to hang out,” he stated, getting smiles and agreements from the two men.

“Wonderful,” Minato chuckled, the three males turning back to their lunch feeling much happier than before.


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