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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: The Artist and the Business Man

Fandom: Naruto

Part: 10

Pairing: Kankuro/Naruto

Word count: 1,438

AN: After this chapter is the last chapter of this story! *le gasp!* Yeah, okay, enough with the dramatics. There is another story to come after that. Don’t worry my people.


Smoothing down her dress, Hinata checked her makeup over one last time, making sure that nothing was smudged and made her good looks pop. Sliding out of her car, she strolled up to the front door and rang the doorbell with one manicured nail, waiting for someone to answer the door for her. Gaara was the one to open the door and smirk at the scowl on her face once she caught sight of him.

“Is Kankuro here?” she asked, Gaara just stepping back in answer. She stepped into the house and caught the sound of someone moving around in the kitchen, doing something or another. “Thank you,” Hinata said before heading towards where she could now hear Kankuro muttering to himself. “Kankuro.”

The large man looked up from the tortillas that he had been opening to warm for the burritos that he was making for he and Naruto’s lunch. “Hinata, what a surprise,” Kankuro greeted, nodding his head as his fingers continued to work the package open.

Hinata bit her bottom lip as he turned from her, running her eyes over the strong body before her. Kankuro was wearing a pair of low slung sweat pants, no shoes and no shirt, leaving his upper body bare to her gaze. Granted, he had red welts along his back but she had always known he didn’t do well without sex and she could get rid of any floozy that he had brought back home for some fun.

“You’re looking well,” she cooed, batting her eyes. Kankuro just looked at her with a semi-detached look. “I wanted to come and see you now that the mid-terms are over and you’re not under so much stress.”

“Mid-terms weren’t so bad for me actually,” Kankuro replied as he moved to dump a mix of ground chuck and beef into a pan that already had softened peppers and onions in it. Turning on the heat again, he started to break the meat up as Hinata watched with surprise on her face.

“Really?” she asked as her ex continued to cook. “I found that they stumped me in some places.”

“That’s because you took art history without knowing a damn thing about art,” Kankuro retorted, glancing over his shoulder at her. “Should have just taken that fashion class instead. You’re gonna have to take it anyways for your degree.”

“But I don’t want to,” she pouted, trying for cute but only pulling off spoiled brat in Kankuro’s eyes. “They require us to use sewing machines and know all those stitch types.”

“I took it to fill my art requirement,” Kankuro stated, stirring the now sizzling meat with a spatula. “They go over every detail and make sure that you get it.”

“Yes, so you tell me,” Hinata said, brushing it off with a shake of her head. Kankuro scowled and turned the heat down under the meat before he turned to her with narrowed eyes.

“So, do tell me why you are here, Hinata. I told you that I wasn’t interested in talking with you the last time that we spoke,” Kankuro stated, resting a hand on the counter and leaning against it.

“Oh, come now, Kankuro, I know that you were just joking with me,” Hinata chuckled, batting her eyes at him.

“No, not really.” Snorting, Kankuro shoved the almost done meat around in the pan as Hinata gaped at him. “I told you, Hinata, that I need someone who knows what they are going to do with their lives and won’t depend on daddies kindness or their partner for everything in life,” he continued as he tipped the pan, turning the heat off so the meat could drain.

“But, Kankuro, you need someone from the right circles, someone who can be the proper partner and spouse,” Hinata said, eyes wide with her shock of the words that came from Kankuro. “You need someone who can be proper in the public eye and who can satisfy your sexual needs behind closed doors.”

“And you would know what I need, right?” Kankuro chuckled darkly as he turned to her once more.

“Yes, I do know,” Hinata said. Kankuro noticed that Gaara was standing in the doorway, arms crossed and a smirk playing on his lips. “There’s not many who can be what you need in a mate.”

Kankuro took a deep breath, his lips pulling into an amused smirk as he once more turned to look at her. “What I need in a mate,” he purred, walking towards her. “I don’t need a ‘lady’ on my arm, Hinata. I don’t need a prim and proper partner to play nice with my business associate’s wives or my friend’s wives, or partners as the case may be with some of them.”

“You don’t?” Hinata squeaked, stumbling back in her three inch heels that suddenly seemed foolish to have been worn in the face of the predatory Kankuro as he stalked to her.

“No, I don’t. Nor do I need someone to just satisfy my sexual needs,” he purred, his eyes dark. “No, what I need is someone who can keep up with me, go out with me and enjoy what they’re doing. I need someone who’s life doesn’t just revolve around me and what I want. I need someone who can give me a fight and keep me on my toes. I want someone who can also just lose themselves in pleasure and not care what anyone else thinks about them.”

“And you’re saying that I can’t?” Hinata breathed, finding heat spreading through her with each word, making her wet.

“Hinata, in all of the time that we dated, you never once demanded that I fuck you so hard that you couldn’t breath, or move faster. You never once screamed so loud that the cops were called, forcing Gaara to explain to them that it was a scream from really, really, really good sex. It was always the same with you,” Kankuro stated, smirking down at her. “All you ever wanted was nice and sweet and simple. Hell, even making love can be explosive, drugging to the point where you want nothing but more of it.”

“Don’t I know it,” Naurto cooed as he walked into the kitchen. He had, once again, stolen one of his lover’s shirts, wearing it and a pair of sleep pants. His hair was wet, telling the scowling Hinata that he had just gotten out of the shower. The younger male stole a sweet kiss before he started to dig around in the refrigerator. “Hello, Hinata. I thought Kankuro had told you that he didn’t want to see you again,” he greeted as he popped the top to a soda. He looked to Kankuro with a cocked eyebrow.

“I did tell her. She apparently didn’t believe me,” Kankuro explained, shrugging with a smile as he went back to the now drained meat, getting rid of the grease. As he added seasoning, the heat turned back on, Naruto smiled sweetly at Hinata.

“You see, he’s dating me now and I’m, quite happily, a possessive bitch when it comes to my lovers,” he said, Hinata giving him a cold look.

“You? His lover?” she sneered, eyeing the male before her. She could admit that Naruto was just Kankuro’s type, all lovely coloring and small, tight body, but she would never admit that fact out loud. “You’re probably nothing but a gold digging whore.”

Naruto’s expression went cold as he gazed at her. “No, I’m not actually. I’ve dated a few guys, slept with them, yes, but never did I do so to gain money of some kind or to get things from them. All I have ever asked of my lovers is that they are able to support themselves and not expect me to do so for them,” he stated, crossing his arms. “With Kankuro, we’re on even footing. He has a job, is a business man, and I have a job and a budding business myself. My dear, I am no gold digging whore, unlike you, who is at the least a whore.”

“He told me all about the guys that you messed around with while we were dating, Hinata,” Kankuro drawled, pulling Naruto into his arms, Gaara grabbing the gaping Hinta’s arm and tugging her out of the kitchen.

“Time to get lost,” the younger Sabuku stated, ignoring her protests even as he shoved her out of the door, closing it behind her. “Damn bitch, prolonging the making of lunch,” Gaara groused as he walked into the kitchen to find a snicker Naruto and a smirking Kankuro standing in the kitchen.


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