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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters in any way or form. I make no money from this piece of fiction and will continue to make no profit from this fiction. I do this for pleasure.

Title: The Artist and the Businessman

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 3

Pairing: Kankuro/Naruto

Word count: 1,642

AN: Another chapter, another piece of fun. :3 Enjoy you guys.


“Kankuro, kinda surprising to see you here,” Naruto greeted as Kankuro sat down at the bar, arms coming to rest before him.

“Aren’t you rather young to be working in a bar?” Kankuro asked, Naruto shaking his head.

“Nope. I just turned 19 so I can legally sell alcohol,” Naruto replied, resting his hands on the counter before him. “Now, what can I get for you?” he asked, worry already working through him at the sight of the older man.

“Scotch for the moment. Just a couple of glasses though and then a good beer if you don’t mind,” Kankuro stated, laying his credit card down and slipping it over to the other man. Naruto took the card and stuck it next to the register along with a piece of paper with the order on it.

Putting down a cup, he asked, “Want ice?” Popping a couple of cubes into the cup with the nod, he poured some of the scotch from an unlabeled bottle. “I thought that you were going to be your girlfriend tonight,” he said, starting to clean glasses in a small sink.

“I was, but apparently I don’t act rich enough for her. She called the statue plain looking,” Kankuro snorted, draining the scotch and letting Naruto pour a second glass for him. “So, I decided that I was tired of her spoiled attitude and dumped her. Which was a long time in coming actually.”

“That sucks, sort of,” Naruto snorted, shaking his head. “To be so petty as to be insulted or annoyed that you don’t act rich…She should be happy that she has money at all, especially in this economy.”

“You’d think, but Hinata is wasting her intelligence by going for a degree that won’t help her with her plans, so I’m not surprised,” Kankuro snorted. Naruto paused and looked at Kankuro with surprised eyes.

“Hinata Hyuuga?” he asked, the older man nodding his head with a smile that was bitter and hard. “Damn. I hate to add salt to the wound, but she keeps flirting with me, asking me out and shit. Told me she was fucking well single,” Naruto grunted, moving to draw a tankard of the better beers, putting it down before Kankuro and taking the scotch glass to clean out.

“I’m not surprised. She had a libido that I wasn’t always able to keep up with her, so her trying to land another person isn’t very surprising,” Kankuro snorted, shaking his head.

“Unfortunately for her, I don’t do women, not after being fucked over so badly by my ex,” Naruto drawled, moving down the bar to refill another customer’s beer and to collect glasses. Kankuro watched the lean body move, finally allowing himself to enjoy the body that was on display before him.

Naruto had somehow tamed his hair to lay flat on his head, curling under as it framed his face. Three whisker marks sat on each cheek, adding something more to the lovely face while wide, gently slanting eyes sparkled with good natured mirth and knowledge. All around, as he had admitted before, Naruto was gorgeous, the perfect eye candy.

Kankuro smirked and eyed the long line of Naruto’s body and settled in to enjoy his night at the bar, nursing his beers and ordering rather delicious food.

Naruto would often come around to talk with him between customers, helping him to forget about his disastrous date and the resulting break up. The beer left him buzzed and relaxed even as he checked his watch and groaned as the other customers shuffled out to catch their cabs.

“If you don’t mind waiting, I can give you a ride to your place,” Naruto offered as he put a cup of coffee down before Kankuro.

“My car is here. Don’t you live nearby?” Kankuro asked as he pulled out his phone to call his sister. He knew that Temari would be willing to pick him up, drive him and his car to a hotel, and drop him off.

“Yeah, thus the offer,” Naruto drawled, getting a smirk from the other. “I can drive you to your place and cab back home.”

“I can’t head home. I promised my younger brother that I would let him have the house for himself tonight,” Kankuro snorted, shaking his head.

“Then you can crash at my place. You’ve been there before and you can save some cask,” Naruto offered instead. Picking up the coffee and gazing at Naruto, Kankuro sipped at the hot liquid and thought about the offer.

“Alright, yeah, I can do that,” Kankuro grunted, handing over his keys.

“Give me a minute to clock out and we’ll head out,” Naruto promised, heading into the back as the two waiters and the manager started to clean up. The younger male came back out with a smile on his lips and a bag in his hands. “Come on, Kankuro, show me your car and I can show you where you can crash.”

“Good thing I have things packed up for a supposedly romantic night,” Kankuro chuckled, draining his coffee before standing up. The two walked out of the bar, Naruto cocking an eyebrow at the functional, well maintained but still extravagant car the color of the night sky with a full moon. “Hope you have a parking spot for my baby.”

“Of course I do,” Naruto chuckled, shaking his head as they slid into the car. “Along with my apartment, I get two parking spots to use,” he continued, starting the car and pulling away from the bar. Kankuro gazed steadily at the younger male, feeling as if he should know the young artist from somewhere other than their business dealing and their school.

“You look a lot like Minato Namikaze,” he finally said, surprised when Naruto jerked and his sweet face pulled into a frown.

“If you think that, it’s probably because I’m his bastard child from a thing that he had with my mother before he married his trophy wife,” Naruto stated. “Not that he accepts me. Just ignores my very existence and did nothing when my mother got sick beyond sending a letter telling her not to expect anything from him.”

“What a fuckin’ douche,” Kankuro snorted, shaking his head as Naruto pulled into the garage and parking in his second spot next to a worn car.

“Come on. Coffee, water and a hot shower awaits you,” Naruto chuckled. The two got out of the car, Kankuro popping the trunk and grabbing the backpack contained within. Once the car was locked up, they headed to Naruto’s apartment, holing themselves up inside.

Once Kankuro had plugged in his phone, finding a few messages from Hinata waiting for him, which he ignored, he moved to the shower. As he washed of his night, Naruto started a pot of coffee and made some easy food that would help to sop up the last of the alcohol in Kankuro’s system. The older male came back out as the younger male was dishing out the food and pouring the two cups of coffee.

“I just realized that I’m going to have to deal with the ass on Thursday,” Kankuro grumped as he took the cup of coffee and a plate of food.

“Good luck. From what I’ve been told he’s a great business man, but a bit of an ass to certain people. And of course an outright bastard to his bastard,” Naruto drawled as they sat down. Kankuro noticed that the younger man had changed into a pair of loose sweats and a t-shirt.

“Yeah, thanks,” Kankuro huffed, getting a smirk from Naruto as he shrugged. They settled in and ate, bantering back and forth as the younger male tried to stop himself from jumping the other man. After all, Kankuro had just broken up with his girlfriend only a few hours before. “I’m surprised that you’re not dating anyone,” the elder of the two finally commented as he took the dishes to the kitchen. The brilliant bright red blush that exploded over whiskered cheeks made him smile.

Naruto idly played with his cup as he shrugged. “I like older guys but I’m a bit of a size brat to be honest.

“Like them huge or really small?” Kankuro asked, already sizing up his chance to get the blond into his bed. Hopefully more than once.

“Just over average, no less than 7 inches,” Naruto hummed as he stood up and walked to a shelf. One finger tapped at an obelisk that was about 8 inches long and somewhat thick, making Kankuro smirk and pour a fresh cup of coffee. “I’ve dated four different guys and only slept with three of them. Not to sound cliché or anything, but one was much too big for my comfort, one was rather small, almost to the point of not feeling it sometimes while one just ruined me. So, kinda size brat.”

“Not too bad compared to Hinata, or my sister. Temari just flat out gave up on finding a guy with a porn stars cock,” Kankuro snickered.

“If she wants a good sized cock, Shikamaru goes both ways and is looking,” Naruto offered as he cocked a hip.

“Sounds good. I’ll have to tell my sister about him later today, or whenever I get home,” Kankuro hummed, blantently running his eyes over Naruto and getting another blush from the younger man. “For now, whatever shall we do?”


“I have an idea or two if you’re up for some fun,” Naruto offered, his eyes glinting as he waved a hand towards the hall that lead to his bedroom. “You look like you need some time to relax.”


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