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Title: Sharing Hearts

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter: 8

Characters: Minato, Kakashi, Naruto

Word Count: 1642

Warnings: Nothing much. Just talking

AN: Alas, it is the LAST chapter of this fun time. Let me tell ya, this was supposed to be a ONESHOT SMUT FEST! Then it grew a plot. >< Her other story is growing a plot to. I'm working on keeping it down to three very long chapters. So far, it's working.

Anyways, next week, I start on posting some other things that I have running around.


He had crashed out into bed after he had been let go from between Naruto and Minato and spent the next week along with the sudden rash of missions to avoid the two blonds while he thought. Oh, he could admit that the sex with them had been amazing, mind blowing really. And he had no doubt that it would continue to be so, even if he only slept with one or the other.

He had taken the time to talk with his dogs, the only other beings who knew what had happened with the two males, but he had been doing nothing but thinking for the last several days.

Kakashi found himself sprawled out on his floor, staring at the ceiling of his apartment and thinking hard once more. He could admit to himself that he had had fantasies about Naruto when he had been his student, and even after he had become a chunnin. Some of them included a pretty basic naughty student/dirty old teacher fantasy along with a few other fantasies that had kept him happy when he didn't have a lover. And a few times when he did have a lover.

Huffing out a sigh, he rubbed his face, barely noticing his door opening and closing much less the soft footsteps. He did notice when a familiar whiskered face appeared over his face as Naruto smirked down at him. “What are you doing here?” he asked, narrowing his eyes up at the blond, getting rolled eyes.

“I'm getting tired of you pussy footing around,” Naruto replied as he stepped over to the silver haired males side, squatting down, elbows sitting on his knees, raising a blond eyebrow. “You're making dad pout and think you don't want him anymore.” He waved a finger when Kakashi opened his mouth. “And don't you dare use the excuse of the sudden influx of missions. I know that you had at least a day and a half off from the last one and they're starting to trickle off now, leaving the usual for everyone else,” he drawled.

Kakashi huffed and pouted through his mask, getting a soft chuckle from Naruto. “I was thinking,” he growled, Naruto rolling his eyes in return.

“No, you're pussy footing around the fact that you're in a relationship that is with an incestuous loving father and son. A father and son couple who really do want you as ours as long as you can get past the fact that you're fucking and being fucked by two males who are family,” Naruto snorted, moving to sit on Kakashi's stomach, getting a grunt. “Look, we want you, you want us. We know this. What is going on in that mind is the fact that it's a father and son, and that you have professional ties to both. Outside of the fact that dad is the Hokage, he was your teacher for a long time. And you were my teacher for a long time to. We have that past.”

Kakashi went limp under Naruto and thumped his head on the floor of his apartment. “You knew that the fact that I have professional and personal ties to both of you, outside of the fact that you two are family. And you knew that I would have problems with it to? What are you? A mind reader?” Kakashi huffed, getting an amused chuckle from Naruto.

“Not really, but we can guess really well. We've known you for a long time Kakashi. And the thing is, me and dad both had our moments of freaking out after the first time we had sex. Then I got drunk and he talked with Hyuuga-san, and we worked it out. Now it's time to help you work shit out because I'm kind of tired of dad pouting at me because you're hiding away. That and Iruka-kun is about toss him out the window if he decides to sigh over his paperwork again,” Naruto stated, tapping his nose before standing up. “Now will you come home with me?”

Kakashi huffed and allowed himself to be hauled up and off of the floor. “Fine. Let me grab a bag with some things,” he drawled, shaking his head and going to pack up some things for the next few weeks. He had no doubt that he would rarely see his apartment, the three of them having much to work out in the long run, but he also knew that they would be screwing, and often. Sealing up weapons, various other scrolls that he used during his missions, clothes, and the food in his fridge to take with, he set up various traps to keep his apartment safe from any idiots who would dare to try to get into his apartment.

Naruto just smiled at him and tilted his head to the side after he was done, standing near the doorway and bouncing on his feet with an excited look. “Come on, dad should be home in about an hour or so. Enough time to get you all settled and to take a hot shower, maybe ask some questions,” he drawled as he pulled open the door, Kakashi setting the last of the traps as they left.

“So many questions,” Kakashi hummed, shaking his head with a smile. “Like how will this work?” he asked as they left the building, jumping onto a roof and coming to stop there.

“How about we get back to the house first?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at the other male, getting a nod in agreement. They used the roof and their speed to get to the house that Naruto and Minato lived in, Naruto letting them into the house and leading the way to what used to be just Minato's room, but was now the shared room. It was the biggest and just been outfitted with a brand new giant bed. “We bought it because even with just the two of us, it was a tight fit on a queen sized bed,” the young blond drawled as Kakashi shook his head and stared at the fact that there were two hard wood dressers along side a smaller dresser with locks on them. “And we just happened to buy you a locked dresser since we highly doubt that you're gonna just move in with us for the moment,” was the explanation as Naruto took the scrolls with food.

“Where you going?” Kakashi asked as Naruto headed for the door, stopping and smiling over his shoulder.

“I'm gonna go put the food away while you put up your stuff and take a shower. Your keys are on the dresser in the vase for when you're not here. We want you to feel good about leaving things,” Naruto said, waving a hand before heading downstairs with a smile. Kakashi smiled softly after him and pulled out his scrolls, undoing them with a smile, putting things away before taking the suggested shower.

By the time that he had finished his shower and changed into a light outfit, Naruto was in the kitchen making the three of them a filling dinner. “So, are you going to answer my question on how this will work?” Kakashi asked, crossing his arms and leaning against a counter as he watched Naruto deftly chop some vegetables for the stir fry that it looked like what was in the making.

“It shall work as any relationship just with three people. We'll have ups and downs, screw each other, all together and one on one. Dates and the such,” Naruto hummed as he put the vegetables into a pan and started to stir it around with giant cooking chopsticks. “Like I said, it's just with three people instead of two.”

“Sounds like a lot of work,” Kakashi hummed, jumping slightly when Minato wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him against his chest.

“But it's so very worth it,” Minato hummed, smiling as he hugged the other male close, Naruto smiling softly as he continued to cook, allowing the two men to just relax in the closeness of each other.

“It is in the long run. That's why we didn't want to push you but you needed to really think about in the long run,” Naruto said, picking up a bowl of chopped chicken and beef, tossing it into the pan with the now cooked vegetables and stirring it together with a bit of mixed sauce that sat in a small cup. “We both have our own rooms, dad taking one of the guest rooms as his own, in case we don't want to be in the same bed for whatever reason, but also have our own space. You still have your own room that you claimed all those years ago,” he continued. Shrugging with a smile, he dished up the now finished food and handed over the plates before turning off the stove top.

“So we take this one day at a time I take it?” Kakashi asked as his older lover pushed him towards the island where bar stools waited for them.

“Pretty much,” Minato chuckled. Kakashi hummed softly and sat down, smiling softly at his two lovers. He knew that as he had been told there would be ups and downs but between the three of them, they could work things out in the long run. It would be good and they had their own spaces if they needed. With six months on his lease currently, he would keep his apartment until they settled a bit more, then he would move in and see where things went from there.

It looked as if his wandering days were over. But looking at his two lovers as they bantered and teased back and forth, he couldn't complain about it.

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