Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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Hey guys, thank you for the views! I'm glad y'all are enjoying them :) I need to warn you this one is a bdsm, so be careful lol. Let me know what you think and I will try to get another chapter soon btween my book and everything. Enjoy guys <3 <3 <3 <3


        “You lost again, Hidan” he growled, pinning me to the tree behind me. I looked at him and sneered “Shut up! You cheated that time and you know it!” Kakazu chuckled “Doesn’t matter…you still lost”. I tried to break free but his hands kept my wrists firm between them. I met his gaze and sighed “Fine, you won this round. What do you have in store for me?” Kakazu smiled “Let’s go and you’ll see”. He finally let me go and headed toward the base. I groaned and slowly followed him, pondering everything he would do to me. Last time we trained together and I lost, there were hours of me handcuffed to the bed and him teasing me to hell and back. That asshole didn’t let me take a break or anything in the middle of it. The team knows about us ‘experimenting’ with each other, so when we get back from training they try to steer clear of the base for a while so they don’t have to hear it.

        We walked in and everyone was already gone, giving us the base alone. We went into the room and he stretched with a small yawn, “Shower first, then you get your punishment” I huffed “Just wait until you lose one time. You will be paying for it” Kakazu chuckled “Yeah, I’m sure”. I stripped down and we both got into the shower, him cleaning me until he saw fit. Then, I got to clean him, and I loved every second of it. I didn’t think I would be into this shit, but when there isn’t anyone else around it was pretty nice. I traced the dips in his stomach and sides with the loofa, and kissed his chest a couple times. He moaned deeply “Enjoy it while you can, you won’t be touching me for a while after this” I looked up at him and smirked “Is that so?”.

      I pushed him against the wall and attacked his neck and shoulder, biting when I could. He growled and held onto me. I pressed our lengths together and grinded against him, making him suck in a breath. I knew what made him crazy by now, and he hated it. I licked from his neck to his nipple, and sucked on it for a couple seconds. His cock twitched between us, showing how excited he was getting from this. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, making me moan. His gaze was hard and glossy, making me grin at him. He placed a hard kiss on my lips and broke apart “Get out”. I shrugged and stepped out of the shower, toweling myself off. I walked into the room and laughed a little when I saw the shackles hanging from the ceiling. Kakazu grabbed my arm and lead me to them, then grabbed my hand and cuffed me to the ceiling.

       I had room to kneel on my knees, but I couldn’t bend until he loosened them from the clasp. I was in the middle of the room, hands cuffed above my head and sitting upright. I rested my head on my arm and sighed “How long am I going to stay like this?”. Kakazu didn’t answer me so I tried to turn and look at him “Hey! I asked a question!” Kakazu rolled his eyes “Hidan, shut up”. I turned back around and snarled. He was an asshole. I heard him get into the drawer with all the toys and I felt myself become anxious and excited. His hand wrapped around my throat and squeezed, blocking my airway. His other hand reached around and slipped something on my cock, and I knew what it was instantly. I groaned “A vibrator, hu?” Kakazu kissed my neck, and I heard him hit the button on the remote.

       The vibrator sprung to life and started to message and buzz. I gasped and threw my head back as pleasure shot through me. He made sure to put the vibrating part on the sensitive spot on my dick. I grabbed the chains above me and squeezed, trying hard to focus. Kakazu licked my ear lobe and smiled “How’s that?”, my hips jerked in response, and he chuckled “Good”. He got up and walked away, leaving me there to fight not to cum and stop my hips from jerking. I felt my body start to shake as I fought, and I stilled when I heard a snap behind me. I looked back to see him taking the belt out, and I groaned. He was going to whip me and make me scream. He grabbed the blindfold and bit his lip, walking over to me “No peeking”, I gasped through the pleasure “You bastard”.

       Kakazu bit my neck hard, making me cry out “Don’t make me gag you to”. I chewed my lip but kept quiet. He slipped the blindfold over my eyes and I felt him leave my side. The vibrator became stronger and I moaned loudly “Ah! Kakazu stop turning it up!” I heard him sigh “I can do whatever I want Hidan”. He came behind me and rubbed some lube on my hole. He leaned into my ear “Take deep breaths”. I did as he said and felt a huge plastic toy go up inside me. I curved my back and he finished pushing it in. He got back up and walked away from me, sighing as he picked something up. Then, I heard a whoosh sound in the air, and pain slam into me as the belt met my skin. I screamed and he groaned “I love hearing you scream”. He whipped me another time before I could say anything, and I wailed loudly. One after another, he hit me and pain was replaced with pleasure from the vibrator around my cock. I felt liquid seem from my back, and knew I was bleeding.

       I felt him kneel behind me and a small snap sound. I tried to control the trembling through my body, but it was too much. The pain was starting to outweigh the pleasure, and he cranked the vibrator up full blast. I screamed and my hips went crazy, making me throw my head back onto Kakazu’s shoulder. He quickly yanked out the plug and slammed his cock into me. He loosened the straps and I fell forward on the ground. He pounded into me, and when I went to beg him to let me cum, nothing but incoherent babbling came out. He reached around and grabbed the toy, stroking it and pressing it down on my dick harder. His length slammed into my sweet spot and I saw stars. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I cried out “Fuck! I can’t take it”, Kakazu ripped the toy away and replaced it with his hand. My body seized up as my cum sprayed on the floor and his hand.

       Kakazu slapped my ass and kept thrusting into me with full force. I was too exhausted to do anything, and I could hear the soft moans coming from my chest. My head was still spinning, and he grabbed me by my torso and sat me upright on his lap. I leaned my head back and bounced with his hips. When he was ready to cum, he chocked me and slammed his cock into my sweet spot. We both growled and I felt his cock spasm ad he filled me up. He held me up, knowing if he let me go I would fall forward and probably pass out. I felt the pain in my back and hissed when he moved, he kissed my shoulder “might’ve over did it with your back” I looked at him “You think?”. He gave me a soft kiss and then picked me up “Come on, another shower to wash them off”. Normally I would’ve argued with him picking me up like that, but I was way too tired to argue right now. He better pray he never loses to me. 

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