Short Shots PART 2

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Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while, been dealing with some things. However, I got a good one for you and hope you guys like it! Thank you for the views and sticking around this long lol. Tell me what you think! Enjoy <3 <3 <3 <3


             The halls echoed with our footsteps as we ran. The bomb was going to go off any time soon, and guards kept stopping us while we tried to escape. We got the forbidden scroll we needed, but the ambush wasn’t expected. Kisame grabbed my arm and held me against him as he threw his back against the wall to avoid an arrow going through us. He used a water jutsu to flood the hall and clear it, then we ran again. I sensed an attack to my right and dodged a punch to the face, only to hit him with full force and send him flying back a couple feet. I didn’t want to fight with anyone and waist our time, and finally we reached the door as soon as the timer went off.

                We jumped out of the door and landed on a tree away from the building. We turned in time to watch the building become engulfed in flames, and bricks fly through the air as the explosion ripped it apart. I let my back slide down the tree and let myself take a deep breath “That was too close” I murmured, and Kisame sat next to me with a grunt “Yeah that took a little longer than expected. We got the scroll and that’s all that matters”. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed “I need shower” Kisame grinned a little “I could help with that”. I peeked over at him and rolled my eyes to find him watching me. I stood up slowly and stretched, then looked back at him “You coming to help or am I doing it myself?”. Kisame bit his lip and stood up behind me, but I started to run back to the hotel before he could touch me.

                He kept up with me, as he always did, but this time there was more urgency to get back. I never expected me and Kisame to become intimate with each other, but when the ergs became too much, it was nice to have someone there to take care of them. Especially someone who knows what they’re doing. It took us 10 minutes to get back to the hotel instead of 20 minutes, and we walked in without saying anything to the front desk woman. She normal stops us to chat and flirt, but there wasn’t any time right now.  We both got into the elevator, and as soon as the door closed behind us he slammed me against the wall and kissed my neck. I let my head rest on the wall behind me and let his tounge slip down my collar bone and trace its way to my ear. I shivered as he nipped it, and his body pressed against mine.

                I sighed and ran my hand through his hair, wrapping my leg around his waist. His lips crashed into mine and my hand ran down his neck and rested on his chest. We heard the elevator tick and we separated, taking a deep breath and watched the door open. Kisame grabbed my hand and we walked to our room. He threw the door open and slammed it behind us. I put the scroll on the table and threw my cloak on the chair. His arms wrapped around me and I sunk in them, feeling a sense of protection and warmth.  It made me relax and lean my head against his shoulder. Kisame kissed my neck and his hands slipped up my shirt and pulled it over my head. He nipped at my neck softly and then sighed “I’ll get the water running, meet me in there?”, I hummed and stepped out of his to let him go.

                I took off all my clothes and put my hair tie on the table next to the scroll. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair out, listening to the water pour out of the shower head and splash on Kisame’s body. His clothes were in a pile in front of the shower, so I had to move them to step inside behind him. His back and face were covered in water, and his muscles relaxed under the spray. My hands slipped up his back and my lips kissed the water from it. Kisame purred and I started to message his shoulders, earning a moan in response. He turned around and pulled me closer to him, locking our lips together and letting the water run down my head and back. I sighed and enjoyed the warmth it gave me, and soon we were taking turns washing each other until we were satisfied.

                We started to kiss again and I let my hands brush the dips in his arms and chest. He pushed me against the wall lightly and pinned me to it, pressing his cock against mine. I groaned, and his lips slipped down my neck again, but this time he continued to trail downwards. He threw my legs on his shoulders so I was now sitting on him, and his lips brushed against my dick making it jerk in response. Goosebumps formed all over my body and my hairs stood up when he slipped it inside his mouth. I squeezed his hair in my hands and let my head fall back while his tounge worked its way around my cock. My length slid deeper and I took in a sharp breath, moving my hips and rubbing against his throat.

                Kisame sped up, and my hips started to buck wildly. I squeezed my legs around his head and dug my nails in his skull, making him growl.  The vibrations sent me over the edge, and I cried out as I came down his throat. He swallowed every drop, then let my body fall back to the floor; catching me before I hit the ground. I had to fight to catch my breath, but I wasn’t the only one. He turned the water off and grabbed my arm, helping me out of the tub and into the room. I was worried about getting the bed soaked, but Kisame left no room for objections. He threw me down on the bed and got between my legs, licking my balls and trailing down to my hole. I gasped when he reached it, and his tounge slipped inside and started to slowly fuck it and stretch it.

                His name fell from my lips and made Kisame quicken, slipping a finger inside and stretch me further. My hips grinded against his hand and tounge, making him slip further inside and pleasure coarse through me. I looked down to find him watching me, and he slammed his finger into my prostate and made me cry out.  He played with it longer, letting my cries echo from the walls and my body shake with pleasure. When he thought I had enough, he positioned himself between my legs and looked down at me. I grabbed the lube from the end table and threw it at him. He caught it and spread it on his cock, then threw it back on the table.

                I threw my legs on his shoulders and he pushed inside me, both of us hissing from the intrusion. When my hole settled around him, he began at a steady pace and let my legs wrap around his waist. His hands rubbed my sides and his lips kissed my chest and lips when he had the chance. His dick slammed into my prostate and shot pleasure through me, making goosebumps form on my body again. He pulled me close to speed up, and my moans turned into screams as he hit my spot with each thrust. He grabbed me when we were both close, and pulled me on his lap so we were both sitting up right. I bounced up and down, making his member slide deeper inside me. My screams got loader, and his grunts mixed in with my sounds. When I felt my release creep closer, I called his name and bit down onto his shoulder, letting my cum spray on his stomach and my hands claw down his back. His cock slammed into me a couple more times before he roared next to me and sprayed my insides until some seeped out.

                We collapsed on the bed, both of our bodies shaking and heaving. We both took a second to catch our breath, then he looked over at me with a grin “I’m never going to get sick of this”. I let out a small laugh and kissed his hand “Me either”. Kisame sat up and grabbed the blanket, sighing as he pulled it over us. He wrapped me in his arms and let me relax, kissing my head and holding me close. He cleared his throat “Night ‘Tachi…See you in the morning”, I could only smile and kiss his chest “Night, Kisame”. 

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