Short Shots PART 2

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Hey guys! Sorry it took so long, had to deal with a few things. My hubby chose this pairing, so I hope you like it! Lol I promise the next chapter won't take too long. Btw thank you all SO much for the views, I never thought I would be close to 10,000 but here it is. Like always, it means so much to me. I hope I don't let y'all down. Enjoy everyone <3 <3 <3 <3


    After our long mission, Ino and I decided to go and enjoy the hot springs for a while. The mission was tough and left us exhausted, so a nice soak in the tub was exactly what we needed. We walked past her flower shop and said hello to everyone, then headed toward the hot springs. We checked in when we got there and walked into the area for ladies only. We started to undress and talk about the mission we just finished. We were the only one’s in the hot springs, so it was nice to swim around and stretch our muscles. “This feels amazing” I said, as I relaxed further into the water. Ino smiled and mimicked my movement, “Yeah, I’m glad we decided to come here”.

    I didn’t know how sore I was until my body started to relax more, and I slowly rubbed my shoulder with a groan. Ino smiled “Need any help?”, I shrugged “Yeah if you would like”. She swam over to me and I turned my back to her, letting my hair fall to the side. She started to work the muscles in my neck and shoulders, and I couldn’t help the moans escaping from my lips. Her body pressed against mine and her hands slid down my back to work the tension there. I sighed softly, “That feels perfect”, I could tell she was smiling “Good, just relax”.

    I let my body go limp in her arms, and felt her hands slide around my body, rubbing parts I didn’t know were sore. When her hand reached toward my thigh I froze a little, holding her hand softly, “Ino?”. She smirked and let my head fall on her shoulder, sliding her hand toward my core. I could’ve stopped her, but with how amazing I already felt I didn’t really want to. When her hand reached my lips, I felt heat spread to my face and I bit my tongue. I rubbed her hand with my thumb and let her finger slip between my folds. I gasped when a finger inserted itself, and she played with my clit with her thumb.

    Her lips left soft kisses down my neck, and her finger found my sweet spot inside of me. I cried out and grinded down on her hand. She smiled at me and then bit my ear, “Let’s go lay on the cot over there”. I glanced over to where she was pointing, and felt a little self conscious for a second. She jerked her finger inside of me and pleasure surged through me. I didn’t bother to think any more, and we both got out of the tub and laid on the cot.

    She slowly kissed me, and it took me a second to adjust to kissing another woman. I haven’t done anything like this in a while. Her lips trailed down to my nipple and slipped it inside, playing with it and nibbling once in awhile. I let my hands run through her hair, and held onto her as she slid further down. Her lips found my pussy and her tongue darted between the folds. I whimpered and pulled her hair softly. She slipped a finger inside of me and massaged my spot, making me squirm under her. My hips thrusted into her mouth and her tongue slipped inside me, working with her finger and making me wet. She sped up, and my cries became louder and more movements more out of control. I could feel the tension build up inside me, and then when she slammed into me one more time, the tension broke, and I yelled as I squirted her mouth and hand.

    My head swirled for the intense climax, and Ino kissed back up to my lips and grinned “How did that feel Hinata?”. I had to take a deep breath and I nodded “Amazing!”. Ino crawled next to me and kissed my shoulder. Then, we heard a chuckle behind us and we sat up looking in the direction it came. “Well isn’t this a beautiful sight to see. I thought I heard moaning”. Ino bit her lip and sat up straight, eyeing Jiraiya “You’re not suppose to be in here, this is the ladies hot spring”. I tried to cover myself for a minute, but knew it wasn’t any use. He already watched us for a while, he had seen everything already. Jiraiya licked his lips and folded his arms over his chest, “Two beautiful women and no man in sight, you need any help?”.

    He grinned at us, and Ino watched him for a moment before looking at me. She smiled “I wouldn’t mind, What do you think Hinata?”. There was no doubt I was hungry for more, however I was nervous to have a threesome for the first time. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t want to look stupid. I glanced at Jiraiya and took in his body, imagining what he would feel like inside me. A shiver went through me, and I decided to give it a shot. I looked back at Ino and shrugged

“Sounds fun”.

    Ino got on her knees and ripped off Jiraiya’s towel. The man was truly blessed, and it would take a minute getting used to. She pulled him onto the cot with us and she looked at me in awe “Don’t worry Hinata, we’ll take care of you”. Ino started to slowly suck on my nipple, and Jiraiya kissed down my neck and shoulder. His hand slid between Inos thighs, and slipped a finger inside her, making her moan. He used his other hand to slide me closer to him, and rested his cock on my opening. I grinded my hips into his, making it slip inside a little, and then he slammed it into me the rest of the way. I choked on a cry, and he leaned over me and pumped in and out at his own rhythm. My hands ran down his chest and my nails left marks behind, making him growl under his breath.

    When I was close, he stopped and smirked down at me “I have an idea”. He sat up straight and made a shadow clone appear next to him. He grabbed my body and lifted me up, while the shadow clone slid under me. The shadow clone spread my cheeks apart, then slowly pushed into my ass. Jiraiya never stopped slamming into me, so the pain wasn’t too much of an issue. Ino pressed my body back onto the clone under me, and mounted my face. I felt pleasure race through me as both Jiraiya’s fucked me, and Ino’s juices fall into my mouth. My tongue darted out and slid into her hole, hitting her spot repeatedly. I could see the real Jiraiya hold her boobs and suck on her nipple, making her go crazy above me.

    I could feel Jiraiya’s Clone squeeze my hips and abuse my hole harder and faster, making me choke on Ino’s cum. I could tell Jiraiya was close, and I was about to reach my second climax myself. Out of nowhere, Ino was thrown down on the Cot next to me and another clone jumped on top of her, choking her with his hand. Our screams echoed off the walls, and Jiraiya sped up. My stomach clenched, and after  a couple minutes I shot up and grabbed onto his chest, squeezing tightly. “Oh Fuck Jiraiya!!!”, and I felt liquid spill out of me as I came all over their cock. He bowed his head and gave another thrust before coating my insides with his thick liquid. It seemed from my pussy and my ass as the clone followed suit. Ino cried out next to us and they both came together. We all collapsed next to each other on the Cot and the two clones dispersed, giving Jiraiya another jolt of pleasure for a second.

    We laid there for a while, trying to catch our breath. Finally, Jiraiya stretched and sat up with a sigh “I hope you ladies enjoyed yourselves as much as I did”.Ino hummed next to him and brushed her hand down his back gently, “I loved it, we should do this again sometime”. Jiraiya got up and wrapped the towel around his waist, looking back at us one last time “Sounds good to me, until next time”. We watched him leave the area and head toward the men’s side, leaving me and Ino laying on the cot, and hoping next time will come soon.

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