Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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Soooo hey guys! *Cough* Okay don't kill me I'm sorry! I have a lot going on and I finally had my baby! lol So, After taking some time off I made a decision...I want to expand my writing. So, I might be doing a Final Fantasy XV fic, and I might be going around to different areas. You want a specifc area? PLEASE don't hessitate to ask. I like a challenge ;) Since you awesome fans waited so long, I tried to make this one sexy as hell. So, after a long wait, here it finally is <3 Please tell me what you think I love hearing from you guys. Enjoy <3 <3 <3


            I just finished making myself a cup of hot tea, when I heard the men in the living room talking quietly. I couldn’t hear what they said exactly, but a couple of them sounded a bit surprised by the topic. By now I knew better to give a damn about what they talk about. Last time I overheard a conversation, it was about Deidara and Sasori being too loud the previous night and kept Itachi and Kisame up. I swore to God I wouldn’t listen in on another conversation if I could help it. I sipped my tea and leaned against the counter top, flipping through a catalog. Then, the door opened and a couple of the men walked through. Pein, Madara, Deidara and Sasori was standing there watching me for a second, making me sit up and sigh “What?”. Pein walked behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist making me bite my lip and look at my catalog again. I hummed “I think I found something I want to buy” He kissed my shoulder “Is that so?” I shrugged “Yep, look”.

                I let him see the page I was on and he smiled. It was a short silk robe with a bright blue color to it. He sighed into my ear, sending a chill through me “That’s pretty” I smiled “Yeah I like it. I think I am going to get it”. I took a sip of my tea again and marked the page, then I sat up and turned in his arms to face him. I leaned against the counter and ran my hands up his chest “Now, the question for you is: what do you want” He smirked and looked up at Madara for a second. “Will you go on a date with me today?” I giggled “Really? Aren’t we past the asking out stage?” Pein bit his lip “Didn’t know if you had something else planned” I shook my head “Nope, so I am all yours”. I slid my knee between his legs to tease him and he growled “Alright, you ready then?” he took my hand and I waived at the guys “See you guys later then”.

                When we stepped out into the main area, the men looked up and watched us walk to the door. They all had a weird look in their eye, and I shook away the feeling it gave me. I told myself it was probably nothing and to stop worrying. He took me to an excellent restaurant that opened down town. It had the best ribs and chicken in the village and the dango was amazing as well. We talked about old times and how much we loved each other. It was almost like he was trying to seduce me and lure me in. He was more charming then he normally was. When we left, he told me we have one more spot to stop at and we headed to the far side of the village. We paused in front of the hot springs and I smiled “Pein, what are you up to” he chuckled “I can’t make sure my girl is relaxed?” I hummed “You should do it more often”.

                Pein walked in and the lady at the front desk stood “Ah, Master Pein. We have it ready for you”, he took the key and nodded “Thank you”. We walked through double doors and entered the area where the hot springs were. He slid the door closed behind us and locked it, making me grin at him “More people might come” he strolled up to me “I rented the whole room… including a room upstairs”. I looked at him shocked “What? Why?” Pein bit his lip “Because I think you deserve a break, and I want to make sure you relax for a night”. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close, slipping his hand up my shirt to caress my back. I sighed softly and let my eyes flutter close. My shirt was tugged over my head and my bra fell to the floor. I opened my eyes and started to remove his clothes, making sure my fingers traced over his bare skin. Goosebumps formed under my fingertips and I saw his body shiver. I looked at him with a smirk and he growled “You just wait”.

                When we were naked, we walked up to the pool and stepped in; sighing as the hot water hit my tense muscles. Pein got in behind me and I felt his hands on my back and shoulders, messaging them and making me moan. His lips traced their way down my neck, pressing against it occasionally to send a chill through me. His hands slid down my back and around my hips, slipping around my thighs and up again. My head fell back as I relaxed, I groaned “Pein” he made me sit on his lap and spread my legs. His hands started to message my thighs and hips, then slid to my lower back. I couldn’t stop the sounds escaping my lips, and I looked over at him. Our lips pressed together and soon our tounges explored each other’s mouths. I didn’t notice his hand fall between my legs and slid his finger over my clit slowly. I gasped and he teased it, moving in a painfully slow pace.

                One of my hands wrapped behind his neck, and the other one gripped his forearm. I felt his finger slide down with the same speed, and press against my hole. I growled and he smirked into my neck “Impatient, aren’t you?” I grinded back against his cock and he hissed. His length twitched under me and his finger slammed into me making me yelp. I grinded my hips again and he sped up his finger, finally finding my sweet spot. I cried out and arched my back, moving down on his hand. Pein played with my spot until I felt close to cuming. My breath became short pants, and he sighed in my ear “Cum for me beautiful” I mewed “Oh Pein”. Without warning my climax hit me, and I gasped while I rode it out.

                He chuckled and removed his hand, kissing along my back “I’m not done with you. You ready for more?” I closed my eyes to stop the spinning but I nodded “Yeah”. He helped me out and we each put on a white robe that the hot springs offered their guests. We grabbed our clothes and headed upstairs, kissing each other while the elevator lifted us up. Our hands roamed each other and he told me I was going to love what is in store for me. I could feel myself getting wet just from the thought alone. Finally, the elevator doors opened and he grabbed my hand to pull me out. We walked to a door and he slipped the key card in to unlock it. The door closed behind me and I looked around. There was a bathroom to the left along with a small bar and mini fridge next to a tiny closet space. Then, the bed was in the middle of the room with a black bag on it. On the right side of me were two couches, but they were both facing the bed for some reason.

                I walked up to the bed and touched the black bag, but Pein grabbed my hand to stop me “Don’t touch” I smirked “You already prepared?”. He winked at me and undid my robe, letting it fall to the ground around my feet. I mimicked him and we started to kiss and our hands started to roam. He picked me up and crawled on the bed, laying me down gently. He sat up and sighed “We’re going to do something a little different tonight. You ready?” I looked at him curiously “Different?” he chuckled “Don’t worry, you’ll love it”. He grabbed the bag and pulled out a blindfold, handcuffs, and a ball gag. I raised a brow “Oh, really?” He gave me a devilish grin “You trust me?” I bit my lip “You know I do”.

                He put the handcuffs on first, then kissed my lips before placing the gag in my mouth and strapping it behind my head. He grabbed the blindfold and leaned close to me “Relax, you’re going to feel amazing here in a second”. I just moaned in response and watched as he slipped it over my head and my vision was completely blocked. I laid there waiting, and I felt him leave the bed making me aware of how cold it was in the room. I heard a door open, but didn’t think too much about it. Then, I felt hands slide along my legs and rub my thighs gently. I groaned when lips joined his hands and I felt a shiver run through my body. His hands slowly ran along my hips and his lips grazed my abdomen, sliding down and leaving a trail of heat.

                I moaned when his tounge snaked out and licked the bud of nerves, then slowly dipped down to the end of my heat and slowly slid between my folds and back to the bud of nerves. I gripped the pillows under my head and groaned when he sped up. I could feel my hips move with his tounge, but a firm hand grabbed them and stopped them from moving. I whined, feeling him smirk against me. His tounge slid inside making my back arch and I cried out, loving the feeling of his tounge sliding inside of me. My hips begged to move against him, and his grip only tightened when I tried. I could feel my climax build the faster his tounge went, and it curved to hit that special spot inside me. My legs bent and I called out, spraying my cum into his mouth.

                 His other hand gripped my side and I felt my body being pulled towards him. I felt the tip of his cock message my folds and I moaned, gently grinding my hips against his dick. I heard him groan, but it sounded different that it usually did. He sounded like a different person. He slammed his length inside me and I screamed, wrapping my legs around him as he started to thrust in and out of me. His thrusts were deep and on point to my spot. Then, it occurred to me that his dick felt bigger. I pressed my body against him and thought that his chest was more toned then I remembered. Suddenly, he flipped me up so I was sitting on his lap and he slowed his thrusts down. Out of nowhere, I felt a pair of hands on my head and I stiffened. Pein’s hands were supposed to be around my waist… so who’s hands were these? My blindfold was ripped off and I looked in front of me in shock. Madara was the one slamming into me, and I heard Pein’s voice in my ear “Surprise”. I groaned and Madara smirked “you feel amazing Konan”, I raised a brow as he sped up his pace.

                I looked over to my left where the couches were and gasped. Itachi was on his knees, giving Kisame a blowjob as he watched us. Deidara and Sasori was doing the exact same thing, and the men’s eyes were glued to the display we were making on the bed. I leaned my head back on Pein’s shoulder and I felt his fingers slid to my asshole and press against it “You mind?”. I shook my head no and he chuckled “Good girl”, Madara kept slamming into me “Remove her mouth piece, I want to hear her scream”. I could feel myself leak cum around his member and Pein listened, removing the gag and throwing it to the side. I growled “Damn it Pein, you should’ve warned me” Madara leaned in and kissed my neck “You complaining?”. I bit my lip and joined his thrusts, matching his movements. Pein grabbed my hair and yanked it, sliding his fingers inside my ass “There you go. Ride his cock baby” I cried out and we sped up, letting Pein stretch me.

                I looked over at the other couples, and now Deidara was laying on the couch with Sasori between his legs, licking his hole and making sure it was nice and wet. Itachi didn’t care about the pain, and slid down on Kisame’s cock, moaning loudly and throwing his head back. Kisame slammed into him and Itachi’s sounds matched mine, ringing throughout the room. My attention snapped back to Madara as he grabbed a slim black vibrator out of the bag and smirked “I want you to soak my dick and the bed”, I made a small whimper, and he bit his lip. He turned it on and slid it between my breasts and down my stomach, stopping on my clit. I saw spots before my eyes and I screamed, yelling his name. Pein added another finger and stretched me faster. Madara rocked his hips and slammed into my spot repeatedly.

                Finally, Pein was ready to enter me, and Madara laid on his back and made me fall on his chest. He kept the vibrator where it was, and Pein eased his way inside my hole. I cried out as my body rocked with another climax, soaking his length and the bed under us. Madara hummed “Such a good girl. She follows directions perfectly” Pein chuckled “Just like I taught her to”. I bit my lip and whined when Madara stopped, but I had to fight to breath when the feeling of being filled up overcame me. The pleasure was unlike anything I have felt before, and I could barely contain my soft moans. I watched as Deidara was turned on his hands and knees, letting Sasori lean over him and thrust deep. Deidara gasped and slammed back on his hips. The two couples were wrapped up in their own pleasure, when Kisame made Itachi turn around so he could watch us.

                Itachi’s look was pure bliss, and Kisame grabbed his cock making him groan. Pein looked at Madara and he winked “Ready?” Madara gave a curt nod and they started pounding into me at the same speed and rhythm. I couldn’t recognize the screams ripping from my throat, and Pein’s hand snaked around my neck and chocked me. I fought to breath, but the pleasure was heightened and my walls clenched around Madara’s dick while I came again. I heard Itachi cry out next to me and watched as he sprayed his stomach and chest with his cum, Kisame following close behind him with a growl. Sasori had his hand in Deidara’s hair and his head yanked back. His speed made the couch under them rock and his hand pumped Deidara’s cock. Finally, with one last thrust Deidara cried his name and came on the couch below them. Sasori kept going, and after a couple more thrusts he squeezed his hips and leaned forward, cuming inside him.

                I moaned at the sight and Pein bit my neck, bringing my attention back to the men fucking me. Madara’s hands cupped my breasts and tweaked my nipple, while his lips traced my stomach and kissed every now and again. Then, I felt another orgasm build and my breathing became sporadic. I leaned my head back and cried “Oh fuck yes, please don’t stop! Oh God!” the men kicked into overdrive and I felt my head spin and my body shake violently as the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had ripped through my body. I dug my nails into Madara’s chest and screamed “OH FUCK YES!”, Pein growled “Shit” and I felt hot liquid seep out of my hole and trail down to my pussy. Madara’s eyes rolled and he squeezed them tight, spraying my insides with his cum. It dripped out of me and I felt my body go limp in their arms.

                Madara grabbed me and chuckled “I got her” Pein let me go and Madara laid me next to him. I watched Pein put away the vibrator and lay on the other side of me. Madara removed the hand cuffs and winked at me. I bit my lip and looked at Pein “Some surprise babe” he pulled me on his chest and he smiled “Told you you’d like it”. Madara rubbed his eyes “Fuck I haven’t been this worn out in a while” I heard Kisame laugh “Ditto”. I giggled “Well, I’m relaxed like you wanted me to be” Pein grinned “good”. We all decided to just sleep where we were, and Madara covered us all up with the blanket. Kisame turned the lights off and they cuddled together on their couches. I sighed and felt Madara slide his arm around my waist, and Pein did the same. They looked at each other and Pein shrugged “You can join us any time you want Madara, just make sure it’s alright with the lady” I scoffed “After that performance you need to come more often”. Madara chuckled and kissed my back “Glad you enjoyed it. Until next time then” Pein bit his lip “Can’t wait” I shook my head and sighed “Yeah, me either”.

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