Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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hey everyone! I got I wrote the next chapter lol. Thank you so much for the views and the review I got. I love it that you like my writting it means a lot to me and you guys are great <3 I was a bit sad writting this chapter ( true naruto fans will know), lol but I love it lol. Hope you do to ;) Enjoy <3 <3 <3

p.s. sorry it's short :(


Asuma was supposed to be here any minute, and I didn’t have anything ready. The dinner was still cooking and I was still in my towel. I ran around the house trying to get ready, but I was always so nervous when he came over. I loved him more then I should, and I don’t want to look bad or do something stupid. Everything must be perfect. I finally finished getting dressed, and ran into the kitchen to find the dinner almost done. I smiled at myself and sighed a breath of relief. Then, I heard the door open and close slowly, and my heart leaped into my throat.

                I smelt the smoke before I even saw him. I walked into the living room and watched him put out his cigarette in the ashtray. He looked up and grinned when he saw me, then walked over to me with one hand behind his back. I let out a small laugh “Your right-on time” He kissed me softly “Yeah after last time I made sure I wasn’t late this time”. I shook my head and he pulled out a bouquet of roses from behind his back, “And this is to help my case”. I let out a little giggle and took the flowers “Oh Asuma you didn’t have to”. He kissed my cheek and walked into the kitchen behind me, saying how I had to get used to it.

                I walked past him and placed the flowers in a vase. I started to set up dinner and get the table ready. He offered to help, like he always does, and I told him no like usual. I don’t want him to lift a finger when he’s home and he knows it. I got dinner together and placed it on the table, and smiled at him. He loved my beef curie, and he licked his lips anxiously. I sat next to him and poured him a bowl, then myself. Wine was already in our glasses, he must have poured it while I was getting dinner. We started to eat and talk about our day. He always enchanted me when he spoke, so I just sat quietly and listened to his deep voice.

                When dinner was over, I cleaned up the dishes and put them in the sink. He poured me another glass of wine and I laughed “Are you trying to get me drunk? This is my third glass?” He grinned “Is it working?”. I rolled me eyes and took a small sip, and he took my hand in his. I didn’t feel my body lean toward him, but it did. He placed his lips on mine and my stomach turned and my breath caught. He scooted my chair closer and slipped an arm around my hip. I pulled on his shirt to get him closer to me, and hated how distant he was. Next thing I knew he picked me up and pinned me on the wall. I didn’t want to wait any longer, and unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock from his boxers. Asuma growled and kissed my neck fervently. I slipped his cock out of his pants and positioned it on my hole. He slammed into me and made me cry out.

                My back pushed against the wall so hard I thought I would break in half, but his cock made me feel amazing. I grabbed his head and his arm and squeezed them while he thrusted into me. He made another growl and grabbed me, walking to the bedroom and slamming me on the bed. I ripped his shirt off over his head, and he did the same to my dress. I didn’t bother with any underwear, I knew this would happen tonight. He slid his pants and boxers down, only to climb back on top and pick up where he started. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his passionately, rocking my hips with his. I felt so connected with him I never wanted him to stop. Our hands eventually met and held each other as he continued to thrust in and out of me with perfect speed. He hit my soft spot and made me cry his name.

                He was hitting it so deep and perfect, every stroke made me breathless. He flipped me on his lap, and I rode him while staying close. My hands wrapped into his hair, and his lips caressed my neck. I kissed him one more time, “I love you Kurenai” he whispered, and I smiled “I love you to Asuma”. He took control again and moved his hips faster, and slammed into me harder. My head fell back and my moans got louder. His name left my lips repeatedly, and when I felt my climax hit me, I grabbed onto his chest and cried out, “Ahh Asuma! Yes!”. His hips bucked uncontrollably, and I soaked his cock and legs with a scream. He slammed into me a couple more times, then rested his head on my shoulder, “Ugh Kurenai!”. I felt his cock jerk and pulse inside of me, and then I could feel his liquid fill me up, making me shudder and moan with him.

                We held each other for a little while more, then he laid me down on the bed before lying next to me. He kept me wrapped tightly in his arms, and kissed my head. I never felt safer than I did in those amazing arms. He whispered he loved me again, and I told him I loved him to. Then, we both fell asleep in each other’s arms for the night.

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