Short Shots PART 2

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Wow, I can't beleive I'm already at 3,000 and I haven't even gotten started lol. TBH I never thought I was a great writter until I took a chance and posted my first story, and everyone loved it lol. It means a lot to me that you all love theses stories, because this is what I want to do lol. Thank you for reading, and I hope I don't disapoint. Here is another chapter for you awesome fans, and feel free to review! I love reviews and no you can never text too much in a review lol. You could write 5 paragraphs and I will read it all <3 lol Well, here it is! Enjoy <3 <3 <3


Kurenai invited all of us girls over for a slumber party that night and everyone was excited. Me and Temari were walking to her house when we ran into Ino and Sakura. “Hey guys! You heading over to?” Ino smiled “Yep! Let’s go I’m excited!”. We headed over to the house and didn’t bother knocking, we headed in and placed our bags next to the door. “Were here!” I called out, and Kurenai came out from the kitchen with a smile “Hey girls! Welcome, come get comfy I just popped the popcorn and the movie is about to start!”.

                We all sat down on the couch together and started to talk about how excited we were to watch the movie. It was a new one that just came out about a sexy soldier fighting through battles for his country and there were some juicy sex scenes in it as well. Kurenai brought out three huge bowls of popcorn and everyone cuddled together while the movie started. All through the movie we were swooning over the actor and how sexy he was. Kurenai got a bottle of Sake and we started drinking in the middle of the film. By the end of it, we were all loopy and giggly from the man in the movie and the sake.

                Kurenai told the 4 girls they could go into the guest bedrooms, there was a bed in each of them. Then, she told me I could sleep with her in her room. We all got up and started to clean up, when Ino bumped into me and spilled sake all over my clothes. “I’m sorry Hinata!” she said and I shrugged “It’s alright”. Kurenai smiled and we walked to her room after telling everyone good night. Kurenai pointed to the bathroom in her room “You can take a shower to get the Sake off you. Towels are under the sink and,” she handed me a pink silky nightgown “You can wear this tonight”. I took it and smiled, then headed to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

                While I was in the shower, I kept remembering the actor in the movie, and found myself sliding my hand between my thighs. I played with my clit and moaned softly, letting my head fallback under the water. I could feel myself get closer, and squeezed my breast to heighten the sensation. However, I was jerked out of my pleasure from a sound from the bedroom. It sounded muffled but like she was a bit frustrated. I thought she was in trouble, so I jumped out of the shower and ran into the room with a towel around me. I started to ask If she was ok, but my voice caught when I saw her.

                She was on her bed, sprawled out and using a toy to fuck herself. I watched as she pushed it in and out of her, and her face filled with pleasure. She sighed and I licked my lips, wanting to help her out. She stopped and growled in frustration, “Why can’t I cum!” she asked herself, and I smiled “I would love to help Kurenai”. She looked over at me in panic, not realizing I was there. I walked over to the bed and dropped the towel, climbing between her legs. She didn’t say anything, she just watched, and I gripped the dildo firmly and started to slowly fuck her with it.

                Her eyes fluttered closed, and her chest rose and fell lightly. I decided to kick it up a notch and lean my face closer to her, letting my tounge slip out and lick between her folds. She moaned softly, and I popped her clit in my mouth to suck on it and roll it with my tongue. She cried out and ran her hand through my hair, grinding down on the toy and my mouth. She tasted sweet and her moans were sexy as hell to listen to. “Faster, please” she begged, and I slammed the toy in and out of her, hitting her sweet spot and making her go crazy. Her back arched, and in an instant my mouth was filled with sweet liquid, and I drank down every drop.

                I sat up and she grabbed me and pulled me on the bed under her. Her mouth found my pussy, and she repeated my actions with her. She stopped about half way through and slid her finger in and out of me, making me squirm and grab her hand. She stopped and went to her dresser, and pulled out a small vibrator, placing it on my clit and making me wail. Pleasure filled me, and my body started to convulse until I finally came inside of her mouth. She sat up and shook her head “I’m not done with you Hinata”. I got a chill down my spine and watched her pull out a double-sided dildo, and without hesitation slid one side of it into me. I flipped on my stomach and got on all fours, watching her follow my stance and impale herself on the dildo. We both started to move our hips in and out, making the dildo fuck both of us.

                We sped up and slammed into each other. The toy hit my spot perfectly, and our moans echoed through the room and off the walls. I was sure the other girls could hear us in their rooms. I felt her cum splash against my pussy, and I returned the favor. I didn’t know pleasure like this existed, but I didn’t want it to end. I felt the pressure build up inside of me, and I slammed back on the dildo harder than before and fucked myself until my legs went numb. I threw my head back and cried out as my climax hit me, and a pool of cum formed beneath me. Kurenai continued to move, and then moaned when she finally came.

I collapsed on the bed and felt her remove the toy and place it back into her drawer. She laid next to me and we smiled, “I’m sure the girls heard us”.  Laughed a little “Yeah I know. I just never done that before…it felt amazing”. She grinned and nodded “Yeah it did… maybe stop by again some time and we can do it again”, I bit my lip and nodded “Sounds good to me”. 

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