Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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Hey guys! So I have been a bit unmotivated to write lately (I'm 6 months pregnant so it isn't hard to do), so I'm sorry it took too long. Also! I am working on 2 NEW BOOKS (actual books that I can hopefully find a good publisher and send them to), so I haven't really had time to write short shots. However, If I get time in my crazy world you know I am coming for you guys ;) I was also thinking about posting a scene from one of my books to promote it and see what y'all think, but i'm not sure if I should yet. ANYWAY! Sorry it's long I missed y'all and thank you SO much for the views! Here is your new chapter ;) Enjoy <3 <3 <3


             I was called to the meeting early, so I had to excuse myself from dinner with my family. I dressed into my Anbu uniform and headed toward the rendezvous point. I’m sure the team was already waiting for me there, so I had to speed up my pace. When I finally got to the location, everyone was there waiting on me. They bowed their heads and I mirrored them “Captain”, they said and I sighed “Sorry I am a little late”. Tonight’s meeting wasn’t anything special, just a routine checkup with everyone. They voiced their concerns and things they saw and thought were a bit mysterious and we needed to watch. Nobody had too much to say, and we honestly wanted to go back home and relax; something we didn’t get much of.

                Everyone finished talking about their concerns and I told them great job and to keep their eyes open. Since nobody had to report any threats, this meeting went by quickly.  I dismissed everyone, but one person stayed behind. I smiled lightly “Kakashi, what can I do for you?” he took off his mask and grinned “I just wanted a minute alone with you”. I hummed and we walked into the building next to us. It had been abandoned for years so we didn’t have to break into it. I removed my mask and sighed “Alright, you got me alone” Kakashi folded his arms “Itachi, you’ve been ignoring me ever since our kiss”.

                My mind flashed back to the last mission we went on together. We had to hide in a cubby hole with no room to move. Our bodies were pressed up together and we had to stay that way for a while. We ended up kissing and stayed longer than we should have. My attention snapped back to him as he took a step closer and I chewed my lip “I’ve been busy Kakashi, nothing against you”. I leaned against a table and folded my arms crossed my chest. He closed the space between us and met my gaze “Good, because I can’t get it out of my head” I swallowed “Yeah, me either”. I wasn’t lying, I couldn’t get it out of my head. However, me encouraging this is probably not the best idea. I was his captain and I had to keep it in a professional stand point.

                He placed his hands on either side of me against the tale and leaned in. His closeness made my heart skip and my body ache for him to touch me. I didn’t think I would be feeling this at my age, but I was glad to have someone take care of it for me. Kakashi pursed his lips as he watched me, and then he pulled his cloth down so I could see his face. I was one of few people to have saw his face, and it is a beautiful sight. I asked him why he hid something so angelic, and he just laughed. Kakashi shook his head “You don’t have to stay away just because we work together. We can keep it a secret you know” I raised a brow “Really? What if someone catches us” he smiled “They won’t, I will make sure of it”.

                I felt my body relax a little and the intensity grow between us. Then, without thinking I leaned against him and let our lips connect. His hands pulled my body closer to his so there was no more space, and I broke apart for a second “If anyone finds out and asks, I will deny it” Kakashi chuckled “So won’t I”. With that he hoisted me on the table and kissed me forcefully. My hands wrapped in his hair and our tounges danced with each other. I groaned as one of his hands slipped up my shirt and circled my nipple. His other hand snaked into my ponytail and yanked my head back making me moan and letting his lips attack my neck. My legs squeezed his hips tight and my hand ran along his chest.

                His hands grazed my skin as he took my shirt off, and I kicked my shoes off in the process. I grabbed the base of his shirt and pulled it over his head, he smirked and I shrugged “If I have to be naked you do to”. He bit his lip “Fair enough” and then licked down my neck to my nipple, before slipping it in his mouth and sucking on it. Pleasure wrapped around me and my cock jumped to attention. His hips pushed our lengths together, and I cursed softly. His breath made goosebumps rise on my skin, and his hand slipped under my pants and wrapped around the base of my dick. I gasped and he took that opportunity to cover my mouth with his and slip his tounge inside.

                His hand stroked my dick slowly, and messaged the tip each time it reached it. I could barely sit up with all the pleasure, and he thankfully answered my silent prayer and pushed me back on the table. He slid my pants off and licked his lips when he looked down at me member. I bit my lip and slowly stroked it while he took his pants off. His cock sprung free and I groaned, thinking about how long and thick it was. I played with myself and used toys every now and again, but his cock is going to be the biggest thing I would take. His head bowed and he kissed my stomach, slowly trailing a way to my length. I squeezed his hair gently, and took in a sharp breath as his mouth wrapped around the head. His tounge slid down my shaft and I groaned while my head hit the table under me.

                His mouth slid down and the tip hit the back of his throat. He started to work it and slid his hand to my face, making me suck on his fingers to get them wet. I placed my feet on the table and tried to relax as his hand slid back down to my hole. His sucking sped up as his finger slid inside, and I cursed his name when he slid all the way in and hit my spot. The waves of pleasure coursing through me made sweat form on my skin, and I knew I was close by the way my balls hardened. He continued to suck, lick and stretch me, and I fought hard to breath as a wave of pleasure crashed into me. I heard him choke and felt him swallow my cum as it shot down his throat.

                He sat up and smiled at me, stroking his own cock and motioned for me to come here. I sat up and made myself catch my breath. He kissed me and let me taste myself on his tounge. He broke apart and sighed “You have to get my cock wet” I bit my lip “my turn”. He smirked and sat up, letting me lean down and slip his dick inside my mouth. His precum tasted sweet and coated the back of my throat. I worked his length like he worked mine, and got a couple moans out of him while I sucked on it. His head fell back and his hand fisted my hair. He moved his hips with my mouth and tounge and he cursed when I nibbled the base. He yanked me back and kissed me, making me lay back on the table again.

                His cock pushed against my hole and he told me to take deep breaths until it was in. When he started to slide inside I followed his instructions and breathed through the pain. His hand pumped my member and took away some of the pain, but not all of it. When he was finally inside all the way I was fighting to breathe again. His dick filled me up completely and left no wiggle room, making me feel too full to function. He leaned down and kissed me, slowly pumping in and out of me to start. My pain was replaced with a new pleasure I never experienced, and I wanted more of it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and rocked with him while he slammed into my prostate. I cried out and he hit it again, making sure he wouldn’t miss it again.

                My nails ran down his chest and I begged him to fuck me faster, and he complied. The table beneath us rocked viciously, but I needed more. I pulled his hair and begged him to fuck me and make me cum. He groaned and gave me my wish, making me babble and moan like a whore. I cried his name and cursed more than I have in my life. The pleasure made my head spin and tears sting my eyes. I could feel my climax coming again and my hips bucked wildly with his, until I screamed out his name and sprayed my stomach with my seed. He slammed into me a couple times and held onto my trembling body, then with a low growl his cock pulsed inside of me and liquid sprayed my insides and leaked out onto the table.

                It took a while for our bodies to stop shaking and our breath to normalize. When we could move again he helped me off the table and we got dressed. We put on our masks and he sighed “I really hope that isn’t the last time I get to fuck you” I bit my lip “I don’t think it will be”. We walked out together and we promised to meet up again soon, then we left for home. I had to sneak in my house, but my father caught me. He cleared his throat “That meeting took a while Itachi” I looked at him and kept my expression blank “I had to take care of a few things, but everything is fine. Goodnight Father” he bowed his head “Good. Goodnight Itachi”. I turned around and walked to my room, hiding the smile that formed on my lips. 

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