Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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Hey everyone!! Sorry it's been a while but I was on my honeymoon and just got back! lol Anyway, my husband has decided to help me in these stories by writting commentary and editing, so let us know what you think! He's pretty good if I do say so myself lol. Here's the new sexy addition to Short shots! New chapter will be soon, I swear! lol Enjoy  <3 <3 <3 <3


    “Ah man this is great!” I shouted, finishing my 5th bowl of ramen. Iruka looked at me in amazement, and Ichiraku just smiled. Iruka sighed “One day Naruto, you’re going to blow up from eating too much”, I laughed “Well at least I would be happy”. Ichiraku patted Iruka’s shoulder “Leave the kid be! He’s most of my profit!”. I took out my wallet and paid Ichiraku, thanking him for the amazing meal. Iruka and I stepped out from the shop and I stretched my arms above my head “Man, now I could use a nap”, Iruka scoffed “Oh Naruto”. I felt a buzz in my pocket and I pulled my phone out. I looked down at it and smiled at the text from dad “Your mom’s asleep, hurry home Naruto”. There is only one reason he would be texting me to hurry home, and that was to release some ‘tension’ before mom woke up. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and I don’t mind it when it does. I smiled at Iruka “Alright, I got to run home, but thanks for hanging out with me!”, He waved goodbye “Any time Naruto! See you soon!”.

    I ran home and said hello to a couple people along the way. If I took too long dad would get upset. I finally got there and quietly went through the door. I took my shoes off and hung my coat up on the rack before heading further into the house. It was quiet, except for the TV playing something softly in the background. I heard my dad stand up in the living room, and I hurried through the door. He turned and smiled at me, which I returned “Good timing boy”, I shrugged “Didn’t want to keep you waiting”.

    We both met in front of the couch and our lips crashed into each other. My hands wound in his hair, and his hands roamed my body for a while before slipping up my shirt. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth, and he ripped my shirt off over my head. He glanced nervously at their bedroom door and sighed in frustration as he unbuttoned my pants, “We have to be quick, keep quiet Naruto.” I didn’t have time to respond he kissed me hard and took my pants off. I got into the habit of not wearing any underwear since our last encounter. It was so much quicker and easier without them.

    He pushed me down onto the couch and got between my legs. He slipped my length inside his mouth and I choked on a gasp. His tongue worked its way around my cock and I fought back moans, “Fuck” I whispered “How are you doing that?”. I could feel him smirk as his head dropped down, and my hand pulled his hair. He growled quietly and he slammed my dick in the back of his throat. “Oh Fu-”His hand shot to my mouth and he slid his tongue down to my hole and started to get it slick. I leaned my head back onto the couch and fought to keep control. My breath was turning ragged, and my stomach started to tighten.His hand started to pump my cock, making my hips jerk sporadically. “Please don’t stop” I whimpered silently “I’m so close”. His hand sped up and his tongue slid from my ass to my balls slowly. It played with them for a minute, before it slid up my shaft and wrapped around my cock. I tugged on his hair to signal him, and bit down on my lip as a wave of pleasure hit me and I sprayed my cum down his throat. He devoured each drop, and stood up to remove his pants, “Straighten up, time is running out”.

    I did as I was told and moved my body upright on the couch. He grabbed my legs and slid my ass into position, leaning over me with my legs on his shoulders. He sighed and looked at me, “There’s no time to prep you, you ready?”. I nodded and he kissed me softly, pushing his cock against my heat. Pain shot through me and I gripped his back tightly, and biting his neck to muffle the screams. After what felt like eternity, he was finally inside me completely. My body shook and his arms held me tight, “Daddy’s got you”. I felt my body relax, and he kissed my head gently “You’re so tight, this might hurt”. I gave a quick nod and he cautiously pulled out of me and thrusted back in. When he got a steady pace going, the pain started to go away and the pleasure replaced it. I leaned back on the couch and relaxed, running my hands down his chest and along his back. His face leaned in close to my neck, and his breath sent a chill through me.

    I could feel his dick throb and pulse inside of me, and our hips moved faster; when out of nowhere we heard a noise from their room. It sounded like a cough and the bed creaked, making both of us stop in place. My heart sank and pounded uncontrollably, praying mom wouldn’t wake up right now. We stared at the door for a while, until dad let out a long sigh and moved his hips again, “Whew, She’s still asleep”. My head fell back on the couch and I groaned “I was almost there”. Dad chuckled and pulled out of me, “Grab the back of the couch”. I obeyed, and he pulled my hips towards him and slammed into me with the same rhythm.

    His cock hit my sweet spot and I had to fight back my cries. He leaned over me and we both started to pant hard. I bit the back of the couch and tried hard not to cum. The pleasure was almost unbearable and I wanted him to make me scream. I was to the point of not caring if mom heard, I just wanted to live in this feeling forever. “Fuck me daddy!” I cried out, and I heard him moan behind me and his cock jerk in my ass. He breathed in my ear “Oh god Naruto, I’m cumming!” he yelled, and his hand tightened around my dick and stroked it eagerly.

    Our hips started to get out of sync, and I finally let go. He slammed into me and filled me up until it was seeping out of me. He bowed his head and groaned, giving my cock one last squeeze and my cum shot all over his hand. His hips slowly stopped, and then he pulled out of me. We sat next to each other for a second, then dad’s eyes went wide and he looked at the door, “Your mother’s up, get dressed!”. He barked, and we both got dressed faster than we ever had before. We sat back down on the couch and he turned the TV to some stupid movie. Mom walked out a second later with a smile on her face “My, what a wonderful nap! I have to do that more often!”. Dad and I just smiled at each other, “Yeah, you really should sweetie”.

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