Short Shots PART 2

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Hey everyone! Here is another chapter for you all! I think a new chapter will be posted every Tuesday, and maybe every Friday...maybe. lol I'm trying to get a schedual set up for all three stories going on right now. Anyway, if you like my stories and want to know when a new chapter is posted, PLEASE go to my page and click on my facebook page. Every time I post a chapter I let you know and even drop the link so you can go right to it. Please, go like the page and let me know what you think. You can also message me if you have a request or just want to talk. LOVE hearing from my fans <3

Alright, now that that's out of the way, here is you new chapter! Enjoy and thank you all so much for the support. You guys are great <3 <3 <3 

P.S: Sorry if its short :( I was running on a time limit lol


         “Hurry up and eat or you boy’s will be late!” Kushina said, and she took a sip of her wine as the guys sped up. Naruto and Minato had to attend a meeting for a couple hours, and wouldn’t be home until late. Kushina and I agreed to stay here and have a ‘girl’s night’. Kushina bought 2 bottles of wine for the occasion and we already had popcorn and snacks set up in the living room. It was going to be a movie night. The boys finished eating and we kissed goodbye, telling them to have fun and to hurry home. Kushina stood up with a sigh “Alright, let’s get these dishes done and we can start” I nodded “Sounds like a plan”.

                We cleaned everything up and put away the leftovers, then poured us each a glass of wine. This would be glass #3 for me, and we still have a whole bottle to go through. We started the movie and ended up finishing off the first bottle of wine. By this time, we were each feeling a little woozy and Kushina groaned “Oh lord, we have another bottle still” I giggled “I know, it’s starting to get too much” Kushina smirked “You quitting on me?” I scoffed “Of course not!”. She opened the new bottle and poured us another glass, then we clinked them together. I placed my glass down after taking a swig and sighed “I’m dizzy” Kushina laughed “Good, that’s how you should feel”.

                Then, I felt her place her hand on my thigh. I let it go for a second, thinking it was just a nice gesture; until her hand slid up my thigh. I opened my eyes in time to see her lean into me and plant kisses on my neck. I groaned and let my head fall to the side “What are you doing?” Kushina smirked “passing time”. I bit my lip and spread my legs wider while her hand slid up my dress. Her lips found mine and I moaned. Her fingers slipped under my underwear and she hummed “Why don’t we have a little fun while the men are away?” I shrugged “Yeah, sounds good to me”.

                She pushed me on my back and raised my dress up, pulling my underwear off and dropping it to the side. She kissed my inner thigh and trailed down, leaving goosebumps along the way. Before her mouth hit my core, she brushed her fingers down the length and slipped one inside. I gasped and her tounge slipped out to rub my clit. My hands found their way in her hair and I moved my hips with her finger. She added a second one, and my back lifted off the couch with a moan. Her fingers sped up, and when she struck my sweet spot I cried out and squeezed her hair. She made sure she didn’t miss again, and soon I could feel my climax build in my stomach. Suddenly, she stopped and licked her lip making me whimper. She giggled and slid her hand under the couch “I planned ahead, I hope you’re not mad” I raised a brow “really?”.

                She slid out a purple dildo and two small hand-held vibrators. She stood up and slid her panties off, smiling at me “You mind?” I shook my head “Not at all”. She bit her lip and straddled my face, leaning on my legs for a second. I held onto her thighs and slid my tounge between her folds. She sucked in a breath and I felt the dildo enter me slowly. I was completely filled up, and she started to pump it in and out of me; gaining speed as time went on. I slid my hand between her legs and returned the favor, adding two fingers inside and following the speed of the dildo. I felt a strong vibration hit my clit and I screamed, pleasure shooting through my body. She grinded her hips on my face and handed me the second vibrator. I gladly took it and placed it on the bud of nerves, making her groan and speed up the pace.

                My climax was building again, and I felt my hips buck in response. When it hit, it was like a damn broke inside of me and my cum shot out and onto the couch. I wailed and sped my fingers up, making her pant and her head fall back. Soon, she was clutching my dress under her and begging me to slam my fingers harder, which I obeyed. She screamed, and her cum shot in my mouth and I swallowed every drop; except for a small dribble that fell down my chin. She climbed off me, and we had to lay there for a minute to compose ourselves again. She groaned “I can see why my son loves you so much” I laughed despite myself “Really?” Kushina winked at me “Yeah, you taste amazing”.

                We decided we needed to clean up so I went into the bathroom to scrub my face and brush my teeth. We sat on the couch again and grabbed our popcorn, Kushina looking at me “Secret, right?” I nodded “yep”. We started to watch the movie again and ended up drinking a little more wine. The boys came home an hour later and they smiled “We’re home! Movie night looks great” we looked at each other and grinned “We should do it more often. Come join us”.

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