Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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I tried to stay away... i really did. lol But I couldn't. SO! I did something new and special as a "I'm back guys!". Hope you like it, and you will see me again don't worry all <3 Enjoy <3 <3 <3


You were still trying to learn your way around the office. You have been here for almost 6 months but every time you come here you get lost. You decided to bring Gaara some lunch since he was telling you he wouldn’t get a break today. You two have become pretty close since you got here and trained next to him. He became one of your best friends, constantly texting and talking when you saw each other. You swore you were falling for him, but you wouldn’t admit it; not yet any way.

            “What are you doing?” you hard someone ask, and you turned around to see a guard studying you. You gave a nervous smile and cleared your throat “I, uhm, came to see Lord Gaara. I have something for him”. He pursed his lips and squinted a second, before slowly nodded “Alright, follow me then”. He turned on his heel and headed the opposite direction, you following behind quickly.

            When you reached the door to his office the guard knocked and you heard his voice ring through the hall “Enter”. The guard opened the door and you both stepped in, “Lord Kazakage, she said she had something for you”. Gaara looked up from his paperwork and a smile fell on his lips “Ah, hey ___. What’s up?” he looked at the guard “Oh, thank you, you can go”.  The guard bowed and then headed back out the door before closing it quietly. It was just you and Gaara now. You grinned “Hey Gaara! I brought you something” he leaned back and chuckled “Oh really? What did you bring me?”.

            You walked over to his desk and placed the basked in front of him, letting him look inside. You beamed “I brought you lunch since you said you might not get a break today. It’s my famous curry, I hope you like it”, Gaara looked up at you surprised “___ you didn’t have to do this”. You shrugged “I wanted to. You need to eat to keep your strength up” he pulled the bowl out of the basket and laughed quietly “Thank you, ____. It mean’s a lot”. You bit your lip and looked at the ground for a second “Well, I better get going. I just wanted to bring it to you and say hello” Gaara nodded “I’m glad you did, thanks again”.

            You started to walk to the door but he stopped you “____ wait!”, you turned to see him coming towards you “Hey, so, what are you doing tonight?”. Excitement filled you and you had to collect yourself before you spoke “Uhm, nothing. Why?”. He swallowed and then took a deep breath “You want to go out for dinner or something? My treat!”. You almost burst with joy but you forced yourself to keep calm. You both agreed to meet at the restaurant and then he would walk you home.

            You practically ran back home to get ready. You made sure your hair was perfect and your outfit matched everything. Your hair was curled and pinned up in a bun, and you chose a cute white summer dress that fell to your knees and left your sides exposed. You put on black flats to pull it off and thought it was the perfect outfit to make him smile. When you were finally done it was time to meet up. You grabbed your clutch purse and headed towards the restaurant.

            You walked into the restaurant and smiled when you saw Gaara standing there waiting. He had on a nice black suit jacket that had one button fastened, a white shirt underneath, with blue jeans and black converse to pull it together. You thought he looked amazing, and when he saw you his face lit up and awe filled his eyes. You gave a light smile, and he took a second before returning it “Wow, you look amazing ___”, you blushed and looked at the ground “Thanks, Gaara”.

            You laced your arm through his and he escorted you to a small table in the back of the restaurant. He pulled your chair out and pushed you in before taking his seat. You guys talked all through the date and enjoyed some of the best food you would ever eat. He was sweet and charming, making sure your wine glass was always full and you had anything you wanted. You were feeling a bit tipsy by the end of the date, and he insisted on walking you home.

            After you tried telling him you were ok twice, you decided it wouldn’t hurt to have him walk you home. You both took your time getting there and enjoyed the cool breeze around you. People bowed and stopped to talk to Gaara when they realized it was him. He wasn’t wearing his cloak so they weren’t paying too much attention to you. A couple people asked if you were his girlfriend, and he told them no, but maybe one day. You felt excited and wished his words were true.

            You were almost home when you felt your head swim, and you touched it lightly with a groan. He smiled down at you “You alright, ___?” he nodded “yeah, no biggie. I think I drank too much”. You could have sworn you saw something flash in his eyes, but he turned away before you could understand what it was. You realize how much you wanted Gaara, not just as your boyfriend, but also physically too. He was fun to be around, and he treated you sweet even though he was quiet and short with everyone else.

            You decided you wanted to see how much Gaara liked you as well. So, you made a rash decision when your house was in sight. You moaned and tripped yourself, knowing he would catch you. You fell in his arms and he stared at you with concern heavy in his eyes “___! Are you okay?” you let out a small laugh, “Yeah, I think I just need to sit down for a second”. Without warning he picked you up bridal style and carried you the rest of the way. You loved how his arms felt around you, and you nuzzled his neck softly. You felt him stiffen slightly, but he relaxed and his grip on you tightened.

            When you got to the house he opened the door and walked in, heading towards the living room. He sat you down gently and you sighed when he started to pull away. To your surprise, he stopped inches away from you and kept you in his arms. Your eyes met and he gave a small smile “You alright now?” You nodded “Yeah, much better now thanks to you”. Gaara’s eyes were empty as he looked at you, and you wished you could tell what he was thinking.

            Without warning, he leaned down and placed his lips on yours gently. After you got through the shock, you returned the kiss and slid your arms around his neck. You felt your body heat up and you moved closer to him out of instinct. His hands grabbed your waist and brought your bodies together, making you moan as you felt his firm chest press against yours. Your tongues fought for dominance and you loved how he tasted. You let him win and explore your mouth, while your hands roamed his body.

            Soon, you were tugging on his shirt, begging him to take it off. He broke apart and you both tried to catch your breath. “Maybe we can take this somewhere better?” he asked, and you nodded “Yeah, come on”. You grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom, letting the door close behind you and you turned to kiss him again. He picked you up and led you to the bed, carefully laying you both down without breaking the contact. You peeled off his clothes one by one and sighed at the feeling of smooth skin under your fingertips.

            He shivered and undressed you, kissing every inch of skin he uncovered. You moaned and slid your hand down his back as he sunk lower on your body, reaching between your legs. His looked up at you for acceptance and you nodded before his lips wrapped around your core. You cried out and slid your hands through his hair, feeling his tongue work its way down your heat and slip inside you. You groaned and felt your hips grind against his mouth, feeling the pleasure build and send shivers through your body. You felt him add a finger and you swore under your breath, tugging his hair gently and grinding down on his hand.

            You felt the pressure build in your abdomen and your hips bucked frantically. “Gaara...” you whispered, and he sped up his pace, hitting the spot inside you and making you cry out again. The pressure broke, and your orgasm hit you hard, spraying into his mouth. He drank it all down, and then crawled on top of you again, kissing your neck and brushing your side with the tips of his fingers. He cupped your breast and kissed you on the neck gently. “You ready, ___?” you nodded “Yes, please Gaara. I need you”.

            Your hips grinded against his member and he growled lowly. You grabbed his cock and pumped it a couple times before positioning it at your entrance. Your lips locked as he pushed into you, filling you up and making you gasp. He pulled out slowly, only to slam back into you and hit your spot. You clutched his chest and moaned loudly. He knew he had found it, and he made sure he didn’t miss again. His hips grinded against yours and pounded into you, earning screams and cries from your lips. Your nails marked his back and chest, and you begged him to go faster. He obeyed, and sat up; pulling your legs on his shoulders so he could thrust deeper inside you.

            You could feel the coil inside you again, and the familiar tingling feeling filled your body. You moaned his name, and made your hips match his rhythm. You could feel his length pulse inside you, signaling he was close. With a hard thrust, he slammed into your spot and sent you over the edge. You cried out “Gaara!”, as you soaked his cock and the bed. He needed a couple more thrusts until he slammed into and filled you up with a loud roar.

            You both held each other for a second, panting and trying to compose yourself. He fell next to you and groaned “That was better than I could ever imagine”, you giggled, “Yeah, I could say the same”. You lay on his chest and looked up at him when he wrapped his arm around you “So, now what”. He grinned and met your gaze “Now, we do this more often”.

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