Short Shots PART 2

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WOOP WOOP!!! 2,000 VIEWS!!! Thanks so much everyone! I couldn't have made it this far without ya'll of course, and I am so grateful for my fans <3 To address the review I received, there will be Yaoi, Yuri, and Male/female sex in the whole stoy, so yes I will do your requests lol. I actually have 32 chapters planned for this story, so don't worry were just getting started ;) Anyway!! To celebrate 2,000 views I made a steamy BDSM Chapter. So, here you go and I hope you like it ;) ENJOY!! <3 <3 <3


I was sitting in the living room listening to the boys talk and sitting on the couch with Pain. They were arguing about something I didn’t even know about, so I was zoning out on the movie someone had on the television. Pain was being quiet as usual, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. I smiled at him, and glanced at his face. He was watching me silently, then he leaned into me and whispered, “Let’s go to the room. I’m bored and you look amazing right now”. I bit my lip and he stood up walking toward the hallway. I followed and when Madara asked where we were going I told him we would be back later.

                We walked into the room, and he immediately pushed me against the wall and locked the door behind us. I grinned and he bit down on my neck, “Have you been a good girl, slave?”. I hummed in delight and he pinned my arms over my head “Yes, master”. I loved being Pain’s submissive, he knew how to work me perfectly. He grabbed my wrist and threw me on the bed, taking a step back from me “Strip down, slowly”. I got up and obeyed, trying to avoid a punishment for not listening. I took off each clothing slowly, and he watched me with lust heavy in his eyes. When I was completely naked, he ordered me to undress him, and I let my fingertips graze his smooth skin as I ripped off his shirt and pants.

                He kissed me hard and grabbed onto my waist, “Get on your knees” he demanded, and I listened. His hand went to the back of my head, and I didn’t wait for the order. I slipped his cock in my mouth and worked it with my tounge. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes, “Oh good girl. So eager to get started”. I flicked my tounge in response and he moaned, making me shiver with pleasure. I slipped my hand between his thighs and started to softly roll his balls in my hand. After a while I felt his hips move with my mouth. I sped up, and he slammed it in the back of my throat making me gag, but I couldn’t stop. I would be punished if I did, and I love the pain and pleasure he gave me. He continued to abuse the back of my throat, and when he was about to cum he pulled my hair, and made me look up at him while he came in my mouth. I sucked down all the cum, and milked him dry until he yanked me off him.

                He started at me hungrily, and grabbed my arm to throw me back on the bed. He got on top of me and smiled “Such a good girl. Did my slave like that?” I nodded “Yes master. Please, give me more?”. I heard him moan quietly, and he grabbed me by the throat and cut off my air supply. He lifted me up, and threw my head on the pillows. He let go long enough to tie my hand together on the bed post, the did the same with my ankles. We had ties that would allow me to turn on my stomach if he wanted me to, so even though I was strapped down I could still move.

                He smiled at his work, “Turn over girl and get on your knees” he barked, and I did as he said without hesitation. His hands slid around the cheeks of my ass, and then his finger slipped between the folds of my heat. His finger slipped inside of me and he played with my spot repeatedly. I moaned and fought hard not to grind down on his hand. He grabbed the paddle under the bed, and continued to finger me while he smacked my ass. I yelped and arched my ass upward. I loved it when he spanked me, and I wanted him to do more to me. He told me to count, and he swung the paddle on my ass. I counted as he whipped me, and when I got to 10 whips, he stopped, and leaned down to lick my folds.

                I gasped and he flipped me over on my back and dove into my pussy. Pleasure shot through me and replaced the pain I had. I squirmed and fought against the ties, but it was no use. He fucked me using his finger, and he sucked and nipped on my clit making me cry out and beg him to come. He shook his head no, and I had to fight the urge away. He finally sucked on my clit on last time, “Cum Slave, right now”. I sighed and relaxed s his stroke of his finger sent me over the edge, and I sprayed his hand and mouth with my cum. He savored every drop, licking his fingers and humming as he enjoyed the taste. He looked at me and licked his lips slowly, then crawled on top of me.

                He got close to my face and smirked “Kiss me, I want you to taste it”. I ran my tongue along his lips, then slipped it inside his mouth. We kissed for a while, then when he broke apart and slapped me crossed the face. I groaned, and he bit down on my neck. I cried out and he grinned against my skin, sliding his hand around my neck and squeezing. He bent down and grabbed the vibrator we keep in the drawer, placing it on my clit. He sat up and adjusted my hips so his cock was right at my entrance. He looked at me, and then smiled “You ask to cum, and if you do you get punished. Got it?” I nodded “Yes, master”.

                He turned on the vibrator, and pleasure shot through me and made me arch my back from the bed. His cock slammed into me, and he started to thrust in and out of me making the bed shake. His cock hit my g spot perfectly, and the vibrator was bringing me close to my peak already. My hips moved uncontrollably, and his thrusts were precise and hard just how I loved it. I moaned loudly and tied to hold it in, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I squirmed, “Master! Please I’m going to cum! Please!” He grinned and fucked me harder, then slapped me and chocked me. I could feel my legs go numb, and knew it was happening, then he turned the vibrator off “Cum, slave”. My release broke through the wall and slammed into me, soaking his cock and the toy.

                He continued to choke me, then slapped me again. I cried out and turned the toy on again, and I screamed. This time he slid it inside me and fucked me along with his cock. He slammed into me and growled “God you love this don’t you” I moaned “Yes! God yes Pain!”. He shivered with his name, and he got close to my face “You love this cock don’t you” I whimpered “Yes, yes your cock is so amazing! Please baby, please fuck me!”. His thrusts sped up and the toy as on my clit again, making me scream and call out his name.

                He grabbed my hair and pulled hard, exposing my neck and biting down onto it. I felt blood seep from my neck and roll down to the sheets under me. My body was in a spasm, and I shook all over. When I felt the next wave approach, I begged to cum, and told him it felt amazing and his cock was my master, and I would worship it forever. I called him daddy and begged him to let me have my release. He pulled my hair and let me cum, and while I wailed loudly and came, he slammed into me and soaked my insides with his cum. We took a second to calm down and my body to stop squirming, then he untied me and held me close. He sighed “Good girl, so sexy” I giggled “You’re the amazing one. My head is still spinning”. He kissed my head “Keep it up and there will always be more to come”. 

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