Short Shots PART 2

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Hey everyone! Here is another chapter for y'all and thnk you SO much for the views! I missed you guys to ;) lol I have a HUGE list of couples I am going to put in this story...and I haven't even made a dent in the list lol. Almost all of them are requests so if you want to add on go right ahead! I love making dreams come true ;) lol As always review because I love hearing from you all, and enjoy <3 <3 <3


          I woke up the next morning, tired and groggy. I haven’t gotten much sleep lately, due to the activity in my parent’s room picking up; and I sneak out to watch them. At first, I would lie in my bed listening, and touching myself to my mother’s moans and screams when she thought I was asleep. I would imagine me under my father instead of her, and how it would feel to have him slamming into me. Eventually, sound wasn’t enough and I had to sneak into the hallway and peer into their room. I would cover my mouth as I touched myself. My father’s large cock pounding into my mother, and his sculpted body twitching as he thrust into her with a groan. Lately, they have been having sex more frequently, and mom has gotten louder.

                I heard a knock on the door and sat up, watching my mom step into my room with a smile “Breakfast is done, hurry up your going to be late!” I sighed and crawled out of bed “Fine, I’m going”. Mom left my room and I ran my brush through my long black hair. Then, I quickly got dressed and headed down the stairs. I paused in the doorway, looking at my father who was sipping his coffee and reading the paper. I chewed my lip as images of last night ran through my head, and shook myself free from my mind. I walked to the table and sat next to him “Morning, dad” he smirked “Morning. Have a good night?” I froze and forced a smile “Uhm, yeah it was alright. Still tired”.

                Mom and dad shared a look I didn’t understand, and then mom brought over our plates. She made pancakes and bacon, with whipped topping on top. I licked my lips and groaned, digging into my meal. Mom joined us after a second, and then dad looked over at me “Are you coming home after your mission today?” I nodded “yes, papa. I will be home as soon as it’s over, probably just in time for dinner”. I saw him bite his lip and he grinned “Alright, we will see you for dinner then”. I got up after I was finished and kissed his head along with mom’s, then ran out towards the meeting place. This was a simple mission, and should only take a few hours to do. Boruto and I were paired together to help this nice old lady with yard work. The village was running low on missions, so we are down to the scraps right now. I met up with Boruto and he smiled “Hey Sarada, what’s up?” I gave a small sigh and shrugged “Wishing we didn’t have to do this mission, but here we are”, he chuckled “I feel it. Let’s just get this over with, shall we?”.

                His dad already gave us the address so we headed over to her house. Boruto knocked on the door and waited patiently. This frail old woman opened the door and slowly smiled at us “You must be the nice young ninjas I asked to give me a hand” Boruto and I bowed slightly “Yes ma’am. My name is Boruto Uzumaki and this is Sarada Uchiha. We are here to help you with whatever you need” She grabbed his hand and slowly led us into the house. She sighed “Well, I need the weeds pulled around the house and in the garden, also the grass needs mowing and the shed painted. I will feed you dinner for the challenging work, I have been cooking all day!” Boruto and I shared a tired look, and we both grinned “That sounds heavenly, thank you ma’am”. She patted his cheek gently and let out a small laugh “Such a nice young man, the back yard is this way and the mower in the shed. I already left the paint out so please take your time. I appreciate this”. She led us to the back yard and beamed up at us, then left when we told her we would take care of it.

                Me and Boruto stood on the back porch looking around the yard. He let out a long sigh and started to take his jacket off ‘Yeah…this is going to suck” I groaned “I will weed and you mow. Whoever is done first starts the shed then the other helps after they’ve finished” he nodded and tossed his jacket on the edge of the porch “Deal”. The grass was to your ankles, and the weeds to my knees. I slipped on a pair of gloves and grabbed a trash bag, getting on my knees in the garden. I heard the lawn mower start up as I started to yank them out, then tried hard not to think about my father and mother again. It was rather hard with my mind wondering from the task I had to do. It was tedious and boring; my mind couldn’t help it any longer.

                After I finished the weed’s I started on the shed like I said I would. The grass was taking longer to cut, but he was almost finished. When he did get done, he joined me in painting and we had a few laughs as we marked each other with the paint brush. Now he would have a huge light-yellow slash mark on his face and back. He got me on my stomach and my thigh, which made me complain about the paint staining my clothes. When we were done, the sun was getting low and my stomach started to growl. We walked inside and she smiled at us “Oh thank you both! It looks so beautiful! After my husband died I couldn’t do it myself” I gave a short nod “It’s our pleasure ma’am”. She told us to sit at the table because dinner was ready and to not worry about getting ahold of our parents. “I called Lord Hokage and told him I would be feeding you both. He said he would let the parents know” We grinned at her “Thank you ma’am it looks amazing”. She made us a nice spaghetti dinner and huge meatballs the size of your palm. She sat crossed from us and sighed “Alright, dig in!”.

                The dinner was amazing, and we left as soon as it became nightfall. She thanked us again and Boruto insisted he walked me home since it was dark outside. I stopped arguing with him and just let it happen. We stopped in front of my house and I smiled at him “Thanks, Boruto. You need to go home and get that yellow paint off you” he chuckled “Ditto. I’ll see you around, Sarada”. We waived and I watched him walk away for a minute, thinking about how cute he looked. Maybe he wouldn’t be bad to date in the future? I took a deep breath and walked into the house, noting how quiet it was.

                I took my shoes off and walked through the house to my bedroom. I took my clothes off and slipped into the shower, groaning as the hot water poured on my aching joints. Today really took a lot out of me, and I stayed in until my fingers started to wrinkle. I finally stepped out with a sigh, and then grabbed the towel on the rack to start drying myself off. I threw the towel in the hamper next to my bed and stopped in the middle of my room. I started to hear it again. The soft sighs coming from my parent’s room. It sounded like they were just starting, and I could feel myself grow wet from her moans. I decided to go into the hallway and watch again, forgetting about getting dressed. It would make things easier for me in the long run.

                I slowly crept to their door and stopped when I saw it was opened. I thought about turning back around and dealing with just the sounds tonight; but a part of me wanted to see if I could get away with it. I got down low and snuck to the corner of the door, peeking in after a second. I could see mom on her back panting and scratching dads arm as he pinched and twerked her nipple. His head was between her legs and her panting became more rapid as time went on. I slid my hand down my stomach and slipped my finger between my folds. I circled around my clit as I watched and mom let out a loud cry a minute later. My dad took a while to come back up, but when he did, he leaned into her ear and whispered something. My mind started to imagine what devilish things he was saying to her. I closed my eyes and leaned against the doorway, getting lost in my thoughts.

                Out of nowhere I feel someone next to me and my eyes flew open. My breath caught and I gasped, meeting my dad’s gaze. His eyebrow raised and he groaned “Finally caught you” I looked confused and he chuckled “We knew you were watching us for a while now Sarada. Why do you think we have sex more often? Or leave the door open now?”. I stared at him with wide eyes “Dad I-“ he placed a finger to my lips and silenced me “We’ve been waiting for you to come home. Would you like to join us?”. Shock slammed into me, and he grinned. His finger left my lips to trail along my jaw and stop under my chin. He brought his face closer to mine, and hesitated before pressing our lips together. I let out a soft moan and he grabbed me gently, picking me up and carrying me to the bed. Mom already made room for me, and he gently laid me beside her. He broke apart from me and they shared a look, mom biting her lip in agreement. Dad watched me for a second then smiled “If it gets to be too much, tell me and we will stop. Understood?” I couldn’t speak, so nodded instead.

                He kissed me again and then started to trail his lips down my jaw and neck. He took his time and his hand slid down my side and hip making me shiver under him. His other hand slipped between my mom’s legs and she groaned, watching the scene next to her carefully as my father worked her heat. His lips slid crossed my skin leaving goosebumps behind, and I almost shook with anticipation. His hand slid from my hip to cup on of my breasts and he popped my nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling lightly. I took in a sharp breath and my body pressed against him in response. His lips slid to the other breast to repeat his steps and made me moan. Heat filled my body and my core pulsed between my thighs, making me squirm as I waited. His other hand sped up between mom’s thighs, and his head dipped down my stomach and stopped right before his lips touched my pussy. He looked up at me for a second, then I watched his tounge slide out and slide between my folds and around my clit.

                I cried out and my back lifted from the bed, as his tounge sped up the pace. My body rocked with the new pleasure I felt and I could feel my climax tighten in my stomach. I slid my hands in his hair and he thrust his tounge inside me a few times, making my wail and spray my juices down his throat. My mom came right after I did, and my father sucked on his fingers, sighing at the taste. He looked at mom, and she nodded as she reached into the side table and pulled out and sleek vibrator that slid inside you. Mom slid it inside herself and continued to watch us, sliding the toy in and out of her. Dad leaned on top of me and sighed “Ready?” I nodded “yes, please”. He grabbed his cock and slid it between my lips, getting the tip wet with my juices.

                He told me to take a deep breath and I obeyed, feeling the huge length start to fill me up. I hissed when he hit my hymen. With a couple thrusts I felt it snap and his dick slammed into me making me cry out. He held me close and my mom moaned beside us. Dad wrapped my legs around his hips and slowly thrusted in and out of me. I couldn’t help the sounds escaping me, and mom turned the vibrator on full speed. She worked it in and out of her, before she grabbed my head and made our lips connect with each other. I felt dad growl above me, and he sped his pace up. He hit a certain spot inside that made me see spots and scream. My head fell backwards as he hit it repeatedly, and I could feel myself soaking his cock as he fucked me. My head thrashed side to side, earning a chuckle from my dad. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear “You love this don’t you baby” I moan “Yes, daddy, yes!”, he gripped my hips tighter “cum for daddy”. Moms hand slipped between us and started to circle my clit, throwing me over the edge. My head spun and my hips bucked wildly “Oh God daddy! Yes!” his face was pure lust as I cried his name and soaked the bed under us.

                With a couple more thrusts, he reached his climax and pulled out of me; turning to mom and cuming on her chest. Mom wasn’t far behind, and came with a loud scream of dad’s name. Dad fell between us and held me close, telling me to take deep breaths so my body would stop shaking; along with my breath. Mom put the toy away and laid back with a sigh, letting dad kiss her head. He looked down at me and his chest rumbled with laughter “She’s exhausted now. I give her props for keeping up with me though” mom giggled beside him “Let her sleep with us, we will clean up tomorrow”. With that, dad pulled the covers over our bodies with a sigh and held us close on his chest, kissing my head “Night baby girl… night Sakura”. Mom kissed his chest and I heard her say “Night Sauske” before I fell into the best sleep I’ve ever had. 

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