Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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Wooooow you guys blew this up lol I'm glad you guys are still active and like my work! I do post on another platform, and even have a patreon, however this site doesn't like it when I post links or advertise. Actually, I could update the facebook link on my profile and you can click it to see my other work if you'd like. I'll put it there. ANYWHO, here is a new chapter I wrote. Enjoy <3 <3


        My afternoon shift finally ended, and I couldn’t be happier. I hated patrolling the boarders. It was the most boring job in the whole village, but it had to be done. Kakashi asked me to meet him at the restaurant on the outskirts of town. He wanted to make sure I ate before we went home. This was typical of him; he was always the protective boyfriend. We haven’t told anyone about us dating, but we also weren’t hiding it either. He’s always been my best friend, so I think nobody gave it a second thought when we moved in together or constantly around each other. I wouldn’t care if they found out though. It was our lives and we were more than happy with each other.

         A cold breeze danced crossed my skin making me shiver. Should’ve brought my jacket. Something covered my shoulders making me jump and look up. Kakashi stood next to me with a smile, his jacket now around my shoulders. He chuckled lowly “Sorry, I decided to meet up with you and we could walk together”.

“Ah, alright. I’m glad you came to meet me, I missed you today” I replied, wrapping his jacket tighter around me.

I felt his arm slide crossed my lower back to bring me closer “Same. Let’s eat so we can go home”.

          We quickly entered the restaurant and ate, keeping light conversation about how our day went and vent about people we dealt with through our shifts. Kakashi paid for the meal when we were finished and held my hand while we walked home. I noticed a few people look at us a little weird, but we were used to it by now. Kakashi unlocked our door before stepping in and turning on the lights. He decided on making popcorn while I showered, then we would watch a movie together to relax. I never argue with him when he has his mind set on things. I just hopped into the shower and sighed as the hot water hit my tense muscles.

         I quickly dried myself off and threw on some shorts before heading into the living room again. To my surprise he had candles lit around the room, along with two glasses of wine on the coffee table next to a huge bowl of popcorn. He walked out of the kitchen making my eyes drift to his now bare chest. My brow rose “What’s the occasion Koibito?”.

Kakashi smirked, then held my hands with his “I just missed you and wanted to do something nice”.

         He pressed his lips to mine, making my head spin slowly for a moment. I let out a breath as we walked over to the couch “Alright, let’s watch the movie then”.

         When the movie started he pulled me close to him and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I felt myself relax into him, enjoying the warmth his body brought me. About half way through the movie I felt something brush against my neck gently. I hummed and looked back to find his lips tracing the crook of my neck. “What are you doing?” I murmured, closing my eyes briefly.

His teeth dug into my skin making a gasp escape my lips, “I want you, Obi”.

          He continued to pepper kisses along my neck and jaw until his lips finally met mine in a heated kiss. My hand wrapped around his head and slid into his hair, earning a groan from his chest. Next thing I knew he flipped on top of me, making our hips press together firmly. We both growled, letting our tongues wrestle each other until we were out of breath and desperate for more. I felt his hand slip under the hem of my shorts, tracing the patch of hair there. Goosebumps rose on my skin as a shiver ran down my spine. I think those novels he keeps reading are coming in handy.

          His hand slid down my legs as he pulled my shorts off, letting my length fall against my abdomen. He licked his lips before his tongue traced a line from the bottom to the tip of my member. I gasped, my hands falling in his hair as he slipped it inside his mouth. Warmth filled my body, along with a fuzzy feeling spreading like a fire through me. As he worked his tongue up and down, my hips slowly moved with him; riding wave after wave of pleasure. His hand slipped down to trace my entrance, pressing lightly as if to ask for permission.

          I positioned myself so he could have better access, then happily stuck his fingers in my mouth when he brought them to my lips. I made sure they were dripping wet when he drew them away back to my hole. I remembered to take deep breaths as he slowly invaded the tight space. His tongue took away the pain though. With each stretch and inch his tongue would jerk on my cock making me forget what was happening all over again. When he thought I was ready, he pulled away to my disappointment and leaned over the couch. He sat back up with a small bottle of lube, making me scoff “You planned this didn’t you”.

His smirk told me the answer “Yeah, maybe”.

         I rolled my eyes, but watched silently as he coated his length with the lube. He fell over me with a deep kiss, letting me wrap my legs around his waist. His cock pushed against my hole, slowly inching its way in. I started to tense up, but he grabbed my member with a stroke, making my mind go blank and my head spin again. When he was fully inside he let me take a few seconds to adjust. When I was ready my hips grinded down on his, making us both moan loudly. He started at a slow pace at first, keeping the tension between us loving and sweet. Then, he sped up as the couch rocked beneath us. My nails raked down his back leaving marks while his name echoed through the apartment.

          His hands slid around my hips to flip me on his lap, sliding him deeper inside me than before. My breathing became uneven, along with the words coming out of my mouth. I don’t think they were words at this point. Our poor neighbor probably thinks I’m being murdered or something.

His hand slid in my hair, squeezing tightly while he growled low in my ear “Obi, cum baby”.

           That was all I needed to hear. His breath against my ear and his low groan sent me over the edge with a wail. My head fell back as my eyes rolled, letting me enjoy the huge rush of pleasure rocking through my body. It took him a couple more thrusts, but finally he pressed his head against my shoulder with a loud roar, filling my insides with warm liquid.

           After we took a few minutes to catch our breath, he laid us on the couch with me in his arms. I hummed, tracing his chest lightly “You think our neighbor hates us?”.

Kakashi smirked, kissing me head gently “Absolutely”.

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