Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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Alright here is another chapter! Thank you so much for the views! Now if someone would review my heart would be happy lol. This is one of the requests I received (I got a whole list of requests coming) so I hope you like it! Please let me know how I'm doing and what couple you wana see. Lol Enjoy <3 <3 <3 


My alarm went off and I hit it with a groan. Himawari knocked on my door and slowly opened it as she peeked in. Her long hair fell over her shoulder and she smiled “Morning, Ni-Chan! Mom has breakfast ready so hurry up!” I got out of bed with a sigh and told her I would be right down. I pulled on my black jeans, and black shirt, then pulled my zip up hoodie on and zipped it half way up my stomach. I grabbed my book bag and made sure all my homework was in there, then slung it over my shoulder before walking downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and smiled at my mom, who looked me up and down for a second, then she smiled “Morning, Boruto. Take a seat”. I sat in my normal spot, in front of Himawari and leaned my head back “Dad isn’t home again?”. By this time in my life I was used to it. I knew he worked hard, and he tries to be there for us when he can. He made sure to be there after I graduated the academy, and even took me to my first day of high school.

                Himawari was about to graduate, and we all looked forward to her joining me in school. I only had two years left, then I would be a full ninja. Mom snuck up behind me and leaned over, placing a plate in front of me. Her perfume filled my nose, and I couldn’t help but think how amazing it smelt. I looked over at her and smiled “Thanks, mom” she hummed “Of course, Boruto”. Himawari hopped in her seat and looked at mom while we ate “Don’t forget mom I won’t be home tonight! I am going to be spending the night with Lilly!” Mom smiled at her and nodded “Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten. Your father won’t be home either, so we will have the house alone Boruto”.   

                I looked over at her and felt an intense pull between us. Lately, my mom has been getting close to me, more than a mom should. She would wear low cut shirts and bend over in front of me. She reached in front of me yesterday and made sure her hand grazed the bulge in my pants. I remember moaning and her giving me a wink, then later that night I had to take care of myself. I knew it was wrong, but the more she teased the more I craved her. Dad and I would secretly talk about our sex lives and he told me mom was talented. I always wondered about it, so maybe tonight I’ll get to find out. I turned my attention back to my plate and finished scarfing down my food. When I was finished, mom got up and leaned over the table to grab my plate. I eyes rested on her chest as her shirt barely covered herself, and I bit my lip slowly standing up. I walked over to Himawari and kissed her head “Have fun at Lilly’s”, I walked to the door and paused looking back at my mom “I’ll see you tonight”.

                Before she could say anything, I walked out and headed to school.  As soon as I walked into the classroom, the guys were sitting around talking and laughing. When they saw me, they walked to my desk and we gave a brief hug “hey man how was your date last night with ChoCho?” I shrugged “pretty good, but I had to take her home early” Shikadai shook his head “why?” I sat down and looked up “her dad needed her home I guess”. Inojin scoffed “damn man too bad. Anyway, you coming tonight?” I rubbed my eyes and groaned. I forgot about making plans with the guys and sighed “sorry man, I gotta stay home tonight” They looked sad for a second and I shrugged “if you guys are willing to wait for tomorrow then I’m down. Hell, we could even meet early and drink all day” They looked each other and Shikadai shrugged “sure, sounds good to us” I nodded “Tomorrow it is then”. The bell rang and we took our seats, and I pulled my notebook out to take notes. This was going to be a great day.

                After school, I told the guys I would see them tomorrow and headed home. When I walked in mom was working on dinner and I paused when I saw her. She had on really short shorts that barely covered her ass, and a tank top that showed off her breasts. I bit my lip and groaned, making her smirk “almost done” I nodded “uh, yeah alright. I’m going to get a shower”. I flew up the stairs and closed my door, taking a long breath to steady myself. I ran a hand through my hair and threw my bag to the side. My length twitched inside my jeans when I thought of my mom again. Her long legs and huge breasts made my mouth water. I growled “what the hell is wrong with me?”, then I grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

                When I stepped out, I decided to put on my sweats and nothing else. I figured she was showing skin, so why shouldn’t I? My build wasn’t as big as my father, but I was still a good size. I ran a brush through my hair and shook it loose. “Dinner is ready Boruto!” mom shouted, and I turned the light off “Coming!”. I slowly walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen, watching her bend over the table and place a bowl in front of a chair. I was glued to her ass and I wanted to grab her and take her there. I shook my head “Dude come on”. She turned and paused when she saw me in nothing but my sweats and grinned “Enjoy your shower?” I nodded and walked to the table to sit down “Yeah, it was nice”. We dished out some curry from the pot on the table and started to eat, when mom poured us some sake. I looked at her for a second and she rolled her eyes “Don’t think I don’t know you drink” I bit my lip and thanked her before downing the cup of sake in one huge gulp.

                Mom chuckled and started eating again. I looked up at her “You sure dad won’t be home tonight?” she nodded “yep, I made sure this afternoon”. I finished my curry and sat back in the chair, enjoying my second glass of the sake. Soon, the bottle was gone and a second one wasn’t far behind. Mom was drunk but I had a good buzz going. She started to hang all over me and laugh at everything we talked about. Then, she surprised me by groaning and pushing my chair back. I watched as she straddled my hips and I bit my lip “What are you doing mom?” she gave me a devilish grin “I know you’ve been watching me and touching yourself at night. I can’t help but love how good you turned out… reminds me of your father” I let my head rest on the chair behind me and she leaned closer “I know you want it Boruto. I haven’t been touched in so long… he doesn’t come home to satisfy me”.

                I watched her lips turn into a pout and the alcohol wasn’t helping me think straight. I gripped her hips tightly and grinded up, making up both groan “You want it?” I asked, she gave a breathy response “yes, please Boruto”. I didn’t think anymore and my body took over. I pressed my lips against hers and she hungrily kissed back. Her arms wrapped around my neck and scrapped down my chest, making a low moan escape my throat. I grabbed her ass and stood up, heading up stairs towards their room. My bed was too small to fuck in, so their bed would do. I pushed their door open and slammed her back onto the mattress, kissing my way down her neck and chest. I lifter her up and ripped her shirt over her head, cupping her breasts and popping a hard nipple in my mouth. She gasped and held my head against her firmly. I let my tounge circle and tease the nipple, until I switched and repeated my steps with the other one.

                I laid her back and kissed down her stomach and then grabbed her shorts to remove them. She was kind enough to not wear underwear, so I could speed it up. I looked up at her slowly, meeting her hazy eyes, and my tounge slid out to lick the bud of nerves. She groaned and grinded against my tounge. I slipped it between her folds and slid down slowly, then sucked on the clit earning a cry in return. I let my tounge burrow itself inside of her and curve to hit her sweet spot. Her hands found my hair and she tugged lightly as her hips rocked with me. I removed my tounge and replaced it with my finger, trying to find the spot again. When I did, I struck it and she screamed out into the dark room. I smirked and played with that spot repeatedly, pounding into it and making her soak my hand. I licked up all her juices and when her climax came she arched her back and screamed my name.

                I sucked up every drop that left her body, and then stood, removing my sweats in the process. She was panting under me, but she sat up and gripped my cock gently. I hissed when her mouth slid around my dick and she started to suck it eagerly. I growled at how good she was, thinking that dad wasn’t kidding. Her other hand cupped my balls and rolled them, while her tounge wrapped around my shaft and messaged it as her head bobbed up and down. I thrust my length in the back of her throat making her gag, and I moaned from the feeling. She sped her pace up and I sighed as a shiver flew through me. When I felt my climax start to creep into me, I bowed my head and watched her. “Fuck, mom I’m going to cum” she moaned and sucked harder as a response. I wrapped my hand in her hair and started to fuck her mouth, making sure she chocked on my cock. When my orgasm hit me, I held her head still and filled her mouth up with my cum.

                She swallowed every drop and then fell back onto the bed. I grabbed her legs and lifted them over my head, then I positioned my dick and slammed into her. She cried out and clutched my chest, leaving marks as I started to pound into her. Heat wrapped around me and her moans filled the room. I sped up the pace, making sure I hit that sweet spot every time. She screamed “Oh God Boruto!” I sighed and leaned into her “you like saying my name mommy?” she moaned and grabbed my arms “Oh yes, baby, yes!”. I decided I wanted to change things up and flipped her on her stomach, then brought her ass up to meet my member. I fucked her hard, and made her say my name repeatedly. I made my thrusts deep and fast, which had her whining and squealing like a whore. When she was close, she gripped the bed as her hips bucked wildly, thrashing around under me. Her walls clenched my cock and she wailed, “YES! OH, FUCK YES!”, her cum sprayed on my legs and the bed under her. She collapsed on the mattress but I held her up and flipped her so she was riding me.

                I was giving it everything I had, and she was shaking and panting uncontrollably. Finally, I felt my climax build up and I growled in her ear, “Fuck mom”. We both moaned as my seed filled her pussy, and my thrusts slowed as I rode it out. We fell onto the bed and her thighs were pressed together to stop the pleasure coursing through her. She ran a hand through her hair “Oh, God Boruto. I haven’t been fucked like that in so long” I chuckled “Glad I could help. I’ll fuck you any time” she bit her lip “I’ll hold you to that. Don’t tell your father” I scoffed “Yeah, I think that’s the last thing I want to do”.

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