Short Shots PART 2

BY : Lissa111
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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to Short shots...part 2! I was in the making of this when an awesome fan asked me to do some pairings she wanted to see done, so I said I am doing the right thing then! LOL So here is volume 2, and please feel free to give me a couple you would like to see. I will hapilly write it for you! Without further ado, here is the first chapter to part 2!! Enjoy ;) <3 <3 <3 <3


       Sitting at my desk, I couldn’t help but stare out the window. It was a stormy day out, and I longed to sit outside and let the rain fall on me. Nothing relaxes me more than the sound of rain on the glass. The students were taking their test’s, and I watched the clock every now and again to make sure they had enough time to finish. When it was 5 minutes till the bell rang, I told everyone time was up and to hand in their papers. I walked around the room and collected the stack at the end of each row and gave a speech on whether this test was important for their grade or not. For the failing students it was, for the passing students…not so much.

        When the bell finally rang, I sighed in relief “Alright, make sure you study for finals next week. Those can make or break you. I will see you all tomorrow”. Everyone left the room, and I sat down in my desk chair with another sigh. I was so happy to have the day over with. After a little while I started to grade papers, but it only made the headache I had worse. The kids barely heard a word I said all semester. I painfully graded the last one, and then slipped the pile into my desk; slamming the drawer shut. I let my head rest on the desk and I groaned, closing my eyes.

      “Looks like you had a bad day” I heard someone say, and I jumped at the sound. I looked over at the door and saw Kakashi close it behind him, making me smile “You have no idea”. He slowly walked over to my desk and my heart thudded hard with each step he took. His face and body was relaxed, but his eyes were heavy with lust. “I missed you today Iruka” he murmured, grabbing me by the hand and pulling m towards him. I chuckled “Kakashi I missed you to”, and I pulled down his cloth around his face. Every time I saw it, I couldn’t help but get breathes. The man was deadly gorgeous, and it was a shame he didn’t show his face more.

       We locked lips and held each other close. His hands started to roam my body and take away every ounce of breath I had. Our tounges fought for dominance, and finally I broke away reluctantly. Breathless, I looked into his eyes “Kakashi, we have to go somewhere else for this”. He shook his head “Why? Class is over and nobody is going to catch us. Everyone is gone Iruka”. Without another word, he lifted me onto his lap and tuned around so my back was now on the desk. He leaned over me and our lips crashed against each other, more heated and needy this time. I decided not to fight him anymore, and start to remove his clothes. I loved the way his soft body felt against my fingertips, and as I traced my way around he shivered.

        He ripped my shirt open and kissed down my neck and chest, making me sigh softly and close my eyes. He sunk lower, and my hands slipped through his hair and helped lower his head gently. I leaned my head back as he unzipped my pants and pulled both them and my briefs off. Cool air hit my cock, and it throbbed painfully at the sensation. Kakashi didn’t waste any time and slipped it into his mouth, making me moan and squirm slightly. He licked every inch of my member and swallowed it whole. Each time it would slide down his throat I would cry out and tug lightly on his hair.

      He placed his hand up to my mouth and I eagerly slipped his fingers in, getting them soaked for my ass. He pulled them away and fell between my cheeks, sliding in slowly one at a time. I winced for a minute, but when he started to scissor them and stretch me, it became more enjoyable. He struck my sweet spot and I gasped, letting my back arch off the table a little. He grinned and hit the same spot again, winning my reaction a second time. He continued to worship and suck my cock, until I could feel the heat buildup inside of me. He knew I was close, and his finger pounded my prostate with more force and determination. I started to stumble over my words, and the only thing I could do is say his name. I felt my eyes roll and my body tense, then with one final flick of his tounge I was spraying my cum down his throat. I screamed out and he devoured the liquid until every drop was cleaned up. My body was trembling, and Kakashi sat up to look at me. A satisfied look was on his face, and he slowly started to undress. I watched his movements, and propped myself up on the desk, getting ready for that amazing cock I loved so much.

      Kakashi positioned himself and pushed me back onto the desk, “I’m about to tear into you”. He whispered, and a chill ran down my spine. He pulled me close, and we gazed into each other’s eyes while he slid into me. My ass swallowed him whole, and milked him eagerly. We kissed, and he started to pump in and out of me at a steady pace. My arms wrapped around his neck and my nails ran down his back making him growl. He sped up, and I felt my legs automatically wrap around his waist. I could hear the rain match his rhythm, and smiled as I listened. When Kakashi sped up, so didn’t the rain, and I begged him to fuck me harder.

      He did as I asked, and as he started to fuck me harder, the rain picked up and crashed against the window. I ran my hands over his body and let out a loud wail when he slammed into my prostate. He lifted my legs on his shoulders and hit that spot repeatedly. I was so close I could taste it, then a knock on the door jerked us back to reality. My heart thudded faster than before, and I begged Kakashi silently to keep going. I was panting and close to the release, I couldn’t stop now. Kakashi kissed me and before we knew it the door opened, and Guy was standing there staring at us.

        I slammed my head on the table and growled, hiding under Kakashi. Kakashi rubbed the back of his head “Uh hey. Could you close the door please?”. Guy took a second, then smiled and shut the door behind him, staying in the room. “Sure, no problem” he said, and crossed his arms over his chest. I could still feel the pleasure running through me, and Kakashi smiled “Care to join, Guy?”. Guy’s smiled turned Mischievous, and he walked over to us cautiously. He eyes me carefully, and then looked at Kakashi “Can I?”. Kakashi shrugged and slammed into me again, making me cry out and grab onto his chest.

     Guy bit his lip, and Kakashi started to undress him. I watched as they locked lips, and felt Kakashi start his pace with me again. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his hips, kissing along his chest and neck. Kakashi held my hand and placed it on Guy’s cock. I didn’t hesitate, and obeyed the silent order. I stroked his cock and made him sigh, then watched him and Kakashi kiss each other again. My dick twitched and throbbed at the sight, and Guy leaned down to slip it in his mouth, making me wail and squirm. His length was thrusted I my face, and I eagerly sucked it, working it the best I knew how. One of my hands wrapped around Guy’s neck, and the other was on Kakashi’s chest, scratching it and holding on while he fucked me raw.

     I finally felt the release again, and my whole body started to shake and convulse. Kakashi held me down, and Guy worked my cock with his mouth and hand. I flew my head back and screamed as my release came, and Guy drank down every drop I sprayed into his mouth. "Ahhh Kakashi, Guy!".  I continued to work is cock with my hand, and soon enough he came on my chest. Kakashi wasn’t too far behind, and I could see his chest rise and fall quickly. He kept thrusting into me, and then finally lowered his head and filled me up with a deep grunt.

     Guy was already dressed when we got our strength back. He walked to the door and looked back with a smile “Just wanted to remind you about the meeting tomorrow before class starts”. Then, he walked out as if nothing ever happened. 

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