Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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(I’m thinking)

“I’m speaking”

Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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Once the blue spiders tucked their legs in they looked no different than a pair of blue earrings and a matching hairclip. Well … this will be fun to explain to her friends …


Jiraiya looked absolutely stunned and weakly stumbled back against a tree “are you sure about this?”

“yes” Kakashi said seriously and handed over several photos that he unsealed from a scroll on his belt “I spent most of the last three months investigating … look” he handed over the photos and Jiraiya took them with a shaky hand “that run down shack in the photos is where she lived for a year. The orphanage kicked her out at about four years old … she was diving in dumpsters for food Jiraiya! Everything the hokage was telling us was wrong! How do we know she didn’t run to save her life? I listened to the civilians and the things they bragged about … it’s sick”

“this … sensei wouldn’t allow this …” the toad sage said sounding less than sure and more like he was trying to convince himself as he flipped through the photos of the place Naruko was forced to live in.

“do you honestly think something of this scale just escaped the hokage’s attention for a full year? He told me many times that she was being cared for. That someone was watching her. Did she ever get my presents for her birthday? … you can’t sit there and tell me you believe the old fool?” Kakashi yelled more than a little pissed off at this.

The toad sage gritted his teeth, but finally gave a defeated sigh “no”

Kakashi nodded “good. I have my dog summons hunting for her. When Naruko is safe I’m confronting that bastard-”

“wait a minute … that may not be a wise move” Jiraiya said pondering a problem that just occurred to him.

“and why not? Get Tsunade involved and he won’t stand a chance” Kakashi remarked in a bloodthirsty tone that promised pain.

“it’s his desperation that bothers me” Jiraiya commented and paused for a second to think “Sarutobi has been sending me letters hinting that Naruko may be brainwashed depending on who took her and to find her fast so she can be treated …” he trailed off only vaguely aware of the fact that he switched from calling the hokage ‘sensei’ to a much less caring ‘Sarutobi’ …

The silver haired ninja nodded “he told me as much before allowing me to leave, which means he wants us to give her to him and keep her from talking … he also hinted that I would be needed to train a team, but that won’t happen. Once I find Naruko I’m retiring and taking her away” Kakashi said firmly.

“maybe you should train a team” Jiraiya mused and held up a hand to silently tell Kakashi to listen to what he has to say first before flying off into a rant, which the normally calm and collected ninja seems to be doing a lot of lately. Of  course being betrayed like this is as a good reason to be a little out of sorts “you just said that the civilians were hurting Naruko, right?”

“yes and I suspect several ninjas were behind it too since she was supposed to have bodyguards” Kakashi answered feeling even more bitter about the village he once loved.

“that’s what I thought, but this means the council is involved and if we give them even one reason they will banish us and keep Naruko for themselves. You know very well that Danzo would jump at that opportunity and try to legally take Naruko, which he couldn’t do with us making a point of returning to the village on a regular basis. Hell, the old warhawk was probably fooled by the hokage’s stories too like we were … at least I assume that Sarutobi would make it difficult for Danzo. Naruko is still the nine tailed fox’s vessel and, despite the horrid treatment, she wouldn’t just be allowed to fall into the wrong hands … wait …” Jiraiya paused to think about something.

A slightly calmer Kakashi frowned “what is it?”

“it’s the treatment … oh now I understand. Sarutobi was trying to impose what the other villages do to make their demon vessels more loyal to the village. Brainwashing through organized pain to be exact” the toad sage explained.

Kakashi blinked “oh how stupid of me … now it makes perfect sense and it’s all ok. Lets just hand Naruko over to them and let them continue. The pain was soooo well organized it’s hard to believe they lost her … DON’T TRY TO RATIONALIZE THIS SHIT!” he suddenly yelled obviously beyond furious.

(shit he can be scarier than Tsunade) Jiraiya thought fearfully “calm down Kakashi. You know damn well I’d never sacrifice my goddaughter like that. I’m only making a point that we are up against the Daimyo as well since the other Daimyos approve the treatments in their own villages. Sarutobi could explain that we tried to sabotage it … granted he did piss off the Daimyo recently and he might just be scared that Tsunade might come after him and beat him up, but we need to consider everything that might happen. If he has the council or the Daimyo on his side this will be tricky. I know how Sarutobi thinks. He was clearly trying to cover his ass by manipulating us by going so far as to kill villagers and blow us up. I have no doubt that he has a few backup plans in case we find out the truth so we need the same safety net because someone will come for us if we have Naruko”

“you’re right” Kakashi sighed in defeat “I haven’t been thinking straight lately. What do you think we should do?”

A devious smirk came to the toad sage’s lips “we’ll spend every second we can hunting down and when we find her, whether it’s before or after the hokage asks you back to the village to train, you will go back and take the Uchiha’s geinin team. The massacre was only months ago so you are the only other Sharingan user in Konoha that can train Sasuke. When you get Sasuke we get the last Uchiha as a bargaining chip”

Kakashi eye smiled “I can handle that”

“excellent! Now as far as our certain over powered medic ninja goes I’ll explain what I can and try to keep her from going berserk- … on second though maybe I should start by telling Shizune. Yeah that might save us some pain in the long run. Shizune will at least hear me out first” Jiraiya chuckled sheepishly, he should’ve never even considered telling Tsunade first. That woman’s temper will get them all labeled criminals and they’d be on the run the rest of their lives …

The silver haired ninja sighed as they both jumped into the trees “does your network have any leads?”

“to Naruko, no … to Tsunade, yes, but we’ll have to stop at a place to get a more recent update” Jiraiya said urgently and they picked up the pace. After nearly two hours of running they stopped at a stand for some food “hey Jack, two specials with plenty of napkins please”

“you got it!” the bearded man behind the counter grinned and began cooking up the food as the two ninjas sat down.

“we need to find Naruko. What if she’s hurt or sick? … or …” Kakashi swallowed, but a tightness in his throat made it very difficult to do so. He didn’t want to even consider that his sensei’s baby girl was dead. There was no doubt in his mid that she found a way to runaway, but realistically how could a five year old, who would’ve just turned six, be able to survive on her own? Was someone helping her? Kakashi’s mind was spinning, but in the end he just prayed that she was safe and happy.

Jiraiya frowned. The same thoughts were going through his mind too “she’s alive … she is a demon vessel so we would know if the nine tails was released” he whispered.

“order up” Jack set the food in front of the ninjas and for a brief moment a gold bat necklace was reveled before it disappeared behind the man’s collar again.

Kakashi noticed that the extra napkins had a small code etched along the edges and breathed a sigh of relief … Jack was part of Jiraiya’s spy network “this food is delicious”

“thank you!” Jack continued to set up his stock for an expected wave of costumers and slipped in the back for a moment. He picked up a jar and pulled out a large beetle. One tweak of the antenna the thorax popped open revealing a hallow space and that the realistic bug was a fake. A message was quickly jotted down and placed in the beetle’s thorax. As he closed the compartment he signaled out the window and a bird flew down to the sill “fly to Queen Reine” he ordered quietly and he bird took off with the ‘beetle’ in its talons. Jack grabbed some vegetables and proceeded playing cook …


The queen of Cave looked up as a bird flew down to her “what’s this? … this is from Jack” she said as she recognized the distinct marks on the beetle. She poped open the beetle and read the message inside.

“what does it say?” Yumi asked as she sat down in the garden near the meeting room. They just finished a meeting about expanding their reach to the Land of Snow when this bird arrived.

“Jack’s position in Jiraiya’s network paid off … there are two ninjas looking for Naruko. Both Jiraiya and Kakashi are trying to find. Jack claims they don’t seem to want harm her and he usually has good instincts about that” Reine said as she set the note aside and burned it.

The other advisor stormed out of the room “we have another meeting in an hour so don’t wander off!” Yobaba snapped in her usual grouchy tone.

A sigh escaped Reine’s lips as she rolled her eyes as she heard Yobaba continue complaining “Yumi would you go inform Jade of this development? Ask her what she’d like to do and if Naruko recognizes the names”

Yumi nodded “of course my queen. I was going to see them anyway. Poor little girl caught a cold and has been in bed since yesterday”

Reine pouted “wish her well for me”

The advisor chuckled at the request. It seems the queen has taken a liking to the child just like everyone else in the village. Yumi made her way out of the castle and through the bustling streets. It was easy to find Jade’s home and she wasted no time knocking on the door …

Jade was revealed as the door swung open “hello Elder Yumi! Please come in! would you like some tea?” Jade asked as she stepped aside to let the small woman in purple into the house.

“thank you, I would love some. As for why I stopped by it seems that there are people after Naruko. The Toad Sage, Jiraiya and Sharingan Kakashi. They both stopped at Jack’s stand a were heard talking about her. The queen said the message sent made it sound like these two men were truly concerned for her” Yumi explained.

The mother scoffed at that as she started pouring some tea “how convenient that they start missing her when she’s been gone for over a year … concerned? … as much as I trust Jack’s opinion I highly doubt someone who was truly concerned would wait so damn long”

Yumi frowned as she was handed a cup of tea “yes, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. The queen wanted to know what your thoughts on this are and if Naruko ever mentioned those names especially in a negative light. Speaking of, how is she? Is she feeling any better?”

“her fever dropped over the night and she’s feeling better, but she is still very tired and stuffed up. I have her spiders keeping an eye on her temperature … she’s my child and I don’t want anything to happen to her” Jade remarked as she stared into her steaming tea.

The purple clad advisor nodded in understanding and sipped her tea “when you first found Naruko she was unguarded. There was no one there to even pretend to save her from those bastards. I always thought something was off about that perhaps … it’s a long shot, but perhaps these men only just discovered that something was off”

Jade sighed “I understand that, but we know very little about it. Naruko never mentioned any names, negatively or otherwise. Her main nightmares were about an anbu with a dog mask or the civilians or the hokage”

“it will be investigated since these men are actively searching for one of our own, but depending on what is found would you want to initiate contact with them. We won’t do so unless you give the go ahead” Yumi said seriously.

“personally I think that should be Naruko’s decision … if we find out what these ninjas’ goal is then she will decide” Jade answered despite the little voice in her head telling her to cut these men’s balls off for being incompetent. It was taking everything she had to think with her ninja mind and not the pissed off mother bear part of her mind … and that tiny part that feared potentially losing Naruko to these men …

Yumi chuckled and gave Jade a knowing smile “Naruko is your baby. You will always be her mother and I doubt she will ever think otherwise” the elder said before bidding Jade farewell.

Once the elder left Jade made a bowl of chicken soup and took it up to Naruko …

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