Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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Naruko held up the lantern to see the people, whose chakra signatures were unfamiliar to her, and her eyes widened ...


Kakashi continued racing towards the village of Hot Water, which is where Orochimaru was believed to be headed. As he approached he summoned his tracking hounds and waited a moment. He was hoping to find the snake sage’s scent and ambush him, but that’s not how it happened. A massive shower of rocks blasted towards him. The ninja barely dodged, but had to twist his body to escape the long sharp blade that shot out at him from the cover of the rocks.

“Lightning Barrage!” Kakashi yelled with a series of hand signs as he dodged ore boulders. A series of lightning bolts raced out of the ninja’s hands destroying the boulders raining down on him. “Distraction. Damn!” Kakashi hissed as he saw no one hiding in the rubble.

As fast as he could, he turned on his heel and took off for the village. The possibility of the snake sage accidentally stumbling on Naruko drove Kakashi even faster than his top speed. After all this time he wasn’t going to allow anyone to find her. Keeping her safe was his main concern.

A blur raced towards him and he ducked. He immediately pulled out a kunai and readied himself for a fight.  Once the dust settled though he realized the blur was not an attack, but actually his attacker.

“Kakashi!” The silver haired ninja didn’t take his eyes off of Orochimaru, who was climbing out of the tree he was imbedded in, as Jiraiya landed next to him. “We can discuss more important things later.” The toad sage said under his breath. 

It was clear to Kakashi that he was talking about Naruko. He was relieved to know they cut Orochimaru off before she could be discovered, but it wasn’t over. With a quick hand sign Kakashi’s hounds exploded up from under the ground and buried their fangs into the snake sage’s flesh.

Despite the pain a sick cocky grin came to Orochimaru’s lips, “My, my, you both seem to be in a bad mood today. Did I interrupt a date?” The grin faltered when his usually easily annoyed former teammate didn’t even blink. Instead Jiraiya summoned a toad and blasted oil at the same time as Kakashi who released a fireball. “Shit!”

Without any time to escape the snake opened his mouth. One of the hounds growled as something shot out of its captive’s mouth and shot into the ground. That hound dispelled itself a split second before they were all dispelled in a fiery blast.

Kakashi watched the body of the snake sage smolder. It was almost too easy and he knew something went wrong when one of his hounds appeared next to him. “What happened?”

“Something came out of his mouth before the blast. It shot into the ground.” The dog reported and sniffed the air. It pointed its muzzle silently in the direction the snake sage’s scent was coming from and took off to follow it. Of course, the scent seemed to lead the two ninjas and the hound towards the village. 

Just before Orochimaru could consider reaching the village hundreds of spikes of stone shot him out of the earth. His small white snake like form was revealed and it was just as covered in cuts as it was disturbing. It was almost disturbing enough to stop the ninjas from wondering who cast that earth jutsu.

Jiraiya cringed, “That’s an interesting look.” He commented when his former bloodied teammate hissed at them.

“I’ve seen better.” Kakashi muttered as he revealed his Sharingan hidden behind his headband and grabbed his wrist. His fist began glowing and crackling with lightning. This was not a time to hold back so Jiraiya cast a jutsu on his long white hair so the now deadly sharp locks could try to impale the snake.

Sadly, just before their attacks landed a kunai cut them off. The kunai was not the big problem though. It was a series of exploding tags hanging from a long string attached to it. The two Leaf ninjas were forced to leap back and take cover as the bombs went off. By the time the worst was over and they ran into the smoldering area the snake was gone. The only way he could’ve gotten away in his state is if someone came to his defense.

“The scent is completely gone, but his accomplice has a scent  … it’s familiar.” The hound reported.

Jiraiya scowled, but stopped Kakashi from continuing after the snake sage, “Don’t get carried away. We’re not actually after him.”

“True.” Kakashi nodded and dispelled his hound. “You thought that was odd too, right? Orochimaru didn’t exactly put up too much of a fight. Even if we did catch him off guard I expected more from him.”

“Yeah … he was sluggish.” Jiraiya agreed.

“You’re sharp.” A woman with green eyes said as she jumped down from the trees. “I poisoned him or, technically, I poisoned Jiraiya’s fist.” She chuckled as Jiraiya yelled and began inspecting his hands. “It wouldn’t have affected you. The poison I used was a type of powder that reacts to another toxin with heat. . A colleague of mine slipped him the toxin in his food at his last stop.”

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow, “You said there was a delay because of the storms so how was a toxin able to stay in that long, still be effective with the other drug, but remain at a low enough dose so it remained undetected?” He asked greatly intrigued.

There weren’t too many poison users in Konoha so it was interesting to learn of these tactics. He was also looking for ways to help protect Naruko. If he had to he’d kill the council discreetly and this could be a good way to do it.

As he put his headband back over his eye Kakashi looked at the woman explaining a method involving a slow digesting sap that tastes like nothing, the toxin and whatever dish is ordered by the target. He realized that she was the one who used the earth jutsu and sent the spikes of stone at Orochimaru. She was very skilled considering his hound didn’t find her scent, but did recognize Orochimaru’s accomplice’ scent. That and the fact that she was talking so casually with made it obvious that she was from Cave.

“Oh! So the sap adds three weeks. I could, hypothetically, poison someone with the toxin and leave after putting the powder in a flour container. I wouldn’t be suspected.” Jiraiya pondered out loud.

“Not quite. It needs to be immediate heat, like a punch, to activate the powder so it’ll react. Hypothetically, it can be used to coat most cookware so it’ll be breathed in through the steam or added to those heating pads for muscles. The combination of this toxin and powder, while versatile, isn’t normally deadly. It just gives an edge in case you need it. There are combos that kill, but those need to be very precise.” She said looking amused that the toad sage was taking notes. “I’m sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jade.” She said when she noticed Kakashi was just standing there.

Kakashi’s eye widened, “You’re her mother! She told me about you! It’s good to meet you. How is she? Why didn’t you kill Orochimaru? You stopped him from getting in the village, but didn’t stop his accomplice.” He asked with a more curious tone than accusatory.

Jade scowled, “I would’ve loved to kill him, but there’s a mission related issue. Not this mission, I mean. We’re hunting his labs and the bastard has a lot of them that we need him alive to find.Plus, he wasn’t a threat to the mission in the village once he was forced to retreat. Speaking of his accomplice, he has many, but the one that came is actually a Leaf ninja from ROOT.”

“What? So Danzo and Orochimaru do have a partnership.” Kakashi deduced.

Jade sighed, “Yes he does, but I don’t think it’s a partnership per say. You’ll find out soon so I’ll tell you this much if you don’t get involved until Kurama and her team has finished.” Both Leaf ninjas nodded seriously realizing that they went so far as to find a different name to call Naruko when outside the village. “Good. There is a Mist ninja in the group of three Mist involved with transporting the merchandise to the auction that has worked as a spy for Orochimaru.”

The toad sage tapped his chin in thought, “Now that wouldn’t be surprising. Orochimaru would love to collect the bloodlines before they’re killed off and he’ll need a new body soon, but why bother coming in person then if his seller was in the middle of the transaction?” 

“There seems to be a bit of a double cross going on. The Mist ninja has been in contact with another buyer. With the appearance of that ROOT agent it’s possible that buyer wasn’t real, but actually a way to get in contact with him. Why Danzo needs to speak to Orochimaru I don’t know, but we’re looking into it.” Jade commented. The Village Hidden in the Cave has been keeping tabs on Danzo since Naruto’s childhood drawings revealed that there were still active agents in Konoha. As for the snake sage, they always had eyes on him. A maniac that kidnaps and performs dangerous experiments on random people is worth keeping an eye on.

Kakashi frowned from behind his face mask, “I don’t like the sound of it, but putting that aside for now, how is Kurama? When can we see her?” He asked eagerly.

“Hmmm it depends on how they decide to complete their mission.” Jade thought for a moment. “It’ll have to wait until after their first kills-“

“Kills! She has to kill on her first mission?” Kakashi exclaimed completely shocked by that, but a look from Jiraiya made him relax if only a little. “This is what your village does so I assume you have it under control. It just seems …”

“Excessive?” Jade smiled as the concerned silver haired ninja nodded. “At this point it’s best to make everything about this career clear so a good decision can be made.” She commented simply more concerned about getting back to watching Naruko. “I should go back to watch. I’ll return later when they’re done.” She said before vanishing without a trace.

Kakashi sighed as he leaned back against a tree, “Do you think he’ll come back?”

“No. He took far too much damage and he’ll need a new body now. Of course, I can’t say for sure if Danzo won’t send another ROOT agent on Orochimaru’s behalf.’ He frowned as he glanced at Kakashi. “Two years, right? You should bring up your plan with them. The Village Hidden in the Cave might have a way to get you to disappear instead of you having to target Sasuke.”

“Yeah.” Kakashi hummed in thought. “I’m ready to vanish at any moment.” He said as he revealed a storage scroll in his vest. “I slipped some traps in great places to make a distraction … but I don’t want them to get off the hook.’

The toad sage’s eyes widened, “I see … you don’t want a shield to keep them away from you or Kurama. You want to force the council to make Sarutobi release Naruko’s birth records to the public.”

“The council doesn’t realize who they hurt so they’ll threaten Sarutobi if necessary.They love their Uchiha so much I’ll use him against them … I want to leave them knowing that they have some regrets.” Kakashi said and everything fell silent. Hours of silence passed. It wasn’t until the sun dropped below the horizon that they got concerned. “Do you think everything is going ok?” He asked seriously considering going to look for Naruko to make sure.

“Jade told me there’s a team of highly ranked ninjas watching over genin teams for the first mission so I’m sure it’s fine. Keep in mind, genins may decide to wait for nighttime to do some things.”Jiraiya said though he was worried too. Thankfully, Jade returned before their self control shattered and they went running into the village to find Naruko. 

“How is she? Did she get hurt?” Both Kakashi and Jiraiya yelped as they ran over to her.

A very relieved Jade smiled, “She’s perfectly fine! Barb is reluctantly allowing you two to meet her not, but don’t approach by tree. We have hostages that don’t need to be startled right now and genins who just killed for their first time so minimizing the the surprises is key.” She shot a look at Kakashi. “Especially for you.”

“I understand.” Kakashi said knowing she was only looking out for Naruko. He too wanted to avoid scaring her too. Jade told where to go and went ahead as they walked to the sight where they found Barb, some other people and Naruko holding a lantern. He looked into those blue eyes nervously, “Hi, Naruko.”

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