Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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“I’m speaking”

“Demon / summon / ghost speaking”

(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x

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This was a secret village for a reason, you can’t just bring people in without consequences …


Queen Reine smiled softly at the adorable child standing next to Jade. The little girl looked nervous “it’s quite alright sweetheart, you don’t have to kneel” she spoke softly as the girl was about to follow Jade’s example and kneel “now what is your name sweetheart?”

The blonde girl blushed lightly and felt calmer do to the comforting smile “I’m Naruko U-Uzumaki”

“Naruko … a lovely name. You must be hungry after traveling with Jade. My ninjas can be a hand full” Reine gave an exasperated sigh.

“hey! We heard that!” Gina chirped from outside making Naruko giggle despite the situation.

“serves you right for not closing the door” Reine chuckled “Lulu be a dear and take little Naruko to get some food and fresh clothes” she was eager to hear what possessed Jade to bring the girl into the village. Jade wasn’t normally so impulsive, but this child looks half starved and was only wearing a large cloak so there must’ve been a good reason behind Jade’s actions.

The pretty purple eyed guard wearing black practically skipped into the room “I’d love too!” she beamed as she scooped up the small blonde “come on Naruko, lets go shopping and yes, I am much more fun than Jade” Lulu poked her tongue out at Jade playfully. Naruko smiled as Jade rolled her eyes, but as she was being carried out of the room she looked at Jade.

Yumi, the elderly advisor wearing blue, chuckled as soon as Naruko was taken away and the door was shut “she has good instincts … she knows you’re in trouble” she said, the air in the room grew tense.

“now I believe an explanation is needed, Jade Terre” said Yobaba sternly as she adjusted her pink kimono.

“yes and don’t leave one detail out” said Queen Reine seeming indifferent.

Jade nodded, her eyes looked at them, but she remained kneeling “I went on my mission to Konoha. After less than a week I was able to get the information needed on security and the main clans as needed” she handed Yobaba a scroll she unsealed from belt “I was getting ready to leave the next morning, but I noticed a strange change in the actives of the civilians. It was only 4:00 in the evening when I looked out the window and saw a mob of people carrying torches. Some of which were already lit”

It was clear to the three people listening that this wasn’t going to be pretty. Jade was already clenching her fist as she continued her narration …

“I thought this was odd so I went after them, while leaving a clone in my place in case someone became suspicious. At first it almost seemed like a festival of sorts. Everyone stood in a circle and a woman stood up to say something. Instead everyone seemed to be waiting for something. That turned out to be Naruko. She was dragged naked into the center of the circle and the woman accused her of murder-”

Yobaba raised an eyebrow “murderer? She’s but a child!”

Jade nodded “I was confused as well, but the woman went on to describe little Naruko as a demon …  I believe Naruko is the demon vessel holding the nine tailed fox-”

“What? Jade do you realize what was done?” demanded a furious Yobaba. Yumi and Reine sighed, Yobaba never could hold her tongue until the end of a report.

The ninja flinched “yes I do-”

Yobaba glared “I don’t think you do! You took Konoha’s prized weapon-”

“they were going to torture her-”

The pink elder snapped again not caring that she interrupted Jade “those foolish ninja villages all practice that with demon vessels though it always goes terribly! They all stupidly think it’s necessary to get the host under their thumb! The civilians are allowed to torment and the ninjas are there to ‘save’. A horrible mix to manipulate-”

“I know, but being raped would’ve shattered her!” Jade said defiantly. Silence descended on the room. That was a huge taboo in this woman only village.

The queen frowned “no more interruptions. Jade continue”

“yes my queen” Jade took a second to remember were she was and calm down before proceeding “they dragged Naruko into the circle. When it became clear they what she was I checked for chakra signatures. There were no ninjas around to control the situation”

The three woman listening in didn’t show it, but they were not happy with this information. The point of torturing demon vessels, which they never agreed with, was supposed to create dependency on the ninja side of the village and manipulate the vessel, but it had to be controlled. You can’t allow the mind to break. After all what good is an unstable weapon?

“I saw the civilians pin Naruko to the ground and some men came towards her, while removing their pants. I couldn’t just stand by and watch so I cast the ‘Cave Dweller’s Cloak’ and snuck up to Naruko. I gave her the choice to come with me or stay. She choose to come” said Jade with a smile. It must have been scary for Naruko “I left with Naruko immediately and didn’t stop rung until I saw a storm coming”

Yumi nodded “how many ninjas came after you?” the Konoha ninjas may not have been at that event, but they were surely keeping tabs on the girl.

“none” Jade answered sadly.

“not one ninja came for you? Why?” asked Reine patiently while shooting Yobaba a warning glare. Advisors should know their place.

“yes my queen. My clone remained in the village to get more supplies in the morning. When it did so it overheard that a young Hyuga girl was nearly kidnaped. Though the kidnaper was killed there were serious political repercussions since the kidnaper turned out to be a Cloud ninja and Cloud signed a treaty just a day earlier. Konoha never came for Naruko” Jade bit back the urge to growl.

Queen Reine and her advisors stayed silent as they digested the information …


Naruko smiled, she liked wearing clothes that fit her. The black pants, white shirt and dark purple jacket were simple, but nice “thank you Lulu for buying me all this”

“it was nothing at all! Now I’m hungry, where would you like to eat?” the brunette asked happily gently urging the shy little girl to pick whichever place she wanted. It really wasn’t a big deal. Naruko didn’t ask for much even after Lulu made it clear that the queen was supplying the money … Reine prefers not to let her ninjas use their personal money to pay so in certain cases, like this where Lulu was ordered to take care of Naruko, a budget is set aside.

“umm … over there?” Naruko sniffed the mouthwatering aroma and pointed to the restaurant it was coming from.

Lulu grinned “dumplings! Oh you’re a girl after my own heart!” the pair went into the restaurant and got seat “something wrong Naruko?” she asked as she noticed a flicker of worry in the blonde’s pretty blue eyes.

“is … is Jade going to be alright?” Naruko asked quietly. She wasn’t sure if it was alright to ask.

The guard sighed softly “there’s no point in lying. Jade did break a law … I don’t know, but I don’t think her punishment will be harsh” she couldn’t believe it would be. There law has changed years ago to be far less strict on ninjas who bring abused, neglected or abandoned children in the village. Most get a fine after an investigation found that they didn’t cover their tracks.

During the search for clothes Lulu saw how bad the poor girl was. Skin and bones was an accurate way to describe it. Naruko was too skinny! Lulu was horrified that she could count the bones protruding through the skin. There were a few scars marring the girl’s back that looked like someone took a rake and slashed her skin. On top of that was the notable flinch every time someone moved too fast or brushed against her or when a noise was too loud. Yes, this girl fit the criteria for an abused child …

“you think so?” Naruko looked up hopefully.

“I don’t know the details, but she should be fine” said Lulu choosing her words carefully. She didn’t want to make any promises. As long as this girl had no connections to ninjas on came from a prized clan then there shouldn’t be an issue.


Queen Reine tapped her chin in thought “this isn’t a simple problem Jade. On one hand Yobaba is correct, you took a great risk to our safety by bring her here. However you acted to protect and it seems you did cover your tracks” said Reine as she saw a bird flutter down to he perch next to her. The green beetle wiggling in the sharp beak signaled the border units found no trail. The border unit always checks even if a foreigner is not involved. A key word to a trained bird will tell the bird to catch a certain bug. Red means a trail was found and green means everything is clear. It’s done this way because trained birds are easy to single out with things tied to them, but not if they carry things like bugs. Messages are hidden in many ways …

“I know my queen” Jade nodded obediently. She knew why the law is the way it is … to protect the people within, but she didn’t care what the punishment is since there was no way Naruko will be going back. No one here would ever send a child back to that hell …

Yumi’s eyes widened “Uzumaki … oh my”

Yobaba looked at her blue counterpart “have you thought of something my old friend?”

“things work in mysterious ways” Yumi muttered cryptically before looking at the queen “it seems a certain promise can be full filled” she looked at Jade “this was when you were very young so you wouldn’t remember, but this village intercepted a distress call between Whirlpool and Konoha. Whirlpool pleaded for help, but Konoha denied them. Cave however took up that plea. Unfortunately we were cut off by ninjas from Cloud who combined with Mist’s forces destroyed. We were able to secretly destroy much of the enemies, but it was too late. No one from Whirlpool survived … at least that’s what I thought. Out of respect we took everything that survived and kept it safe while promising to help and give it to any survivor”

Jade hesitantly looked up “I thought Uzumakis from Whirlpool had red hair”

Yumi shrugged “they did, but she might have a blonde parent and simply takes after them. I’ll have her test the blood seal on one of the scrolls to be sure. However amazing this revelation is it shouldn’t hold any bearing on your situation”

“I understand, elder Yumi” Jade moved her eyes back to the floor.

Reine leveled her gaze on the ninja before her “you will be on suspension for ten years and pay a fine over that time” Jade inwardly sighed in relief “since you have medical experience you will take a job at the Breeder clinic. In your spare time you will be spent taking care of our newest resident”

Jade’s eyes widened and she looked at the queen “newest resident? My queen do you mean …” Jade let her sentence trail off with a smile.

“yes” Reine’s emotionless mask broke into a soft smile “you will be Naruko’s guardian until she turns fifteen whether she becomes a ninja or not. Understood?”

“yes my queen, I understand” said Jade.

Yobaba glared “this is a punishment so stop smiling” Jade sweat dropped and tried to stop smiling … she wasn’t very successful …

Yumi rolled her eyes a her fellow advisor’s declaration “I will bring a scroll to your home once you’re both settled”

“that will be all Jade. You are dismissed” said the queen who smiled as Jade nearly ran from the room.

“that was hardly a punishment” Yobaba grumbled.

Reine sighed “those laws exist to reprimand those who don’t understand the full extent of what they did. Jade however did everything to ensure that no one followed her while also ensuring the safety of a child. As far as I’m concerned she did everything possible protect everyone and that loyalty shouldn’t be punished …besides, I don’t think I’d be able to separate Naruko and Jade without it coming back to bite me”

Both advisors chuckled, Jade did seem to have a protective side when it came to Naruko … not unlike a mother and everyone knows not to separate mother from child …


“Naruko!” Lulu and Naruko turned from their spot on a park bench to see Jade coming towards them.

“Jade!” Naruko launched herself off the bench and into Jade’s arms “I’m sorry for getting you in trouble”

The raven chuckled “it was my decision and I don’t regret anything”

“we just had dinner, but we were thinking of getting some ice cream. Want to come?” Lulu smiled with a light blush tinting her cheeks as she watched Jade … and Naruko too. They each got some ice cream at a nearby vendor and sat down at he park bench “so what was your punishment Jade?”

“nothing too extreme” Jade said casually. As she explained the points of her punishment she watched Naruko’s face change from sad to confused to finally very happy …

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