Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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The bird with the bug watched them leave and flicked a switch on the bug’s back that made the eyes close … this bug was a camera!


Yobaba made her way to Jade’s home, but didn’t knock on the door. She just watched through the window. The curtains were mostly closed, but there was enough of a gap for hr to get a glimpse of the young blonde as she sat down to watch a movie with her mother. It was a peaceful sight to see especially since the scare the young girl had when she thought she saw the leaf anbu Dog a week ago.

It’s actually for that very reason the elder in pink showed up today. She wanted to see for herself that Naruko was doing better before a meeting was about to take place. This stern untrusting elder has made it her mission to protect this village at all costs and that little girl was being hunted by outsiders. Naruko was a Cave villager and therefore Yobaba refused to take this situation with Jiraiya and Kakashi lightly.

After a few seconds she continued on her way. It took a few minutes for her to make it to the tower where Queen Reine lived, but for a woman of her age it wasn’t too surprising. As she made her way through the halls she came upon Yumi, now sporting a blue kimono, and Reine …

“the tapes seem to show very genuine reactions” Yumi said and ignored the snort from Yobaba who sat across from her.

Reine nodded “it does look very promising. I received a report only ten minutes ago. Both Kakashi and Jiraiya have arrived in Firefly village. Our allies have eyes on them-”

“then I will go meet them” Yobaba said suddenly as she stood up.

“is that a wise idea?” Reine asked.
Yumi frowned “you don’t have to you know? We can observe them from a distance through the eyes of our spies in the village”

“this is too delicate to rely on second hand information. I will approach them directly and see for myself if they’re trustworthy. If they can convince me then Naruko will be fine. Do you have Naruko’s medical file?” Yobaba asked.

“yes and there’s many of the drawings she made when she first came here too” Reine said as she handed a thick file over to the elder in pink before she headed out. It won’t be a very long trek for her because the village lies just a few miles out side the chakra warping forest that surrounds the cave entrance. You could try running across shark infested waters to get to the island that is hiding the village of Cave. However the cliffs surrounding the entire island that houses the village are guarded by ninjas and a near constant fog on the water … and sharks. Lets not forget those sharks. The underground cave system is really the only safe way into Cave.

There’s actually a reason for that  though. Firefly village is considered an extension of Cave. It’s a connection to the outside world hat helps connect the village to clients. Also many of the residents are men born in Cave or the families of Cave ninjas who married someone outside the village and can’t bring them into the main village because of the deadly forest. There are even cave systems that connect Firefly to Cave for trading supplies in secret or emergencies.

Yobaba casually went into the cave system and paused for a moment in the dark stone tunnels. The cool air of the cave brought back so many memories. So much time has passed in her life and it’s not over yet. The elder avoided the traps that lead to the shark infested water and soon felt the roots of the trees  above. She knew she was close …


“we’re here” Kakashi said to no one in particular as he and Jiraiya went into the small village.

The toad sage frowned “the message didn’t say what to do after we got here so they probably intend to find us. Lets find a hotel to spend a few nights” he said as they walked around the bustling village. They found an in in the center of the village and paid for a couple nights for now. If they had to stay longer then they will pay more, but right now they weren’t sure when they will hear from the people who have Naruko. Even though they weren’t sure they were willing to wait as long as needed, which turned out to only be half a day …

After taking a seat at a local curry shop they were approached by an elderly woman wearing a pink kimono “Kakashi Hatake and Jiraiya the toad sage … you’re both less impressive in person” the sharp tongued woman scoffed making the two men twitch violently, but she caught them just as they both had mouths full of spicy curry so neither could fire back a retort or stop her from taking a seat at their table, which she did “I am Yobaba and I came to meet you for Naruko’s sake”

“you know where she is?! Where-” Kakashi was silenced as the old woman raised a hand basically telling him to shut up. The Leaf ninjas weren’t sure what to make of this small old woman, but there was doubt in their minds that she held a position of authority.

“you are not to ask any questions. Keep in mind I am your only link to the girl you’re searching for and I am quite old. Much to old to be anything but blunt so you must convince me that you mean Naruko no harm or you lose your link, understood?” she said sternly and both ninjas nodded “good, now explain to me how two highly skilled ninjas claim to care for a child, but allow this to happen to her” she said coldly as she pulled out the thick file and set it in front of them.

Kakashi was the first to get the file was met with Naruko’s medical file explaining the condition she was in upon arriving at Cave “oh fuck  … she looks so sick” he said heartbrokenly as he read through the information. The picture from the doctor showed a tiny nearly skeletal girl.

“she has recovered fully since that day” Yobaba commented as she watched Jiraiya take some of the other papers from the file. She took note of the ninjas’ faces softening at the sight of the present day pictures of the girl that proved she was much better.

“that’s good to hear … as for how this happened to Naruko … we have no excuse. We thought we were leaving Naruko in safe hands. Kakashi was too young to adopt and I had to quickly get back to my mission to protect Konoha, which was vulnerable after the attack from the nine tails” Jiraiya said bluntly not caring he was getting very close to becoming a traitor by telling Konoha’s secrets to a stranger. A stranger connected in someway to other ninjas and, for all he knew, could have been a ninja who was very good at hiding telltale signs and chakra, but in all honesty he was questioning his loyalties to his village so it made no difference to him …

“and your backup plan was to abandon a little baby in the orphanage of Konoha right after being stigmatized with the seal holding back the very demon that nearly destroyed said village?” Yobaba said dryly with her eyebrow raised skeptically.

Kakashi winced “ok … that really sounds stupid when you say it like that, but that wasn’t what happened. The hokage took her saying he’d care for her until I was older. We were both given progress reports”

“but neither of you saw her personally since then nor did your hokage allow you to spend time with her so that she wasn’t going to be taken in by some man she never met. It’s cute to see that ninjas seem to still have some sense of naivety” the old woman sneered.

Jiraiya’s jaw clenched “you can’t sit there and judge us” he snapped not realizing several of the staff at the restaurant stiffen subtly. It was much more than curiosity. Some of them were ready to fight because the fact is Jiraiya did just raise his voice to an elder and the advisor to their Queen no less.

“oh? According to this …” Yobaba handed them Jade’s old report of what happened when she found the little girl “disgusting display from the very village you swore your loyalty to and blindly trusted them with the one thing that is most precious I believe I have every right to judge you, your character and your ability to care for a child. A child, may I remind you, that you will never see again if I am not satisfied. I will not uproot a child and separate her from her mother only to have her land in a subpar or abusive environment” Yobaba said seriously secretly signaling for those around to calm down..

“m-mother?” Kakashi said sadly.

“a child with those big blue eyes being adopted so quickly shouldn’t be surprising” Yobaba huffed.

The toad sage sighed and patted Kakashi on the shoulder to offer some degree of comfort “you’re right Yobaba … Kakashi has tried to adopt Naruko so he is understandably disappointed. The process was difficult to complete. It seems the hokage has tried to keep us from Naruko in everyway possible and we did blindly trust him”

“that we can agree on, but Naruko is being cared for now and that’s what counts” the elder said.

“yes” Kakashi agreed because that is what mattered, but when he focused back on the provided he felt his heart break into many pieces “she’s terrified of this person” he concluded sadly. What hurt was that the picture of the demonized crowd surrounding a little girl distinctly showed a white dog mask on the silver haired person holding the girl down. The dog mask was definitely the main point of the picture and it looked a lot like Kakashi in his anbu uniform “I’ll murder whoever that is” he muttered under his breath not realizing that the old woman was a former ninja and could hear him easily or simply didn’t care.

Jiraiya hummed in agreement vowing to help hunt that bastard down and everyone involved. As he looked over a second drawing his eyes narrowed at the sight of a different masked person in the background “did Naruko say anything about this person?” he asked getting a nagging feeling. That mask looked like the mask of a ROOT agent and he wondered if Danzo was involved …

Yobaba shook her head “when she first did these pictures she was still scared and it was very fresh in her memory. At the time she said she spotted those blank masked ninjas once in awhile, but they only seemed to watch, never help. Now she only remembers bits and pieces. Those pieces mainly being Dog and some harsh things your hokage has said about the placement of women in the ninja career. This Dog character is the worse by far. Simply seeing a visage of someone similar to your build scares her thus my concern” she paused and looked the both of them over “I cannot allow you near her” she stood up to collect the file and leave.

The stunned ninjas snapped back to their senses once the woman left “wait!” they both yelled and raced to the door.

“fuck” Jiraiya cursed when there was no sign of the old woman … she was gone.

“she’s safe” Kakashi said getting Jiraiya’s attention before he was about to run off after the old woman “she is safe and happy … you saw the pictures … I can’t take her from that after everything she went through” he admitted. It hurt to not have the chance to see Naruko. He wanted nothing more than to find this woman and make her reveal where the girl was, but he didn’t want to scare Naruko.

Jiraiya winced and stopped to think about the situation more carefully “yeah … Tsunade won’t be happy though and … I think we have more to look into” he said thinking back to that blank mask in he child’s drawing.

With great reluctance they headed back into the restaurant and tried to finish their meal. They knew that the old woman was looking out for Naruko and they couldn’t deny that seeing Kakashi might not go well, but it was depressing that the little girl was no longer in their reach. If they did something, anything, sooner then maybe they would’ve been a part of Naruko’s life. In the end they only had themselves to blame. Of course both Konoha ninjas waited until the end of their stay hoping they will hear from the woman again, but Yobaba never returned. However as the two packed up they found a note in their belongings.

you both have shown that you do care for Naruko so while I still believe you are idiots I will set up a line of communication between you and Naruko. Leave anything you wish to give Naruko at the post office and I will take them to her, but if I find out that this gift is abused and find that you wish to take Naruko back to Konoha it will be stopped - Yobaba

“YES!” Kakashi cheered as Jiraiya hollered. The two of them put together several presents and each wrote very long letters. After pouring their hearts out they gathered everything and left it at the post office. The temptation to stay and attempt to follow the old woman to Naruko was very strong, but they didn’t want to risk losing this chance so the two men reluctantly left.

What they didn’t realize was that that decision to leave was actually when they earned Yobaba’s trust. The elder chuckled as she spotted the two men leaving Firefly village and went to check the letters and gifts in the post office. None of them had any means to track them “they’re still naïve, but perhaps there is hope for them”


“Sarutobi is a fool” Danzo snorted as he walked through the passages of the underground ROOT complex.

Truth is he knew all about Naruko’s treatment by the villagers and the hokage’s involvement. Instead of doing anything he just had his ninjas pop by once in a while to make sure she was alive. Really he thought it would be the easiest way to get the demon vessel on his side. Just let the villagers and Sarutobi continue beating the girl and he will step in to save her at the right moment therefore earning her loyalty. He planned to secretly train her after and make her a powerful soldier, but now the bitch was gone. It was infuriating to have such potential slip away. However the distraction caused another opportunity to show itself …

“I can keep going!”

Danzo smirked as he saw a ROOT agent training with a stubborn young child “Sasuke you must let the body rest for it to become stronger. Take a break and the training will commence later. I must discuss that other condition you wanted”

“you know someone who’d be a suitable wife so I can rebuild my clan?” Sasuke smirked as he left the training area. He may have still been a child, but he knew what was needed to revive the clan his older brother killed. In exchange for loyalty Danzo agreed to train him so he could kill Itachi and find someone to help him bring an even stronger Uchiha clan into existence …

“yes … her name is Naruko Uzumaki, she has the power of a demon in her and the blood of the fourth hokage. You will find no one better to breed the next generation of Uchihas” Danzo said and gave the boy a picture of Naruko when she was in the village…

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