Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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Jade knew it was probably meant to be mean, but instead it made everyone gush over the cute little blonde. The suspended ninja sighed in relief and left as the teacher regained control of the class …


“next up … Naruko!” the young woman with light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing a blue Chinese battle uniform “please display long-range, mid-range, short-range just like the others. You can use your threads and instead of checking your drawing speed for you weapons I’ll test how quickly you unseal them. Just like with the others the time stops when you’re hit with a weapon … circle targets first, ready?” she asked as she signaled to the rest of the students to stay on the grass.

The medic on the sidelines got ready to jump in just in case the little blonde needed it help. Of course no real weapons are used with the five year olds. The ‘weapons’ to dodge are genjutsus that have a little pricking effect when they hit, but there is no such thing as being too prepared. Besides three girls cut themselves because they held the weapon wrong proving that even practice weapons can be dangerous.

Practice makes perfect …

“yes Minami-sensei” Naruko said as she eagerly trotted over to the center of the clearing where ten circular targets hung in various spots around her and ten test dummies. As she waited for the instructor to start the test she started feeling nervous.

A raven haired girl on the sidelines waved “you’ll do great Naruko!” she yelled effectively calming the little blonde down.

The raven was Sana Yuki, the daughter of the lovely Mary Yuki who was a breeder. Mary managed to infiltrate Konoha once before and the mission bore fruit … so to speak. Sana is the child of an Uchiha and not just any Uchiha either. She came from none other than the clan head Fugaku Uchiha. Jade had to go to Konoha again a few years later to get updated information as well as check out the other clans. Sana was also the one who cast the genjutsu on Naruko the first day of school two months ago. After that prank backfired they actually became friends.

Minami chuckled at the girls cheering from the sidelines and set her hand on the switch that will activate the test dummies. She wasn’t going to hit it yet, but soon “3 … 2 … 1 GO!” she flicked the switch and everything started moving.

The test was the students’ first Motion Test of the year and it does an excellent job of helping the children get used to real fights and hitting moving targets. The goal is simple …

All the targets move. Five circular targets will hide behind a tree and suddenly appear again in a different spot thanks to special rigged wires. The five other circular targets either move quickly back and forth or spins revealing a blank side and back again. You must try to hit the targets, but at the slow setting for the younger girls it’s not too difficult. It will get faster each time they use it and get used to motion and speed … your enemy won’t just stand there after all. These things are necessary to learn and it’s best to start young.

Then there were the wooden training dummies …

Five of those dummies jump into the trees surrounding the training grounds, while the other five jump back and forth in the treetops or walk towards them. After a couple seconds the hidden dummies emerge at random times and toss a genjutsu weapon at the future ninjas, which they must try to dodge as they take out the dummies. The dummies didn’t have red target signs on them, but the girls were told to aim for the chest in this level until they cover the fatal points of the human body in a couple years.

There are variations of the test that will be used too. For example different speeds are used or different dummies made of synthetic flesh. The dummies will at some point throw real weapons and some circular targets will explode.

Sometimes the instructor will allow teams…

Or program the dummies to attack at sound in order to test stealth …

Or the instructor will ask questions during the test that must be answered mid attack to get kids used to thinking on the run …

The little girls won’t have to worry about the test being dangerous for a couple years, but it will get there …

Faster than the instructor expected, the little girl unsealed and threw six shuriken and two kunai at the circular targets. Naruko did manage to take out eight of the targets, but now the dummies were throwing ‘weapons’ at her. Two walking dummies moved toward her and her threads came alive from her gloves in order to shred one dummy as she stabbed the other with a kunai. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough control over her threads to stop it and the dummy was still moving, but she recovered by stabbing the dummy. She rolled out of the way of a weapon that nearly hit her and took out the first weapon throwing dummy she could find by throwing her kunai. She also threw two senbon to take out the last circular targets.

A kunai appeared in her hand and she hit the dummy that tried to throw a weapon at her before spinning on her heel and throwing two shuriken at two jumping dummies disabling them as well. After taking out two more weapon dummies she winced as she was hit in the back with a prickling sensation. Everything was stopped and the medic came to check on her. The scrape she got on her knee when she rolled out of the way of the weapons was healed and she joined her cheering classmates with a bashful smile.

Minami shook herself out of her shock and smiled “very well done everyone! This is only the first time you all used this training method and we will do this exercise once a week from now on. It’s a great chance to practice and improve. This won’t be graded until the graduation exam when you’re older. Now everyone lets spend the remaining class time asking questions. Lets go back to the classroom”

The group of girls hurried back to the school, which was only on the opposite side of the training grounds. In fact the roof of the building was visible from where they were. As Minami ushered her students into the room the medic left to attend to other classes that were going on.

“ok … quiet down everyone. Now are there any questions on what we have gone through in the first two months?” the instructor asked as the girls took their seats and calmed down. A gray haired girl with pink eyes raised her hand “yes Haru?”

“mama said it takes a man and a woman to make babies, but why are there no men in the village and where do baby boys go?” Haru asked shyly.

Minami smiled as several other girls perked up and also listened curiously “it’s true both men and women are needed to make babies. Most of the pregnancies are regulated meaning we control the gender through jutsus like the ‘X-Only jutsus’ used in the Breeding clinics. In those cases we make sure a girl is born. We even have a system in place for civilian woman who want babies, but sometimes there’s no way to plan for those things … most are heartbreaking, but we won’t discuss that in detail for a few years. In those cases there are sometimes boys born”

The instructor paused to let the little girls absorb what she said before she continued “what happens is that the babies are taken care of either by their mother or by an appointed guardian depending on happens. The instances of boys being born are rare because we train you to avoid those chances and we have a network in place to assure the safety of the ninjas in the field and the very brave merchants. Usually if someone is captured we know and we send help … whether help comes in time is the point. Since it’s rare you don’t see boys here, but we don’t just get rid of them. We aren’t heartless. Most of those boys grow up to be merchants or move to the neighboring villages to act as eyes and ears for us. You will meet many men over the years and some will be from here, but other than those who were born here we don’t allow men in the village. You know just living a certain period in the village will give you some immunity to the forests effects. There is a way to tell who is one of our merchants or former locals, but that’s for another day. Any other questions?”

An orange haired girl raised her hand and Minami pointed at her “what about marriage?”

Minami chuckled “an excellent point Anna … love can not be controlled. Marriage is allowed for love only here, but that doesn’t mean the person is allowed in the village. If you meet a man or woman outside the village and fall in love that’s great, but you would need to live with them outside the village for the village’s safety … and it’s for their safety too … after all it takes a lot of training to survive the effects of the forest’s chakra warping properties. Too much direct exposure without that training will kill someone, even former residents” the instructor smiled at Naruto “you know all too well right Naruko?”

“yes sensei … mommy said it isn’t usually bad on people who aren’t trained like kids, but my head still really hurt” Naruko whimpered as she remembered the pain. She squeaked as Sana hugged her comfortingly and smiled.

“it was worse for you because you have a lot of chakra and once your coils are trained it won’t happen. Certain seasons are even more deadly for trespassers. Winter will create deadly surges that kill instantly. Even men who have no chakra or disabled coils are knocked out if they go through the forest, which is why it’s safer for both the village and the husband or your partner to have them stay away. Of course you aren’t cut off or anything. You can stroll back in the village at any point just without the partner” said Minami.

A few more basic questions were answered and soon class was dismissed by the bell. Today was different than most days. Usually the children would be picked up right away by their mothers, but today was a chance for the mothers to meet the teachers and learn what has been going on. As the adults talked the girls would eat some tasty snacks that were set up by the older students who are going through survival and cooking classes … all dishes are checked before giving them to kids of course.

Jade smiled as she came over and took a seat next to Minami’s desk “hey, how are things Minami?”

“very good, but I think we should discuss Naruko’s activities” the instructor said seriously as if something was wrong, but chuckled as Jade looked concerned “calm down Jade, Naruko is doing wonderfully. In fact we did the Motion test today and … well, I knew she had good aim, but this was impressive”

“how so?” Jade asked eagerly as she felt her pride in her daughter grow. She has been waiting for this day for a few weeks. Naruko tells her some things in the last couple months like the class working on accessing chakra. That was something she was ahead on though so Naruko was working on the first chakra exercises until everyone was caught up. Then the class learned the hand signs for jutsus, some history of several villages including their own village, how to hold various weapons and target practice.

Minami shook her head with a fond smile “Naruko got the highest marks for the test. She took out all of the circular targets, four walking dummies and four weapons dummies. There was one dummy she attempted to disable with her threads, but it didn’t work. exactly”

“that doesn’t seem too surprising. I only bought the basic beginners’ hallow dummies not the solid academy rated ones so she couldn’t cut through perhaps, but that’s still very impressive. Was she hurt at all? She seemed alright when I hugged her a moment ago before leaving her with her friend Sana, but I want to know” Jade said.

“only a scraped knee. The Sight Traps start next week so she may need to practice more with her chakra control, but we will be going through that thoroughly during class so she’ll be fine. I think that’s it for now … oh, I almost forgot. Since Naruko has such a large amount of chakra I want to ask your permission to teach her the more advanced versions of the basic four jutsus” said Minami as she pulled a form out of the desk drawer.

“of course!” Jade exclaimed as she took the pen that was handed to her.

A Sight Trap is a set of illusions, including genjutsus, that are use in the classroom and on the students. The point is to get the children used to noticing their surroundings and removing genjutsus. The best part is that the first, but dramatic genjutsu is cast on the class before they discuss how to remove them so they can understand what a genjutsu can do and the illusions get more subtle from there. Also it’s not allowed to tell others when the genjutsu is up because everyone must learn to detect them on their own.

That is something not done in Konoha’s academy. Another difference is that Konoha only teaches three jutsus in the entire academic period, but Cave teaches four jutsus in the first two years and several different charka control exercises. The extra was a justsu called Flare that makes a powerful flash of light to distract enemies. As far as chakra control goes Konoha only uses leaf balancing, tree walking and water walking, but Cave also has kunai floating, shuriken spinning, water surfing, Warp stones and chakra sparks. It makes sense that Cave has more emphasis on chakra control since they need it just to get out of their village safely …

“will you be training Naruko in your Cave Dweller jutsus?” Minami asked as Jade signed the permission form.

Jade nodded as she handed the form over “yes, but not until she starts elemental training, which she’ll need to master it” she answered knowing that the academy will teach the elements in five years.

“that’s good to know. She will be a strong ninja in the future. I’m honored to have a part in teaching her” Minami smiled.

“thank you” Jade felt her pride swell again as she left the classroom letting the next mother in. Naruko is already starting out on the right foot and will only make great strides. The green eyed ninja watched her daughter with Sana and pulling the shy Haru into the game …

It seemed Naruko was making more friends to help her through what this world has in store for them … doesn’t mean Jade won’t worry about her, she always will…

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