Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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One by one each girl looked down and picked up a ball feeling anxious about the lives they were going to take ...


"Bast...ards." The young man with white hair grumbled as the drugs started to wear off slightly. He was just about able to move, but he was too late. The door to the carriage could be heard opening and he knew any second the barrel he was in would be opened too. The last thing he needed was yet another dose of that drug. After all, he had a feeling this could be his last chance to escape.

With every bit of strength he could muster he managed to form a sharp point of bone at the tip of his right forefinger. As the lid moved he forced his body to move against the effects of the slowly weakening drug so he could aim his finger. The second he felt the fresh air from the lid being removed he pulsed his chakra sending the sharp piece of bone rocketing at the person like a bullet.

Sadly, his effort was for nothing. The sound of a gasp and of the bullet colliding with wood was all he needed to hear to know that he missed. As he braced himself for a punch or kick followed by needle filled with drugs piercing his skin he tensed. However, that wasn't the case. Instead he felt long strands of hair fall to his lap. It was strange since his captors had short hair.

"Guess that answers the question on how much of the drugs are left in your system." A gentle and clearly amused voice said.

Green eyes widened at the sound of the voice that was definitely not one that belonged to any of his kidnappers. He tilted his more and tried to see the person. For a moment he couldn't see much more than a vague silhouette, but then she lit a match flooding his barrel with light. Much to his surprise he saw sky or, to be more precise, eyes that were the same color of the sky. Blue eyes, golden sun like hair, red lips all on a gentle heart shaped face. It was a mesmerizing sight …

"It's ok … I'm going to get you out-" the girl was cut off as a hand came out of the darkness and clapped over her mouth.

"Not a chance girly. I'm sure Orochimaru will like another test subject." Hissed a familiar male voice.

"No!" The weakened prisoner in the wine barrel gasped as he recognized the voice as one of the men who kidnapped him.

Any worry he had for the girl's safety, though, quickly disappeared when she vanished …

Yes … it was confusing, but she did vanish with a pop leaving smoke in the kidnapper's hands making the match fall to the floor and he saw red …

No, that wasn't a phrase to describe anger. From his spot in the now dark wine barrel he saw a shimmer followed by a very literal red flash in the dim light from the dying match. The metallic smell of the liquid that splashed onto his cheek made it clear what the red was … it was blood.

"Well … let's get you guys out." The blonde girl said softly clearly sounding a bit shaken as she could be heard stepping over the body.

Perhaps this was her first kill. It would've made sense to him if that was the case for she seemed well trained. Not only did she silently navigate the carriage in the dark before using the match to see him and dodge his bone, but she also knew how to escape a person's grasp. The only reason he can imagine that someone so skilled would be so flustered is if she never took a life before.

As the girl helped him out of the barrel he became aware of two other people standing outside of the carriage, but everything remained too dark to see for no match was lit this time. The two others helped him out and let him sit on the ground before two went in the carriage. Barely any sounds were made as they started taking the other prisoners out of their barrels beyond the comforting whispers.

"Kurama, can you wait here with them? Haru and I can handle the other two." One girl, who wasn't the blonde he saw judging by the voice, said.

"I can, but are you sure the drug took effect?" The blonde whispered.

"I'll check first, but the powder is potent. It should be fine." The other girl said.

"If you aren't sure I will come help." The blonde said to the former captives as the other two girls' presence seemed to just disappear into the darkness for when the blonde finally lit a lantern so they could see the other girls were gone. "For the moment my name is Kurama. Can you tell me your names?"

"Kimimaro." The white haired teen said before any else could say anything.

"Haku." Said a slender girl with long black hair.

"Karin." The red haired girl said softly and with a hint of weakness.

Kurama frowned and placed her hand on the redhead's forehead, "You're running a fever." She said before quickly unsealing a medical kit and some water. "Here, you need to drink. You're mostly likely dehydrated and with the drugs in you it could be making you sick."

Karin glared, "How do I know you're not like those other bastards?"

"You think it's drugged?" Kurama blinked cute;y before taking a big gulp of the water. Karin waited a moment to see if the blonde would fall unconscious, but when nothing happened she snatched the canteen filled with the cool liquid and drank greedily. "You know, anyone who deals with poison or drugs of any kind should have a level of immunity." Kurama said bluntly.

"WHAT?!" Karin deadpanned and spat out the little water she didn't swallow only to glare at the blonde who was laughing. "That's not funny." She said realizing it was too late if the water was drugged, which it most likely wasn't considering that nothing happened.

Kurama smiled as she handed Haku the canteen since Karin still couldn't move easily from the other drugs, "I'm sorry, but it's true. You should be more careful … now some drugs make you sick so eat this slowly." She said as she unsealed a set of curry buns. Kurama passed the buns around as she gave Kimimaro the canteen when Haku drank her fill.

"Thank you." Kimimaro said and weakly grabbed the canteen from her hand lingering only a moment to take note of her oddly soft skin. Someone well trained shouldn't have such soft skin. It was just another intriguing thing about her besides the gorgeous colors of her hair and eyes. Of course, the kindness in the way she helped each of them hold the canteen or bun if they weren't strong enough was what fascinated him the most.

"You guys ok?" Kurama asked turning away from the confused former captives making it clear that she was talking to someone in the darkness that lay just beyond the lantern's reach.

The two other girls from earlier stepped into the light revealing new blood stains coating their clothes, "It … they weren't completely out, but it was enough." The raven haired girl said softly letting the gray haired girl lean on her for support though considering how shaken both girls were there wasn't much actual support to be had.

"Well my students, I must say that you did great for your first mission! That pillow trick was inspired, Haru." The captives jumped as they were all startled by the sudden appearance of a tall muscular woman.

"You saw, sensei?" Haru gasped softly.

Barb grinned, "I did!"


Each girl picked up a ball and revealed the spider they had, "Ok … I get the double crosser." Naruko said as she tried to steady her racing heart.

"Crap! I wanted that prick!" Sana'a sulked as the spiders leapt back to Naruko's shoulders.

Clara clacked her mandibles sharply, "This is not a joke. Do remember the seriousness of this mission. We should take a moment to think."

Sana winced at the spider's scolding, "Yeah … you're right. So what should we do?" She asked as the three blue spiders took their places as Naruko's earrings and hair clip.

"Let's act like guests and think about it for a couple hours. Getting some ice and looking around might give us some ideas." Naruko suggested.

All three girls stepped out of the room and pretended to wander as they looked around. They noticed their targets leave the room. The only reason for leaving seemed to be the maid coming to do the room.

"We ordered room service so hurry up. This should've been done before we were given the damn room." The boss of the trio grumbled clearly tired from his journey.

As the three girls pretended to chat as they got ice they listened carefully…

"Yes, sir." The maid said nervously already racing into the room with fresh sheets and pillow cases.

"We should stock up on supplies." One of the men whispered to the boss.

"Fine. Let's talk to the innkeeper." The boss sighed and the three men brushed passed the girls who were heading back to their own room.

Haru' s eyes widened and she whipped it her makeup kit, "Give me ten seconds." She whispered and slipped into their targets' room just as the maid opened bathroom door before her teammates could say anything.

The gray haired ninja quickly whipped out the hidden poison compartment, but ducked down to hide as the maid came out after stocking the bathroom …

"Excuse me. There's three of us in this room so can we have a few more towels and an extra robe?" Haru heard Naruko ask to keep the maid busy so she quickly used a makeup brush to spread a clear paralyzing drug on the pillow.

The drug will dry fast and be absorbed through the skin knocking both men in the beds out. She hoped the third man would take the floor. It'd make sense if he did since he'd be able to get away for his double crass easier. Once that was done she slipped out of the room as the maid, who thankfully hasn't shut the room door, looked through her cart to get the extra things the girls needed. Haru raced to their own room and opened the door as quietly as possible.

"Thank you so much!" Naruko smiled as Sana helped carry the things.

"Hey guys! Need any help?" Haru asked as she leaned out of their room as if she was there the whole time.

Flashback Over

"That was very clever, but we will need to get to a safer area for the rest of the report." Barb said firmly.

"Is something wrong, sensei? Is it about the guy who was working with Orochimaru?" Haru asked as she helped Karin to her feet.

Barb sighed, "Technically he wasn't, but that is another issue to discuss later. For now let's go and talk to these idiots who had a little run in earlier." She remarked slightly amused though still annoyed as she pointed at the two figures coming towards them from the dark.

Naruko held up the lantern to see the people, whose chakra signatures were unfamiliar to her, and her eyes widened ...

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