Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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He only heard one pair of footsteps coming a little bit later and a lovely voice, “Hello, I’m here to give a massage-oh!” Kimimaro’s eyes widened in shock, almost missing the bandaged man down the hall headed towards them. There was no mistake. The young blonde, who clearly recognized him as well, was Naruko ...


Danzo’s eyes narrowed when he saw Orochimaru’s white haired servant with a member of the resort’s staff, “What’s going on here?”

The blonde girl turned and smiled politely, “I’m Maki. I was just waiting to give a massage. Can I help you, sir?” She asked as politely as she could, but she was mentally smacking herself for her name choice. If she knew at the beginning of this mission she would’ve never chosen her current name, which was a short version of Uzumaki.

“No.” The old bandaged man said as his eyebrow twitched wildly and he shot the snake sage’s servant a glare, “I see your master has already taken advantage of my hospitality.”

Kimimaro scoffed, “So? You invited my master. You clearly want something so just be thankful we’re even here.”

A nasty scowl came to the old ninja’s lips, “Let me speak with him-“

“I’ll check to see if he’s ready.” Kimimaro said as he turned to the hotel door, though he glanced at Naruko not entirely sure what to do. Without any other idea he knocked on the door.

“What is it?” Orochimaru asked through the door.

“The old bandaged man is here and,” Kimimaro looked at Naruko activity feeling concerned about announcing her, “The woman is here to give the massage too.”

Naruko smiled calmly despite knowing who these men were, “If you want to wait and talk first I can come back.” She called out loud enough to be heard through the door.

Danzo scoffed, “That would be a good idea-“

I wanted that massage.” Orochimaru could be heard saying before he finally opened the door showing that he was only in a white robe. “And if you want me to even consider anything you say then you will let this young lady join us.” He raised an eyebrow at the disapproving look on Danzo’s face and crossed his arms. “You picked this place so I’m assuming you checked it out, right?”

The old bandaged man scoffed, “Of course-“

“And you didn’t find anything thus the invitation.” The snake sage concluded and promptly opened the door wider to let the young woman inside.

“My name is Maki and I’ll be your masseuse today.” Naruko said as she went over to the tall set of shelves that doubled as a wet bar, but with a gentle tug of the heavy case it tipped forward. 

The ninjas were slightly fascinated by the way the shelves all swiveled to perfectly balance everything on them and the case folded down to reveal that the case was also a large firm massage bed. Embedded in the wall, that was once hidden by the case of shelves when it was standing, was a lovely glass case filled with different bottles, small towels and two U shaped padded pillows. The young woman stepped on the bed platform to open the case in the wall and took out a U-shaped padded object and went to the other end of the bed. With a simple click she revealed that it was a headrest.

“Will this be a couple’s massage?” Naruko asked innocently.

Kabuto shrugged when Orochimaru glanced at him, “ I’m more interested in the baths.”

Naruko smiled, “Then please lay down, sir. Do want a scented lotion or non scented?”

Orochimaru smirked and leaned in frighteningly close, “The most expensive.” He whispered as Danzo pulled a chair over so they could talk.

“Maple Amber it is!” Naruko said as she walked back onto the bed platform to go back to the case. As she pulled out the bottle with a deep amber colored lotio and the small hand towels as Orochimaru got on the bed.

“Must you be naked for this?” An irritated Danzo grumbled.

Orochimaru scoffed as he tied his hair back and laid down so his face was in the U shaped pillow, “Don’t be a prude. You have a dick too … I think.” He said as he heard Danzo give an annoyed sigh. “Besides, Maki doesn’t mind. Right, Maki?”

“Not at all.” Naruko said as she placed the towels on the bed corner next to a hole and poured some of the lotion on the snake sage’s back. It’s not exactly pleasant to rub the sage down, but she just kept reminding herself that it’s all just flesh like any other body. Of course, it helped that Danzo looked far more uncomfortable than she felt. “This lotion has a special warming property. You should feel it right away.” She said as she set the bottle in a hole in the padding that was apparently a cup holder for the bottles built into the bed corner. 

Orochimaru groaned as he felt the skin coming in contact with the lotion warm up and his muscles begin loosening already, “Very nice. Now-“ The snake sage moaned again as the young woman straddled him and pushed her surprisingly strong lotion covered fingers deep into a muscle knot on his neck. “Maki, you are very good-ahh!”

Naruko smiled as she worked the tension out of the snake sage’s neck, “Thank you!”

Danzo’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance when he realized Orochimaru completely lost track of the main reason he was here, “As for why I’m here,” he was interrupted by another moan when Maki started working the muscles in the left shoulder. “I wanted-“ Danzo scowled as the snake sage moaned again. “Stop your hunt for Uchihas!” He yelled.

Kimimaro glared, “Why should my master even entertain that request?” He asked, noticing that Naruko, or Kurama as he knew her, pretended to be startled by the outburst. It was convincing, but he knew better.

“I have a better option.” Danzo commented sending Kimimaro a glare. “I’d like Sasuke to have control of my ROOT at some point. In exchange, I want to offer you the child of Sasuke and the vessel of the nine tailed fox.”

“What-“ Orochimaru winced as Maki suddenly pressed down on a knot in his shoulder blade. “Little too much- … never mind, that’s perfect.” He groaned as the muscle was massaged deeply. “Are you saying you managed to find Naruko when Hiruzen couldn’t?”

Kimimaro noticed that Naruko’s eyes widened right before she pressed too hard on the snake sage’s back. Granted, she corrected herself, but he found it odd that she slipped up like that. Did this subject mean something to her?

“I believe we have.” Danzo said as he pulled out a set of pictures and looked right at Naruko. “These were taken by my cameras around what was left of Whirlpool. The cameras were all destroyed, hidden seals were opened and it was professional. They seem to have Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kakashi there and they had to have an Uzumaki just to get in. Naruko is around and she’s close.”

Orochimaru felt the girl on him freeze and sighed, “You had better not be glaring at Maki.” He said not liking that Danzo was scaring, and ultimately interrupting his massage, the poor civilian.

“He is.” Kabuto said as Danzo huffed in annoyance . Orochimaru’s assistant gestured for Kimimaro to get the pictures. “Ignore the grouch, Maki. Your job isn’t to fetch pictures.”

Naruko sighed in relief, “Ok.” She said and continued working the muscle knots. Her heart was still trying to recover from the panic. When Danzo’s scary eye landed right on her she really had to stop herself from breaking character and running away despite the conversation proving that she wasn’t suspected. Right now she focused and prayed she could ask Kimimaro what the pictures show when it’s safe.

Kimimaro noticed Naruko’s reaction when Danzo glared and made a mental note of it as he took the pictures from Danzo, “These are quite blurry-“

“Just show your master. It’s his eye that matters. The last one is what I think she might look like now so it’s not blurry.” Danzo growled. He watched Kimimaro kneel and set each picture on the floor so Orochimaru could see each one without moving. “Well?” He muttered expectantly. 

“Oh, oh, oh!” Orochimaru exclaimed and Danzo’s eye lit up thinking the snake sage saw what he saw. “Maki, your hands are magic!”

Naruko smiled as she rubbed circles into the pale hips, “Why thank you-“

“Focus on the pictures!” Danzo growled.

Orochimaru huffed, “I see why you think Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kakashi are there. They have very unique silhouettes despite being blurry and Naruko could be there, but I also see a redhead. That could be an Uzumaki and how those people got in. I see no guarantee. Of course, there’s how you’d lure her away from these people who are clearly better than-“

“They aren’t better.” Danzo growled.

Right.” Kabuto laughed. “They just found and disabled your surveillance without you getting a decent picture. No big deal.”

Danzo’s jaw clenched, “I’m not as incompetent as Hiruzen. They were lucky. That’s all. In the end it won’t matter because if Naruko is interested in family ties she won’t be able to resist her father’s legacy-“

The snake sage laughed, both because Naruko was massaging a ticklish spot and because it was a funny thing to claim, “You do realize what problems that could cause, right? Just ignore the fact that exposing the nine tails’ host will draw out the Akatsuki. You’ll have enough problems fighting the council and Hiruzen for her. They might suck up to her to get her father’s things and her children. If she doesn’t like Sasuke, who will be on your side politically? No one. You literally just talked yourself out of the very reason you wanted a deal. After all, why should I think you can even breed the Uzumaki and Uchiha bloodless?”

“The demon can be easily controlled by the Sharingan and considering how Sasuke’s training is going he should have no problem making her submit … or keep you away. Your best chance to get an Uchiha is to settle for his kids.” Danzo said with a smirk.

Kabuto raised an eyebrow, “If you’re so sure Sasuke is strong enough to stop us why do you think you can slip a kid away from him that easily?”

“Children get sick all the time … anything can happen.” Danzo said with a smirk.

Naruko watched Danzo leave as wiped some of the excess lotion off with a towel, “He’s a dramatic one.” She muttered, getting a laugh from Orochimaru and Kabuto as Kimimaro collected the pictures and stood up.

“So true … he’s also bluffing.” Orochimaru as he sat up and let the civilian massage his hands. “He did quite a lot to get me here only to claim his Uchiha can defend himself … no, something is definitely off. If I had to guess I bet Sasuke isn’t progressing as well as he could be or he wants to get me looking for Naruko and assist with the breeding.”

Kabuto blinked, “You aren’t actually considering that …”

Orochimaru scoffed, “I’m not interested in helping speed up his plans …Maki.”

“Yes?” Naruko looked up from the hands she had been really focused on. The naked body never really bothered her before, but didn’t like having the snake sage’s junk right there.

“What’s the most expensive service this resort offers?” Orochimaru asked, making Kabuto smirk.

Naruko smiled, “That’s without a doubt the Honeymooners bundle. It’s a rose petal champagne bath you can relax and enjoy as you eat from a chocolate fondue pot.”

Orochimaru smirked, “Good. We’ll have that bath as you massage him in the same area.” He said as he gestured to Kimimaro.

“I’ll tell the bathhouse to get the bath and a massage table prepared.” She said cheerfully hoping she could find a moment to talk with Kimimaro. Naruko dried her hands and used the room phone to call the bathhouse before finishing Orochimaru’s massage.


Haru and Sana were the ones who picked up the phone in the bathhouse. They wrote down what their teammate said, but also paid attention to the small blue spider that crawled onto them. Obviously the spider told them everything that couldn’t be said over the phone, but it didn’t seem too bad. Danzo and Orochimaru will be gone soon.

Naruko walked in just as they finished filling the tub, “They’ll be here-“ She noticed Danzo also coming towards the bathhouse. “Can I help you, sir?”

“I want you to make sure my guest doesn’t get carried away.” Danzo said and glanced towards the single steamy bath fit for two people and covered in rose petals. “And since I’m the one paying, I want this in the water.” He ordered as he tossed the device into what he mistook for water because of the rose petals. 

“Umm ok?” Naruko said, but gasped as the contents of the bath suddenly shot a spray at her.

Haru smiled as she rushed over and pulled out Danzo’s device, “Your thing must’ve blocked something. I’ll make a little adjustment.” She said quickly, but she almost panicked when she saw the champagne was washing off the makeup covering Naruko’s whisker marks ...

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