Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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“I’m speaking”

Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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Once the elder left Jade made a bowl of chicken soup and took it up to Naruko …


Naruko heard the bell signaling the end of class ring and began packing up her things in storage seals on her hands when she heard her sensei say “all the students who got a cocoon sticker on your report care please stay a moment after class”

“bye Sana, I’ll see you later” Naruko said and showed her friend her report card, which had a little cocoon sticker just under her name.

Sana pouted “ok, bye!” she called as she picked up her back pack and left waving to the blonde.

Minami smiled as a group of six little girls came up to her desk “now I’m sure you’re wondering why I marked your report cards. Well the first year is mainly for the basics, but the first part of the second year is for testing your strengths and weaknesses. I found each of you have an area where you have a bit more trouble compared to your peers. For some of you that may be strength and for others it may be chakra related. Since your classes are going to get harder we are going to tailor your homeroom time so you can work on these weakness or I will help find something to help you get around them. I have some folders for you and I want you to look through them with your mommies, ok?”

“yes sensei!” the little girls all said. One by one they were called by name and given a folder from the pile on Minami’s desk before scurrying out the door to wait for their mothers …

She tried to resist, but Naruko couldn’t help but open her folder as she waited. It really wasn’t surprising to find that her big weakness was chakra especially releasing genjutsus. Her mommy already explained why, but her thoughts were interrupted when a girl ran out and tripped sending her folder and everything in it sprawling across the ground.

“are you ok Haru?” Naruko asked as she sealed her folder away in her seals and went over to help the gray haired girl with pink eyes collect the papers.

Haru smiled shyly and took the papers Naruko picked up for her “I’m fine, thank you Naruko” she said gratefully as she tucked all the papers neatly in the folder.

“I was happy to help … I noticed you have some trouble with chakra too, would you like to work on that together? I have a lot of trouble with that” Naruko offered sweetly.

“I-I would like that” Haru blushed, but then noticed her mother, Rosie, coming towards the school “that’s my mother … see you tomorrow” the shy girl said softly and almost hesitantly …

“yep, see you tomorrow!” Naruko grinned waving as Haru walked towards her mother seemingly happier than a moment ago. The little blonde suddenly heard the rumble of thunder and went in the school to wait …


Jade smiled at the heavily pregnant woman on the exam table as she sat down to review some results “it looks like everything is going well … I expect you to have a very healthy baby girl”

“that’s good to hear. Should I still stay here over the next week?” the woman asked as she sat up … with a bit of help from her medic.

“it would be wise since you are very close to your due date. Do you need help getting some things together?” Jade asked as she helped her stand.

“no, I brought a good amount of clothes in that scroll just in case” the patient said as she pointed to the scroll tucked in the pocket of the jacket.

After helping her last patient of the day get to her assigned room and went to change out of her clinic uniform so she could go get Naruko. It took very little time to get into some casual clothes and sign out, but by the time she said goodbye and stepped outside she saw the storm clouds over head that weren’t there earlier. She quickly unsealed her umbrella from her scroll and left to pick up her daughter. The rumble of thunder was heard as she turned the corner and it started to drizzle so it was no surprise to find that Naruko was not waiting outside of the school. Jade went inside to find her, but found Minami holding a panic stricken little blonde.

“Naruko! Naruko sweety are you alright? I’m here. Mommy is here, it’s ok” Jade said softly as she hugged the little girl, but Naruko didn’t say a word as she latched onto her mother’s collar “what happened?”

Minami frowned “I was walking down the hall to see if anyone was still waiting to be picked up. The lights flickered slightly as I went towards Naruko and … she screamed … it was like she saw someone else not me”

The little blonde shivered in her mother’s arms “Dog … he came to take me”

Jade gently rubbed the little girl’s back trying to comfort her “I think I know what happened … I’ll get her home to calm down, thank you for watching her” she said and carried Naruko away under the safety of the umbrella.


Yobaba’s eyes narrowed as she and her fellow advisor scanned the reports Reine showed them “Dog … Kakashi Hatake is the anbu with the dog mask” she stated in a dangerously calm tone.

“yes, but as you see something is off” Reine said trying to remain logical about all this, but it was hard to do so. Truthfully her first instinct was to hunt down and kill the leaf ninja “I took a closer look at his mission data”

Yumi looked at the dates “the anbu Dog was spotted on several different missions since the nine tail’s attack. Many of these missions were so close together that he could not have had time to return home … oh my, he wasn’t in the village for the entire year before Jade found Naruko”

“that is the main issue. The small talks with Jade revealed little, but Naruko does seem to remember the worst things happening around her birthday including the last time she saw Dog … Kakashi wasn’t in the village from the eight months before Naruko was saved to two months after and was hospitalized for six months after an explosion. It’s strange, but perhaps the hokage organized the treatment all the way to deceiving his own ninjas” Reine suggested and waited for her advisors to state their opinions.

“I still recall Jade’s report vividly … we know that the hokage is capable of pulling many strings, but deceiving the ninjas of your own village is going too far” Yumi said.

The skeptical advisor clad in pink scoffed “an anbu should’ve found something wrong from the gossip alone. We may have strong and wise civilians, but in all other villages they wag their tongues like animals. I believe he knew”

“I don’t agree … you’re supposed to be able to trust your leader and Kakashi simply placed his trust in a greedy man. Sarutobi may have used the attack as an excuse to have Kakashi taking so many missions that he couldn’t even return long enough to do much more than rest let alone check on a child he believed was in safe hands” Yuni said offering a more optimistic view of the data presented to them.

Yobaba shook her head “we only managed to gleam what we could from the people who hired Konoha and the villages involved. None of these dates are exact or even confirmed, which means there are several times where Hatake could’ve come back and forth. Plus we can’t take the word of a child as fact. Naruko may have been under the impression it was her birthday when she saw him, which we know she did see Dog or at least it was someone with the dog mask, but when suffering from such extreme abuse his presence is about the only thing we can confirm”

“children are very good at recognizing patterns especially in abusive circumstances” Yumi pointed out.

“with a possible head injury? I think not. Besides we know the attacks happened year around. Only the worst happened around her birthday if that is she has that right and lets not forget Jiraiya. The man is a spy and you’re telling me that he couldn’t find any whispers that hinted to what was going on. That’s madness! Our future spies are better connected than that!” Yobaba snapped back clearly saying that the young girls in school are more skilled than Jiraiya.

The advisor clad in purple huffed “Jiraiya is trained to look for information outside of the village he lives in so he can stop any incoming threats. He spends most of his time jumping from brothel to brothel and many other places to set up an spy network, but there is plenty of proof that he really only does that. Jiraiya rarely returns to Konoha so how can he find hints of anything going on in Konoha?”

The queen sighed and cut in before an argument started “this afternoon Minami came to me and reported that Naruko mistook her for Dog during a series of surges that made the lights flicker as the storm passed. I checked what Kakashi’s basic measurements are and Minami actually fit them. Naruko is truly terrified of a shadow with a dog mask. On one hand Naruko could have been mistaking a man dressed as Dog for the real deal, but why? What would be the benefit to making a child fear this particular person? We know Kakashi was trained by Naruko’s father so why would he hurt her? Also why keep quiet about her heritage after she was taken? I understand that the fourth hokage had enemies and many people would want an Uzumaki, but what good does it do to keep it quiet when she is gone? There are too many questions, but from what we know it doesn’t look like Kakashi or Jiraiya were directly involved. Of course this issue involves one of our own so I refuse to take this lightly … I wish to try something”

The two elderly advisors glanced at each other before looking at the queen of Cave “and what is that?”

“if these men were in on the plan to hurt Naruko then where’s is the trouble in telling them what we know?” Reine smirked as a plan formed …


“it has been six months … we can’t keep stalling Jiraiya” Kakashi said with a hint of frustration. All his life he trained. He was promoted earlier than anyone, but all that skill is worthless if he can’t find the most important person in his life.

Jiraiya groaned in a slightly whiny way “but I don’t want to tell her … I want to keep my balls” he whimpered.

At first they were going to find Tsunade and Shizune, but that plan quickly changed the second they found them. It didn’t take long to track the medics down. Both Kakashi and Jiraiya went to the village where the most rumors came from and went in the first bar. The medics were right there … in the middle of castrating a man who they caught trying to rape a woman in the neighboring alley. The horrifying sight made Kakashi and Jiraiya run for the hills before the medics ever noticed them. In tnis state of mind they could’ve lost their balls next the shinobi agreed to spend time hunting down Naruko before talking to either of he medics … at least that would give Tsunade and Shizune time to calm down.

Kakashi sighed as he looked down at the river from the tree branch he was on “we need their help … besides waiting any longer will only make things worse”

“yeah … you’re right … lets get this over with-ow … what the hell?” Jiraiya grumbled as he felt his head where something small but hard hit him. after a second he pulled out a little capsule that got tangled in his hair “a message capsule?” Jiraiya looked at it curiously. It made no sense for it to just fall out of the sky with no except themselves around here. Maybe it popped off the leg of a messenger bird, which means it could hold nothing or something important so the toad sage opened it “there’s a message” he said as he slid out the tightly rolled tube of paper and carefully unrolled it. His eyes widened as he read the contents “Kakashi … this is for us”

“what?!” Kakashi jumped down and revealed his Sharingan. The spinning red eye scanned the for any people or bird with a metal band on the leg, but no tube. In the area around them there was nothing except a bird nibbling at a large beetle “it must’ve flown off. What does the message say?” he asked as he went over to the toad sage and looked at the note, which said …

To Kakashi and Jiraiya – it has come to our attention that you are searching for a sweet little girl named Naruko and I want to know why. When Naruko was found she was starved to the point of being a skeleton and was about to be raped in front of a bloodthirsty mob of your Konoha civilians-

“r-raped … she was a child” Kakashi felt sick and had to fight the urge to go and murder several people in Konoha “bastards”

Jiraiya nodded “yes, but lets finish the message first”

there were no ninjas to help her so we did. We gave her a home, clothes, food and comfort when no one in Konoha did, not even you. On top of this Naruko is terrified of a ninja with a Dog mask who dragged her to many of the attacks-’

The toad sage pinned Kakashi with a glare before grabbing him by the throat “tell me it wasn’t you … TELL ME!”

Kakashi gagged as his throat was squeezed “not me” he gasped. Jiraiya took a second to carefully look for any sign of a lie before finally letting Kakashi go. Even before Kakashi recovered they returned to the message …

we are good at getting information so we know who the anbu Dog is, but the other information suggests that you, Kakashi, weren’t in Konoha at the possible times where a Dog attacked Naruko. Despite this we would be fools to just let you near Naruko. If you wish to earn our trust then go to Firefly Village and wait for us to contact you

“this could be a trap” Jiraiya commented as he burned the note so no one else could read it.

“it’s worth the risk” Kakashi said eagerly as he set off with Jiraiya right behind him. The tension from earlier was completely forgotten.

The bird with the bug watched them leave and flicked a switch on the bug’s back that made the eyes close … this bug was a camera!

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