Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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“I’m speaking”

“Demon / summon / ghost speaking”

(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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As Jade freed Naruko a certain old goat in a Konoha woke up with a feeling of dread …


Hiruzen Sarutobi looked up from his paperwork when he heard someone come “it has been a while Koharu” he smiled as he saw his old teammate, but he blinked as the old woman remained silent and seemed to be studying his face “what? Is something on my face? Did I get ink on me again?” he asked while patting his face looking for any stray ink.

Koharu straightened her back and leveled the hokage with a stern glare “I’ve always known that you had a sexist point of view on pretty much everything, but I thought you were smart enough to keep your opinions quiet especially around our clients”

“wait what?! I don’t think like that … honest” he argued weakly under the old woman’s glare.

“sure, whatever you say” snapped Koharu coldly clearly not believing it “but just so you are aware we lost a few treaties because it got out that you think females are best suited for brothels and you have some explaining to do to the new Fire Daimyo who, guess what … is a woman” she hissed in irritation and promptly stormed out of the office.

The hokage flinched as the door slammed harshly “ever since Naruko disappeared everything has been going down hill” he sighed sadly.

Over the past few weeks he found himself getting more and more worried about the small five year old. He was kicking himself for not taking keeping a closer eye on her and now she was gone. It may have been common practice in other villages to hurt demon vessels, but Konoha didn’t do it on such a level until this time.

Kushina, the former vessel was only teased for her hair color and except for one kidnapping attempt, but that wasn’t a plot to manipulate the demon vessel. Naruko is different. She didn’t just have the demon sealed in her at a young age, but right after her birth and worse, right after the nine tailed demon attacked the village. The civilians were heartbroken and needed to blame someone for those who were killed …

So the brilliant third hokage had a plan … a kill two birds with one stone deal. He let the villagers attack the demon vessel to vent their anger and train her to be their weapon at the same time … he severely underestimated the villagers’ cruelty. As another brilliant move he had another ninja pose as Kakashi Hatake in full anbu uniform and mask.

Being the fourth hokage’s student he world of want to have Naruko, his sensei’s daughter, on his genin team so Sarutobi thought giving Naruko a fearful impression of the man who used Kakashi’s voice, hair and body type would help keep her in line. Before you ask Sarutobi had to have some else make Kakashi scary because Kakashi would rip out his eyes before hurting Naruko. The attacks on Naruko were arranged to happen when Kakashi was away on a mission.

If Kakashi or heaven forbid Tsunade and Jiraiya found out about any of this … he would be so dead …

A bird landed on his window and he pulled the message off its leg “oooooooh shit … I have to find Naruko”

Jiraiya was returning soon to check on Naruko. The sage wasn’t supposed to draw attention to her and originally agreed to stay away to protect her, but he couldn’t help it. He had to see her ...

Hiruzen gulped, he had to cover some things up … and stall for time by making up some sort of excuse for why he can’t see Naruko … maybe Naruko is sick- no … that will make Jiraiya get Tsunade and then he’d be in even deeper trouble!


“YAY! I did it!” Naruko yelled happily.

Jade came in from the other room and grinned as she saw the little girl run up to her with her orange Warp Stone that she had been playing with everyday for about a month “lets see”

Naruko held the stone orb and focused. After a few seconds the orange sand like saw dust jumped. It wasn’t a smooth spin like Jade showed her, but it was a huge step for Naruko. With another two weeks until school starts she will be ahead of the rest of the class in no time at all. Maybe Jade didn’t have to worry after all …

“that’s remarkable Naruko! I do believe someone has earned an treat-oops!” Jade saw Naruko start to get dizzy and scooped her and the stone up before they hit the floor “someone needs a break anyway so how about some cake?”

Blue eyes sparkled “Cake!” she cheered excitedly making Jade chuckle.

“you have been doing so well Naruko. You are ready for school and you still have two weeks left. I’m so proud of you” the ninja smiled as she set the girl down at the table. Jade went to the frig and pulled out a chocolate cake with a few pieces missing. The cake was made by Jade for Naruko in celebration of her completing her first storage seal. Jade removed another slice and placed the decadent treat in front of the adorable blonde “here you go … is something wrong Sweety?” she asked as she saw the blonde fiddle nervously and stare at her hands instead of the cake.

Naruko blushed lightly, but didn’t look up “c-can I call you …”

“call me what Naruko?” Jade asked softly, she was curious and worried about the little girl before her. What is so important that it would make this bubbly blonde so nervous?

“can … I call you mommy?” Naruko finally looked up with her big blue eyes looking so hopeful.

Jade felt like her heart was trying to squeeze through her chest. How can one word, five letters, have such a powerful reaction? She always felt a strong attachment to Naruko and wants to see her happy, but does that make her a mother?

“you want to call me mommy?” the ninja asked feeling like this was all surreal.

“yes … you take care of me and tell me stories and help me and don’t think I’m a demon and told me the truth … I always wanted a mommy” before the little girl could say anything else she was pulled into a hug.

“of course you can call me mommy” Jade said softly holding Naruko close to her. This was such a lovely moment, but in the back of her mind Jade knew half of her village will be so jealous. Oh well, she can’t say no to the sweet little girl in front of her. Once Naruko stopped crying tears of happiness she ate her cake “now don’t push yourself anymore today. Leave the Warp stone aside for now and maybe read more of those seal scrolls, but don’t do any seals without me watching” Jade warned. Seals may just seem like harmless writing, but one wrong stroke and things can go very badly.

“ok mommy” Jade was so happy as she watched the little girl hopped off her chair plate in hand and put the plate next to the sink, she was too small to put it in the sink, before going to look at a neat stack of ten scrolls.

Naruko pursed her lips cutely as she pondered which one she wanted to read today. She already read six of them and the last four were history … not her favorite subject, but she wanted to learn and Jade said she could only take ten scrolls out of her vault at a time. Which made some sense because their home would be filled with scrolls and they wouldn’t be able to get out the door if they took everything, but Jade won’t let her go get new ones until she finished the ten she had so with that in mind the little girl slid out one of the unread scrolls.

With one poke on her thumb with a senbon to draw a little blood she wiped it on the seal that was present on about 10% of the Uzumaki scrolls. It was a little weird since most of those secured scrolls were to protect special seal formations and jutsus that were very advanced according to the labels. So advanced that Jade said she shouldn’t touch them for a few years.

So what could be in a simple history scroll that’s so important it needs to be hidden with a blood seal?

The little girl settled in plush living room chair and started reading. She didn’t need much help now with reading except for big words thanks to Jade’s tutoring. At some point she got a little bored and looked up at her black gloves with micro fibers … the were tricky that’s for sure, but she refused to give up on them.

Finally she focused back on her scroll and continued reading. Suddenly it became very interesting and she leapt off her chair “MOMMY! Look Look!” Naruko nearly tripped as she ran over to the ninja who was looking over hospital records for a patient who is having some trouble getting through her pregnancy.

“hm? What is it Naruko?” Jade blinked as the little girl shoved the open scroll in front of her face. She picked it up and read it. Her eyes widened “I don’t remember any of these things being on the inventory Elder Yumi gave me … this says all these weapons and medicines are hidden in a very special seal under the floor of the courtyard in the center of town. If that’s so then they may still be there”

Naruko bounced excitedly “and it says there’s a jutsu to find other Uzumakis. Can I go and see?”

Jade smiled at the bouncy blonde “you need to be a ninja in order to cross the border or a merchant. So you have to graduate first”

“ok, but once I do can I stop over and see?” Naruko asked with pleading blue eyes.

“yes of course. Legally it’s your land I believe, but you have to go with a team … I’ll go too if my suspension is up by then … or maybe I could ask Queen Reine for a pardon. You’ll be 14 when you graduate so I’ll only have a few months left” Jade pondered. It will take time to learn the secrets behind the vast defenses protecting the village of Cave so by the time Naruko and her teammates learn all that she might be allowed to go.

14 … that’s actually two years earlier than the ninja village where she found her little girl. Of course Cave’s academy was far more practical than the civilian based academy in Konoha and Cave’s academy starts at 5 not 8 so their ninjas were far better prepared … and fangirlism is almost nonexistent unlike in Konoha who does very little to weed out issues like that or even help those with chakra issues …

The Warp stone was to help Naruko gain control of her vast amount of chakra, but according to the rumors she heard as a spy Konoha doesn’t do much for those can’t do a certain jutsu or can’t use chakra. If someone was willing to fight then they can become strong. It was unnerving to think of the differences between the unknown village and the self-proclaimed open minded and peaceful village.

How would they have trained Naruko with all that chakra? How can anyone train with all that hate around them? No doubt the hatred would spread to the teachers if she joined that academy at 8. Everyone in Cave knew about the strong little girl keeping a demon imprisoned and the only thing that happened is people gushed at how cute she is. They couldn’t hate her.

Naruko wouldn’t have able to flourish there assuming she survived until she was 8. Over time Naruko told her what her life was like and it was frightening. She didn’t have a home to live in. She ate out of dumpsters and she didn’t even know who her parents were or about the demon sealed inside her. All of which were things Jade told her just last week except for who her mother was since tat was not known yet and she was there to comfort her. Jade was more happy now that she saved Naruko than ever …

“either way you have every right to go Naruko” Jade chuckled as the little girl cheered happily.


Yobaba glanced at her fellow advisor “what’s got you so smug lately?”

“revenge is sweet” Yumi smirked cryptically …

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