Strolling Amongst Stalactites

BY : Blackkitten23
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 (I’m thinking)

“I’m speaking”

“Demon / summon / ghost speaking”

(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x


“here you go miss” said a shop owner as he handed a lovely black haired woman in a pink kimono a bag of groceries.

The woman’s green eyes looked up from her book and she smiled “thank you” she took the bag and waved at the shop owner as she left the building (I hate this place … everyone is so fake. I can’t wait to get back to the village in the Caves) she went back to the hotel she was staying at, but as the day went on she noticed something odd.

“why are their so many people out when it’s late afternoon?” she pondered curiously. It was especially strange because all the other days she has been in this town things were nowhere near as busy. Curiosity set in so she flicked her room lights off, closed the curtains and created a clone to take her place. In the dark room she changed into dark black clothes with a solid black mask and leapt stealthily out the window to follow a group of civilian carrying lit torches …

(I can just hear the old croon’s voice ‘you should know better than to poke around a ninja village Jade, we aren’t foolish attention seeking ninjas like they are in other villages’ …this is very strange- … is that a little girl?!) the woman known as Jade was horrified to see a man dragging a crying naked five year old girl by her blonde hair out into the middle of the crowd (what are they doing?) a sinking feeling in her stomach became stronger as the people made a circle around the frightened girl. Some people even pulled out cameras.

One woman stepped towards the little girl with a cruel smile “we have something special plan for you demon. You will suffer for murdering our loved ones”

The little girl whimpered in fear “I-I didn’t hurt anyone-” Jade snarled from behind her black mask as the woman brutally smacked the little girl leaving a gash across the cute whisker marks on the child’s cheeks. The Cave ninja clenched her teeth as she watched the girl clutch her now bleeding cheek.

“you’re a lying demon bitch! You slaughtered hundreds and our beloved Fourth hokage was one of them!” yelled the woman and several people cheered. A few even threw rocks, one of which nailed the poor girl on the head making blood trickle down her hair.

Jade raised an eyebrow at the insanely ridiculous accusation (what the hell is wrong with these people? … the fourth hokage died fighting the nine tailed fox so maybe … oh on, she’s the demon’s vessel, but this is terrible! Why isn’t someone helping her? The ninjas aren’t really just going to stand by are they? … there are no ninjas here! Why?) the foreign ninja extended her senses and was stunned to find the lack of any chakra signatures any where close by. That didn’t make any sense to Jade, surely someone would notice a big crowd of noisy people carrying torches in the evening light!

“we know what you are demon and you will pay for your sins … gentlemen, teach this vile demon a lesson” the cruel woman stepped back towards the circle of people and four men stepped in … and much to Jade’s disgust they started unzipping their pants as another two people held the screaming girl down on the ground with her legs apart.

(I can’t let this happen) Jade flipped through a set of hand signs and whispered “Cave Dweller’s Cloak”

The effect was instant. A blanket of pure impenetrable darkness encased the area throwing all the civilians into panic as all their vision was removed. Jade made two more hand signs and tapped her temples… her eyes changed from green to yellow with slits for pupils and suddenly she could see clearly, but it was like looking around a black and white movie. She gracefully stepped towards the young crying girl. The child flinched in fear as she felt something touch her shoulder.

“it’s ok little one, I don’t want to hurt you. If you want to leave this place for good stand up and hold your arms up” said Jade (if she agrees I’ll take her, if not I can at least give these close minded idiots a scare, but this must be her choice … I’m going to be in trouble) the Cave ninja slid her leg out and tripped a person who was running around the darkness in a blind panic along with everyone else … it was the cruel woman who was apparently leading the bloodthirsty mob and now eating a face full of dirt.

“ok” the little girl fumbled in the dark and slowly stood up completely unaware that she was being watched. The naked girl shivered as the wind caressed her bare skin, but she ignored the cold and held both her arms up. Jade saw the look on the girl’s face … a look of hope. The ninja smiled and picked her up. A squeak escaped the child’s lips at the sudden contact.

“lets go far away from here little one” Jade held the girl close and jumped into the trees to make a fast getaway. Light suddenly appeared and the little girl looked at the strange black mass she was just in before looking up at the woman who saved her not seeing the ninjas eyes turn from yellow back to green behind the black mask. Jade made a one handed seal and whispered “Night Terrors”

The screams coming from the mist became louder “are they being hurt?” the girl asked clearly torn about caring for the people who just tried to hurt her.

“no” (not physically at least) thought Jade with a smirk as she raced through the forest with the girl in her arms balancing on her hip. She wrapped the girl in a cloak and placed a finger to her lips silently telling the girl to stay quiet, which the blonde child obeyed. No chances were taken … she ran fast and even along the surface of every stream hoping no one could follow their scents.

Hours passed … the sun was coming up, but Jade refused to stop. She only hoped her clone would get out of Konoha without any issues and would bring plenty of supplies. After running nonstop for nearly one full day she sighed in relief when she saw a storm approaching. Any trace of their scents would be washed away for sure. After only moments of searching she found a cave The sleeping girl in her arms barely shifted as the ninja placed her on the floor of the cave.

Jade removed a scroll from her belt and unsealed a cooking pot, a plate with kanji for fire and some water in a jug. Water was poured into the cooking pot and the pot was placed on the plate. With any fire at all the water began to boil as the ninja unsealed some food. Sadly she noted that this was the last of her own supplies, but she wanted the girl to eat so she placed the meat and vegetables in the boiling water with a sprinkle of spices. Finally the little girl woke up as she felt heat from the pot and smelled food.

“ah so you have woken up. Perfect timing, the stew is done” Jade chuckled as the girl rubbed her eyes with her tiny hands “here, there’s just enough for two more helpings so don’t eat quickly” she warned as she handed the little girl a bowl filled with a thick steaming stew with chunks of tender meat and vegetables. The ninja was worried about he girl who was clearly malnourished. You could easily see signs of a difficult life under the baggy cloak the blonde was in.

“thank you” said the little girl and she took the bowl … Jade smiled as the blonde blushed and began tearing up at the first spoonful of the stew before happily eating the rest … t must’ve been a long time since she had a decent meal.

“now that we have a chance to rest let me introduce myself. My name is Jade Terre and I’m from a village of ninjas far away from here” she said as she set her mask aside.

The small child’s big blue eyes looked at her in fascination and again … hope “I’m Naruko Uzumaki, is that where you’re going to take me?” Naruko flinched as a loud boom of thunder echoed through the cave and it started to rain heavily, but shook it off and drank the broth in the bowl leaving it empty.

Jade smiled and filled Naruko’s bowl with more stew “yes, the village hidden in the Caves” she unsealed a cup and filled it with water and gave it to Naruko to drink.

“how did you do that? The cup just appeared!” exclaimed Naruko as she excitedly took the cup and examined it before drinking from it carefully. Jade burst out laughing at the bubbly blonde’s curiosity.

“it’s called sealing. I’m not great at it, but I can at least make a storage scroll … you know if to want to become a ninja for Cave you can learn. Would you like that?” Naruko was almost bouncing with excitement as she nodded “ok, I’ll see if I can sign you up right away when we get there”

“thank you Jade” exclaimed Naruko happily. They both finished their meals and Naruko fell back asleep as Jade stayed up. If she let her guard down she might miss an attack from the leaf ninjas so she stayed awake and alert all night.

(why did they bring torches when it was still light out?) thought Jade as she thought about the civilians who attacked Naruko (how long did they intend to torture you? Throughout the night? Why didn’t any ninjas help you?) the image of Naruko’s hope filled eyes flashed through her mind (how many times did you scream for help only to be ignored?) she gently touched Naruko’s blonde hair feeling an intense urge to protect the girl swell up in her (I won’t let them get you back, you won’t have to suffer anymore)

The Cave ninja smirked as she felt her clone leave the village and head their way with supplies. They just had to get those supplies and it will be a mad dash for her village …

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