Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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“I’m speaking”

Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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“yes … her name is Naruko Uzumaki, she has the power of a demon in her and the blood of the fourth hokage. You will find no one better to breed the next generation of Uchihas” Danzo said and gave the boy a picture of Naruko when she was in the village…


A deep blue spider scuttled under the bed only pausing briefly to check on the sudden sound from the bathroom. It was just the sound of the spray from the shower being turned on so the little spider continued the trek under the bed. After bypassing a few scrolls it came to a spot with two other spiders.

“she’s in the shower so lets bring them out” the little spider exclaimed excitedly.

The biggest spider chuckled “ok, calm down Nina. Why don’t you and Tina go get the presents and I’ll grab the things we’ll need for the graduation test?”

“ok Clara!” the two smaller spiders exclaimed before scuttling to get a set of colorful packages hidden under the bed. Nina and Tina crawled on one package each and connected a strand of their threads to them. With the threads in place they crawled away with the packages being dragged with them.

Clara eye smiled with all eight of her eyes as Tina’s thread broke and had to reattach it “make the thread a little thicker and make more stick to the package for more grip” she suggested helpfully.

After seeing the other spider make the necessary tweaks Clara moved on to view the scrolls under the bed. Each time she passed one that would be helpful she simply lifts her thorax and, with more skill that the other two spiders, shots a thread at the handle. With four scrolls attached to her she began casually towing them out from under the bed and up to the ceiling to suspend them over the bed where she could lower them on the orange bedspread. Moving her load took less time to complete than Nina and Tina’s, who were still climbing up the wall with the gifts, so she dropped down to the floor to look for anything else they might need.

A quick look around revealed a box “it’s hard believe she will be meeting them soon … well if they’re as kind as they seem in their letters everything should be fin” she commented as the two smaller spiders crawled up to her.

“we need that little package-awww, I found Kakashi and Jiraiya’s letters!” Tina cooed at the box of memories.

Nina sighed “I remember how scared Naruko was when Jade explained about Kakashi and showed her a picture. Even when she told Naruko that it was unlikely that Kakashi hurt her or helped the civilians hurt her she still looked at the letter like a monster would lea out of the words. I timed it. It took two and a half hours to try actually reading the letter. After that though she loved getting and writing to them”

“yes, she was even when Kakashi took months to respond one time. I loved the apology letter from Tsunade. It was funny to find out she sent both Jiraiya and Kakashi to the hospital for not telling her everything going on sooner without realizing Naruko was waiting for a reply” Clara shivered in amusement as she scuttled over to another scroll marked ‘old gear’ “we might need these too” she commented and connected thread to it with on shot.

Tina cocked her head slightly and clacked her pointed fangs “are you sure? Naruko uses our threads now so she wouldn’t need the gloves any more”

“true, but this isn’t like that three week survival trip the class took three years ago” Clara remarked as she started hauling the scroll up to the bed with the other scrolls.

Nina squeaked in delight as a little pink box was revealed when the scroll was moved “found the poison kit” the two wrapped their threads around the handle and base so it would fall open during transit and began dragging the kit along next to Clara “that was a fun test even if Naruko, Haru and Sana got in trouble for bringing pre packaged food”

“it made sense to me. First camping trip, test or not, calls for s’mores” Tina said as they started hauling their packages up the wall “they won’t get away with that this time though. This test is complicated right?”

Clara scuttled ahead and onto the ceiling “yes … it consists of a quick series of tests for flexibility, reflexes, problem solving, timing, aim and displaying your knowledge of current events in other places then there’s a three month long trip. The trip is a survival test in the Blue Forest along the edge of the cliffs with the first half of the test being individual only and teams in the second half. No food is allowed so you have to show your skills in hunting. During the first part of the test we are supposed to collect something, but we won’t be told what that is until the test. I bet it’s something noisy that will test stealth. The second part of the test … well the only hint they gave there is that we have to see through lies” she said as they lowered the last of the items onto the bedspread.

The shower was heard being turned off and Naruko called out “I can’t believe the exam is here. Now I’m nervous” she whimpered as she came out with a white fluffy towel wrapped around her curvy and surprisingly well developed frame for a 13 year old girl and another towel on her head that she used to scrub her hair dry.

“you’ll do fine and you have us to help” Tina exclaimed cheerfully.

Naruko peeked through the folds of the towel and smiled feeling a bit better knowing her familiars were going to be with her every step of the way, but then she poked her full lower lip out in a pout as she recalled what her sensei told the students with familiars “technically you guys are only allowed to help with the survival portion”

The largest spider jumped to the distracted blonde’s shoulder “that portion is the easy part for you. It sounds like it will just be one of those dummy tests again, but at a higher level combined with questions. You always did well with those tests so you don’t need us” she said reassuringly as she gently stroked the slender tan jawline.

“you’re right, I just need to calm down” Naruko took a deep breath and let the towel on her head hit the floor as she sat on the side of the bed. Without the towel blocking her vision she finally noticed all the items on her bed and her eyes widened “what’s all this?” she asked excitedly as she spotted the three colorful packages. As for the scrolls she figured it was Clara who usually likes to check to see if she had everything she needed.

Nina shifted on her eight legs as if she was dancing “we made you presents for your birthday since it will be during the graduation test!”

“thank you! Can I open them now?” Naruko asked excitedly.

“of course” Clara said with amusement in her tone and stayed on Naruko’s collarbone as the girl reached over to pick up the closest package.

Naruko carefully unwrapped the white and pink paper around the rectangular box and lifted the lid “oh my” she gasped in awe and reached in to pull out three sets of civilian clothes, but she could tell that they weren’t made from normal fabric “they’re silk … spider silk?” she mused as she examined the cute light blue sundress.

“that’s right. We made them especially for you. It’s a very light, but strong fabric so it will keep you safe even if you’re pretending to be a civilian and they look great. Open the next box. Tina designed this one” Clara said getting giddy.

With great care she placed the first box aside and got the second one, which she treated with the same care that she showed the first one. In only a moment a beautiful red dress was revealed. Naruko stood up and held the dress against her nearly  naked body. The dress was a full length backless dress that had long slits on the sides to show some leg and would be held up by two ribbons that tie around her neck  to cover her chest. The most interesting design point was the slightly darker red marking on the right side where it looked like spider legs were wrapping around her to deepen her curves.

“it’s so pretty” Naruko exclaimed. There would be no point in using them for the test, but the possibilities were endless for missions. The same could be said for the other gift and the last gift, which was the poison kit that was opened next. Poison disguised as makeup will be useful on at real mission, but not on a simple test.

Naruko can I come in?” Jade voice said through the bedroom door.

“once sec Mom. I’m just getting dressed” Naruko said quickly as she jumped off the bed and let the towel around her waist fall as she rummaged through her closet for something simple for the test. They had restrictions as far as what to wear because they wanted to see you preform with the bare minimum. No armor, no food, no pre made things, no weapons for the first half of the test and no medical kits. The last restriction seemed harsh, but the girls were all trained in first aid both with chakra and without so those skills need to be tested.

When Naruko finished dressing in a basic black tight long sleeved shirt with black anbu pants she opened the door to see her mother smiling and looking teary eyed “you’ve grown so much” Jade cooed and quickly pulled Naruko into a hug making the blonde blush “you have everything you need?”

“don’t worry Mom. Clara helped grab everything and I know I can’t use anything until the team portion” Naruko said happily.

Jade smiled proudly at her not-so-little little girl “I know you’ll pass with flying colors. I have a gift for you. It’s two months early, but I’d prefer giving you your birthday gift early rather than late” she explained as she gave Naruko a necklace with a dark blue gem carved into the shape of a bat.

“I love it” Naruko smiled as she took the necklace. Sadly she knew she had it here along with all her other gifts, but it was for the best since she didn’t want them either damaged or used for a test.

“I’m glad you do … you should get going” Jade said quickly after catching a glimpse of the clock on Naruko’s bedside table. The blonde yelped and rushed to seal away the scrolls and grab her eight legged friends. With little Nina and Tina hanging like earrings from her earlobes and Clara pulling her hair back in a messy bun looking just like a hairclip she was off.  Just before heading to the school she stopped at a small post office and sent out a couple letters to Jiraiya and Kakashi.

It was no surprise to find that Clara guessed right. The minor portion of the exam involvd both dummies and questions. The potential graduates had to fight fast moving and heavily armed dummies just like when they were kids and they had to answer questions while dodging. When the questions were done they had to discover which dummy was the lead dummy and kill it or the other dummies wouldn’t stop.

One by one everyone took the test. Even Sana was struggling like everyone else, but she wasn’t allowed to use her bloodline just like how Naruko couldn’t use her familiars so that wasn’t a big surprise. By the time each person was tested it was dark out, but that didn’t stop the proctor for the next test, Lulu the Queen’s guard, from taking the group to the Blue Forest.

“this test is for survival. There will be times when you’re separated from your team. In those moments you may find yourself without any weapons, gear or chakra and you may be injured on top of that. You need to experience that. You need to know how to react. To test this you will be taken into the Blue Forest and asked to find a series of bells. You can’t seal the bells so you need to prove your stealth by staying quite even with the bells on your person. A special set of tracking dummies will be released 5 minutes after the test starts. If they find you, you get a mark with paint to symbolize your death, but you will still be allowed to continue though the more marks you have will impact your final grade. Hide your chakra, hide your bells and stay separated because the dummies can see heat signatures. For the second part all the dummies will release a signal telling you to team up and switch from tracking to running away. You can’t pick your own teammates. The first people you see will become your team of three. After you form your teams you’re allowed to use anything you have at your disposal to catch a dummy and take the item in its abdominal cavity. There’s plenty of dummies so don’t fight each other … unless you believe there may be an imposter in your group. At the end you must turn in your bells and dummy item. HAVE FUN EVERYONE!” Lulu grinned cheerily.

All the students bolted into the dark forest and tried to find places to camp for the night and hide from the dummies. The bell collecting will have to wait until tomorrow …


“no sign of her has been found, but I want to try again hokage-sama” Kakashi reported clearly telling the hokage a complete lie for he has known about Naruko and has been in contact with her.

In fact he just received a letter from her describing the rather intense exam she’ll be taking. According to the dates mentioned it started last week. As much as he wished to be the one watching her grow up he couldn’t deny that she was being trained beyond what he did as a genin or even a chunin! She was prepared for anything that heads her way. He had zero doubts that she’ll pass and then they could meet. She expressed a desire to see the ruins of Kushina’s home of Whirlpool so Kakashi decided to meet her and her team there when they stop by. It’s not like anyone can say he can’t do something for another two years when they intend to saddle him with Sasuke.

“at least take some time to rest before going out again and don’t make it a very long trip again. Sasuke will need your help” Sarutobi said sounded a bit tired. It’s been so long since he lost Naruko and there was still nothing. The fact that she might be dead crossed his mind, but he would think the nine tailed fox would make itself known if that was the  case. Time was running out. Naruko had to be brought back before the other villages realize Konoha’s demon vessel is gone.

Kakashi eye smiled “of course, thank you hokage-sama” he said as he mentally replaced ‘hokage-sama’ with a slew of colorful insults as he left the office. As he left the tower he crossed paths with none other than Danzo.

Danzo looked at the former anbu who stopped politely in front of him “there’s still some time, but good luck training Sasuke anyway. He will be a handful with a target in mind … most prodigies are” he said before turning to leave.

(what was that supposed to mean?) Kakashi thought. The ghost of a smirk on the warhawk’s lips concerned him. Jiraiya found that Danzo had his ROOT agents watching Naruko. Was there more to look out for?

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