Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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Haru smiled as she rushed over and pulled out Danzo’s device, “Your thing must’ve blocked something. I’ll make a little adjustment.” She said quickly, but she almost panicked when she saw the champagne was washing off the makeup covering Naruko’s whisker marks ...


“Let’s go enjoy our expensive bath!” Orochimaru said excitedly.

As they walked along Kimimaro skimmed through the photos. All were blurry, but the least bad was the last one. The supposed Naruko Uzumaki looked like now someone did a fast edit with software they never used before. It didn’t remind him of anyone.

Kabuto snorted in amusement when he saw said pictures, “Old fool just took a picture of Kushina and gave her blonde hair and blue eyes and slapped some whisker mark birthmarks. He didn’t even take into account what she'd look like if she took after Minato.” He said as they went down to the bathhouse. 

Just as they arrived they found Danzo and Maki getting sprayed by the tub. It was only pure luck that Kimimaro’s eyes caught the slight appearance of fine black lines on her cheeks. In an instant everything clicked into place. The weird flinching during the massage, the panic when Danzo glared at her when he wanted her to take the pictures and why she was so worried about covering the marks right now. She, the girl he first knew as Kurama, was the one called Naruko Uzumaki and was the one being targeted by the very man in this room. Even worse was that her makeup thin disguise was disappearing. If she dared to use a jutsu to hide them then she’d be caught for sure even if Danzo and Orochimaru seemed a little dense.

Without a second thought Kimimaro looked for a solution. The gray haired girl he recognized as Naruko’s teammate was unfortunately being watched by Danzo as she fixed something in the bath. The other girl, Sana, was bringing in a pot and also saw the problem. She calmly passed Naruko a large towel and Kimimaro took that opportunity to step forward to stand in front of Naruko just in case Danzo turned to look.

“The massage table is set up in that room right there.” Naruko said as she peeked around Kimimaro’s arm. Thankfully, she had the towel draped over her head. Her face was showing, but she held the ends together so her cheeks were subtly hidden. Kimimaro had to admit that it was cute and it became clear that she didn’t need him to step in.

“Wonderful!” Orochimaru exclaimed before shooting Danzo a look. “So are you going to leave or are you waiting to watch some hot tub sex?”

Danzo cringed and immediately turned to leave. However, as he turned he glanced at the girl named Maki. The point of this mission was to get on Orochimaru’s good side so he couldn’t just kill the girl. If the girl was rude he could and it would be a good thing to kill her, but that was not the case. Only a moron would shoot themselves in the foot like that, especially when knowing that Orochimaru could offer the girl a job or money for an extra massage job outside of the resort. The sage has done that before. He had to let her live, but at the same time Maki has heard too much. She will need to be dealt with, but not in front of the snake sage.

“What an old prude.” Kabuto scoffed as Danzo left. As he started stripping he looked at the bath just as Haru was peeking at something in the bath. It was a fact he and Orochimaru filed away for later. “Now this looks amazing!” He said as he and Orochimaru stepped into the bath and made their way to the chocolate filled fondue pot next to the edge of the bath.

Naruko smiled as she pointed to the tray of fruits, cake pieces and other things to dip in the chocolate, “The cake pieces are the most expensive. Yuki,” She pointed at Haru, “will be happy to get you any refills. I’ll close this screen a little so you guys can be alone!” She said happily, keeping her towel in place as she stepped up into the room filled with towels. Once Kimimaro followed her she slid the sliding door halfway closed just enough to hide the massage bed. Not that it hid much especially since the light in the room revealed the silhouettes of the people inside.

“Do his front too.” Orochimaru called out to Maki before picking up the fork to stab a piece of cake and dip it. 

“Ok!” Naruko answered as her silhouette could be seen putting her towel down before it disappeared behind Kimimaro The silhouette of Kimimaro seemed to freeze almost out of shyness, but then started undressing. “Oh my ...ummm Pepper.”

Sana raised an eyebrow at her fake name, “Something wrong, Maki?” She asked. It was strange for Naruko to call just as she and Haru were going to step outside and check on their own mission.

“I’m going to need more lotion … much more. Several inch-ounces!” Naruko was heard as the silhouette of Kimimaro laid face down on the table.

Sana outright laughed, “He must be something to get you to stutter. You got it! Be right back!” She said and she stepped out of the room with Haru.

Kabuto smirked, “Sounds promising.” He purred, liking the sound of what his lover’s next body had to offer.

“Insatiable.” An amused Orochimaru said as he quietly moved the rose petals aside to check for whatever Danzo forced the staff to put in the bath. A smirk came to his lips when he spotted. He popped a large piece of chocolate covered cake in his mouth and looked at Kabuto. “Do you think the staff will mind if we make some noise?”


Kimimaro was surprised at how curious he was to ask Naruko about everything. It took everything he had to wait until the sliding door was mostly closed to open his mouth. Of course, the blonde held a finger to her lips. It wasn’t safe to speak yet.

“Do his front too.” They heard the snake sage’s voice say from just the other side of the thin screen.

“Ok!” Naruko yelled back as she put her towel down on a shelf. 

As she walked towards the shelf in front of Kimimaro she mouthed the word ‘silhouette’. Kimimaro seemed to understand, which is why he waited until she was fully in front of him to pull her into a hug. It was a simple hug, but he wasn’t sure why he suddenly did it. For some reason he just had to and the feeling of her body against his felt comforting in a small way.

Unfortunately, they both knew that they couldn’t stay like that for very long. As they reluctantly pulled away from each, Kimimaro let his fingers graze her whisker marks as he let her go. The makeup that once hid the distinctive marks was completely gone now and it concerned him, which Naruko seemed to understand. The adorable blonde showed him a makeup compact in her pocket and smiled reassuringly. That made Kimimaro feel a bit better and decided to start undressing before a certain snake sage became suspicious.

Naruko went to get the bottle of lotion that was provided when the bed was set up and turned when she heard clothes hit the floor, “Oh my.” Naruko blushed at the sight of the very naked Kimimaro. Her eyes, much to Kimimaro’s embarrassment, went straight to his large swinging manhood. “Ummm Pepper.”

“Something wrong, Maki?” Sana called out from the other room.

Naruko glanced at the lotion bottle in her hand and back at the red face ninja in front of her, “I’m going to need more lotion … much more. Several inch-ounces!” Naruko blushed wildly at her slip up. Kimimaro’s lip twitched as if he was trying to not laugh as he laid face down on the bed.

Sana could be heard laughing, “He must be something to get you to stutter. You got it! I’ll be right back!”

Naruko shook herself out of her daze and just decided to continue the massage.  She set the bottle in a hole in the corner of the table like before, but also placed the makeup container next to it. With lotion pooling in one hand she began rubbing Kimimaro’s shoulders and neck. As she leaned over to apply pressure she used her lotion free hand to wipe makeup on her cheeks. With carefully timed movements no one would know what she was really doing by her silhouette.

As for Kimimaro, his eyes started to flutter closed. Even with one hand the blonde was very good at easing muscles. Any peace he felt at that moment was shattered when fairly loud moaning was heard coming from Orochimaru’s bath. 

Sana was sensed coming closer, “I got more lotion.“ She whispered and handed Naruko the bottle. A smile came to her lips when she saw that Naruko had already applied fresh makeup to the marks, but she threw in an eye roll when she heard an especially loud moan from Kabuto. “See you at break.” She whispered before walking out.

At this point Kimimaro could not relax at all. The moaning kept breaking his concentration, but that was probably a good thing. After all, it did remind him that he had questions that needed to be answered. The problem was how did he ask any of them when he couldn’t say anything? That’s when he felt Naruko grab a towel to dab off some excess lotion. No doubt she took that chance to remove any makeup from her fingers too, but she also let something flutter to the ground. That something turned out to be rose petals.

What followed next wasn’t just a lovely two handed massage, but also a slightly haunting display of rose petals moving without, as far as he could tell, chakra. As the rose petals settled down it became clear that Naruko was giving him a message. The rose petals spelled out a set of words …

*Can your bones make words under your skin?*

Kimimaro thought about that for a moment. It didn’t take a huge amount of chakra to make small changes so no one should be able to sense anything. The danger would be if he pushed his bones beyond his skin because it might be just enough chakra to be noticed. He tried and the blonde’s hands were soon able to feel a series of letters under the skin of his back.

[I can. Danger?]

The rose petals moved creating a new message, *Not from the snake.*

[Not gone yet.] Kimimaro said using his bones.

*I know. Danzo might try something.*

A spark of icy fear rushed through Kimimaro, [What?]

*Civilian that knows too much.*

That message was rather ominous, [Snake won’t like that.] He wrote back and for once he was actually hoping that Danzo wanted to appease Orochimaru over violently tying up a loose end in the form of a random civilian. Yes, Naruko wasn’t actually a civilian, but if she was here for a mission then she couldn’t expose herself by defending herself or vanishing.

*True but minds are easy to tweak.* Naruko said through the petals and promptly pushed down into the muscles when she felt the worried bone user try to get up. *I have ways to get around that. Don’t worry.*

[Even against Sharingan?] Kimimaro carved out into his bones. He knew Danzo had Sasuke at his disposal and, after the earlier conversation, he knew that the Sharingan could control even a demon. It should have no trouble crushing her mind.

*What Danzo doesn’t know is what was in Whirlpool. There are ways to protect.* Naruko leaned over and brought her lips up to his ear. “Flip over.”

The sudden appearance of the sweet voice made his heart jump, “Ok.” He said, but as he felt Naruko get off him and he started lifting his body he wondered how they’ll continue communicating. He nearly laughed at himself for feeling worried at all when he saw the petals float up the far wall and settle on the ceiling. 

“I’ll get some more lotion.” Naruko said and poured some lotion in her palm before straddling Kimimaro. She did exactly what she did the last time, but for some reason having Kimimaro on his back and looking up at her was much more than a very different position.

Kimimaro’s breath hitched as he felt the blonde’s warmth on him. As he gazed up at those lovely blue eyes he felt a very different problem rise up. The one ‘bone’ he had no control over was hardening fast. 

Sadly, he could tell that Naruko felt the same thing when she bucked her hips upwards sharply dropping the lotion on his chest. Obviously, she slipped when she tried to right herself without disturbing Kimimaro’s hardening problem.  Thankfully, Kimimaro caught her before she fell off the table. However, now they were now barely an inch away from kissing and they were gazing deeply in each other’s eyes.

“Oh fuck! Harder, you sexy snake bastard! Oh fuck yes!”

None other than Kabuto and his wails of pleasure snapped Naruko and Kimimaro right out of their trance. Both blushed and tried to muffle their laughter. Not that they really had to worry since they probably wouldn’t be heard over the moans right now. Still, despite being a little funny, this was a very dangerous place to be right now. Even better was that little Kimimaro got the message, or Kimimaro just wasn’t turned on by the sounds of Orochimaru getting his snake polished, and started sinking for now.

Kimimaro watched the blonde’s subtle motions and noticed the flower petals were being guided by the blonde, *Don't worry. My teammates are with me.* The petals spelled out each word one at a time. *If Danzo tries something we’ll be ready.*

[I’ll be nearby.] Kimimaro responded through his bones before the blonde continued the promised massage.

It didn’t quite work out so smoothly. Once Orochimaru and Kabuto, both in the most expensive robes available at the resort and with lots of cake, returned to their room with Kimimaro, Danzo appeared. Naruko noticed him easily and prepared to be confronted by touching her eyes. Sure enough, Danzo came closer.

The old ninja glanced around subtly to make sure Maki was alone, “Excuse me.” Danzo said as he came towards the girl.

“Yes, sir?” Naruko asked obediently only to get a strong hand around her throat. She resisted the strong urge to use her threads to slice his arm off and simply struggled weakly.

“About that conversation you heard …” Danzo’s bandaged hand easily moved out of its sling and pulled the bandage over his eye down. Those blue eyes widened as they saw a spinning Sharingan instead of an injured eye. “You won’t remember it.” The blue eyes glazed over and Danzo dropped her on the ground.

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