Strolling Amongst Stalactites

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(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)

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Pairing: Hentai F/M - Naruko x Kimimaro

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Yobaba glanced at her fellow advisor “what’s got you so smug lately?”

“revenge is sweet” Yumi smirked cryptically …


Jade returned from a quick stop at the clinic and looked for Naruko “Naruko? Where are you? … Naruko? … Naruko answer right now!” panic began to build as she extended her senses to find her daughter … she wasn’t in the house. Both floors were empty of chakra signatures “oh no no … what if something happ- … the training grounds! She better not have! I told her not to train without me around!” she exclaimed as she jumped up and onto the roof with ease and jumped again landing in the back yard.

Just beyond their back yard was a clearing where Jade set up some dummies and targets. It took the seasoned ninja seconds to get there and she froze in horror at the sight of her little blonde child lying out cold on the ground with her micro fiber gloves on “Naruko!” she quickly went over and examined the girl before sighing in immense relief “oh good, she just tired herself out … she’s so stubborn, I swear it’s like we really are related” the raven chuckled softly as she scooped the girl up.

The medic only left to check on her patients for a few hours and to apply a few ‘X only’ jutsus to a few active breeders. Normally she’d have her friend stop over to watch her while she was at the Breeder Clinic, but she wasn’t going to be gone long this time so she let Naruko stay alone this once … and it won’t happen again.

With great care the suspended ninja laid her cute little girl on the bed in Naruko’s room. Once the gloves were slipped off and placed on the side table she removed the shoes and  tucked Naruko into bed. With the little blonde safe she went to put their shoes away where they should be before returning to going back to wait for Naruko to wake up. As she waited she tidied up the room.

Kunais laying on the floor were put away and the several scraps of papers from sealing practice were tossed in the trash. As Jade neatened up a pile of scrolls on the little desk blue eyes fluttered open …

“hmmm … what happened?” the blonde blinked.

“why don’t you tell me Naruko” Jade somehow kept a stern face on even when those big blue eyes widened in shock. The ninja placed her hands on her hips “well Naruko …”

Naruko fiddled with the blanket nervously, she knew she was in trouble “I’m sorry mommy”

“sorry for …” Jade stated waiting for Naruko to explain and prove that she understood the situation.

“I’m sorry for practicing with my weapon without you being around” answered the little blonde. A month ago this happened and she was terrified that she would be sent back to Konoha, but Jade said that that will never happen. All the happened was Naruko had her library scrolls taken for a while and no dessert. Granted it still scared her every now and then. She would suddenly make a tiny mistake and actually see the villagers swarming. It was still her biggest fear, but Jade said that the people of her former village were fools and they lost their chance to care for her. Jade says she won’t ever give Naruko back now. She is the little blonde’s mother and that won’t change.

Jade saw that small flicker of fear pass through her daughter’s eyes and smiled softly as she kneeled next to the low child sized bed “do you understand why you shouldn’t do that alone?”

“weapons are dangerous and I could get hurt” Naruko said softly. She knows what weapons can do, but it’s because people have used them on her before. An adorable little squeak slipped past her lips as she was pulled into her mother’s arms and cuddled.

“that’s right Naruko and it’s for me too” Jade said as the little girl snuggled closer to her.

Naruko pouted in confusion “you too?”

“yes … do you realize how scared I was when I saw you in he ground not moving? I don’t know what I would do if I let you get hurt when I could’ve prevented it. I love you my little Naruko” Jade chuckled as she gently wiped a tear from the blonde’s face. Naruko looked so happy “and for giving me a heart attack there will be no dessert” the little blonde pouted cutely “now why did you train so hard that you passed out?”

“school is tomorrow, I wanted to get better at using my gloves” she said nervously.

Jade smiled and shook her head “Naruko school is the time to learn with other people. You aren’t expected to know every weapon perfectly- …” the raven haired ninja blinked in confusion “errrr … Naruko … what do you mean ‘get better at’?” the last time she checked her five year old was still dumbfounded at how to get the gloves to work in order to learn to control the fibers.

“I figured it out!” Naruko leapt from the bed without a single sign of the exhaustion that knocked her out cold not long ago and eagerly picked up her gloves. The gloves were slipped on and Naruko didn’t just move her fingers. The little girl moved her shoulders and hips. Jade’s jaw dropped as the fibers started moving off the fingers and up into the air.

The fibers were only visible at all because of a special wax that is sprayed on trap wires to reveal the wires so they can be avoided. The reason nothing was sold with the gloves is because most things weigh the fibers down too much and training for this weapon is hard enough as it is “see, I did! I can’t believe it took so long!” Naruko grinned happily.

The ninja sweat dropped “umm … Naruko, you know that no one has ever gotten the wires to move in under a year let alone two months, right?”

If it was as easy as wiggling your hips every one could do it, but it wasn’t like that at all. A huge amount of trail and error is involved to find the right combination of movements to get the fibers to respond. If you move your hip or shoulder a fraction too much or not enough nothing will happen. This weapon takes extreme precision and patience, but a five year old is well on her way to mastering it faster that anyone!

“really?” Jade’s sweat drop doubled in size as she looked in the innocent blue eyes.

Heaven forbid Naruko ever gets bored! She will be a handful!


Kakashi sighed as he went through some papers at the des next to his bed “damn, why does this have to be so complicated?”

*knock*knock* the silver hared anbu got up to get the door and sweat dropped as he saw a soot covered toad sage who looked like he was electrified “why the hell are there seals all over your windows?” croaked a pained sage.

“sorry Jiraiya … I was testing some security seals” Kakashi chuckled sheepishly as he let Jiraiya limp in.

“why would you need such strong and painful seals?” the sage grumbled.

“oh they aren’t for me” Kakashi eye smiled “there for keeping Naruko safe. I plan to adopt her”

“I see, in that case good job! Is that why you wanted to see me?” the toad sage grinned as the silver haired ninja nodded “that’s good you are going to take care of her, I would’ve done so much sooner if the hokage didn’t insist my job was important … well, he is right, but I don’t like the fact that she’s here alone”

“I feel the same. I’ve been taking lots of missions to save up for anything she will need and as soon as I get this absurd amount of paperwork done I will be her guardian” Kakashi sighed as he shifted through the papers “it feels like I’m getting the run around with this every time I try to get the adoption set up”

Jiraiya frowned “I wouldn’t know, but my permission somewhere should clear things up”

The two ninjas looked through the documents looking for anything to fix it so the godfather can hand over guardianship to Kakashi, but strangely enough it seemed the papers weren’t all there … and it really was looking like something was very off. They didn’t have any time to contemplate it before …

*BOOM* an earth shaking explosion ripped through the air near the place they where they were and blackness descended on them both. After an untold amount of time their eyes opened to the sight of the white ceiling in Konoha hospital. Jiraiya and Kakashi were in beds right next to each other.

“thank heavens you’re both awake” they two bedridden ninjas took a few seconds to realize that the hokage was hovering over them.

“sensei … what happened?” Jiraiya groaned in pain as he tried and failed to sit up.

Sarutobi sighed sadly, as if the news would he was about to reveal was not good “I’m sorry, but … we’ll do whatever it takes to find her” he saw the two patients look dazed for a few seconds, but inevitably realization dawned on them “Naruko was kidnapped. Whoever did made sure to trap the area near your house, Kakashi, in case you were there during the attempt so you were stopped from getting involved and it sadly provided an excellent distraction … we couldn’t identify them, but we will find her”

The cunning hokage mentally breathed a huge sigh of relief as he saw that both ninjas bought his lie. Now he just had to subtly convince them over time that Naruko was being brainwashed. They of would let him get to her first once she’s found and find her they will. After all he had Kakashi and Jiraiya, the village’s best trackers, convinced that he wax only helping.

Of course he knew one slip would still cost him. these ninjas weren’t idiots. As long as he was careful they’ll keep him in the loop …


“ok … do you have everything Naruko?” asked Jade as she knelt down in front of a clearly nervous blonde girl.

“yes mommy” murmured Naruko softly as she fiddled with the hem of her blue dress. Blue eyes glanced at the large school building filled with other girls and their mothers wishing them good luck on the first day of school. Naruko was very scared. She has never been allowed around other kids before, meaning in Konoha, so she was at a loss at what to do.

Jade smiled and took the girl’s hands in hers “you will be just fine, all you need to do is be yourself”

“people won’t …” Naruko just tapped her tummy to indicate that she was speaking about the demon residing in her. It has been made public knowledge after she claimed her inheritance as an Uzumaki. No one acted any differently towards her, but so far she has only met adults and kids were a different story.

“oh sweety, no one should treat you any differently and if anyone does tell the teacher. Queen Reine made it clear that you have the chakra of an Uzumaki and a very strong seal holding the demon back and no one should fear you. You may have to fight with these kids in the future so they should learn respect just as you should give them respect” Jade said firmly in her ‘no nonsense’ tone.

“ok” Naruko nodded, but bit her lip nervously “no one will think having no holsters for training weapons is weird?” it was just by luck that the latch to her holster broke before they left tis morning and the only alternative was to use seals. The little girls put a simple storage seal on each wrist. At first she was proud of her solution, but now she was second guessing herself.

The green eyed ninja shook her head “I think it’s perfect. You never liked the holsters anyway so this is great. I have no doubt you’ll make friends with someone who likes seals. You’ll be fine … ready?”

Naruko nodded and Jade kissed her on the head before walking her to class. Jade saw the teacher and made sure to tell her about the storage seal replacement for her backpack and holsters. Then she waved to her baby girl and left …

Well, she tried to leave …

She instead found herself peeking through the classroom window from outside to make Naruko was fine. During the role call Naruko introduced herself as ‘Naruko Terre Uzumaki Namikaze’ and Jade felt so happy, but then tensed as several kids fell silent. Kids can be cruel, but just as Jade was about to worry a girl behind Naruko activated her Sharingan and cast a genjutsu over the little blonde that gave her fluffy fox ears and a tail …

Jade knew it was probably meant to be mean, but instead it made everyone gush over the cute little blonde. The suspended ninja sighed in relief and left as the teacher regained control of the class …

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